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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

(SMARTFORTWO. The best little car in the world.)

Today being a Sunday and New Year’s Eve 2006 there are quite a few Niamah!!! moments in the newspapers. But being New Year’s Eve I thought I’d focus on a happy Niamah!!! moment.

From tomorrow road tax for cars are going DOWN!!! Yay!!! So from next year I only pay RM20 a year for my little car. Damn good man!



Okay, okay for the die-hards here is a normal Niamah!!! moment.

How do you girls like Nik Aziz's analogy? You are all wallets. Well, in Kelantan anyway. I guess that means you're to be kept out of sight and taken out and USED whenever your 'owner' feels like it. LOL.

Foot-in-mouth disease. It would appear that is rampant in Kelantan. (Read the full story in the Focus section of The Sunday Star today.)


Friday, December 29, 2006

Thanks for the Christmas presents, Santa!

(Traffic cop admiring Italian design and engineering on his Japanese kap cai.)

Photo from The Star Friday December 29 2006

Today’s Niamah!!! moment comes from page N3 of The Star which seems to be becoming a treasure trove of Niamah!!! moments.

The city police traffic chief recommended that motorcyclists install a storage box behind their machines to beat snatch thieves. He was quoted as saying, "If motorcycles are fitted with these boxes, handbags and other valuables such as cellphones can be kept there, and I think the number of snatch thefts involving motorcycles will be reduced."

Okay, not very original but sound advice I suppose.

But read on and you see that “…the proposal came from city police traffic chief Asst Comm Hamza Taib yesterday AFTER (my capitals) GIVI Asia Sdn. Bhd. a division of the Italian motorcycle accessories maker, presented 50 motorcycle boxes and helmets to city traffic police.”

The fler who handled the GIVI spin should get a promotion.

The fler who wrote the acceptance speech for the dumb cop should be fired!!!


Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Good Laugh. Maybe.

(Adam: Yeah? Go ahead. Laugh. I know your URL.)

Go here for a good laugh. I really got to be careful with those flers with fancy digital cameras.


Shoot the baargers!

(A National Park Department offier demonstrating his courage by kneeling in the line of fire of a 12-gauge shotgun. Syabas!)

It was reported that residents in Jalan Wangsa, Bukit Antarabangsa have been “terrorised” by a herd of wild boar for the past few months. So the natural Malaysian knee-jerk reaction is to shoot the fuckers. Don’t cheer yet. They meant the boars, not the residents. But that’s not the scary part.

The Malay Mail today reported that officers from the National Parks Department swung into action armed with .22 rifles and 12-gauge shotguns! It doesn’t take an armaments expert to tell you that unless those pegawai-pegawai have Hollywood style fictional accuracy a .22 rifle is a very dangerous weapon around people. It has a killing range of 2 miles!

By the way, I live in Jalan Wangsa, Bukit Antarabangsa.


Elsewhere in the same story, a 22-year old student interviewed said, “They are also noisy and have given us many sleepless nights. I’m ticked off.” Well, pardon me all over the fucking place, miss. But I am sure the pigs are ticked off too. You’re living in their backyard. Without their written permission. Oh sorry, maybe she meant the flers with the guns were noisy and ticked her off.


Spinning Tolerance

(Our new Royal couple promoting Malaysian togetherness)

Hey what do you know! It is possible for me to wake up in the morning and read something nice in the newspaper.

On page N3 of The Star today there was a lovely photo of our new King and Queen cutting a Christmas cake!!! And the cake looked like it had Santa Claus, Snowmen and what looks like a Nativity scene but without the offending characters I'm sure.

It was part of a Christmas Open House at the PWTC yesterday.

It may be just a political spin and you can call me naive but this is the kind of thing that makes us so Malaysian. So why can't it happen more often?

I am sure you noticed that the politician took care to stand away from the whole thing. Just in case, you know.


What cock clock?

(Adam: When is that damn clock going to stop swinging and tell me the time?)

If anyone knows how to read that damn clock on the sidebar please share your knowledge.


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Eye On Malaysia

(The guy in the yellow helmet: "Gee! I hope the concrete will dry in time for the grand opening.)

In page M3 of the Metro section of today's Star there was a story on part of the preparation for Visit Malaysia Year which officially starts January 1, 2007 which is a few days away. The story was about the construction of a giant ferris wheel in Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. The 60 meter high ride with 42 air-conditioned gondolas will be installed as one of the major attractions for Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Jolly good. But read on and you might shudder...

"According to a contractor, soil testing was done two weeks ago to test the ground before the structure is installed."

Soil testing just 2 weeks ago???!!!

More scary news as you read on. The contractor also said, "We have been working 24 hours to ensure that the structure is up before the launch date on Jan.6" WHAT???!!!

January 6 is just 11 days away, people. We're going to build a GIANT structure which will carry people, tourists and Malaysians 200 ft. high into the air in that time???

What la? Want to do something, don't know how to plan properly also. Maybe, someone should keep an eye on Malaysia.