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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


You probably noticed by now that I have done some irreparable damage to the format of both my blogs TOKKOK and Niamah!!!

I accepted blogspot's invitation to upgrade to a newer version or something like that. Click, click, click...and then half the stuff on my original blog format disappeared.

No more chat box on TOKKOK. No more counter. No more blog archives.
No more counter and archives on Niamah!!!



somboon cheanswaths said...

well, if it's any consolation, I lost my counter too after doing the upgrading. just as well because i was the only one reading my blog. consolation is i still have my archives.

vickna said...

u can go back..
there's an option to revert the changes..
i'll be buggered if i can remember, but yeah.. it' happened to me too and i managed to revert..
good luck!

team bsg said...

haha that sounds indeed like your blog name !

alliedmartster said...

Pat, can still restore your previous post...just go back to the url and back track, you will get a link to your old format...

*lynne* said...

try "revert to classic" on the Edit Template page... if that brings everything back, then look to back-up all your stuff before you take the plunge into the new version of blogger.

c guevara said...

damn i failed to convert my old archive into a newer version. Lost my counter too. haiz

Vernon said...

Aiyo! NIAMAH! KNN CCB! Hope you sort it out!