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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And we're off to a great start!!!

(Buses, buses everywhere but not a seat in sight.)

Photo from The Star.

It’s the second day of the new year and already the Niamah!!! moments are coming in thick and fast.

Today, January 2, 2007 sees a triple Niamah!!! moment. A first in Niamah!!! (Anybody know the number of the Malaysian Book of Records?)

The Star’s front page headline shouted, “Trainees stranded’. Yup. Those N.S flers fucked up again. Hundreds of National Service trainees were left high and dry, well maybe not those in Johor la. Why? The buses that were to ferry them to centres did not have the necessary permits, which were required for the proper insurance coverage and “…to ensure the safety of the passengers…”

BUT…according to National Service director-general Abdul Halim Abdul Hamid, “We have co-operated by not sealing the buses and have allowed them to ferry the trainees to their camps.” WHAT the F***!!! How come they are not safe one minute and perfectly okay for use the next???


The same DG fler earlier had said, “the department would act against the errant bus companies”. Hello! What about acting against the goons in the department who approved the hiring of these buses?


And of course, the National Service Training Council chairman Lee Lam Thye just has to exhibit his foot-in-mouth affliction. “No one was left stranded as we had made the arrangements to temporarily place those who did not get seats today at a camp near the airport.” (Referring to the scores of trainees who spent up to 12 hours frustrating in the airport.

Lee must have closed one eye. Or two.


Wait a minute. I just remembered that National Service comes under the purview of the ministry of defense. If those flers can't handle bussing a couple of thousand students I'd hate to think what would happen if Malaysia got invaded. And that deserves another...

Niamah!!! (before you hit that comment button, yes I can count. That's 4 Niamah!!!'s.)


Anonymous said...

am sure the parents are terrified to hand their children to these 'niamah'or maybe the parents will think it was part of the training.and 'hey, at least the kids are united'. TAI YEE MAH cum NIAMAH !!!

Trashed said...

Baarger, I thought NS has already been existence for a few years. How come can cock up a simple logistics matter ?

Osso, if this is under Mindef, how come cannot use army trucks ? No need permit, already insured, probably lower cost osso.

Niamah !!!

Anonymous said...

For some reason best not elaborate, I found myself near the DarulAman stadium in Alor Star and I was a witness to the chaos.

I pity the kids lah. They come from so far away and then they cannot go anywehre.

Korupsi to welcome the new year.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah... give them a break la. All these things must continue to happen. Else, we might forget that we're living in bolehland.


Anonymous said...

dun worry la patrick...

chances are, if we ever get invaded, no one's going to care whether the fler driving the bus, lorry or container truck got permit or not...

but yes... its kinda ridiculous predicament to be in... they should already know when NS will be and when they will need the buses, so how come no permit was applied or issued beforehand?!? always last minute flers.

at least MOD should have applied on their behalf or asked for exemption la...

Fu Lat said...

One day without Niamah would not make it Bolehland.

Where is Bodohwi? Still eating nasi kandar in Perth isit? NIAMAH!!

patrickteoh said...

hi trashed. You'll be glad to know that they took your advice. They are going use army trucks to ferry those flers.

paiz said...

wtf is niamah!!!?