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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tabik,tuan...errr...datuk...your majesty...

Traffic jam in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur. Photo from here.

This ain’t going to much of a comeback after such a long lay-off. But what to do? Brain halt syndrome.


Like many Malaysians, I am sure, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that our police force is one of the oldest if not the oldest police force in the entire planet! Hey, Malaysia Boleh man!

So when I glanced at the papers this morning and saw that there was something going on about some re-branding exercise my curiousity was pricked. Apparently, the Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan whom I only recently discovered is the brother of that fler with the botoxed smiley phrase “Whoooooooooooo wants to be a millionaire” and other wooden soap roles, wants to introduce a new vision and mission for the PDRM.

“Royal Malaysia Police Towards Global Distinction”

Great. It’s good to dream and hope.

“I have to make changes for the better for the re-branding of the force”

Good also. I sokong.

He also wants to enhance the level of training of police recruits. He wants to upgrade the efficiency of investigations. He wants to improve the service scheme of the force to attract more people into building a career in the force.

All very good la. Hopefully, his visions all filter down to his subordinate officers la.

On the front page of The Star today, Federal CID chief, Christopher Wan was quoted as saying that there is no need for members of the public to address police officers by other than a simple Encik or Puan. A Dato or Tuan will not get you preferential service, he said. WE TREAT EVERYONE EQUALLY was his claim.

True ah?

I, for one have never been inclined to address any policeman by other than the name on his tag. But to say that these flers treat everyone equally is a bit much la. If that is true……

Why are the cars parked illegally at the corner of Jalan Sultan Ismail that curves around Lot 10 and other 5-star buildings like Starhill always those big Mercedes Benz’s and BMW’s more often than not with single digit plates? Why do I consistently witness traffic policemen shoo-ing away illegally parked Protons and MyVi’s and Kancils at the arrival hall driveway of the KLIA while the Mercs and Beemers appear to be above the law? And why are Mercs and Beemers and Lexus’s always parked on the leftmost lane of Jalan Sultan Ismail outside the Shangri-la Hotel, KL screwing up one whole road lane for road tax paying slobs like us. This despite the presence of a police pondok less than 20 meters away? Equal? Where got?

And then ah these flers say they want to make the PDRM regain public confidence in its credibility. So what has been happening the last few days?

The roads in and around Kuala Lumpur city center have been choked with bumper-to-bumper jams. Why? Those flers have been closing roads for preparations for some parade or celebration in conjunction with the bicentennial Police Day on March 25. Traffic policemen are nowhere to be seen. Probably busy marching up and down somewhere in preparation for the big day. Pissed a lot of Malaysians off I daresay. So much for one vision then. Hope the others work.



KeNNoT said...

LMAO im the first to comment.

Uncle Patrick Please Keep TOKKOK!!!

Antares said...

Hee hee hee hee hee, how come you such a funny baarger ah, Pat? My blogposts never as ha-ha-ho-ho-he-he as yours la, dammit. Must come every week and learn from the sifu! See you sometime, old pal, keep well and keep Niamah-ing away!

MissSHopaHolic said...

"He also wants to enhance the level of training of police recruits. He wants to upgrade the efficiency of investigations. He wants to improve the service scheme of the force to attract more people into building a career in the force."

I studied in Petaling Street for 2 years... and believe me.. there is nothing safe about that place .. and mind you there is even a police station nearby the gurduwara.. people are rude.. some make racist comments and there was a brothel instituition just beside the college(funny .. it was beside a law school)and those hookers will roam around soliciting cliets.. and it id so obvious that they are diseased .. and i've even seen drug addicts around there.. on top of that the harrassment that we have to go through with these pirated cd' guys.. they literally violate your peace of mind and privacy.. I had one of my many horrible moments there.. and the traffic.. sei la... NIAMAH!! UNCLe PT.. i'm one of the survivors.. i pretend that i'm in the paleolithic era where people are not civilised and indulge in engraving on bones and stones whenever i had to step my foot there..

Luke said...

I totally agree with you about some of the preferential treatment big shots (or big cars) get everywhere, even in East Malaysia. really hope the cops can pull their socks up & make KL safe. I recall the bad time of being extorted at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman over 20 years ago by 3
thugs with lots of people walking about but no cops in sight!

daniel said...

Pat, you are finally back. You know, sometimes the preference is not only for the rich. Every Friday, the law seems to be effectively suspended for several hours in the vicinity of my office. Suddenly you get cars parked all over the place; along the double yellow lines, double-parked, blocking the road junctions etc, during just about lunchtime.

Only thing is nobody complains because nobody in authority would take this matter up and the parking guys won't come 2 hours before and after this phenomenon...and I believe this happens in many other places as well.

zewt said...

where have you been pat?

good to have you back.

as for our police force... err... no comment la.

mob1900 said...

Regarding the practise of treating everyone equaly, one must quote LOTR's "One Ring To Rule All Rings... *you don't have ring ar? Belah-lah Lu!"

*Tokok-tambah just for our Coppers BicenDenial Celebrations! Ahaa...


Miss Indak Ngaadau said...

if dem fler wearing the 'saya anti rasuah' badge stop hanging around the corner of some tiny road trying to trade saman tikets for lunch money, den mebe can repect dem lar.

its not sekolah rendah anymore and sumore tebal muka wear the badge one. funny enuf if u ask dem issue d saman dey say, ok let u go one warning.

so siapa salah?

dun wan impart with the only 10 ringgit in my pocket lar. some wan follow me go ATM summore. heiya no nid for salutations just remember their number lar den pretend call yo loyer. can get away ooone!


jorji said...

N I A M A H ! ! mana lu pegi?? hehehe

Russ said...

Pat, I thought u kena lockup by ISA.. so long missing in action.. :)

Hey, where do I get one of those badges next to the number plate? Do I have to be royalty or something? Since these prefferential treatments exist, if u cant beat em, join them!