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Friday, May 11, 2007

Somebody F***ed up. Big time!!!

Adam: Alright, who f**ked up this time?


Whoever believes that crime does not pay should not live in Malaysia. I consider the latest Maybank scandal an out and out criminal act. There's no other way to describe it. But whoever committed the crime appears to be getting away scot-free.

Okay, for those of you who've been sleeping or been apathetic as usual or been abroad and out of Internet reach in Siberia here's a little background to what took place about a week ago.

Maybank, the country's biggest bank announced that for legal firms to do business with it the firms must have at least 3 Bumiputra partners. One of whom must own no less than 50% equity in the firm. Of course, when the announcement went public the shit hit the fan. As it should.

Muhibbah, right? One for all and all for one, right? Racial integration, right? Fair play, right? Wrong! These are the rules. So there!

The legal profession went berserk. Some of the Malaysian rakyat, those who weren't sleeping or been properly trained as sheep, thought, "What the hell???!!!"

And then the usual talking heads realised..."Eh? Somebody screwed up big time la." Shit!" Then they all came out and made...statements. Even went up to the cabinet at a meeting chaired by the Prime Minister who wasn't opening a restaurant or looking at kebayas that day. And they all echoed the usual, "No cannot!"

And then some really funny stuff came forth from the mouths of some of these trained sheep. Ng Yen Yen, the deputy finance minister was reported as questioning the bank's move as firms that provided the best professional services should be the criteria for selection. Where's Yen Yen been living all these years? The moon?

Hishammuddin Hussein, I'm not sure with or without the keris this time, thought he was being smart when he used another racialistic argument against a racialistic decision. He said that in multi-racial Malaysia every small thing could become sensitive. Hello, Hisham you're not always going to be able to scare us with mentions or veiled references to May 13, 1969 you know. So what? So we should keep quiet and let you sweep this shit under the carpet because you scare us with this May 13 riots and bloodshed memory? This isn't about small things becoming sensitive. This is about a major f**k up that somebody needs to answer for. Okay, I'm waiting for you or one of your cabinet colleagues to pull out the ever useful "rights enshrined in the Constitution" gambit. With bated breath.

Hisham, I choose to believe that us Malaysians are smart enough to know that the only way we can prosper is to live and work together as one nation.

It's been days since the shit hit the fan but do you notice something? No names have ever been mentioned. It's always Maybank did this Maybank shouldn't have done that. So? So who the f**k is Maybank? Who in Maybank was responsible for making the decision to discriminate so blatantly? Was it the chairman? The board of directors? Some senior manager? Maybank made a decision which means someone signed on the dotted line knowing full well what he/she was doing. Right? So how come, the cabinet, the Prime Minister and all the assorted bunch of politicians are busy making statements and excuses but nobody has ever mentioned a name from Maybank who signed the directive?

This makes an ordinary, tax-paying member of the rakyat like me very suspicious. Was this a government decision that went horribly wrong? Was some bigshit...sorry I meant Maybank trying to covertly sabotage the government's plans? Was this discrimination something that's been happening all along and that this was just a cat out of the bag situation? How are we going to trust each other ever again? How are we to believe the government's plans for racial integration are even real?

But already the coverage of this Maybank thing is losing steam in the mainstream media. The flers from BN will make some more statements. Maybe fire some fireworks in celebration of some Visit Malaysia Year biggest, longest, stupidest 'achievement' and soon we will all forget and go back to our apathetic lives.

But today I am one really unhappy Malaysian. I am unhappy that something like this could happen. I am unhappy that so many of my friends don't seem to think that this is a big deal. I am unhappy that I am being patronised by the very people who should be accountable to me for f**k ups like this. I am unhappy that everybody is talking and nobody is being held accountable or responsible. Not the finance minister. Not Bank Negara. Not Maybank.

I will never use Maybank services. And I think you shouldn't either. But then I know...aiyah! troublesome la want to change bank account. Somemore they got so many branches ma. So easy for me lor. Hiyah! Waffor want to worry la. Can't do anything anyway what.

Okay, you like the shit hole you're living in you can stay in it. I'm not going to.



Hammerhead said...

Patrick..100%, Niahmah, make it 200% agree with you. This is 21st century...still got feudal practice like this...Niahmah!!!!

jorji said...

pat..i check all the 'usual' blog.None of em blogging this 'maybank' shit...(yet?)

