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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Moved Out

(Laura's impression of the "look" of future local councilors.)

It was reported in the papers today that the Sabak Bernam District Council president has been transferred out for “overlooking” several entertainment outlets that doubled as illegal gambling centres. The fler has been transferred back to the Public Services Department.

A couple of things bug me la. If action was taken against the fler it must mean that he was guilty of some misdeed although our big minister of this here developed state continues to amaze me with his use of inventive descriptions of what are plain and simple fuck-ups. “Overlooking”…hahahahahaha…sorry. Okay, okay…If he is guilty why wasn’t he fired? If he is known to have a habit of “overlooking” stuff wouldn’t he do the same back in the PSD or wherever he’s “moved out” to?

Shape Up Or Ship Out! That’s the warning recently given by the Chief Secretary to the Government to all civil servants. Obviously, our big minister decided to take his words literally and shipped the Sabak Bernam fler back out to the PSD. So what? He cools his heels there for a few months before he's moved out to another lucrative "overlooking" place issit?



adriantai said...

i think its more to do with the legal issues... not so easy to fire someone. so next best option, move them to a place where hoprefully they fade away or resign.

but if the fler thick skin, then looks like we taxpayers will have to tanggung beban a bit again... *sigh*

sometimes these flers really amaze me... how can they be so ignorant to the fact that most video arcades is just a front for gambling machine la.

btw, if u must know, i know how a state assemblyman who runs a clinic next to 'video arcade' for year... maybe time to move the fler?!?

adriantai said...

sorry, typo:
"i know how a state assemblyman who runs a clinic next to 'video arcade' for year..."

should read:
"i know OF a state assemblyman who runs a clinic next to 'video arcade' for yearS..."

zewt said...

C'mon... if that dude in Klang can still be sworn back in council despite clearly breaking the law, I guess being transferred out is as good as it gets.

Tak suka... keluar dari malaysia... that will be their war cry...

flaminglambo said...

Legal or illegal, if the government wants to fire someone, nobody can stop them. It's such a great opportunity to make an example out of the guy but yet again, they're forced to eat their words. Ho-hum. What else is new.

On the other hand, the fler might be innocent due to his ignorance. After all, we all know that these 'heads' don't conduct the raids or checks themselves. So, somewhere along the chain of command, someone's definitely pocketed some change. I'd put $100 on it. ;P

patrickteoh said...

flaminglamnbo, you're absolutely right. If they wanted to do it they'll find a way.
zewt, what gets my goat is that these flers will still be eligible for pension and the good life for being virtually criminals.
adriantai, nothing wrong with operating a video arcade what. Unless it is a front for something illegal. Maybe the good doctor's neighbours are law abiiding citizens. Hahahahahahaha.....sorry.

Economist said...

The moment i read this in thestar i emailed zewt bout it also...I asked him if we made a mistake in our workplace that is as severe as that i doubt we would be 'TRANSFERRED' ....if only every industry practices wonder every1 still thinks joining civil service is iron rice bowl

adriantai said...

patrick, i wish it was so... i have been inside to see what they had, and trust me, it's not pacman or daytona. :)

patrickteoh said...

adriantai, I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. Elaborate?

adriantai said...

pacman/ daytona = clean games...

the video arcade center i spoke of has gone machines that spews out coins when u win... ;)