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Thursday, January 11, 2007

New and Unimproved!!!

(RTM - new and unimproved)

Well, what do you know? They are threatening to “improve” RTM’s image yet again. Seems like every information minister's first duty when enthroned in the chair at Angkasapuri is to give RTM a makeover.

Nothing wrong with that I suppose. Except that all they ever manage to do is to spend hundreds of millions of taxpayers money to end up with the same tired-looking crap.

Remember when that fler with the bow tie was there? He announced, implemented and launched a multi-million Ringgit RTM makeover during his last few months in office. What happened? Same crap with some new costumes. Maybe.

The new minister of information, Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin has announced that from January 15 RTM news will have a new look. The changes will include a new montage, and improvements in news content and presentation. Since we are at it may I suggest that some of their news readers go on strict diet programmes. Puhleeeeze!

We await the “new look” with bated breath. Sigh.



TV Smith said...

Sigh. Not again. The poor logo's role is relegated to that of a fire hydrant. Every insecure minister-of-the-day must mark his territory, somehow.

I personally feel that the best logo was the original one before Tok Mat pee'ed on it in the 80's.

TV station logos are not something that you want to leave to a politician to decide. The subsequent logos were all lousy from a technical stand-point as they key (superimpose) poorly due to the fine lines, objects in the design.

The 'orbit' in this new logo won't look too good when shrunk to one corner of the screen either. Niamah!

Anyhow, even on its own that logo is fugly and totally unoriginal. But some new set of stationery suppliers, signmakers, will be mighty please, I guess...

patrickteoh said...

To be fair, TV that logo on the post isn't their latest attempt at "improving" RTM. I think that logo has been around for some time. Was it a legacy from the bow-tie fler or the other fler? Can't even remember now. Your points however are valid. Most of their on-screen designs look like they were designed by failed art school students. The story now is that the minister is pissed about newsreaders arriving only 30 minutes before going on air. He's insisting that they are there 2 hours ahead. I am sure that does some good. At least the canteen operator will be happy. I wonder if they still pay those new readers RM100 per bulletin?

Love your analogy of the fire hydrant and the pissing ministers. LOL.

aw said...

Actually for a while (in the last 2 years or so), TV2 did seem to improve a bit! They had 2-3 good programs at 8.30pm and the overall impression was a bit more modern. In fact, I thought I was watching TV3 instead. (Not that TV3 has been improving much). TV1 is still horrible, unwatchable except by the most deprived.

But that's my perception as the "end user" audience. Ko-ko Patrick, in your insider view, what is it specifically that is crap about RTM? I would really like to know.

Cuddly Family said...

Interesting to read that Umno owns SOOOOOOO much of the various local media.. never knew that before..

say what happened to the anti-toll hike demo.. didnt see a thing about it in the papers (unless I missed it)... anyone?

RTM revamping? HAHA macam TV9 "compulsory" tudung wearing presenters?!?!?!?!!

that will be the day...

deaflisteners said...

Who cares how you "intend" to improve it? No one's watching either. The only time our house ever tuned in to TV1 was during big games report like recent Asian Games. WE WERE DESPERATE(!!!!) as we didn't subscribe the specific sports channels in ASTRO.

Failed-to-impressed designs, wardrobe, montage, and other technical field spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R-S for any government funded station. Every time you tuned in to the TV1 & 2, it looked exactly the same 20 years back. Now, where the hell does the money goes for improving this or that since they are still recycling the same wardrobe and designs for the past 20 years??

Come to think of that, did any of you watched the recent BANJIR reminders from the Ministry of Health? This is just so Malaysia. It doesn't matter how is the quality, as long as you can proof that you did something to shut people's mouth, it's consider done.

One thing for sure, i will never ever switch on the TV for my foreign friends, no matter how much they cry for it. It's just too embarrassing.

Dad said: TV3 isn't improving either.

Anonymous said...

It probably sucked the same when Patrick was working with them and now it sucked even more since he left the station. Although some might argue, during Patrick's days at the Station some of them worked not for money but for passion of broadcasting. Nowadays, when you don't pay well, who wants to work for you !!

I never watch TV1 unless I am at a Malay stall having some food. Otherwise its pay TV. TV3, 8 and 9 are in fact doing a lot better compared to RTM.

Even radio wise, its like they do not have enough budget to pay for good presenters.

Remember the saying ? When you give peanuts, you get monkeys... I believe you can use the same type of analogy with RTM.

one Big NIAMAH !! for all

ps Patrick, it is quite therapeutic.. :D Niamah !!

Avenging Fist review said...

For God's sake I wish they bring back TV pendidikanlah!!!!

For bonus, I hope they show the reruns of the old tv pendidikan in black and white after midnite for the "nostalgiac" folks.

Skodeng said...

Niamah.That Norashikin (newsreader) tuh terlebih diet la. Gua punyer papan luncur lagi tebal dari dia.

Oh hello PT. Nice blog. ehhehehe.

Anonymous said...

Improving RT... what? Can someone tell me what is RTM? I mean, it sounded familiar but I just can't recall what it is... hehe.

Jokes aside.... you gotta admire these flers... they really have guts, using the same tactic again and again in screwing with our money. Different fler... same shit...


mob1900 said...

Same like our Education System, changes according to Minister in charge but NEVER for BETTER.


patrickteoh said...

LOL...with all the millions spent there are still people who don't knowm what RTM is. That's right. Different fler same shit.

Papan luncur? Sure or not? So flat meh? Telur bulls eye pun ta da ke?

TV Pendidekan?Wah that's going back a long way. Anyone remember Bing and Bong?

We used to get RM30 per hour for working on Radio 4. We provided the music etc. I wonder if that's changed? Pay peanuts for monkeys did you say? I wonder what they pay now to get maggots?

I don't have an insider view la. My view is also that of an audience member. What is crap? The type of shows, the style of presentation and most particularly the on screen design of the RTM "look".

kanine said...

I don't think the minister or any of the rtm guys realise how ugly and unprofessional rtm looks and sound. What with the gaudy colour scheme, overdone animation and presenters with little knowledge of anything.

The minister should stop trying to compete with the private stations which are profit-motivated.

The problem with rtm and similar govt outfits is that they have too much tax-payers money to spend and too many staff to spend on.

Of course batik makers and other suppliers stand to gain look include enlarging the wardrobe wat....sigh...

patrickteoh said...

Quite on the contrary, kanine I think they should try to compete. It's the years of being complacent that's put them into this shitty rut they can't get out of. Sure got money one what. So what me worry?