N i a m a h !!


-i guess thats will be the next line from

N i a m a h !

Anonymous said...

Niamah!!! Please comment on the two idiotic MPs who made a sexist remark in Parliament recently. I seriously DETEST them and their stupid colleagues who didn't think there was anything wrong with the word bocor. I felt like telling them "yes, your marder bocor too, and that's how you were born!"

daniel said...

Pat, unfortunately there are just as many of them over on the other side, who thinks this is justified.

The Star quoted this: "Utusan Malaysia reported that Malay economists, lawyers and politicians had urged the government to uphold Maybank's introduction of ownership criteria on legal firms..." They included people like "Economist Haim Hilman Abdullah, UUM economic lecturer Asan Ali Gulam BN Backbencher's Club acting chairman Raja Ahmad Zainuddin".

"Berita Harian also reported that the Malaysian Muslim Lawyers Association and several bumiputra legal firms supported Maybank"

Where there's demand for handouts, there will be a ready supply.

Anonymous said...

There are so many untold things happened that most Malaysian do not know. Starting last year all purchase from schools for any same items that is above RM10K per year must go to Bumiputra only.

I used to print school magazine for the past 20 years and this things never happen even during NEP was inforce. But last year I was told that I cannot print their magazine anymore because I am not a bumiputra. I bring up this to Malaysian Printer Association and we had a meeting with Ong Kah Ting secretary. We were told that they can't do much. Niamah!!! I wonder what is the point why so many chinese still vote them when the can't help us.

bamboo river said...

PT, Ambank did the same but withdraw with an official statement. So, what's next? Maybe we can only sell Char Siew Pau if there are more than 50% equity owned by BUMI in our company?

zewt said...

hey pat, noticed some of my comments never come up... you have something against me ah? :)

they are using the usual-always-work strategy la... wait for the media to cool down, then all of a sudden... all will be forgotten... for example:

1) the nude squat woman issue
2) the AP issue with the senator

plenty i am sure but my mind is stuck at the moment.

yok hoong said...

well said, naimah. maybank, as far as i know, is not alone in this respect. what the heck is bank negara malaysia doing, by the way? elegant silence?

neko said...

while I am still sad and sad and angry about this whole maybank-being-racist-openly thing, suddenly read a news about our MPs' 'joke' about female 'bocor' every month... WHAT IS THIS?? a bunch of jokers in the parlimen? and some even comment that they shouldn't ask for apology since that incident is over long ago??? they should ask for apology immediately... WHAT IS THIS? should we report to police if we are harass/rape 2 days ago??? or they will tell you, "harass?? people joking only lah.. why so big reaction??" what the f**k...

Anita Krishnan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dragonfish said...

What happen to multiracial and the muhibbah crap!! At least some action should be taken on the senior management who came up with these new policy. Are they forgetting is our tax money they using to run this country. Sometimes it feels like the government thinks we're a stupid bunch of people that just believe watever lame statements they give. Come on la! Stop this shit, we're in the 21st century! start acting like it!

They need everybody to run this country, not only one side. We all have the same rights! So stop being so bias. Maybank should know better before coming out with the bullshit statement. I think we need to change some old crape senior citizen who are still running the big corporations...

boy said...

By the way,are you a registered voters?Go to any branch of Pos Malaysia,show your MYKAD and register as a voter.So easy.Remember,choices today makes tomorrow.Whatever happens today is because what you chose yesterday.Without prejudice!

KennethofF said...

Bravo Patrick - Great piece of work.
You hit it on the nail when you mentioned about excuses that people will come up with so as not to close their accounts with Mayban. They would say they are angry with Mayban's discriminative policy but followed with a resigned statement "what can we do?." "We can go to jail on! Lets not blow the issue up!" "It is so much convenient to bank with Mayban, they have so many branches!" etc I can go on and on and on..

These people must realise that if we do not make a strong statement now to Mayban, there will others who will follow Mayban's footstep. Our rights would continue to be eroded and we will become less and less Malaysian and more and this country will become a racist nation with first class and second class citizens.

Lets all right thinking Malaysian stop banking with Mayban. We must deliver a strong message not only to Mayban (and AmBank - which practise similar discriminative policy) but other corporation and may be also to the powers-that-be THAT discriminative practices are out of date and can no longer be tolerated.


Anonymous said...

Like I've always maintained...shut everything out, bury your head and work hard, and migrate as soon as you get the chance.

