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Monday, May 14, 2007

Halal Pigs

Yang Berhormat Napoleon Pig Lea King
(photo from here)

Niamah!!! Quiz #1

Question: When are pigs halal?

Answer: When they are male chauvinist pigs masquerading as Members of Parliament.

Apparently, male chavinisism and sexist remarks against women are things that are practised all the time in that august house, as the press loves to call that circus. The latest incident being that of the "bocor" (leaking) kind.

Two Barisan Nasional backbenchers, Jasin MP Datuk Mohd Said Yusuf and Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin were in the news for the wrong reasons when it was reported that the Bung fler said in reply to Batu Gajah DAP MP Fong Poh Kuan's query about leaks in the lobby of Parliament House, "Mana ada bocor, Batu Gajah pun tiap-tiap bulan bocor juga" (Where is the leak? Batu Gajah leaks every month too)

All the other pigs in the pen squealed out in defence of the two porkies when Malaysians of higher I.Q. than these YB's expressed outrage at this sexist remark.

Speaker Tan Sri Ramli Ngah Talib said cannot do anything because the Batu Gajah MP made the complaint one day too late. If she wanted to take up the case she should have done it on the day that the remarks were made.

Tangga Batu MP Datuk Idris Haron said, “we should take them as a joke, not as a personal attack”. Unfortunately, the "them" he used referred to the remark and not the two clowns in question which would have been much more appropriate.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz said that it was normal to play with words.

But the best one comes from the
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz who commented that Fong should not have overreacted as MPs enjoyed the immunity to speak about anything in the House.

“Politicians must be able to take criticism and be thick-skinned about it,” he said. Oh really? Then I call you a male chauvinist babi lor. Can? Huh? Oh I see. Only women MP's la you mean. Okay, I get it. Thank you, YB. You can go back to sleep now.

Actually, our dear Deputy Prime Minister, who's been so quiet for so long, ultimately came out with the best line. I paraphrase but he said something like "joke aje la." It's just a joke so don't have to take so seriously one. See? I've always thought that Parliament House is a poor name for Comedy Central Malaysia. Now confirmed la.

Meanwhile, Federation of Livestock Farmers Associations of Malaysia’s pig unit chairman Tung Hong Chai said pig farmers were facing difficulties because of declining prices.

Strange. I would have thought that pork would go UP in price because there would be a short supply. I mean who wants to be a roasted or stewed piece of pork when you can be a member of parliament.



Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

Anonymous said...

Oink. Oink.

Close one eye lah Patrick. Bagi lah chan.

Malaysia Boleh mah.

zorro said...

Once they discard these two oink2, I would like to buy them for research purposes: I need to know if sows have leaks; I need to know why these two have physiognomy similar to swines, was it thru co-habitation in the piggery or by some genetic defect, these two took human shapes and waddled into our parliament...we had monkeys in parliament, now we have these two snort-nosed wallower.Tiew!

Anonymous said...

and don't forget that Najib reminded us,"... you should not take it seriously..." gosh!!!! what they say in the parlimen shouldn't be taken seriously!!! then when can??? their toilet talk???

Raymond Woo said...

actually pig is now halal, more halal than APs, patronage and RM22M.

Believe the reason consumption of pork and touching wet dogs were prohibited thousand of years ago is due to viral outbreak ala Nipah.

In fact if we are still on haram/halal, smoking is also haram as it is hazardous when consumed.

Lets research on this

crazyant said...

Even the DPM said to take it as a "joke". The biggest joke of all is that there are swines in the parliment talking nonsense when they are suppose to be discussing important matters developing the nation. Did anyone watch the whole episode? It was like a bunch of uncivilised Neanderthals cheering and jeering over their comrades who succesfully clubbed a couple of females and dragged them into a cave to score. What the hell are pigs doing in the parliment anyway?

chef said...

Wah, didn't know that they can do such out-of-this-world genetic experiment in the Dewan... Turning monkeys into pigs, or half-monkeys/pigs... Go figure, Darwin!

Trashed said...

