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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ligthning visits = lightning service?

(Hmmm...maybe I should make more lightning visits.)


It’s true. Things get done with super fast efficiency at the Immigration office these days. Imagine just under 2 hours to renew an international passport. I know. I did it this morning.

I would like to believe that this is the direct result of that famous “lightning visit” by Pak Lah to the Immigration Department last year. Remember? He went in there and kicked some civil service ass. Which leads me to think that if Pak Lah can perform such miracles with Immigration he should travel the country and get things rolling the way they should instead of wasting his time travelling to distant countries to "improve" his international image. Just think about it. All government departments operating like efficient commercial enterprises. Wait a minute…actually what I experienced at the Jabatan Imigresen, Cawangan Wangsa Maju this morning was miles better than most of the so-called service oriented commercial operations including fast food chains.

For the first time in history a government department’sservice is efficient and fast and the staff provide service with a smile. Which commercial companies no longer do.

Actually, come to think of it ah. Pak Lah if you can achieve what you did with the Jabatan Immigresen I would like to respectfully request that you make a “lightning visit” to my bank branch, my telephone service provider and my satellite TV service provider. You did it to some public ass. Now please kick some private butts as well. Please.

Sigh. For once it is a good day in Bolehland.


P/s Both TV Smith and I would like to present a bouquet to Pegawai Imigresen Tinggi, Ms. Manjit Kaur. All Malaysian civil servants, most of all those flers who hide in offices and are perpetually away on Mesyuarats or Kursus, Lawat or something or other, should emulate her. She was helpful, informative, friendly and even wished us a good day and thanked us for using the Jabatan Imigresen, Cawangan Wangsa Maju.

Which is NOT in Wangsa Maju.

The full story of the visit to Jabatan Imigresen, Cawangan Wangsa Maju here.


Mohd Ali said...

Niama! Congratulations to you and the jabatan. But wait a minute! You and T V Smith are celebrities. At least you both are eloquent (and assertive) so they won't dare play play la.

I doubt Ah Chong, Ramasamy or Ali will get to see an officer, let alone a Tinggi one. I'm hopeful though and thanks for the heads up.

zewt said...

Hey Pat, renewing passport eh, leaving the country already?

Well, the immigration was efficient cos it was ... well.. a certain "Manjit Kaur". I am sure there are some chronic kursus attendee around there somewhere.

patrickteoh said...

That's where you are wrong. I daresay that nobody in that office this morning knew who we were. Not that it mattered. Really. And I'll have you know that the Pegawai Tinggi was someone summoned from the inner bowels of the pejabat. She sits at counter #6.

Cuddly Family said...

I went to pusat bandar Immi. office, when I got passport for my lil one. I was quite pleasantly surprised. There was a counter (or was it two) for seniors and those with kids under 2. they were generally quite helpful (maybe my son's unblinking stare helped LOLOL), save for the form weilding so and so.. not a 2 hour wait this was before the lightning visit lah hehee but pretty prompt, even got a piece of paper saying when and what time to collect. Ditto for the Mykad experience at the Kota Damansara branch. the cynical part of me says: is it cos new, must be canggih-canggih.. dunno what it's like now HAHAHA

ok what... but my experiences of the tax office in Tmn duta etc

Mind u, I never picked up my son's mykid, the officer told hubby no need also lah, when he's 12 also must change mah... D was like eh? then why pay for it?!?!?!
makes u think huh?

Economist said...

Maybe there is hope after all...But i believe there are some that will still discharge their duties with honour and professionalism...Just that in govt service this ppl are rare.....But my aunt and mum has always said that govt service is much better nowdays compared to the 60s and 70s....

monsterball said...

To be must be given when credit is due. As much as I hate PM for allocating 23 million to ONE SCHOOL when thousands in Johore ARE SUFFERING..nevertheless what PAT HAS EXPERIENCED AND THE EXPOSURES OF MANY CORRUPTED CASES...SENDING CULPRITS TO JAIL ...PM MUST BE CONGRATULATED.
Having said this...come election day...I will vote against Barisan they have been a pain in the arse far too long.
Never in the history of Malaysian politics been so dirty and blatant daylight robberies done without been crooks are so damn smart....since TDM time ....up to now.
Once a while..miracles do happen and by chance UMNO do provide actions and deeds that benefits all Malaysians and correct their mistakes....then voting for them maybe possible again. Let's see.

kanine said...

You are right, Patrick - credit where credit is due. Actually the immigration dept is generally much more efficient than most.

Pak Lah should also tale a leisurely drive (no need at lightning speed lah) along roads around our residential areas. Then may be he can kick the asses of whoever approve and pay those road contractors: ever so often these "roadbuilders" will be paving the roads, sometime senget, sometime with manhole or drain covers lower or higher than the roads.

After a short while the surface will break into pieces, with potholes all over the place.

Time to call for new tender!! Then you will find the same people scrapping and tarring the road, get paid for it, then disappear. After a short while the road will break into pieces, exposing more potholes - whaddaya know - time to call for tender!! Build again, pay again, rosak again...i think you get the picture. Meantime you n i will drive carefully to avoid those holes, or pay ever so often to get your wheel alignment done - NIAAAAMMMAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

patrickteoh said...

kanine, you're absolutely right about the quality of our road maintenance. My area in Bukit Antarabangsa must have some the worse roads in this 'developed' state of ours. I even tried calling the Menteri Besar but of course didn't get to speak to him. But I was told that the roads are not under the jurisdiction of the state government but the federal government and that I should speak to my wakil rakyat. Who he is and where he can be found even the guy who answered the MB's phone couldn't tell me.

midnite lily said...

actually, my experience at the immigration last year proved that they DO have the capabilities to do your passport on the spot. so this 2-hr wait is good. when will they do the same for the MyKad lah??

zewt said...

the big boss of the fed govt is either having a holiday in london or opening a restaurant in aussie la... where got time to take your call pat?

monsterball said...

Niamah...Don't we know Mentri Besar do not work? They only appear when we complaint and usually have developed an art to defend..twist and turn....not listen to complaints. Good example was his answer why that 'palace' built by Zakaria in Klang without approval cannot be abolished. Go read it again and again. He is hinting...if action is to be taken.....guys like us building small extentions WITHIN our house compound are breaking the laws and actions will be taken.
When comes to protect their own race and religion and party....some like him are trully pain in the I always say. NIAMAH.....VOTE THEIR PARTY OUT IS PERMANENT SOLUTION TO ALL THESE SICKENING ATTITUDES AND HYPOCRACIES.

monsterball said...

Message to PATRICK TEOH:
hi Pat..You are welknown to be a man yearing for freedom of speeches and first man to bravely expose the corruptions of the police...some 35 years ago....yet you keep quiet over the case against Rock and Jeff...your fellow bloggers.
By keeping quiet....are you signalling to mind your own business or approving the law suit against these two?
If you do not put out this message of is self explainatory. But if you put out....please do give me a response. I will be watching this message posted out. THANKS.

mob1900 said...

"Which is NOT in Wangsa Maju."

Anonymous said...

Wisma Rampai Tmn Sir Rampai

Anonymous said...

At the Immigration all information about you is already in their record unless you has changed your address or maybe your colour of eyes have changed to blue...btw do we still have to fill in colour of eyes or any distintive birth marks in the form?..I would say the processing of a passport only take 10 minutes. Everything info is there. Just need to call your file out and put a new passport into the machine and press the button.

dexs said...

kita rakyat pulak lawat le tgk apa pak lah buat ..

tengah tido kot