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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Don't worry I do for you, okay?

Don't worry, WE do for you, okay?
( image by Jorge Candeias, 30 June 2005)

Malaysia has a population of…what?…22, 24 million? No la. Close to 27 million actually. But the fate of the entire country is dependent on a group of politicians who are voted in by less than 7 million voters. Scary isn’t it?

I made this deduction after reading from the newspapers today about how many Malaysians are actually eligible but not registered voters.

The newspaper story also revealed that the main urban centres of Selangor, Perak, Johor and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur make up the largest bloc of non-registered voters. This despite the fact that urban dwellers are mostly well-educated, affluent and should be the first ones in line to want a hand in managing the country of their birth and the provider of their fortunes. But no la.

Like the editorial in the NST said, those least concerned with participating in the democratic process are often among those reaping the greatest benefits from the system. And probably are those who complain and tokkok the loudest. Why ah? On the surface I suppose it isn’t so difficult to understand. Urban flers who have education and good paying jobs look around at what is happening and just shrug their shoulders and say, “Naer mine la. I work hard. Save money. Send my children all to Perth. Maybe one day I will buy a house in Perth. Apply P.R. lor."

"Yes, boss what can I do for you? Come I get for you. No problem la.”

Why is this the scenario? Well, it doesn’t take a genius to tell you, right? It’s been 50 years since Merdeka. And the successive administrations have done their work brilliantly. NEP, Bahasa Malaysia which became Bahasa Melayu, discounted housing for certain Malaysians, cronyism which affects all irregardless of race, new I.C. old I.C.…etc. etc.

So think about it. The fate of 27 million Malaysians decided by the votes of less than 7 million. And we think those baargers in the blaardy garmen are the stoopid ones? Think again.

Or better still, register now and make sure YOU vote at the next General Election.



zewt said...

pat, something wrong with your alignment with this piece?

and isnt it too late to register for the up and coming election? i heard 31 march was the cut off period.

Mohd said...

This is sad but true situation. Urban voters are low in numbers despite being more educated and earning more than their braders and sisters in the kampungs.
This is the same situation with getting the new id card.
I remember in the last election where one MCA guy in Perak was not allowed to contest because his seconder, his 2nd in command who campaigned for others to vote for the No.1...turned out that he himself was not a registered voter.
kua kua kua.
Theres a joke that a certain opposition democratic party will always lose because most of their urban supporters are not registered to vote.
All I can say is Niamahhhh.

Cuddly Family said...

Hubs was told that the last day for registration (voter) was end March, dunno how true, I have not seen anything mentioned in papers, no banners.. only after the fact?!

What is the election commission site??

patrickteoh said...

Hi cuddly. you may be right about the expired deadline for registration. Shit!!! See how low key they make the whole exercise? "Oi! Let's keep it to below 6 million this time ya?"

The election commission is here

Thanks mohd for the funny story about the MCA guy.

jorji said...

we always think that the government is stupid..what we dont know is THEY always think that we,the rakyat is so DAMN STUPID!!

N I A M A H ! to all today!

Cuddly Family said...

PT- yeah lor, thats the thing, not sure if they PURPOSELY made it so low key. we passed by the post office, no banner also?! D has yet to register as a voter and he WANTS to. I dont understand why they dont let folks register as a voter at any time (except mebbe 6mths before the election date lah).

and I really did see NOTHING.. D had read about it on MM's blog. by the time we saw, sudah end March! how many people went around blur blur..

I think they scared folks are very upset with things these days..translate that into actual voting public.. memang tak mahu..

Cuddly Family said...

apparently year around registeration.

how to register as a voter. I've emailed them, wondering what response I can get.

THey complain voters dont register but tak buat apa to change that. hurmph..

patrickteoh said...

Hi cuddly. Can still register issit? If that is so good la. Spread the word around.Email them ah? I think you just go to their office with your NRIC and get it done. The last time I did it was in front of a mini-market in Taman Tun. Some fler had a make shift table there. All done in less than 5 minutes. Of course, the tak buat what. That way they can control things even easier.

Sorry to disappoint you jorji. But they don't think we are stupid. They KNOW we are.

Russ said...

I thought we have to be over 26 years old to vote. Coz ive seen some nightclubs only let people of age 26 and above to come in.. Niamah!!
Well, out of the 27 million, how many are actually legible to vote? Perhaps they should have a minimum education level, or salary slip figure a prerequisite to vote, or something lah... u know.. just to avoid the radical extremists from voting..

Just want to share something:
When I was studying in ALAM (malaysia maritime academy) doing my Batchelor or Science in Management technology, specializing in Maritime Transportation in Melaka, and the terrorist attacked the twin towers in the US, it was all over ASTRO in our TV room. And while it was being broadcasted, to my surprise (and FURY) all the bargers started to cheer and jump for joy! I am unable to say which race was the majority in the whole IMO-class approved Academy, but it was freaking scary. Being the minority, I kept quiet, and later asked one of them why was he cheering, and he replied that the so and so country had done bad to a lot of other countries, so it was payback time. And he also said that sometimes the blood of innocent lives have to be sacrificed to save others in future. And these fellers are allowed to vote??... i give up.

bus uncle said...

I just did the registration and simple...

monsterball said...

Pat do you remember the late Zianal Alam singing 'vote vote vote everybody vote"..during the first few elections when we got Independence?
Now no more such encouragement from the government. Maybe getting Datin Siti and Dato Mat Kilau to sing DUET? People will never forget to vote...after hearing them.

Anonymous said...

blog got censored or what?!!

lolita said...

Hello Patrick,
I'm a Malaysian studying in Perth. I was wonering how if I can register to vote for the next election in the consulate here or do I have to come back to register? Thanks =)
Btw, I'm campaignng for people to vote through my various blogs and online connections. Here's hoping it makes a difference in the next one!

patrickteoh said...

Hi Lolita. Thanks for visiting. I am not sure about how you can register to vote from abroad. Can anyone help here? Lolita maybe you can just call the Malaysian Embassy and ask them.

El Nino said...

Hi Patrick,

I agree absolutely with your opinion in this article, but............


Macamlah our opposition is a much better alternative than the current regime. DAP ah(hanya tahu cari pasal)? Or perhaps the misogynistic, backward-looking PAS? Perhaps I should vote for the party "inspired" by the slimy snake who was once DPM?

If Gerakan grew some balls and grew big, they might be able to govern the country better than the ruling party (and I mean 'party' in the singular because it IS), but until then, education is the issue that defines a country. No civic consciousness, no political awareness, no demand from the people for accountability from the government. I tell you, Patrick, as a young educated urban Malaysian, THAT'S why I don't vote. Choosing the lesser of two evils is not an option when my mind can be free from persecution in a country that appreciates me.

Merdeka? The hell I care. Did this country take care of me? Why do I owe it allegiance then?

Education is the problem. Education. Train them to bleat and they become shee.... Malaysians. Ptooi!

Kevin said...

Its good to put up the registration sites up here as I know many would want to register but do not know where to go to do so.

Anonymous said...


I went to MCA PJ office to register during the 2008GE, I found out later my name was not on the list thus unable to cast my vote.

I check my registration resit but unfortunately there is no date written but I'm kind of sure it's more than 1month before GE(the requirement)

Fast forward to year 2010, I check again that I am still not being registered. I'm only officially a voter now as I went to my local post-office to register this year.

I don't want 2 speculate why MCA want to avoid new voters!

To ONG SOON SIAU 801004-04-5223 the MCA fella who I submitted my form in 2008 and still didn't got registered as at June 2010 NIAMAH!