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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Life isn't fair, is it?


In The New Straits Times today there was a photo of a little baby girl lying in a hospital bed with tubes and needles attached to her little body. She had multiple holes in her heart and required corrective surgery. The surgery cost RM40,000 and the parents cannot afford it. So the paper highlighted her plight and asked Malaysians to donate to the little girl's rescue.

Today in the Star there were at least 2 half-paged advertisements congratulating a motor company fler for receiving a datoship. If I am not mistaken there was even a full paged advertisement yesterday congratulating the same guy. Boy! He must have made some historic contributions to the well-being of the people of that state that gave him this title. By the way, I think he sells cars for a living.

I am no media buyer but 2 half-paged and 1 full-paged ad in The Star would I imagine cost no less than RM30,000.

A little girl lies critically ill and needs money she doesn't have, for life-saving surgery.

A man celebrates his dubious honour and causes tens of thousands of Ringgit to be spent trumpeting his "achievement".

Life isn't fair, is it?



HoHoHoHo said...

No Pat, life IS not fair. You should know better - you are 60 years old! If you wanna dig deep, the anger deepens. I have witnessed child abusers getting away just because they have money. I have witness a boy being put in jail because he stole a loaf of bread and I have also witness corrupted tycoons go free because he is a tycoon. You can post a million blogs on unfairness and still life will remain such. Sorry.

nstman said...

Patrick, this is a fucking sick world, a world gone mad, a world gone crazy. Only in malaysia. But i dont blame star because the fucking paper needs to make more to satisfy its shareholders, and also to pay more bonuses to its staff. Last year, Star staff received about nine months bonus. So the adverts come in handy. Pretty sick world, isnt it? Meanwhile, a child lies dying waiting for funds while acolytes and sycophants pour more money into newspapers to congratulate recipients of state awards. I sum up the situation in one word - Holangkan.

Val said...

Shows where our sense of priorities lie doesn't it? Damn Shame! Thank you for that article.

Where has compassion gone? Is life only about power now?

I refuse to live like that. Yesterday, at around 4.40 pm a lady showed up on my door step with her were her 2 sons ( 10 & 14 yrs about) she showed me her police report of her husband assult on her. She said he kicked them out of the house and she has no money to go back home. they were hungry and tired the thought of walking from S2 to Senawang was so bad she said she had to beg for money.

You Know what Mr Teoh, my first thought was Fear! all the horror stories of ppl invading homes were in my head fighting with the pity i felt for her. in the end i gave her a bottle of water and RM5 ( i couldn't come up with RM10 (I'm on the lower end of the salary scale my self) I wanted to feed them but they were Muslim and we didn't have any halal food at home yesterday.

Anyway my point is that by nature i consider myself a charitable and compassionate person. But how cynical has this world taught me to become lately? that i felt fear 1st!

I feel this is the world we are living in today and our priorities need to be reevaluated!


Anonymous said...

This is a good blog. The poor are left alone to fend for themselves. Who cares? The Government? So how do the poor seek help? The people are grabbing all for themselves, so what happens to the poor folks? Worse, the rich are oppressing the poor so that they can make more money.

The poor need more blogs such as yours.

patrickteoh said...

Hi yeoh ts. I don't want to go into the rich oppressing the poor argument but I always wonder how companies can live with themselves. They spend thousands to congratulate someone hoping for points and their ads appear next to a story about a dying child needing money for medical care.

I know what you mean, Val. I've experienced that before. It's always fear. What is that person going to do to me? Sad isn't it that Malaysia has come to that?

nstman I don't blame the Star. They are only the vehicle. It's the people who pay for the ads who should examine their conscience. And those people who are the subject of those ads. So everybody knows you're a dato and don't care. And a child dies unnecessarily in the process.

Hohohoho, yes I do know. That's what I said isn't it?

zorro said...

Patrick, I have not given up hope yet. The next GE might see some slight shift amongst knowledge-empowered Malaysians. Thats what Haris Ibrahim's Peoples Parliament and Citizen Think Tank are trying to put across. At heart on matters Malaysia I am an inveterate pessimist...but I want to try this time to make some difference. We need you too.

j or ji said...

Kill the poor!!!

good one boss!

el_fuser said...

fire spitted well... i love this post... mr teoh... you are the man!!