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Friday, February 02, 2007

No la. Leasing only.

(Hmmm...shall I have it with beige or pink leather seats? Would a jacussi be too extravagant?)

I like Pak Lah. He has an honest face. He has a nice smile. For a time he looked like a man who could be trusted.

Following hot on the heels of the multi-million Ringgit yacht debacle and the untimely RM23million “gift” to his old school he’s now being grilled on the blogs about the purchase of a luxury executive jet which purportedly may cost up to US$60million.

Of course, the usual and by now typically lame Pak Lah excuses…

No it’s not for me. It’s for everybody. The King will use it also.

No, the government is not spending taxpayers money.

The plane will be purchased by a company.

Of course he does not mention, but everybody knows, that the company that he named is 100% owned by the government.

I still like Pak Lah. He has an honest face. He has a nice smile. He looked like a man who could be trusted.

But Pak Lah is turning out not to be a good or even adequate politician.

And as a Prime Minister he sucks. Big time. So far. (See? I can be optimistic.)



Trashed said...

The problem with Pak Lah is that after 3 yrs at the helm, there does not appear to be tangible results of his premiership.

Armchair observers note that his leadership qualities are poor. Hence, we have a bunch of govt and political minnows running the show. Niamah !

And what irks everyone nowadays is the realisation that govt money is the rakyat's money which is yours and mine. Niamah! Niamah!

As a foreign writer put it nicely, the govt should focus on growing the economy and not on who gets allocated what.

So how ? Time for a change, lor.

adriantai said...

aiyah... close one eye on this la... small sum only.

err... i was being sarcastic, ya?

Anonymous said...

George W Bush also "has an honest face. He has a nice smile. He looked like a man who could be trusted." Why don't ya go tell that to the 1million or so dead Iraqis done in by him.

Wong said...

Pak Lah should deserve at least five NIAMAH!!!s. He's, IMHO, incompetent, unskillful, lame. He's just not strong enough a leader. Period. Look at how the country has been f*cked up again and again...issues on government spending, increase of goods, etc... they're like internal diseases waiting to surface and eat us up whole.

I've said what I've said. I may be young but I'm not stupid. The (lack of) results from Pak Lah's leadership, sadly, shows clearly.

He has an honest face. He has a nice smile. He looked like a man who could be trusted. In person, he might have a nice personality.

But if a leader can't even shut the common man on the streets up, or at least attempt some stronger measures to satisfyingly resolve the common man's grouses, what good is he?

zewt said...

you'll be amazed... i spoke to some ppl and they actually said our big boss is actually doing the right thing... he just needs more time.

i guess when he has had enough time... we will all be damned to hell.

Russ said...

60 million jet? Nevermind lah, US president has 'Air Force 1', we got '60 million dollar jet man'.
And maybe the real reason for this is coz he wants to avoid paying for roadtax & toll! Niamah!

arcadia said...

zewt, i'm totally agree with you.. given enough time.. definately all of us malaysia will seeing hell b4 die..
guess those ppl who said he's doing the right thing's still sleeping and dream about"dont work for me but work with me".else they might getting something from him....we never know..

tunku said...

yes malaysian (most of them) still sleeping and dont know what is happening. when the pm said that the government leased the jet, they accept the explanation, but leased from pmb which is own by government 100%. wake up malaysian, make it a last term for abdullah.NIAMAH !