That's how I feel about being a Malaysian. I'm not ashamed to be one, I just want to be one in some other country...

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

why am i not surprised? because this is malaysia perhaps? you know life will be very boring for the newspapers..thus once in a while..they start up a bonfire here n there..then only shiok mah..

Melvin Mah said...

Hey Patrick,

I don't know for what kind of reason that some fellows decided to implement this ruling. Is it because of the organization kotow to influential Malay men who said that the current policy is not fair for them?

I don't know but if you look at the collective point of view, the division in a pie chart that is shared becomes 1/2 Malay, the rest something. The spread is somewhat not even.

My suspicion is that there are some people who are still stuck in the old mentality. As times change, these kind of thinking is no longer being in force unlike before. Everyone needs to work hard to achieve their fruits of labor, not being a parasite and depend on the pro-Bumi policies that might help them. If this prolongs, they will use the privilege as crutch and would depend more rather than starting from scratch - which is supposedly the right way to work on something.

Anonymous said...

What worries me is that there cannot be a possible return to harmony after the shit that has been piling up for decades, if there ever was such a state in the first place. The reaction of the press on the matter is truly malaise-ian. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

why are you guys so sore. What about those openly displayed window advertisement stating "sales girl wanted - must be able to speak chinease" This is Malaysia haven't you notice, why do we need to speak chinease...

Anonymous said...

let us not comment on this matter anymore. I believe action speaks louder than words. I, for one, intend to cancel my c/card accounts with maybank & to withdraw my money.
As for Ng Yen Yen & the like, it is unfortunate that we voters still put these 'representatives' back in positions of power when they are nothing better than 'anjing2 berlari' For all the talk of multiracial co-existence, it only works one way. You figure it out.

nstman said...

I am sick of this shit. Maybank can do whatever it wants. I dont give a damn any more because I have withdrawn most of money from the bank.

Anonymous said...

I have never liked Maybank from years ago.....they are one snobbish bank...I have since ceased to keep any savings account etc with them but unfortunately my paycheck needs to be cashed there every month, otherwise it will be wonderful to not have to enter their bank at all.

Anonymous said...

Forget Ng Yen Yen. She maybe more interested whether Malaysian wives do check their husbands' trousers for semen stains. Remember this incident reported in the prominent page 2 of Malay Mail a couple of years ago. She also appeal to Malaysian wives to do a makeup so that husbands can still find them attractive. Pathetic. So what does she know about bank operatives and the never ending policy. Anyway, SMS messages are frantically zig zagging across handphones. Just close the accounts.

Anonymous said...

Shame is the word , how can you admit that you are useless and cannot fight it out in the real world, I need 50% , I need 300 years of special incentive to make it and the most shameful act is they admit that they need handout yes they say it loud and without shame. Go and work man and earn a living like us all.Shame Lah , Malu lah so many incentive some more want , anything more U want ? , how about you guys give us a Malaysian Football Team ? Cannot, Why ? No NEP in Soccer that's why ,so go out to the world Kaput cannot win shit , go see discovery the fler with no leg already climb everest so your latest undertaking no meaning lo. I have already close my Maybank account but it will not matter to them as me alone cannot make a difference.The reason why our country is still in the "developing stages" is that when the first half want to run the rest of the half slow you down , why ? I want , I want , I want and after a few time you slow down and let him catch up while the rest of the world is way ahead so what is there after 50 yrs, where are we as a nation ?.Niamah!!!!.

SP said...

Talk about openly practising racial discrimination. We've seen it on the billboard of a new housing estate. DISKAUN UTK BUMIPUTRA". The bigshots probably knew all along but when the shit hits the fan, they all freaked out and starting playing the blame game again. We'll probably never get an answer when Pak Blah says, "Enough, don't question anymore". Malaysia boleh when it comes to bringing back the apartheid. We are so going backwards. Hooray! and Pak Blah is still in denial.

Cuddly Family said...

I like using mbb2u and dare I say it, it has been convenient. why is everyone so surprised abt the ruling, it didnt surprise me, maybe Im starting the "malaise". haha

Im very sure they all have that ruling somewhere or "unofficial" similar procedures... So not so much of a shock..

da MPs in parliament much more kepala pening.. but then again what does it say abt us if we voted them in.. they can carry on behaving the way they are cos no one is reprimanding them etc.. So buat macam biasa lor.

