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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Have cash can blast off

Adam: Apa the f**k!!!

A rather obscure story on page T13 of yesterday's (June 11, 2007) Star's Lifestyle section caught my eye and almost made me choke on a tablespoon of breakfast cereal.

The headline read Have Cash Can Blast Off. Anyone can book a tour to outer space, so long as he can fork out RM70million.

What???!!! And we have been led to believe that one of those 2 clowns that are being groomed to be Malaysia's first astronaut or angkasawan.
And what a pissy name for a potential hero. Manufactured or otherwise. Just doesn't have a hero type sound to it like astronaut or cosmonaut or Hang Tuah or even Yap Ah Loy la.)

Okay, okay so we've known all along that it was a scam to make us believe that Malaysia's angasawan was going to be some sort of achiever who was going to space for scientific research and returning a hero or at least a Dato. We've all known that it was a complete waste of our money but then we also thought that okay la if the baarger can endure some intense astronaut training and all and risk his life doing it then I guess we can all be proud of having him go out there. But now we find out that any Tom, Dick or Harris can do the same thing if he has the money to burn.

So it's all about store bought fame again la. What the f**k la?! As if we don't have enough things to spend good money on ah? How about alleviating the flood situation in our capital city? How about more playing fields for our school children so that one day we can proudly welcome home a triumphant Malaysian football team? How about spending some of that money on getting computers for our rural schools? And speaking of money if the fler in the USA can sell a holiday trip to outer space for RM70million how much are we spending? And if it is more than 70 million shouldn't we start a Royal Commission or something to find out why?

And if anybody with money can go what does that say about us? That we have the Malaysia Boleh spirit or that we have money to burn to manufacture plastic cut-out heroes that nobody will remember past the next school holidays?