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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Keep an Eye on Malaysia

(The Eye On Malaysia. Photo taken from the New Straits Times)

It looks like all is ready for Pak Lah to officially launch VMY 2007 and the opening of the Eye On Malaysia giant ferris wheel which apparently is the largest mobile giant ferris wheel in the world. I am sure that thousands of Malaysians will be looking forward to their opportunity to ride the Eye On Malaysia and perhaps when up at the zenith hopefully get a glimpse of where Malaysia is heading.

At RM15 for a 12 minute ride I reckon it is better value than travelling on a tolled highway anywhere in Malaysia.

It was reported in the New Straits Times that the Department of Occupational Safety and Health had approved the giant ferris wheel for operation. But something caught my eye in the NST story. It was reported there that project director Jeroen Nijpels said, "We started piling at the end of October and installation of the wheel started on Dec 23." The project director also said, "It usually takes 10 days to put up the wheel, but here we have taken two weeks." So it's not like building the Petronas Twin Towers la. Should be okay lor.


But the Star reported on December 27 ... "According to a contractor, soil testing was done two weeks ago to test the ground before the structure is installed." do we believe ANYthing that we read in the newspapers these days?


The ride is called Eye On Malaysia. So it is quite ironic that in the press statement, the man said that visitors on the ride can see the KL Tower, the Petronas Twin Towers, Genting Highlands and Istana Budaya. That's Malaysia. Isn't it?



Spike said...

They should have put it next to the Klang river (ala the London Eye) with an astounding view over the jams of Federal Highway and parts of Brickfields especially my favourite Banana leaf restaurant! I think that would be a better representation of Malaysia.

mob1900 said...

If it roll off and hit the tasik, it will be a Malaysia's BIGGEST Windmill and riders will have to wear diving gear for the sugmerged half.
Hey, this is Bolehland right?


JustMe said...

Hi Patrick. First time here. Saw the latest Ogawa ad featuring you and your wife in the VMY catalogue. Both of you look very cute in the photos :D

Keeping fingers crossed that the Eye will turn out ok (meaning no accidents). The much anticipated Hop-On Hop-Off bus got off to a bad start. Niamah! Tourists would be better off exploring KL on their own :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, Spike, the London Eye idea might have worked. But then if (when?) the wheel rolls off, lots of ang mohs will be crushed to death on the highway. If like now, then it will just splash into the lake (like mob1900 says) and they can just say they planned that to give tourists a taste of Malaysia's fantastic marine wildlife. See, they have it all planned already.

And Patrick, give them a break la. They have to take time before they can reach all the newspapers and synchronise their stories right? Kesian the flers.

Anonymous said...

Do we really need this EYE at the first place? I feel KL Tower is already serving the need for a high lookout point. The money used to set up this giant wheel could have been used to improve the public transport or for hiring more police to patrol the city.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Teoh!
I’ve been an avid fan of yours for a long time, since your radio 4 days when I was just a kid (still am actually). Your deep, voice and ‘sarc-y’/ frank nature have been missed by many, I’m sure. Especially the younger generation. But at last, your voice and opinions can once again be heard, and I count myself fortunate to have stumbled upon your blog.
I am more like your regular joe, who works outside the country for over 8 months a year, and its good to get someone else’s opinion & perspective on our ‘bolehland’ as you call it. : ) I think everyone should read your blog, and digest your opinions as constructive criticism, and not be offended.
On your topic, Eye on Malaysia, I personally think that is a very bad name for the circus apparatus, because of 2 reasons:
i) It sounds kinda corny, and might even be perceived by others as ‘bragging’ (perasan) that others are watching us.
ii) It makes an easy target for plane-hijacking terrorist, as a ‘bulls-eye’ on Malaysia, as it would definitely make headlines.
Keep up the good work Patrick and Niamah!!!

Anonymous said...

my fren said he wants to be the millionth person riding that wheel.


so that he's sure it's safe mah.

can't blame the fler for thinking like that, i mean if a highway meant for every day use can crack, you can't be too sure they've taken all the necessary precaution for a err, ferris wheel.

Helen said...

For people like me who don't earn enuff to afford overseas travel, I welcome the giant ferris wheel. Not seen one this big except for those cranky rusty ones in those funfair.

Will definitely go see the thing. Had they confirm if the wheel is going to stay or just boast of 1 year lifespan?

Anonymous said...

If this eye happened to suffer the 'act of god'... i am sure we will end up being in the eyes of the world becos of this eye.


fka remesis

Anonymous said...

what a joke.
BOLEHLAND actually not short of tourism spot.

but somehow our genius officer only interested on how to throw big money to create so call tourism spot

Alwys take the short-cut and easy way is the Bolehland Gov style.

Those genius officier have no idea what foreign tourist looking about.

I ""aacidently"saw you in Selangor Chinese assembly hall during the talk on Blogger,but inside the tolilet lah.....

so sorry ah..too shy to said hello.
U look so serius lah.....

Alliedmartster said...


Go figure...
30,000,000.00 paid for say 12 hours a day X 359 days (six days gone into the year before they opened). That is 4308 sellable hours. 12 minute ride, but they did not tell you that it takes 1o minutes to load up the whole wheel before you can actually enjoy your lets say they can actually 'sell' 36 minutes per 36X12= that works to 432 mins a day...X 359 days...155088 mins. I read that they have 45 lets say 45 x 6 passengers per gondola, so about 810 pax on average per hour X 12 hours= 9720 people per day x 359= 3489480 people through the year.
Going by these figures, only if they hit this projection, assuming that all these people show up, on RM15 per head, they will nett RM52,342,200. Thats a cool 22+ mil!
Hold on we haven't discounted, maintenance hours, as well as rainy days when the crowds stay indoors . .
so..just hope fully they don't raise the Toll again to offset the wheel cost....he he

Anonymous said...

Pat, luvv your blogs... hahaha. Can't you see the tears in my eyes thru laughter...

monsterball said...

hi Pat.At least this PM is not making excuses and opportunities to spend billions to attract tourists like TDM.
At Sunway Pyramid..........they closed the amusement park with two deaths and few accidents. I sincerely hope the government have leart their lessons and do not repeat such silly irresponsible disasters!!
Having said that....NAIMAH...again two died while cleaning at high rise buildings. Only few death was due to irresponsible contractor. Maybe just pay small fine....and big 'angpow' given to a minister to close one eye??
I don't know!! You conclude. Now two more deaths. NAIMAH....simply cannot stand half past six talk ..alot minister.

patrickteoh said...

Thanks for the math alliedmaster. I am told that every night since opening the place has been packed solid. Rain or otherwise. Whoever's operating the damn thing must have done their math too.
I was "SEEN" inside the toilet at the Chinese Assembly Hall??? Nothing much to look at, right? LOL.
Helen, have you gone to ride on that thing yet? Please tell us about your experience.

David said...

Yo..yo patrick, just found this niamah blog. :) Something to add in. About First World Hotel, Genting Highlands. I've got few snapshot on the First World Hotel's World Club Room. Man, its cool. You can see it here , one of my blog. With the superman coaster recorded too.