The sad part is that these 2 flers were somehow elected to be in Parliament by their electoral constituency.

Please vote wisely in the next General Election. Remember - you get what you elected.

Didn't register to vote ah? Do something about it or waffor complain?

Anonymous said...

I wuz hunting in KinaBatangAn when I chance upon this enormous, ugly wild pig. I had it in my gun sights but it reminded me of the local MP. It finally turned around and walked off.

Damn!! I should have shot its arse!!

mob1900 said...

Time to call the 'Higher-up' to exact humility on you-know-who:


messupboy said...

the issue is a hot one..i can bocor?? damn!!
but the pig and the halal thingie is a bit too much la..these 2 just cannot go together!!
As a a bit "tersinggung" la mr patrick!

Daily Nibbler said...

I don't this is necessary - calling them pigs - although I did thought of the acronym MCP when the issue flared.

adriantai said...

well, they have apologised. :)

but if we still want to punish them, can always vote them out in the next election. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

sigh..they ask us to be responsible bloggers..ask them to look at themselves lar..a disgrace to society..

Trashed said...

Seems like the two MPs have apologised. Strangely, it was reported that the Jasin MP fler denies making the "bocor" remark.

So why apologise ? Was his denial a frivolous one ? If so, he probably thinks the rakyat (i.e. you & me) are gullible idiots.

Niamah !!!

chef said...

True apologies? Remorse? Say only la... All of the MPs are well trained actors..

MP Script 101 :

- Outcry? Just say "I'll issue a warning & will investigate this matter.."
- Talk shit? Just say "I was misquoted, didn't say that..."
- Screw-up? Just shed some croc tears, then be really, really quiet..

...Nothing will happen and life will return back to normal..

Learn these scripts & you can be running for the next election!

nurulazreenazlan said...

How appropriate.

One is reminded of the pigs in Orwell's excellent Animal Farm. They are the ones in power, depending mostly on their power of persuasion and penchant for the rhetorics.

But maybe I'm giving these f'lers too much credits? After all, the pigs in Animal Farm seem to be more intelligent than this half-witted jokers who had to resort to such tasteless and crude tactics. Maybe lepas ni they can take a page out the pigs' book and re-write the Rukun Negara to suit their own purpose. Again, maybe I'm giving them too much credits lor.

Bodoh punya MP. Babi dalam Animal Farm pun lagi pandai.

Anonymous said...

hope the leak in the parliament cause destruction in the building and let only the hall collapse to the BN's side, and hooray, no more kinabatangan dummy and sexist.. shit him, like his mom doesn't come every month..

soufulow said...

Arghh Patrick, you are so damn daring to call out the 'P' word. don't get me wrong, i mean 'P-I-G' not 'period'... only pigs like to make that kind of lame jokes on ladies. :)

Bean Laden said...

Hi patrick. Ever heard of "Mouth Diarrhoea" Those flers otak and mulut tak halal lah.

deOughtred said...

Spot on! Even, if the two MP, 'ter'cakap (like Malaysian always do lah, always ter there and ter here...) they still have to apologize.

Just like if Muslim 'ter' sentuh dengan babi, we still have to samak. So, if don't want to face the aftermath of the 'ter' that whe did, think first, e.g. don't go near babi, things like that.

Too sad when MPs are not using brain when talking. BODOH!

Anonymous said...

The minister in the PM dept further commented today the words were uttered in the heat of an argument and you cannot control people's emotions?! So I supposed fcuk, cu*t are acceptable in parliament. Bung withdrew his apology and will only do so if ask to, in parliament. Bung is still not sorry. I urge all women to refer 'this time of the month' as 'Bung sini' ( Bung's here). A reminder by thousands of women every month of this past due date pig,his name degraded to a similar level of the degrading words he said to a fellow woman MP and all women. To All Malaysian women don't get mad get even!

adriantai said...

they actually retracted the apology... hmmm... said something along the lines of needing to discuss in parliament first, etc... as though they need a permission to apologise.

if they need permission for that, they should also have asked for permission before opening their mouth like that.

i saw the video clip... i dun think Bung was in an 'angry mood'. he seemed the be laughing after passing that comment!

adriantai said...

to anonymous... if u wanna get even, just don't vote for him in the next election. :)

bamboo river said...

