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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Tai Chi Siam

(Eh! Look at me. Waffor I want to resign? Not my fault what.)

Yoo hoo! We’re on a roll here buddies. Some more Niamah!!!’s courtesy of the National Service Council and Training Department.

It was reported in the Star yesterday that the chairman of the National Service Council, Lee Lam Thye had said that no trainees were left stranded.

In page N4 of The Star today Wednesday January 3, 2007 it was reported that Lee is upset with the “transportation blunder that left thousands of NS trainees stranded on Monday.” Either the Star reporter misquoted or Lee is a master of tai chi.


Lee was also reported as saying that years of building confidence in parents on the programme had gone down the drain “just because of one or two irresponsible parties.” Wait ah…here comes the BIG spin…

“Lee said that he could resign, but that would not solve the problem as HE (my capitals) was not the one responsible for transportation.” It’s not MY fault. It’s THEM!

So, what else is new with people like these? Honour and responsibility? What the f*** are those things?


And finally……(cue drum roll and fanfare…) Lee said the council had suggested to the department to terminate the services of the irresponsible bus operators immediately for not being reliable.

What a revelation!!!



kolompor said...

A former opposition politician that people looked up to, seduced by the darkside, caved-in to temptations, embracing the blood sucking and currupt ways of the ruling elite. Now nothing but a running dog...

He's too far gone now. The darkside has consumed him.

A New Hope? Dare I dream?

Economist said...

I thought he was well-liked last time...Parents told me if he contested in Bkt Bintang he will never lose...Well even the good can be converted by Darth Sidious..This is indeed saddeining...

Cuddly Family said...

as a creative person, PT, thought u'd be interested...

50 years of independence... sedihnya..

Anonymous said...

Economist is right. That fella used to be a champion in Bkt Btg. But I heard from my parents that the authority harassed him hell and he couldn't make a living. Heard something happened to his mom and he caved in.

I guess everyone has a price. Maybe he is just a lil more expensive.

zewt fka remesis

soleilina said...

hahahahaha!!! just the word 'Niamah' is enough to delight me and make me laugh out loud..

Anonymous said...

spread the NIAMAH ringtone to bring down the NIAMAH-corrupted politicians!
like a Manila PEOPLE Power tone.

patrickteoh said...

thanks kolompor and economist. I like the seduced by the dark side analogy. Cool. Yes I do know that he was the hero of Bukit Bintang and the little guys in the electorate...bla bla bla... I interviewed him on my Radio show Patrick In The Morning and heard all about his achievements. "I did this...", "That was a result of what I did...", "If not for me ah..." That sort of thing. Yes pretty heroic stuff. And I even went to school with him in Ipoh decades ago.

Hey soleilina. I am glad that I make you laugh. Thank you for visiting.

Yeah, Kendo! Spread the word. Let's hear it LOUD...NIAMAH!!!

kantutantayo said...

Klompor. U are spot on. If I am not mistaken, this guy was a bank clerk in the late 60's and early 70's. Spends more time doing union activities (NUBE) than working. Stepping stone to politics la! Only has time for people that sucks up to him or can further his ambition at that time. He is all talk la. By resigning he will be jumping off the gravvy train. You think he will do that? No way. Too deep into bloodsucking and being a running dog. Boleh dapat Tan Sri lagi. Malaysia Boleh!!!