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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

(SMARTFORTWO. The best little car in the world.)

Today being a Sunday and New Year’s Eve 2006 there are quite a few Niamah!!! moments in the newspapers. But being New Year’s Eve I thought I’d focus on a happy Niamah!!! moment.

From tomorrow road tax for cars are going DOWN!!! Yay!!! So from next year I only pay RM20 a year for my little car. Damn good man!



Okay, okay for the die-hards here is a normal Niamah!!! moment.

How do you girls like Nik Aziz's analogy? You are all wallets. Well, in Kelantan anyway. I guess that means you're to be kept out of sight and taken out and USED whenever your 'owner' feels like it. LOL.

Foot-in-mouth disease. It would appear that is rampant in Kelantan. (Read the full story in the Focus section of The Sunday Star today.)



mob1900 said...

my dad just renew his road-tax BEFORE this sudden 'Goodwill' pressie from Nut-jib announcement, he's fuming like Hell boils over and the first cuss he said...

you guessed it:

Happy New Year to spanking new NIAMAH Blog and Pat!

Avenging Fist said...

I also like your car lah PT but takut to drive one, so small. If trailer pass by, how?
But ignore me lah. I ni penakut.

Come PT to my movie blog ok.

Eh, does this mean, the other blog will no longer be updated ah?

Oh Ya, Happy New Year niamah!!!!

Anonymous said...

What about Foot-in-Head disease like the one you are suffering now ?

No wonder you cant see the things in Kelantan in a positive light.

Pure ignorance.

Pure stereotype.

Pure prejudism

and you call yourself a Malaysian.

Well Done Patrick Teoh.

Helen said...

Happy New Year and all the best to you and your family!!!

bob said...

The reduction of road tax is the early signal of petrol price increase. I bet you it will be another NIAMAH moment real soon.

hawaiichee said...

I want to see more issues covered in the media including blogs like this … there was a blackout on the newspapers on the toll hike protest on Dec 31. Remember there is another one on Jan 7.

The first day of 2007 started off with a black-eye for Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on his pledge when he became Prime Minister three years ago that he wants “to hear the truth”, however unpleasant, from the people as well as for nation-building, good governance, democracy and human rights.

This is the black-out on New Year’s Day by all the national media, whether newspapers or television stations, of yesterday’s protest by hundreds of Malaysians at the Grand Saga Cheras 11th Mile Toll Plaza against the latest toll hikes as well as at the barricade which blocked the access road from the Bandar Makhota Cheras township for the past 15 months since October 2005.

In Parliament on Dec. 13, when MPs were winding up the 43-day parliamentary budget meeting, Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, accompanied by the Works Minister, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, the Information Minister, Datuk Zainuddin Maidin and the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Effendi Norwawi, was having a hush-hush meeting with editors of all newspapers and television stations to direct them not to play up the Cabinet’s increase in toll hikes for five highways, Cheras-Kajang Highway, Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP), Kesas Highway, Kuala Lumpur-Karak Highway and Guthrie Corridor Expressway.

The Abdullah premiership has prided itself practising a more open and liberal media policy than the Mahathir administration. This is true when compared with the last phase of the 22-year Mahathir premiership when there was very tight media control and censorship to the extent that Mahathir was repeatedly cited internatiuonally as one of the world’s top “enemies of the press”.

However, the claim that the Abdullah premiership has a more open and liberal media policy cannot stand up to scrutiny when compared with the first three years of the Mahathir premiership from 1981-1984.

With the Abdullah administration starting even earlier than the Mahathir premiership to muzzle the media, accountability, good governance, democracy and human rights may face even greater threats than the previous era unless such excesses are checked immediately.

Can Abdullah justify the government directive to muzzle the media to black-out all reporting about public protests against another round of unfair toll hikes, which are uniting Malaysians, regardless of race, religion, class or political affiliation against a most unfair privatization policy, completely without accountability, transparency and integrity?

Hasn’t he broken his pledge when he became Prime Minister that he wants “to hear the truth, however unpleasant” from the people, by shutting out the cries for justice and fair play by Malaysians of all races and religions against the toll hikes?

As the Minister for Internal Security with direct responsibility over the media, the first thing Abdullah should do on his return from his overseas leave is to keep his pledge “to hear the truth”, however unpleasant from the people, withdraw Najib’s directive to muzzle the media to “black-out” news about public protests against toll hikes and to reaffirm his commitment to be more open and liberal to respect media freedom- not when compared to the final years of the Mahathir premiership but the early years as well.

Hundreds of residents from Bandar Mahkota Cheras courageously broke the line formed by the FRU and marched to the Grand Saga Cheras 11th Mile Toll Plazas this morning to stage a protest against the toll hike as well as to mark their strong objection to the barricade which blocked the access road from the township since October last year.

A few hundred residents from BMC and Bandar Sg Long were unable to show up because they were blocked by the police at the road block. The police raod block has caused a massive traffic jam at the only outlet from BSL/BMC at the 12th mile this morning.

About 100 policemen(incl FRU) were there to control the crowd. I was informed by some residents that ASP Fauzi again showed his rudeness by holding on to his gun (he did not raise the gun though) besides shouting abusive words at Tan Boon Wah.

patrickteoh said...

Eh bob, remember what the PM said the last time? "Don't listen to rumours!"

cyh said...

oi anonymous, could you at least elaborate on where pat is wrong?


patrickteoh said...

actually you don't have to be takut. my smartfortwo is very stable even when on the expressway with heavier vehicles whizzing by. Go test one. You'll be pleasantly surprised. And no I do not work for them. LOL

Happy new year, Helen. It's good to see you visiting. Hey you guys, meet the prolific blogger from Ipoh. Go visit. You'll not regret it.

mob1900, they are giving refunds for people like your dad, right?

never mind la cyh. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. that's freedom of speech. But with immediate effect comments will be moderated and anonymous comments will no longer be posted. Thank you for your visits.

Cuddly Family said...

How can view Kelantan comments in positive light? but then Im a woman, one of those "wallets" HAHAHHAHAA

U can get refunds it seems but must go to a JPJ office and if u want to renew ur road tax with the new rates, also must go JPJ office, cos the Post Offices can only give at the new rate from mid feb... It was in the Star today.. NIAMAH is all I can say...

but it is a cute lil car!

Mnuts said...

This cute little car is definitely good for one need to take any of your in-laws!!!
Drive carefully Pat on the BolehLand highway.

monsterball said...

Pat....So nice to meet you in person after so long! Nice cute high class car. Suits your special personality.
May you and your family are healthy and well.

monsterball said...

How are you my dear friend. Please excuse me for interrupting your nice post.
There is a hot debate at Susan Loone's site on All Blogs directions...for and against by Susan and two of your committee members. Since you are elected one...please do speak out...although my hate minding other people's business..but this is your business. Thanks in advance .