Let me say this to that two morons...
You are such a stupid dungu from a dumb shit with a pair of shrinking balls without a stick.
Let me apologize to them.
Wait a minute .... I withdrew my apology becos I have to wait for the consend of my supporters.

patrickteoh said...

Here is something even sadder. I just watched the video of the bocor scandal on YouTube. They ALL seemed like they were having a fun time. Including Lim Kit Siang! The Kinabatnagan fler was smirking and smiling like he was on The Late Show. The whole thing just looked like these types of 'debates' are the norm in that circus we call Parliament. This is really scary.

If you have any love for this country now is the time to make a contribution. Make sure you register to vote. Vote wisely. Vote unselfishly. Vote for a better future. Vote for more intelligent government. Vote to let these dumb shits know that we are the POWER in the country.

We deserve the government we elect.

Anonymous said...

You know, Mohd Said seems to be getting away with a lot of things. First he closed one eye and now he 'bocor'. Why the hell is this pig still a MP? I think Malaysians deserve someone better.

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest mistake I have made is to vote for BN in one of the general elections ages ago. It was only one time as after that I always vote for the opposition whether the candidate is a binatang or a human being. However that one time has filled me with regrets. The UMMO led BN has grown arrogant, cocky and became a big bully. Thanks to the stupid, selfish and cowardly electorate who put their vote for them when the BN showed in the left hand a few peanuts, the right hand the keris during election time. Mind you the peanuts only appeared during election time! Don't blame Nazri, Hisham, Bung, One-Eyed etc. You stupid fellows put them there and up till today as shown in the recent by-elections the there are some who have not waken up yet!

accountability said...

i've always done my part for the love of my country

and i go a step further by going to my friends to encourage them to vote for a govt we deserve

(not the bunch of babi-clowns we have in parliament today)

mob1900 said...

Your article was picked up by MT(

bongkersz said...

half baked apology. "IF the women feel offended, then I'm sorry lor.." this is apology? exercise your vote guys! register to vote, and vote this kind of dumbass politician out.

~Yin Fung~ said...

Can i have the youtube link??

~Yin Fung~ said...

nice blogs n thoughts! =DDD

patrickteoh said...

yin fung, i'm sorry I don't remember the link but you can do a search easy enough once you're at YouTube.

bongkersz, go watch the YouTube video of the actual incident. You will see that all the YB's involved look and sound like they were having fun. As if things like that were part of everyday life in that 'august' house. It will make you sick.

crazyant said...

to those who have not seen the vid...

like i commented earlier, they look like a bunch of uncivilised Neanderthals. I think baboons at the zoo are more well behaved than this bunch of swine.

Anita Krishnan said...

I just watched the video on youtbe. Is this really how it is at the Parliament House????

I'm speechless! They are a disgrace. That fat pig! Argghhh!!! Not only was the 'bocor" comment sexist, he was obviously mocking the Chinese MP. Listen to the way he speaks. Man they should lined up and whipped in public.

adriantai said...

patrick, you know this post of yours has been reproduced in Malaysia Today... ;)

Anonymous said...

Well..., u all have seen these swines "oinkking" around in the parliment..contributing nothing but trying to collect the attendance pay-cheques.They'all made us felt embaress as a Malaysian - a joke to the progressive world. ((NEXT ELECTION, REMEMBER! ALL OF U ..! DON'T VOTE THESE SWINES INTO ANYTHING!!!))
Wat to do? Damage had been done..BECAUSE WE TRUST THEM! and they FORGET - THEY ARE SUPPOSE TO WORK FOR US ALL "MALAYSIAN" ! We got ourselfs to blame. But dont make this grave mistakes AGAIN!!!!

Eric Goh said...

Please sign this petition below ???

soufulow said...