We shall see..

Trashed said...

I have no accounts with Maybank and current in litigation against AmBank (long story but it is a class action suit).

As for electronic banking services, use other banks, lor.

C'mon lah people, if Maybank pursues such blatant discriminatory practices, are you going to put up with it ? Imagine if you were a black African in apartheid South Africa years ago. How would you feel ?

Niamah !!!

And Patrick, of course, you are hitting the nail on the head - who authorised that letter ???

Anonymous said...

oh my......I hope when you are really angry about are helping starving children, battered women and give to the needy :-|

Anonymous said...

b4 merdeka, when the malays decide to "share" their warganegara with u ppl besides malay(I'm not being racist ok), they have agreed to give xtra special privelleges to the malays right? so why the noise? its our land!be grateful you're a rakyat malaysia ok? dun simply blame tolerant!

saraswathy said...

Encik Anonymous,

You meant social contract which was embodied in the Federal Constitution.

Questions - Where did we start and how did we arrived at the social contract and what were the terms of the social contract? Whether there was any revision to the social contract?

Many official documents kept by the British Government on the social contract would have been declassified and made available to the public at large as they have been more than 50 years. Maybe someone should study these documents and tell us what they actually say about the social contract.

There are two very important articles in the Federal Constitution relating to Bumi's special privileges, I think.

Article 89 - on Malay reservations which is not relevant to our discussion here.

Article 153 - which specifically allows the reservation of quotas in public (as opposed to private) services (eg. positions in the government service), scholarships etc given by the Federal Government and the granting of licences and permits to Bumis.

There is nothing in the Constitution which condones a private institution like Mayban to be discriminatory.

elegant lily said...


This may be your land, but your ancestors were not able to defend its sovereignty from the British. Who helped the Malays regain the land and achieve independence? It wasn't the Malays alone, but the non-Malays also had significant role to play. The country's current achievements also reflect the substantial contributions of non-Malays.

So, descendants of immigrants do not just stay here for free and receive subsidies. On the other hand, they also contribute to economic and social development. They are the ones who 'pay' subsidies in terms of forgone opportunities (e.g. scholarships, housing etc) so that the Malays can become better off.They aren't complaining about this reality. It is a fact that cannot be changed. Fair enough.

But being citizens of this country, non-Malays have every right and responsibility to articulate issues that may affect the country's future well being. Staying silent about problems that demand solution, is NOT tolerance, contrary to what you have indicated.

Maybank's farcical policies does not set a good precedent for at least 2 reasons. First, it only compromises its quality of services, whereas its customers deserve the best treatment.Bad service can only translate to loss of competitiveness.How are we to compete globally with the likes of India, China and Singapore?Second, commercially-run companies should stick to what they do best:maximise profits.Let social engineering remain with the government/public institutions.

Why does Maybank's actions

saraswathy said...

Dear Elegant Lily,

I do not think anyone should be emotional when dealing with issues like this. We should deal with such issues based only on facts and no more.

The following are incontrovertible facts:-

1) all who hold an identity card issued by the National Registration Department are citizen of Malaysia. It does not matter whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan etc or "dan lain-lain"
2) Malaysian belong to all Malaysian. There should be no differentiation based on religion or race.
3) What is good for Malaysia as a nation is good for every Malaysian. What is bad for Malaysia is bad for every Malaysian.
4) Unite we stand, divide we fall
5) The world is getting smaller and competition between nations is getting keener by the days.
6) For Malaysia to survive as a nation, we must be able to compete globally.
7) In order to be able to compete globally, Malaysia must be competitive.
8) In order to be competitive, we must also make decision based solely on merits.THERE is no other way to get competitive.

Let all of us think as Malaysian and do what a Malaysian should do.

Unless we Malaysian adopt meritocracy so we can compete with the world, there will be soon no Malaysia we Malaysian can be proud of.

adriantai said...

Patrick, I was one of those who was indifferent about this until you
'opened my eyes'..

Can read about it here. Thanks... :)

elegant lily said...

one anonymous said:
'why are you guys so sore. What about those openly displayed window advertisement stating "sales girl wanted - must be able to speak chinease" This is Malaysia haven't you notice, why do we need to speak chinease...'

here is my response:
1. saying that you need a sales girl who can speak chinese is not discrimination at all. there are many malays i know who are fluent in chinese dialects and mandarin. you don't need to be a chinese to speak mandarin. i may be of ethnic chinese descent but i'm not literate in dialects and me banana if you the ruling that the candidate must be able to speak chinese, is also a 'discrimination' against malaysian chinese like me.

