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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Keris Cuts Both Ways

"Report to me", says Hisham. Wah damn terror right? Education minister, Hishamuddin Tun Hussein said that he would personally look into complaints by parents of students who'd been asked by their schools to provide salary slips and other information pertaining to personal incomes. This despite the fact that these parents had not asked for nor intended to ask for any form of assitance from the ministry. The rationale for asking for salary figures the minister pointed out, was to ensure that the assistance provided reached those who really needed it. Very good, Yang Berhormat. Thank you.

And now will you please take that shoe and keris out of your mouth before you say anything else?

The borang (form) from the Education ministry which every student in Standard One has to fill out has this clause:

(iii) Ibu bapa/penjaga hendaklah menyertakan sesalinan Penyata Gaji/Borang J atau bagi mereka yang tiada Penyata Gaji, sertakan Pengakuan Pendapatan. Salinan Penyata Gaji atau Pengakuan Pendapatan hendaklah disahkan oleh pegawai kerajaan dari kumpulan A (Kumpulan Pengurusan dan Professional), Jaksa Pendamai, Fesuruhjaya Sumpah, Penghulu, Ketua Kampung, Pengerusi JKK Kampung atau Penyelia Pembangunan Mukim.

There are no pre-conditions for filling this form. All pupils have to get it done. So now parents like myself are in a dilemma. The minister says one thing. The form says another. And the headmistress of my daughter's school is insistant that my Standard One student daughter pass up her borang by January 31.

So Mr. Education minister, how now? Maybe you should get some education before putting your foot in it again. Tsk tsk tsk...what would your dear father say if he could look down at you from the big Mosque in the sky. Sigh.



Bob Hope said...

"....The minister says one thing. The form says another...."

Patrick, this is principle of Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin.

He Tok Kok mah!

After all no one can do anything to the Minister. After few letter to editors here and there, then the matter will silence naturally. Our YBs know how this work all these years. And every election, they will still be voted in.


Only hope is more and more people read blogs and became aware or real issue and we continue to do our part to educate people to get properly informed and be intelligent especially reading news of mainstream media. Its a long way, but we must start somewhere and must start now.


zewt said...

And now will you please that shoe and keris out of your mouth before you say anything else?

Is there a typoe there somewhere?

Anyway... since when was this requirement implemented? Damn, I hope I won't be around this country when I have kids.

Anonymous said...

If you are not applying for "book loan" or anything like that, then just put in an "irrelevant" number such as RM100 or RM1000000000000000.

From security standpoint, I would think RM100 is safer :-)

C-CUBE said...

this happened to me when my Std 5 son passed me the form, asking me to fill up the particulars plus my income. I refuse to do it and write a note, and asked my son to pass it to the teacher seeking any explanation why I shud review my income to the school even though I dont need any help and assistance. Till today I get no reply.....wat are they trying to do!!!! TNS...

patrickteoh said...

So they do this every year then, c-cube? My daughter is handing in her form today. Hopefully, somebody will provide some explanation but it won't be the minister I don't think.
It is not as simple as putting in any figure you like. You have to support it with a J form or a salary slip.
thanks, zewt, there was a typo. Corrected.
Yes Bob, we must do something. And that something is not to take things lying down. Be vocal. Demand transparency. Expect accountability. Vote intelligently.

monsterball said...

Why be surprise of idiotic education minister Pat.
PM just said new "Air Force One" is not bought by government...but leased to the gvernment.
All simple business people know leasing is for accounting purposes and the leasor will buy up the plane for RM1 when the lease matured.
How will the outside world think of our business knowledge with a PM talking cock.
He is either talking to half past six of his own kind....very very few nowadays or a real kickumpoo. What do you think?
So again...why get surprise with another nick or liar.

Economist said...

Dont recall needing my parents to hand up any J form...back in the 90s that is unless you need financial assistance.....this is weird

Maybe the ministry is trying to help out the IRB to catch some tax defaulters!!!!!!!!!!

So does mean if you dont provide the dox, they will deny your child the right for education?

anonymous said...

"vote intelligently"

unfortunately, the majority of voting malaysians are uneducated in critical thinking and civic consciousness...

...just look at the recent batu talam elections - a thumping victory for the BN candidate

yh said...

I told me daughter to submit the form but it is not going to be certified. And there will be no attachments of any sort. I have told her that if her teacher is not happy, she can always call me.

In the first place, I am not going to apply for any assistance and the keris waving Minister has no right to ask for such financial details. Worse, what if the financial information falls into the wrong hands? Can the keris waving Minister guarantees me that it wont and indemnify me accordingly?

By the way, he has the cheek to ask us to deal with him directly if we are unable with this matter. Come on Minister, do you think you have the time for us?

Like dear Patrick says, think before you open your mouth.

Catatouille said...

Cis, this really sound so blardy niamah. J form and salary slip even when you're not taking any loans from them??? Stuff it.

JT said...

what a 'no' suprise element. Isn't this the norm for our excellent 'leaders'? the head said one thing while the kakitangan do another thing.

shanghaistephen said...

Hey Patrick,
This form is for the school's headmaster and form-master mah.... so they can now give prefferential treatment to the "datuk"'s children or give special attention to the big-shots' kids and whip the poor labourers or jobless fler's kids to glory because where got money to take case against abusive teachers and schools ?and surely the poor bugger will be too intimidated to argue mah !!!Niamah !!!

patrickteoh said...

