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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Spinning Tolerance

(Our new Royal couple promoting Malaysian togetherness)

Hey what do you know! It is possible for me to wake up in the morning and read something nice in the newspaper.

On page N3 of The Star today there was a lovely photo of our new King and Queen cutting a Christmas cake!!! And the cake looked like it had Santa Claus, Snowmen and what looks like a Nativity scene but without the offending characters I'm sure.

It was part of a Christmas Open House at the PWTC yesterday.

It may be just a political spin and you can call me naive but this is the kind of thing that makes us so Malaysian. So why can't it happen more often?

I am sure you noticed that the politician took care to stand away from the whole thing. Just in case, you know.



hasilox said...

Why they need the King to clean up their mess so often?

Remember the Zakaria mess?

MaoBi said...

Spot the missing religion....niamah indeed

At the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) annual high-tea Christmas reception on Monday, clergy from various churches celebrated Christmas with representatives from the Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism.

Cuddly Family said...

hey mebbe they will say he is young and doesnt "know anything" yet......thats what they did with that perak mufti boy.. Now they planning to have a "Grand Mufti"....

patrickteoh said...

cuddly, I like your reasoning. Shows you're thinking:-) LOL.

Hiyah, maobi old news leh. Wish it would change though. They do need a good spin doctor. Maybe Jeff Ooi will be approached. LOL.

Why they need the King to clean up messes? Easy. Cos he's the only one not working for a racially based political party. Or is he?


kolompor said...

Niamah indeed!

The spirit of tolerance revealed in the photo....heheehee... this time the VVVIP's stayed well clear of the cameras, and let others went into the camera range... how nice.

I need to say Niamah a lot from now on!

Anonymous said...

I went there to see what the buzz was all about. It was really an UMNO gathering in disguise of Christmas. There were busloads of makciks, Wanitas, and puteris arriving, many in their uniforms. They were given party food packs one by one. They ferried in alot of children for many welfare homes too to show they care.

Sure, there were Christmas trees everywhere but hew the Birthday Boy was not even seen or heard on this feast of the Golden Kris. There were some senior citizens on their harmonicas demonstrating they could play "Rose, Rose, I love You" and "Getaran Jiwa", Francesca Peters singing "I'll be home for Christmas", others singing "Jingle Bells" and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and some performers doing broadway dances. The Portuguese fellas gave "Jingli Nona" and other cultural performances. NO mention of the birthday boy.

There were some wheelchair bound fellows all brightly dressed up doing some frolicking on their wheelchairs for about 20 seconds to show they 'boleh', a string quartet screechinging up whatever, cultural dances aplenty, some kids dressed-up like elves, some clowns on stilts, a dressed-up scruffy, skinny tiger wandering around aimlessly. No mention of the birthday boy.

There were the officials of the "Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry" aplenty on duty to ensure the ministry put up a good show to impress the King and Queen and the other politicians. For good measure, some Christians were present but did not play any role, they were just props and there for authenticity - Bernard Dompok, Maximus Ongkili and a couple of bishops.

The name "Jesus Christ" was taboo but "Santa Claus" is OK. Santa was not there even although there were many (non-muslims) wearing red caps, the others, tudong. Tom Hanks was there though as they screened "Polar Express" over and over again in a corner.

The speeches were generally about 'good values', Visit Malaysia Year 2007, we must strive harder, the floods etc etc. No mention of the birthday boy.

Then there wast the food. The 'haves' were seperated from the 'have-not' plebians by a red cordon barrier and guarded by RELA fellas and ministry officials. They dined on a fine meal while the 'commoners' had to fight for simple food. Yes, it was near riot that saw the waiters almost toppling their food trays the moment they walked in. It was free for all and the trays were cleaned up in less than 10 seconds! And it was just fried beehoon with nothing inside. Man, what a crush for the cheap food from PWTC. Reminded me of starved Africans. If only the King and Queen, Najib, Rais and the rest could just turn their heads to see the commotion just a few yards away. What a contrast.

The people seated near me, veterans of many government sponsored open houses, said it is like this all the time. The mad rush for food and everything else thats free. They come just for these. They wondered where Sammy Vellu, Ong Ka Ting, Lim Keng Yaik and the PM was.

Yes, it was a good UMNO / KEKKWA Ministry Open House of the feast of the Golden Kris.

Sheriff Singh

mob1900 said...

*clap clap clap
For typical Bolehland Show.
Janji Makan FREE! Semuanya OK!

patrickteoh said...

Thank you anonymous for that eye witness account of the Muhibbah Christmas party at PWTC. Doesn't matter that they bussed in makciks and pakciks and all and Wanitas and Puteris too. They were there for a CHRISTMAS party and Christmas is celebrated by their fellow Malaysians. They get used to it. Great.

It does sound like it was a major spin job for the BN but even that is okay if Malaysians of all races and religions celebrate or get to see their peers celebrating each others festivals.

Really, I don't think that the Birthday Boy would have minded that his "presence" was purposely omitted by some myopic, self-serving politicians. He's not that kind of guy. Peace on earth. Goodwill to men. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...
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patrickteoh said...
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