2. You mentioned that this is Malaysia and hence there is no necessity to speak Chinese. Well, Malaysia is a MULTICULTURAL country. Not only do we speak Malay but there are those who speak English, Chinese and Indian dialects. There is nothing wrong then, in needing to hire someone competent in a communal dialect. Moreover,if you want to encourage tourists to come here, you'd need to be proficient in several languages esp. if you are in the services sector.remember that we live in a globalised world.

Judging from your comments, I tend to get the impression that many Malays give up too easily. They view obstacles as impossible to surmount. If Farish Noor can work in Germany and pick up a foreign language, why can't the rest emulate this example? Another case of using difficulties/problems as excuses for not trying hard to excel in life.

Now Maybank's policy IS discrimination, because the bumiputera requirement touches on the colour of the skin. It is one obstacle that is insurmountable regardless of how much hard work one invests. If you are of 'kaum pendatang' descent, then you're sure to get sidelined.

Anonymous said...

When my customers are Malays I employ Bahasa speaking staff. When all my customers are Indians I employ Tamil speaking staff etc. Anything wrong??

I hope the satay sellers will not be the next group to demand that satay can only be sold by Malays.

Can our Prime Minister do something to stop his "ma chai" from destroying whatever good image he used to have?

Ng Soon Chiew said...

My two cents...

I agree. Language not equals ethnicity. However, NOT ALL Bumis get to make use of the privileges either. If 10 companies with have same 'qualifications' (i.e. have 3 Bumis in the company etc.) and wished to have business with Maybank, then the ones with the same father's name or whomever can buy the MB managers nasi lemak for lunch will get the deal.

Who's to say that IF the 'qualifications' that is required does not exist, everyone gets a fair share?

It all boils down to corruption, nepotism and favoritism.

Anonymous said...

hey people. i agreed with you all. how about bring up this kind of news to oversea. let's the whole world judge what is going around in this tiny Malaysia (or so called role model for 3rd world contries) got to offer.

let's sink the boat we once share happily.

how about we split malaysia into two sovereignty: one with BUMI only and the other with non-BUMI. then, we will solve this dragging problem for good. As it looks like they are not giving up their bumi preference anytime.

Malaysia will always be split by BUMI and non-BUMI. how to be muhibah???!!!! bull shit!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick
im new to your blog but i really liked ur comments. its soooo nice to know tht ther are othr non bumi brite sparks out thr. honestly at times i feel like i live in a paralel universe whr only i think 'we' tht is...nonbumis are gettin insulted and don even know it or worse....jus blur about it. whr is everyones sense of pride or self worth is beyond me. as for maybank...all i can say im thankful i didnt go get an acc. - i knew thr was sumthing fishy whn all the bumis were suddenly promoting it. :P

Anonymous said...

Patrick, why is Naimah! offline? I'm trying follow-up on the Maybank story but page/site is not loading lah! Smells like sabotage ;o)
FYI, your blog has resulted in 1 less Maybank account!
Cheers and keep the truth comin boss!
Tony J (from your MM, R4 days...)

tyn said...

dear patrick,
can u start to write something of our nation pride - "KULIT-fication" rather than QUALIFICATION?

i would like to share it with everybody.

Anonymous said...

Hey good one! I understand the feeling of being discriminated, especially during my undergraduate time in UM. They kicked me out of the residential hall for asking the hall to provide Chinese newspaper in the reading room. (there is 45% of the population there which is Chinese). Not forgetting that I am "arrested" for holding a small Tanglung festival at the field of my residential college, with the reason being I am holding out a racial demo and labeled me as racist.

What is laugh able is that Dato Seri Ong Ka Ting announced a few days earlier (b4 I organize the party) that every single students has the right to hold the Tanglung festival without a permit in the uni compound.

Now who is racist?

Now the JPA scholarship thing with quota system also sparks many angry arguments. According to the JPA, they have chosen the scholars according to the academic performance. Yeah, right my ASS! Just ask around and see how many non-bumi being sent to overseas (developed countries) to further studies? How many bumi got that? how many non-bumi got the JPA scholarship but only allow to study locally, or study in some under-develop countries?

