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Monday, February 05, 2007

Hallelujah! They finally got it!!!

(A Malaysian contractor's idea of "What? Clean already what."

Government contractors don't have the expertise? Not enough money to complete the job? Selling contracts for fast profits? No proper equipment for the job?

Why is the government saying these things now as if they consitute a revelation? Every member of the rakyat in Malaysia could have told them that years ago. We knew. Why didn't they?

Actually, there's no need even to focus on those multi-million Ringgit fuck-ups. Take a look around your neighbourhood.

The garbage collection contractor comes by in a little lorry with plywood wings attached so that they can carry more black plastic bags of household refuse while dripping the area with juices from rotting refuse.

The contractor given the job to repair major roads arrives with a couple of Indonesian labourers with a couple of shovels and cangkuls and a puny little roller. Yes, there is always the little can of tar and a twig with a rag wound on one end which is used to drip molten tar on the road surface before the stones or whatever rubbish is put on to fill potholes or pave uneven surfaces.

Of course, you also have to pity the public toilet cleaner who is armed only with a dirty rag and an even dirtier mop which is used to wipe everything from toilet bowls to toilet floors to even the wash basins. Disinfectant? Gloves? Cleaning paraphernalia? Oi! Hello this is Malaysia la.

So I would just like to tell the cabinet ministers and their fellow Rip Van Winkles that there is no need to shout about contractors who screw up all those multi-million Ringgit projects. It's the way it's always been done here in Bolehland all the way down the line.

Now, you have to tell us why you allowed it to happen?



zewt said...

it's clean wat... not clean meh? consider very clean already loh....

the fact is... we budget 1m for any kinda work... 500k goes to some semi valuation work, 350k goes to full valuation work... then perhaps 150k goes to actual work. that's why...

nurulazreenazlan said...

we lack thoroughness meh, from top to bottom. everything also cincai.

were things done thoroughly, then we wouldn't have cracked highways or crumbling condominiums to begin with.

Bolehland is celebrating its 50th birthday, why do i feel as though we've stopped progressing?

Anonymous said...

we are still progressing albeit much slower.

Anonymous said...

what la, patrick... have you seen the miantenance work MPPJ contractors do on drains and all la? make the thing worse, got la.

why does the government not care? well because, there are more important matters, like nasi kandar to attend to!

purple~mushroom said...

wah... very clean already la...give those guys some credit. Malaysia Boleh!

Love your blog Patrick... to the point, yet full of humour. But don't you have any other picture of our dear Pak Lah?? Boring la...

Trashed said...

Ehh Patrick, can digress ah ?

Baarger, your Tokkok is ranked #20 in influence according to this listing here

patrickteoh said...

Hi trashed. Hiyah ranked somewhere is good isn't it? I don't know what that ranking is about yet as I haven't read the long explanation la. I am wondering why they listed tokkok as a personal blog...hmmm...well I suppose it is.

I tried to google for photos of Pak Lah but surprisingly there aren't that many to choose from.

flaminglambo said...

With shoddy work evident everywhere, kinda' makes you wonder why people are still buying condos and apartments.

If Proton can't even have a decent quality control department, I don't even want to know how some of the older buildings and structures in need of urgent maintenance will hold up in years to come.

Shahabudeen Jalil said...

hi patrick,

very nice blog. i love it. keep it update more ofter.
to get some pic you can also go to my blog at .. but not paklah pic.. there is erra fazira and awie pic... hehe.

Anonymous said...

your tokok & niamah blogs are the best patrick!

keeps me sane, what with the hanky panky the govt has been dabbling in, squandering our country's resources (people and $) away!

pls keep updating them, really hilarious!

niamah! :D

Anak Malaysia said...

dear pat

well done! you 'shoot' them straight at the heart. i had the same thought when i first heard the news. it made me laugh. so funny.

they CHOSE the contractors then they BLAMED them for the 'cincai' work! we knew all along what has been going on around the neighbourhood.

for example, at my area, they started to construct the monsoon drain in the middle of the monsoon season!! so, half the time, the work was not done (due to rain).talking about planning interestingly, it was done after one of our state minister had his house built near the area!! otherwise??

All i can say is that they point one finger to the contractors without realising four fingers are pointing back at them! They must share the blame as well. Don't forget, all these lead to increase costs meaning more of the rakyat money is spent unwisely.

all the ministers involved should go to the ground more often, reduce their meetings and overseas travel. otherwise, they don't know what ordinary rakyat is facing.

thank you

-eLaine*z- said...

This is my 1st time here after the blog was visited by 40k readers =.= hmmm.. find it interesting! Looking forward to more n more n more post coming up!

Russ said...

Yeap, Mr. Teoh, your blog is better than reading malaysian papers. Keep up the good work :)