To anonymous above,
Apparently, things don't work that way in Malaysia. A couple of lamp post got repaired, a few free lunch during BN speech, and some adjustment on the gov servant salary probably will just seal the deal for BN again this time.

Sometimes I would think we, as voters, are the one who's supposed to be blamed.

Sad said...

I wonder how they square their uncouth behaviour with their Islamic faith. You can hardly call that kind of language (joke or no joke)modest and respectful of womankind that Islam allegedly holds in high esteem. Perhaps the "Tangkap basah Police" at the local Jabatan Agama will care to prove they serious by counselling these two Muslims. Please do not compare them to that useful animal, the pig, that does not enjoy Parliamentary immunity.

Anonymous said...

If the 'bocor' joke is meant to be a joke and inoffensive then surely the two barbarians would not mind it in the least of strange men went up to their wives/daughters and jokingly asked "Bocor ke?"

I am sure they would want their wives/daughters to laugh it off and perhaps even join in the "merry-making".

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they are pigs Patrick? Even real pigs don't insult women you know?

FaaaartWAaah said...

There are YBs and there are YBPs(yang bermulut pantat)These two and their supporters when they talk you can almost see the shit coming out......Our monkeys in parliament seem to now have evolved. The real mouth is now in the rear which is solemnly quiet and the rear exit has now usurped the front..uuuurrrrp. Very soon Teoh you will hear a FAART_WA on you.
Every nite they must be asking their wives..ini malam bocor ke?..aiya..uuuurrrp..and their mothers too..Ma ini hari bocor ke..urrrrrp...faaaart!!!

These Halal Dogs must be kicked out of parliament.

Anonymous said...


Hi. The above links to a thread about this article that caused a furore in the Malaysian medical student's community in Russia.

dragonfish said...

It fells really disgusting to see our MP’s treating issues it this manner. They should be kicked out of Parlimen and sent back to language school, and this time make sure the pass BM and ENG, at least then they wont be speaking like idiotic pigs that live in Kampung’s.

So embarrassing to have people like this (mindset of a male PIG) who speak like stupid kampung idiots with no sense of the modern world, running our country. Imagine if you send the ‘you tube’ of their parlimen feud to America or England…. dont go so far la…send to Singapore… what will they say…. Malaysia run by kampung idiots who treat women like their floor mats.

tuamkc said...

i am a first time responder to your blog. talking about sexist remark ... wait a minute, your tagline is a little disturbing to me. it says, "Those little things, good and bad, that happen everyday that make us want to go, "Niamah!!!" Go on. Say it out LOUD. It's therapeutic" pls explain the term "niamah", is this also a sexist term, because it sounds like "your mother" in Cantonese. another gender stereotype!?!

hawaiichee said...

Angin perubahan sudah tiba. Wanita di Malaysia akan berdiri sama tinggi dan duduk sama rendah dengan lelaki.

Change is inevitable as I always say. There is hope for women. Already many Muslim women like Zaniah Anwar and many others are championing the cause of Muslim women and correcting the screwed mind of the religious authorities. As I always said too, that the only way to change is to replace what is old with what is new and in this case, the religious authorities in Malaysia and once we have that, Malaysia will change for the better.

What we need to do as women

1. Increase our women solidarity by always saying comforting words to all women regardless of race.

2. Stand up for Muslim women. The threat of gender inequality, sexual harassments among Muslims is a cancer eating the gender relations status in Malaysia. What affects the Muslim women affects all women in general. It is time women wake up and not be ignorant about gender relations of the Muslim women.

3. Bagi paha, mahu betis. That is the mentality of the Muslim men. That is why we see the gender relations among the Muslim women now encroaching to Parliment and to every sphere of society. You give them the bloated self esteem that they are higher than women, and the Muslim men will want to claim that all over Malaysia. Time to draw the line and reclaim back all of gender relations including the Muslim women.

4. Continue to fight against symbols that depreciate the value of women and position of women. This was how the blacks in America fought for their rights. Rosa Parks denied her seat to a foreigner men. Similarly, women should deny men the opportunity to be harassed at work place, at Parliment, at TV and newspapers. Increasingly, Muslim women should claim the right to be active in the mosque and fight for any discrimination and separation in places where women are not allowed to stand on the same ground as men.