My father also pay tax, my mom pay tax I pay tax, but why when sharing the benefit from the gov we have to be discriminated? Are we paying lower tax than bumi? No I don't think so.

I have seen many friends with a very good academic results (but being declined as a JPA scholar) being "snatched" by other countries with the offers of scholarships to them. I bet they will never return to Malaysia again to contribute to our development.

Timsook said...

It is so difficult for these people whom all are educated to see what they are doing to the country? Perhaps it is time for another major incident to happen in the country! There must come a time when it blows up because the pressure is just too great. Even Chinese whom are known for their high tolerance level, will eventually reach that level where it is like the last straw before the camel breaks. I think we are racing towards that level fairly quickly.

Timsook said...

We also need a place where all these issues are kept and reviewed. I have noticed that most of the issues are usually forgotten when the next shit hits the fan. Some one need to keep track of the past happenings which are still unresolved!!

Good work Pat and True Malaysians thank you.

Some crazy student said...

Malaysia...truly asia..?

Shit happens all the time, especially in our country. no surprise. i admire and appreciate the fact that there's still some of us out there that has not given up fighting. The fact remains...All in all? We are so f***ed up...

Keep fighting. Hopefully things will change at home.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you, it is hopeless, there is no future for all non-muslims in Malaysia, even non-muslim bumiputras.

But I love the country and I love the people, even the Malays, I have many Malay friends, but not the politicians and the government.

So, I am going to stay in Malaysia, unlike my sisters and brothers who have emigrated, but I will work for foreign companies, go overseas for holidays, send money to my relatives overseas, boycott Maybank and any racist companies and vote for the opposition everytime (Keadilan or even PAS, although I am a non muslim)

Worse come to worse, leave the country, see how long Malaysia will last without the non-bumiputras.

Unwanted Citizen of Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Timsook, you're right. Someone must keep alive all the things done wrong so that we don't forget when the time for voting comes near. I tell you, the BN will surely start to do all the things they think are "right" to make us forget the wrongs they have done.

And Patrick, this is good work. I've never had a Mayban a/c, never thought highly of them from b4 and now, never will.
If they think they can depend on Bumis only to flourish, then all non-Bumis should stop using Mayban and then let's see what will happen. Niamah!!!

Dee Ell said...

And you wonder why so many people left the country for good, me included... Proud to be a Malaysian? Hmmm... definitely not me!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Does anyone know that this is not the first company trying to implement such policies...
Petronas is doing the same thing. In order to become their vendor, supplier, etc. you have to be a bumi company or 51% bumi company.
Malaysia really BOLEH!!!!
I really don't feel Malaysian at all not because i choose to but bcoz the circumstances has made me feel like a non-malaysian!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Does anyone know that this is not the first company trying to implement such policies...
Petronas is doing the same thing. In order to become their vendor, supplier, etc. you have to be a bumi company or 51% bumi company.
Malaysia really BOLEH!!!!
I really don't feel Malaysian at all not because i choose to but bcoz the circumstances has made me feel like a non-malaysian!!!!

Mr.Bonus said...

Niamah~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why this is happen in Malaysia and NIAMAH why everything go so wrong because SKIN COLOR and NIAMAH why THIS KIND OF COLOR SKIN PPL NVR LEARN!!!!!
....niamah why we can only niamah...

Anonymous said...

Guyz.. Pls take a deep breath.. I'm Malaysian and live oversea. I'm proud to be M'sian. guyz pls get a bigger picture here..If we compare to other devoloping country,I think we are very lucky.We live side by side with other multi racial etc. So pls stop pointing finger to others. See yourself in the mirror and ask yourself. We as M'sia(indian, chinesse, malay etc) should respect each other and work together. Dont be bothered with small percentage of bad goverment etc.

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you bud,
malysia is becoming more and more racist and since the malays are at the top, we,chinese get all the left over all for you m8

go pat

Ghost said...

Patrick has hit the nail on the head. We do not realise how decades of living in an environment where accountability is nothing more than a word of many syllables, can and has numbed us. We seem to have lost the urge to seek accountability because we know nothing fruitful will result from it. This is more frightening than any injustice done because what is the point of justice when we do not seek it.

