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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Biggest in the World!

(The winner, the First World Hotel, Genting Highlands, Malaysia)

(MGM Grand, Las Vegas, USA)

I came back from a corporate gig and saw this on TV Smith's, MyCen News

Malaysia hotel now the largest - MICEBTN

The Guinness Book Of Records has officially certified that Genting's First World Hotel is now the biggest hotel in the world. Yay! Malaysia Boleh. The previous record hotel was the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

I have stayed in the First World Hotel before. Yes, it has a lot of rooms. Too many for my liking actually. But that's got nothing to do with it. What I want to share with you is that the size of those rooms would be perfect if the hotel was located in Middle Earth and the guests were all Hobbits.

Also, remember this very important thing should you plan to check into the biggest hotel in the world. Each room is entitled to 2 bath towels. No more. No less. I called housekeeping to request an extra one for Adam and Laura and got a curt, "NO!"

Me: Why ah?
Them: Each room only got 2 towels.
Me: But I need two more because we have two kids.
Them: No! You want 2 towels you give us back the one first.
Me: Errr...okay...sorry ah.

The biggest hotel in the world. Big on service?



Jenn said...

That thing is an eyesore as far as I'm concerned. What is with the rainbow theme? Must've been a big discount of ugly colours the day they decided to paint the damn thing!

Jibone said...

I do agree that the rooms wont be wining any awords unless there are a category in Guiness Book Of Records for the hotel with smallest rooms.

But I think most people when visiting first world hotel, they wont be lepaking in their rooms that much. I remember my trip to Genting and the rooms are just a place for me to sleep.

Mnuts said...

"them' scare you steal their towels lah...hahahhaa
I was at the world biggest hotel last month...didn't realise I was!!!
Happy New Year to you and family..I'm back!!!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh... looks like bolehland has done it again. We may have the biggest, the tallest, the longest... but they are all the lousiest!

zewt fka remesis

MaoBi said...

Chinese prostitutes use the rooms and generally consume a lot of towels for their activities. By keeping the number of towels down per room it helps them clamp down on the vice activities going on outside their zone of control. Uncle Lim don't get rich by you freelancing on his infra.

Bernsy said...

Niamah !
They claim to be biggest, didn't say anything about good service also.

shanghaistephen said...

now everyone will want a towel mah... souvenir from the biggest hotelmah ....!
Hey, and did you know if you paid like RM69 for a night there, the next night you pay ONLY 1 ringgit ?? that was a marketing strategy back in the early days lah to bring in people to fill up the hotel.Because they also know by the first night they would have 'sapu' your money at the casino, so you pay less to take in the view lah esp. the sewerage pipes that runs criss-cross on the ceiling of your room !!
Malaysia Boleh heh...heh!

2nd Class Citizen said...

The worst experience I had in this record breaking hotel was waiting in the check-in counter for my turn. The waiting time was not better than Passport department in Bolehland.

TV Smith said...

Aiyoh, you all. Be proud lah. First world hotel in third world country mah. To be fair, most casino hotels are designed so that you spend as little in the room for obvious reasons.

If you think the rooms are lilliputian, wait till you see the bathroom. Is cozy to shower with your girlfriend but hard to turn and if you drop the soap, too bad.

I remember my Mum went with all the aunty frens and they stayed out of the room the entire night because of some silly ghost-under-the-bed stories they heard. So all the aunties camped out at the casino instead. Now, guess who started the rumour?

Also when I was last up there for the Lobo concert, I was amazed at the check-in counters. Rows and rows with a gigantic seating gallery in front. You just take a ticket and wait. Yeah, just like immigration or JPJ. But of course, Uncle Lim is much more efficient and courteous.

If you think this is weird, wait till you check out Air Asia's upcoming no-frills, no-towels budget hotels.

mob1900 said...

Good puns by Maobi and Shanghaistephen. ;)

Alliedmartster said...

Eh Patrick, do youknow what GENTING Stands for??


err...does not mean that you are nagging, but I am sure you know what I mean! Genting may have the biggest, but as far as I am concerned they are the lowest in customer service!

Anonymous said...

there is no such thing as customer service in malaysia. period.

aaron tan said...

lol... it's the biggest...and definitely not the best lor...

it's a "sort of" budget hotel..albeit an expensive one!

patrickteoh said...

TV, I experienced the Genting hospitality one time when I took the family up there during a holiday. Yes I took a number. I waited for more than 2 hours for my turn to check in. And the hotel reception, like most other public areas in Genting has few or no seats. So the family ended up sitting on the floor to wait. I have not been up there since. Although the outdoor and indoor theme parks are great for the kids the experience of the "hotel" was too much to bear.
You're right, bernsy. They never claimed to be great on service.
Wah maobi, first hand knowledge issit?
jibone, TV yes yes yes. I know people don't spend that much time in the rooms. It's the same for any hotel. But when you return to your room after a hard day of business meetings or a tough day at the casino you would want to return to a comfortable and welcoming room, right?
jenn, whoever, chose the colors for the world's biggest hotel must have been smoking some bad shit.