5. Lobby for more women leaders. It is time women take up leadership position and other women endorse them. It is time we lobby for women leaders as MPs. We need women to defend women rights.

6. Lobby for laws that are discriminating women or who are bias towards protecting the welfare of women and family. Any laws that are not favoring the women should be lobbied for awareness for change. We should continue to read about gender relations outside Malaysia and laws that have been taken out in other countries that were deemed to be bias and discriminating against women.

Change is inevitable. But, we need to be persistent about it. Be educated and spread the news to ensure we unite women.

hawaiichee said...

Below attached the statement by female ASEAN MP representatives. This even emphasizes my point that we should stand up for the rights of all women as these are symbols that threaten the position of women. Cancer in Malaysia can spread to cancer throughout ASEAN. That is why these leaders are adopting a proactive role and DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

Many bloggers said that we should not jaga tepi kain orang lain and mind your own business when it comes to other race and religion. Nope, WE NEED TO STAND FOR THE RIGHTS OF ALL WOMEN EVEN IF IT IS ANOTHER RELIGION OR RACE. Same goes for ANOTHER COUNTRY as exemplified by these ASEAN MPs.

Today I feel comforted and strengthened by the statement of Solidarity by the women of ASEAN. We are not alone. It is time we STAND UP FOR MUSLIM WOMEN IN KELANTAN WHO HAVE TO RUN AWAY FROM MUSLIM MEN when they do groceries. ALL MUSLIM WOMEN NEED TO BE LIBERATED.

Our childrens generation need to see a change. We can not let women be looked down as a lower class citizen who needs to be hidden and told off what to do. Women have a brain and a life and a right to stand up to INJUSTICE.

2 sexist Malaysian MPs condemned - joint statement by ASEAN MPs
Joint Media Statement by ASEAN MPs (and former MP) from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia in Tokyo on Tuesday, 22nd May 2007:

Sexism by two male MPs in Malaysian Parliament on May 9 an affront and outrage to all ASEAN MPs and ASEAN women – deserves fullest condemnation by all ASEAN Parliamentarians and ASEAN civil society as sexism has no place in a progressive ASEAN

We, the undersigned ASEAN MPs (and former MP) attending an international conference in Tokyo have decided to issue the following joint statement:

We are very distressed by the rank sexism in the Malaysian Parliament on May 9 when two male MPs made crude vulgar, derogatory, sexist and gender-offensive remarks at the woman MP for Batu Gajah Fong Po Kuan, which have been regarded as a shame and dishonour to Po Kuan, Malaysian Parliament, Malaysian women and Malaysia’s international reputation.

It is more than that – it is also an affront and outrage to all ASEAN MPs and ASEAN women and deserves the fullest condemnation by all ASEAN Parliamentarians and ASEAN civil society as sexism has no place in a progressive ASEAN.

In fact, it is also a global affront and outrage, which was why MPs and State Legislators attending the GlobalPOWER (Partnership of Women Elected/Appointed Representatives) 2007 Conference in Washington May 7 – 11, 2007 was the first global response to the “sexist and demeaning statements that male Members of Parliament in Malaysia made to their women colleagues”.

The GlobalPOWER 2007 statement, issued by woman Parliamentarians from four continents, i.e. Asia, North America, Europe and Africa who attended the Conference, pledged that they “stand in solidarity with our sisters in the Parliament of Malaysia and demand that the Parliament censure the Members who verbally insulted and denigrated their colleagues”.

The GlobalPOWER 2007 statement said:

“We declare that these remarks are an affront not only to our sister, the Honorable Fong Po Kuan and other women MPs in Malaysia, but to all women elected officials worldwide, to the women of Malaysia and, indeed, to all women worldwide.