We’ve all been conditioned to take things as they are being dished out. The right to question is a far fetched concept, or remains a concept at best. I empathise with Patrick’s frustration and that of yours but it takes a generation or more to undo what had already been done. Teach your children to not tolerate complacency, and to give the once forgotten concept of ‘accountability’ the recognition it deserves. Only then, will our minds (and society) move in tandem with our progressive friends in other parts of this world. Start from within your home…………and close the damn maybank account. Bloody long queues anyway. Niamah!

Anonymous said...


boros said...

I would like to add that in the US, if some niamah idiot authorized such as a policy, he would have been put in jail because of breaking anti-discriminatory laws, and castrated in the press.

Look at Mel Gibson: shit hit the fan just because he said one drunk sentence to a policeman.

Look at the guy from ER: shit hit the fan just because he allegedly called a fellow actor a "fag".

And Malaysia? Just spin it, then forget it.

Speaking of sweeping shit under the carpet, whatever happened to the AP fiascos, the Zakaria fiasco (also got away scot-free, right, and still in the council?), the highway cracking fiasco?

Anonymous said...

Hi Niamah,
You're right lah !!! The majority of Malaysians are not the least bothered what's happening.

Whenever something shitty happens, the BN brings up the f**king 'May13, 1969' issue. That's history that made Malays what they are today. I remember, when during my school days, we never talked about me being Indian, you are a Malay or a Chinese. We were all Malaysians who lived together and grew up being a integrated society. Now it's more of a 'Disintegrated' one. Look at everything around you. If you produce foodstuff, you need your stuff to be 'Muslimed', i.e. 'Halal'. Even if you produce vegetarian food, it need to be 'Halalled'. What the hell are we doing ?

Every thing in Malaysia is going bonkers. Don't know where this is all going to lead us to.

Claiming to be 'sons of the soil' is not going to make them the rightful owners of a country. If it was not for the other races, Malaysia would be what Indonesia is today. 50 years on and we are still in the 'Malay' this or 'Bumiputra' that.

GOD bless thi land

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I'm with you, we all not going to live in the shit hole.

My first reaction was, asked all my staff to closed account on 1st July with fire in my mouth, but the feedback was "Aiyah......" F**k

"Niamah" (Your mum), why not change to "DiaMak" (His mak)...

Anonymous said...

Patrick, it is a very unhealthy state of affairs we are going through now. I am a Malay and of course, there are the Malay rights as given under the constitution as agreed by all races previously but the modern day Malaysia needs some guidelines on this and it must again be agreed by all races to ensure that we all understand each other and can live in harmony. After all, that was the intention of the NEP, right?

kym said...

I ditched maybank 10 years ago, and have suffered the inconvenience of going to a foreign bank with licence to have 2 ATM machines in the whole of klang valley. i'm still happier.

recently, i was asked to write an article in MPH's Quill magazine for our 50th merdeka anniversary, as a malaysian author. Wah...i'm recognised for my writing you know!!

This is what i sent, which will not be published....

Their Question:

Fighting in the war makes the older generation of Malaysians more
patriotic than the post-Merdeka generation. Do you agree?
In your view, how can patriotism be measured today?

not more than 600 words in English

My answer:


Post-independent Malaysians today, though they may know the history, cannot truly feel the depth of unity between groups of people that have gone through war and peace together. Today, the 'patriotism' of the 40's and 50's is no longer relevant. It has to evolve into a different form, because things have changed since 1957.

We know of political injustice. We know that the 'Malaysia Boleh' opportunities are not necessarily available to the most capable, but rather, to a certain favoured group. But what we know is only the tip of the iceberg. At this point, it is only fair to say that the representatives of the other races are not blameless - they allow it to happen. Hell, i'll say it - the chinese and indians have f**ked us over lah!

As a nation, we have no voice. Even in writing this for a privately published magazine, I have a fear of censorship. Not only are we a repressed society, we are expected to believe in government propaganda that talks down to us as though we were idiots. And some of us are idiots; we still haven't learned to vote for the opposition party just so that the scale is a little more balanced.

Malaysia boasts of reaching fully 'developed' status, and yet simple conveniences like drinkable tap water and clean public toilets are still not available to tax payers. We have the biggest this and the grandest that, but we have no public facilities for the handicapped. Of late, street crime like bag snatching has increased to horrific levels. They’ve become so bold as to smash car windows to grab bags, while the driver is in the car. What is the police doing about it? What do our police do, actually? How is patriotism possible if we don’t even have basic safety in the country we live in and work for? What is the government’s policy on the protection of citizens who are also voters and tax payers?

