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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Some things I will never understand


There are things that happen almost on a daily basis in my homeland that I will never understand. One of them happened...actually don't know when la...but it was in the front page of The Star today.

"LOST FRONTIER" the headline screamed.

First of all, what the hell kind of headline is that? The editor a sci-fi fan issit? Then I read on and it says...

"Kelantan's Lojing Highlands in danger of being logged bare"

Oh that's it issit? Some people are screwing our rainforests big time. I see. Then say so la. What's with this lost frontier crap?


Without even reading past the front page I discover that the Department of the Environment flers have found that 22 companies are carrying out logging there and that only 5 of them have environmental impact assessment (EIA) approval.

So my BIG question is SO???

So you know that 17 of those companies have broken the law. So? Arrest the baargers la. Confiscate their bulldozers, their chain saws, their trucks. Throw the book at the owners/directors of the companies. Send in the troops. The army and the Police Field Force both of whom have nothing much to do since the last communist has been banned from making an appearence. Better still send the RELA flers in to do some real work other than harassing poor ignorant Bangla and Myanmarese workers trying to make a decent living to feed their families back home.

The state UMNO liaison committee chairman says that UMNO will press the state government to freeze all logging activities pending an investigation.

What???!!! Press them to get off their arses when a law has obviously been broken? Very soon we'll be blowing up more foreigners and urging authorities to "look into it".

So we have the EIA approval process and then we also need to get the state Napoleons' permission to do anything about it?

So okay you say, they are UMNO flers making the noises so maybe they have to press la just so it doesn't look like a pre-election PR stunt. But the law has been broken. So where are those flers who are charged with upholding the law?

Oh I know.

Hello! Trees only what. Got people die ah? No right?

Jom pi mimum.



ronin said...

HILARIOUS ... but sadly our natural resources are being raped by human greed.

KeNNoT said...

LMAO im STILL the first to comment here.

Uncle Patrick Please Keep TOKKOK!!!

More KOK Need To Be TALK !!!

wtf said...

End of teh day... sumpeople in the state gov. & in the ruling parteh will be receiving early bonus from the flers cutting down the trees lor.. u should know better our so called LAW & ORDER in bolehland got double/triple/quadrple std one.. and tats another reason why I stop reading local papers all, more like tabloid paper liau

zewt said...

got people die ah? what nationality? indon bangla ah... close shop 3 days then continue lor....

malaysians die ah?.... call the press tell them we'll do something.

jum pi minum.

chongwah said...

It's really sad to see the nature really kena hantam kuat kuat by the greeds. The logging trails that I have seen during my mountain climbing days to the Gunung gunung along Banjaran Titiwangsa, are quite horrific. As a trekker who walked on the barren red soil, we too, scare of sudden landslide, not to meantion abt the ruined trekking trails. Sigh... a complaint is just a merely complaint. Ok... I VOTE this time! All the way back from Spore to VOTE. Kanasai...

Anuar Musang said...

I thought the same too when I read the The Star's report.

Funny and fishy.

It's like someone just robbed your family and the police wont do anything and instead blaming you for doing nothing !

nstman said...

some smart idiotic editor thought he gave a first class headline. last frontier, stupid heading, doesnt say anything.

Evie said...

I just started reading your Niamah's and TokKok yesterday from a friend's link.

What you have written is so real and sad, I have to remain 'optimistic'.Those baargers..I've heard too much to trust them.

And yes, I will definitely exercise my right to vote this time. Will it be of use? Itu saya tak tahu lah..

I've written a piece on the RIP place they are 'building' in Kota Damansara. Really got so worked up when I read that.

Cheers..and write on, bro :)

Lo said...


what can i say? it's our way of doing things here....:(


jorji said...

N i a m a h!!

same old shit....the star nak jadi harian metro ka???

N i a m a h!!

patrickteoh said...

I must have missed something. Can someone send me the piece on the Kota Damansara cemetery (?)? Thanks.
Evie, if I had something to do with your resolve to vote then I feel I have done some good here. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know this country is now full of opportunists, profiteers, plunderers, thieves, robbers and the corrupted..More are in the making. They are no less the same kind of China Hailam flers who were busted for fishing and harvesting the protected turtle for profit and personal gain. I hope the bastards get 30 years jail. Here u pick someone's pocket, can get 2 years I'm wondering.
God help this bolehland!.

Russ said...

Typical national reaction, lets sit around, talk & whinge about it for days, before we go in and seize the chainsaws. Make some publicity. Reminds me of my old boss' saying, :'I dont want problems, just solutions', and 'Spare me the labor pains, just give me the baby'.

The amount of trees being choopped down this very second while pending decissions await approval could probably build another e-village, and many under tables, I mean tables.

Anita Krishnan said...

One would think with the deadly effects due to global warming the earth has been experience these past few years would put some sense into the government to do something about protecting our forests and the environment, but they're all busy printing batik and installing hi-tech broadband networks.
Seriously, I read the Malaysian newspapers online and without fail, my jaw drops down to the floor with amazement (shock even) at the stupidity published in the papers and their over used clich├ęs.

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

Wuiyoh... few trees got stolen only. No problem mo... afterall, they are all kaki-lang right?

Anonymous said...

Got fair play meh?
I said bad word, got lokup.
Big shot say bad words,parliment say ok lah.
So,no fair lah!

Anonymous said...

another one know what is happening to the 513 book. Try to get it from MPH but been told sold out.

Niamah ccb!!!!

Anonymous said...

it's really sad that we have some of the world most idiot policy maker..and we have some of the most stupid one to enforce the law..and we have the smartest bastards to exploit our resources to fill their own wallets..

but i cant agree with you to take away the loggers..they are just workers who work hard to feed their families..they know nothing that the boss pakat with local powerful local authorities to get the permit (or no permit)..most logging contractor is also need lotsa investigation..and the big boss behind,i curse him to go to hell,after having a suffering disease..niamah..