“The failure of the leaders of Parliament to take action to censure the offending Members makes the entire Parliament complicit in this behavior. The failure to act further implies that this sexist behavior is acceptable and will continue to be tolerated and condoned by Parliament. This is unacceptable to all of us who, as Members of Parliament, stand in solidarity with our sisters in Malaysia and worldwide.”

It is most regrettable and deplorable that 12 days after the unacceptable exhibition of male chauvinism in the Malaysian Parliament, there has been no proper and honourable closure of the disgraceful incident and the two errant MPs had been able to get away with their deplorable conduct with impunity.

We fully agree that the seeming apologies which the duo had made last Friday merely added insult to injury, as they were not genuine apologies at all on close examination but back-handed justification of their unacceptable sexist conduct.

There was not only no remorse or contrition on the part of the duo for their sexual harassment of Po Kuan and insult to women of Malaysia, ASEAN and the world, they stubbornly made clear their intention to repeat their irresponsible conduct if the same set of circumstances presented themselves again!

In the era of information and communications technology, we are now in a borderless world. ASEAN will be celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Both these factors must be inspiration for ASEAN MPs to come together to express the ASEAN community spirit for justice, fair play, freedom, solidarity and respect for women, children and family.

Let the Po Kuan case be the first for ASEAN MPs to act and declare that an affront to and attack of a woman MP in one ASEAN country because of her gender is an affront and attack on all women and men MPs in ASEAN and deserves the fullest denunciation of the ASEAN Parliamentary community and civil society.

We endorse as an acceptable ASEAN formula the five-point penalty for the two recalcitrant MPs as proposed by the public forum “Respect Women’s Dignity Towards a 1st World Parliament” in Kuala Lumpur on 17th May 2007, viz:

1. Six-month suspension as MP.

2. Six-month community service with women groups.

3. Donation of the their entire parliamentary allowance during suspension to women groups.

4. Full apology to Fong Po Kuan and Malaysian women.

5. If no full apology, the six-month suspension and community service to be extended to 12 months.


Senator Aquilino P:imentel
(Senate Minority Leader, Philippines)

Nursyahbani Katjasungkana
(MP – Indonesia)

Lim Kit Siang
(Parliamentary Opposition Leader – Malaysia)

Son Chhay
(MP – Cambodia)

Buranaj Smutharaks
(Former MP – Thailand)

22nd May 2007

faaaartwaaah said...

Women are dispensable..
Women can be raped they asked for it.
Women who are not muslims can be raped and burnt and dumped in a drain...which ever what ever ..because they are all infidels and are going to hell anyway...
MUSLIM TAUGHT THOUGHTS. The two parliament dogs must have been taught by another Ulama dog or Imam pig...

They shot a woman dead in Pakistan for not wearing a veil...dispensable....
They gangraped a woman for changing her religion...infidel..
They have arrested a woman for marrying a Hindu and jailed her in Malaysia..Allah's given freedom taken away..Allah told to shutup.
In Islam the woman be used..and..dumped when with ease with a talak....marry problemo..ada 3 lagi boleh pakai...

Anonymous said...

Bung M. had always been centre of controversies. the kampaung oink oink in kinabatangan eats anything and which is why its mouth really stinks like MCH

Anonymous said...

first time in NIAMAH.... sibeh shiok reading, i have never realised that we have got such a blog, just dont knwo when will it be shut down!!! Pat, keep writing while we still can access to it... it is good sebab memang sedap baca and really pissed off with our governments and the politicians............. FROM A JBrean WHO ALWAYS COMPARE MALAYSIA WITH THE SMALL ISLAND ON THE OTHER SIDE AND THE ONE WHO ALWAYS THINK THAT ONE DAY, PROBABLY 20 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD, UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF THE BABIs, MALAYSIA WILL BE WORSE OFF THAN THE EAST TIMUR NOW, ECONOMICALLY AT LEAST.....

Anonymous said...

malaysia politician are good attlking crap.. sme thing like in sabah SFI dun dum

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I'm not sure about the halal part. A pig is a pig is a pig is a pig - I wouldn't touch those two even with a stick.

Heck, a glimpse is enough to induce vomiting!