Well shanghai, I know you're trying to be funny but...maybe you shouldn't give up your day job la...LOL...joking only ah. After all, I don't know your income level yet, right?

Yes jt, I know that's the way it's been la. But somewhere in the minister's office there must be some guy who's like the political secretary character in the series Yes, Minister. The ministers makes the blunders which are carefully 'arranged' by the political secretaries who are the only true career politicians as ministers come and go with scary regularity.

Yup, yh, that's the way to do it. Good for you.

I do believe that Malaysian voters can vote intelligently. In that Batu Talam fiasco the Opposition, in my opinion suffered a distinct lack of strategy.

Well economist, I don't think they will deny the child anything la. At least I hope not.

C-CUBE said...

Pat, yes u hv to submit this form every year when the new school term begins. My son told me somehow the teacher accepted the form w/o my salary being declared (after I wrote the note to them seeking for clarification from them why do they need to know my yearly income) Aiks!!!, just ask for the sake of asking n bcos of the keris fellar. TNS.....

HoHoHoHo said...

Put-la reasonable amount, even if you do not need aid. Just so that you kids won't get bullied-ma.

In my daughter's form, there is even a threat. I can't remember what it is now but let me try and get the form back now that our gung ho minister of edu said that it is not necessary.

Begini-la law-law in Msia. Impromptu, semua undang2. Suka hati-je...

jasgill said...

Dear PT, The need for the pay slip/J form only arises
if you are asking for book loan assistance. The
teacher in charge will give the books to the deserving
cases. Therefore if you are going to buy the books on
your own you can simply ignore the letter or give a
note to the teacher saying ”no thank you very
much but I can afford to buy these books and do not
want to deprive a deserving child.”. The aim is
good, in the sense that the books are provided by the
govt FOC. At the end of the yr the child is supposed
to return the book or he will be fined. Whether the
child used the book or even if the teacher used it is
another matter. Rest assured someone somewhere is
making a whooping sum where all these books are
concerned.. Teacher’s children are automatically
eligible for book loans. The ministry is aware of
their lowly pay status since so many have to give
tuition to survive and own a decent car (Not all
teachers qualify for govt car loan). But I digress.
Can you imagine the hassle for uneducated parents or
guardians to get the proper paperwork done to fulfill
the criteria for the book loan? While on this issue
I would like to highlight a really sad abuse of the
food aid programme (RMT). This programme funded by the govt
is to help feed the poor kids during the recess break.
In some schools where the teacher in charge is
racially biased, the deserving recipients watch from
the sidelines while the one’s with the correct
skin colour are taken care of.. PT this country
stinks. It was not like this before. I agree that we
have to claim back the country from the goons that are
now running and ruining it. Those who did not want to
fight have migrated. Only the brave ones are here and
we have to make this country a wonderful place with
true justice for all citizens. .

Anonymous said...

You could put any amount that you want in the borang for your daughter. Even if you earn RM25 mil in a year. Nobody's going to cross-check the info with any agency, with or without certification trust me. Why? because these so-called database cross-checking between agencies do not exist. Most gov. agencies already have a hard time getting organised within their institution so having inter-agency collaboration would spell one thing: a big, fat mess. Efficiency? what are you talking about? sheesh.

gagek said...

uncle Pat(well..i'm only 29 yrs old),
now i know that not only me that think the minister of edu not doing a good job here( can we really write this?can they arrest us for this?..scared la).

Anonymous said...

Niamah !!!

I give you my real life example; Though my sis in-law is not applying for the books, this was the 3rd year she asked me to print her self-employed husband's psuedo payslip!

Why??? so that her son won't get bashing from the teacher! Niamah!!!

Malaysia Niamah Boleh!!!

adriantai said...

to be fair, my wife is a teacher and she's not too happy about the form either.

but she has her duties and she is required by gomen to collect the information and enter it into a 'system'. if the info is not complete, the system will highlight it and the headmaster will then ask 1001 Qs... why are you not doing your job, etc... so on one end, she has pressure to complete the form.

on the other hand, parents attach notes asking her to call them if she needs further 'clarification'. she couldn't care less whether the parents earn rm1 million or not, coz if they already say they don't want the book loans, etc, then the case should end there... she don't need parents to clarify. but she sure can't tell the system that coz its a bl00dy computer. you think the headmaster will care? coz again, who is going to listen to the headmaster?!

as for why the gomen needs that info is beyond me... i mean, gomen wanna check, go pull up EPF contribution, income tax payment, etc and you already can tell la how much the fella is paying la...

i did think why dun the parents just simply put a number in there... but since it is considered an 'official' form, dun u think putting a fake number would mean 'lying'? i guess i can understand why parents leave it blank... but i look at my wife and she just want to cry every time the school starts.

so my advice to parents... if you are not happy, then bring this up to the ministry... dun make life miserable for the teachers. bring this up to the people WE ELECTED. if they can't do their job right, then ask if they deserve another term there! if not, vote them OUT!!!

Mej. Phua said...

Malaysia BOLEH.You are not going to let something like a payslip bother you. When asked to complete the column about "sex" I often put down "Yes" and for "race" I put down "200 metres".