The government boasts of many things yet the people have no idea what this country stands for. Patriotism is about a belief in a common philosophy and seeing it through in reality, isn't it? What is ours? Making the longest kueh ketayap in the world?

The word 'patriotism' has to be re-defined, if it is to have any place in this article.
Malays, Chinese and Indians today live in harmony simply because we are tolerant people, and we like each other on a personal level. This is not patriotism to the constitution, but patriotism towards each other as Malaysians. A Malay woman in a tudung uses chopsticks to eat her noodles. We see Chinese fingers on a banana leaf. Hear Cantonese words from Indian lips. When someone trips and falls, in that split second when we forget that we pray with mats or candles, joss-sticks or incense, in most of us, our instinct is to extend a hand.

Patriotism to the government will never be possible if things remained this way. But patriotism to our malaysian culture is possible when we see beyond political agenda, beyond a piece of land, who gets the scholarships or the business loans and contracts.

Perhaps it isn't about having the tallest towers but about real quality of life, and what we share on a deeper, more personal level.


btw, in the last 10 years, every time my employer's default bank is maybank, i say no, and they have to pay my salary through my bank. Then they tell me...aiyoh, why you so maafaan?? So much paperwork you're causing.

i don't think i've changed anyone's tidak apa attitude by example, but i will continue to be 'maafaan' until they realise that all they do is bitch. But to some people, its like having lived in Auschwitz for a few years. "Oh well, it's aushwitz, but it's home...."

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above who said..
"Look at everything around you. If you produce foodstuff, you need your stuff to be 'Muslimed', i.e. 'Halal'. Even if you produce vegetarian food, it need to be 'Halalled'. What the hell are we doing ?"

U know wat ! Here's my 2 cents worth of wat I think why the ruling party needed Islumisation so badly...- Now listen carefully!.. if u want to get something u and your buddies needed so badly from the "easy ways", it's very important to have the people u rule (the majority of it) LISTEN TO U. One way to do that- is to use GOD. With that, no one will question u. Because u know,many of the commoners are from kampongs with almost nothing to lose. Let them feel the security by providing God-Brotherhood, U'LL GET WAT U WANT! AND HOW U WANTED IT. Next... try to provide your people with an education that dont really encourage critical thinking and creativity. That way, no one will challenge u..since most of them dont even have an idea of wat u r getting at..! hahaha! Once a while, if u feel things are "heating" up, build a few visible landmarks or some "boleh" stuffs to shore up support for u..

dan said...

kym: sorry, too long. I bet no one read it in full. Brevity is the soul of wit. Even for a matter of seeming complexity.

elcayhoh ('el-kuai') said...

juz wondering one day they would say "only staff who are >50% bumi may stay with Maybank".... lmao!

kym said...

hahaha! that's exactly what i've been telling my clients for years, dan. thanks for the reminder...but erm....i wasn't trying to be witty

Anonymous said...

Quote "We as M'sia(indian, chinesse, malay etc) should respect each other and work together. Dont be bothered with small percentage of bad goverment etc"

Come on... have we ever NOT respect THEM? have we ever done something bad to the goverment??? SMALL percentage of bad government??? What you talking about??? THIS ISN'T SMALL, MAN!!!! We don't sound doesn't mean the problem is SMALL or not even exist...!! Every race is contributing to the country but are all the work being appreciates by the government??? We keep been pressed by them... silently... we can't really VOICE... else the in-transparent ISA will come after you... WHAT IS ALL THIS? When can we get a fair treat?

Anonymous said...

Gimme a new country with no such bias system, I will leave STAT.

Bumis are called pah tou in cantonese. And they will always be.
Forget about change and everything.

They think they know a lot behind that khi kling kha lang heads.

Osensei said...

Hi uncle Patrick,

Maybank lao yah la... Use Public Bank so many services available....I am not a fan of Maybank! Ever since i read it in newspaper, & now in your blog, i felt that FOREVER i will not use May-Bank....I read your entries on the MP comment on woman,,,partly i want to laugh, partly i wana curse them/him for making such remark. Disrespect of my mom, my fellow female friend.i am Laughing is because i wonder are there a brain in their head or just a blank "HOK" (Case in cantonese)....

Point to think for me and point for them to ponder on when they go back to their home town to crop the paddy fields...

Shalom & will read more of your articles.

PS: got to know your blog thru Today's Guang Ming Daily.TC!