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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Noisy fireworks disturbs heart patients

Photo used by permission of TV Smith

From where I live in Ulu Klang I can see the fireworks displays at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa each night. But strangely there had been nothing for the past few nights at least. I was wondering why? Ran out of money? Not enough visitors there to appreciate it? Did something screw up major?

Today I learned from unconfirmed sources that the fireworks had been stopped during weekdays because there had been complaints from the management of the Institut Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute) situated nearby across Jalan Tun Razak.

Somebody sure didn't think this one through well enough when choosing locations, did they? And if I was a patient in the IJN recuperating from open heart surgery or something major like that and I heard loud explosions outside my room window every night while I am fighting for my life I too would want to scream...



zewt said...

fireworks every night??????

hell... how much money have they spent? how much of MY taxes have they spent!!!!


The Angry Medic said...


Building a huge-ass ferris wheel and blasting up a truckload of fireworks. Every night.

Next to a friggin' HOSPITAL.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I wonder why Stockholm hasn't already awarded these flers Nobel Prizes, man.

P.S. Patrick, what's up with that clock on your sidebar la?

The Unladen Swallow said...

Well, you can't please everyone. But hey, the government can go spend my tax money on fireworks, because I get to enjoy it too.

Or maybe Pak Lah will move the fireworks to Perth and leave KL alone. Then Niamah!

Trashed said...

In some countries, the lawyers will already be lining up to start litigation for duress, negligence, etc.

tony said...

NIAMAH! Fireworks everynight ah???
Eh Patrick, sure or not? Or was your porch light blinking??
He he.....syabas to the people who are behind this project. MALAYSIA BODOH MAH......!

daniel said...

While they're burning huge amounts of money to light up the skyline in KL (in the hope of attracting tourists), they are going to impose the RM20 entry charge on Singaporean cars entering through JB, which is expected to discourage many Singaporeans from coming to spend their money here on a regular basis.(Are they imposing the same fee at the Malaysian-Thai border?)

That's not including the many who live here and earn their salaries across the causeway (they have to drive Singapore registered vehicles) every working day. It might just encourage these people, who bring in much welcome foreign exchange into JB, to buy properties in Singapore and live there instead.

I may be wrong, but the backlash and collateral damage could be terrible.

mob1900 said...

Does that mean they're refunding since there's like 300+ days of canceled fireworks display?

Hey, you don't get be charge in a parking lot if you're spending 15 mins in it.

patrickteoh said...

Daniel, that RM20 charge on Sing vehicles is tit-for-tat ma. They do it to us we do it to them lor. Nah, I think both Malaysians and Singaporeans will complain about it for a while and then it's back to "Aiyah, beh yao keen la" (aiyah never mind la) Citizens of both countries have been well conditioned by their respective shepherds.

Eh trashed, this ain't California la. Oh btw, yesterday another fler died at the construction site at Plaza Damas. The same place where a year ago a machine fell off one of the floors and killed this doctor fler who was sitting in his BWM on the ground. As usual, speeches were made by the relevant people led by Lee Lam Thye who is the president of the whatchamacallit that's responsible for safety at this and that places. Not much will be done I don't think. They didn't do a hell of a lot when that doctor was despatched to the big clinic in the sky prematurely. And then some more yesterday one is only an Indonesian fler. Aiyah, naer mine la. So fucking sad la.

Sorry la tony. I live in a typical low cost Malaysian abode so there is no porch.

Angry medic, you don't like the clock? I think it is cool.

Zewt, how much taxes do you pay? Please fill out the form and enclose your J Form or salary slip before you make another comment on the forces that be. Understand?

zewt said...

Dont think I paid much taxes but I do pay all my tax due. Well, all that i've paid since I started working till now will probably make up 10 blast of fireworks.

Or perhaps I should take ownership of a certain instrument in the newly acquired ACJ 319.

kanine said...

Baru baca ini topik, so baru komen la:

It had been reported that the allocation for the fireworks for 2007 was RM52 million i.e 1 million a week. I wonder what will happen to the money if they stop the fireworks....may be send to Perak MB, can ah?

Somebody must have visited a firework factory in China, and was asked to come out with ideas how to justify ordering a few containers of the

Anonymous said...

Its all nice to see, but how long can it lasts?

Anonymous said...

Hey patrick, i'm a first time visitor to your blog so just picked this topic to comment on. Just wanted to clarify with you guy, Tourism Ministry has leased the eye on malaysia project to a private company because they wanna more private companies to invest in tourism related activities. so the fireworks display and stuff is solely done by the private company licensed to operate the wheel. The fireworks display was scheduled for every night for 30days. so it started during the launch of visit malaysia year on Jan 6 and was scheduled to end on Feb 3 and it did. the fireworks display now will be changed to water screen projection that showcases malaysia's history until end of the year.