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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh! For F**K's sake!

Adam: Oh for F**K's sake!

The Star story headline read, "No crackdown on bloggers". Huh? What now? Apparently, the Deputy Prime Minister for want of something to do has announced that the government has not made a decision to clamp down on bloggers. Now the question is why should the government consider that course of action in the first place? The DPM was commenting on the police report lodged by Mat Taib (himself not without blame so one wonders why he is throwing stones) against the Malaysia Today blogsite which is owned and managed by a man whom many would describe as a political activist

I think it is time we set the records straight. Not all bloggers are politicians or political activists or members of political parties. In fact I daresay the majority are not. So let's not lump all us all in the same shit hole, eh?

In the same story it was reported that "The report against the blog is the second incident involving bloggers within 10 days". This of course refers to the arrest last week of Parti Keadilan Rakyat information bureau staff Nathaniel Tan who uses a blog for his purposes. He just happens to be a political party member who uses a blog. So he's a blogger. Yes? Just like the rest of us who should take the same blame and heed the warnings, right? Wrong.

So guys, it's a thin line that should not be crossed.

There was another irony in the same story. Mat Taib was quoted as saying,
“I think they are very irresponsible and forget that our country has the sensitivities on the Yang di-Pertuan Agong institution, race and religion”. This is very ironic and tragically funny because it comes in the wake of Mr. Keris waving Hishamuddin Hussein telling the MCA in so many words to "Shut the fuck up" on the secular vs. Islamic state issue. It would appear that in Malaysia some races are more sensitive than others.



nstman said...

Stalin once replied to a question that the Soviet Union was a fascist state. His reply: We are the most democratic country of all because we have more elections than anyone else. He forgot to mention that his elections were all rigged. Our DPM has a similar refrain - we are not going after bloggers - when in actual fact bloggers are being prosecuted. So are we a fascist state? I leave it to the readers.

patrickteoh said...

nstman, bloggers are not being prosecuted. Political activists and political party members who use blogs maybe are being prosecuted.

Tracy Tan said...

funny how they forgot who started the insensitive issue in the first place!

Melvin Mah said...

i am just hoping that there is no such thing as a draconian society in Malaysia within the next 5 years or so. what i believe here is that most of our power heads (guys in the government) don't even know what blogging is and had a misconception of what is it about.

we've survived a few rounds already from Uncle ZAM, Shaziman, and now we still have more bouts against some of the Bolehland administrators. Mat "Tyson" Taib is a guy that doesn't know English at all and maybe he misinterpreted everything. jeez, these guys are losing out to our Indonesian Minister friends who DO have blogs.
Are they unwilling to take up blogging or they think that blogging is somewhat a SIN?

"i can no longer sit back and allow communist infiltration, communist subversion, communist indoctrination and the international communist conspiracy to sap an impurify all of our precious bodily fluids!"

I feel that the quote by Ripper in Dr. Strangelove is somewhat akin to what is happening now.

Anonymous said...

well said, patrick.

anyway, there's a set of rules for them and one for the rest. And they can act with impunity cause they even think they are above their own laws.

vasu said...


Check out all these headlines in Berita Harian, today alone:

Amaran kepada penulis blog

Dewan Negara: ISA bagi penulis blog sentuh isu sensitif

Polis siasat bahan hasutan di laman web

I wonder when they will start to "siasat" on the allegations made by RPK on corruptions?

And I laughed when I saw the other headline:

"5 wartawan NSTP menang anugerah".
For what?? Writing about entertainment/skim cepat kaya/sports...*yawn*

Off topic:
Did you hear that Azalina, our honourable Menteri Belia dan Sukan winning the Anugerah Wanita dan Sukan 2007 by Majlis Olimpik Msia? Did I miss something, or is she a gold medalist for something? Or is it coz she broke some record shopping in Nepal? Isn't it her JOB as a minister in this dept to further sports agenda? N-I-A-M-A-H!!

Anonymous said...

Wah!!! You used THREE Niamahs for this blog. You REALLY are PISSED!!!


Anonymous said...

clowns clowns clowns
This kind of comments from this kind of politician in this kind of country.......
Ah......nothing new.......
I like to quote from one of my friends....
They are a disgrace to human race...

Anonymous said...

- George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Oopss! Better shut up ! After kena!

Anonymous said...

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katztales said...

I often turn to your blog when depressed about news items because it makes me laugh. Thanks!

Also, we've nominated you for The Schmooze Award...

CypheR said...

when will the fracas ever end?

Im new to your blog Mr Teoh and i must say its the best thing i discovered on the web in a while. :D

do check out mine to if you have the time yeah. me still budak mentah hahaha.

Opalyn said...

Ya, if they want to talk about being insensitive, I wonder how sensitive they are to people of other religions (especially Hindus and Buddhists) when they slaughter the cow in the august house compound in honour of the PM's marriage.
When it comes to being insensitive, they are the ones who takes the cake!
Again, what can I say? Politicians are nothing but a bunch of lying, conniving idiots out to grab everything for their own benefits!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

so now that i'm officially a blogger, i wonder if i'll be arrested too eventually for writing about some crappy wheelchairs or for calling an airline company a cacat in the head. and poor that guy who blogs abt gardening.

hey, afterall they're cracking down on bloggers right?

cheesewithaspoon said...

Patrick, good to see you're still going strong over here. I've got a question for you: I read on some kid's blog that he/she went to Pizza Hut and lo and behold, on the PIZZA HUT BILL, I kid you not, there was a box for "RACE" and this kid's race was marked (there was a scanned picture of the bill on the blog so this part at least I know was true unless the kid was Photoshopping but I don't think so). After observing some other customers, this kid noticed that a certain ethnic group was not being charged sales tax and service charges, while the other two ethnic groups were.

Can you or any of your readers confirm this for me? Is this really going on in Pizza Hut? What about other chain restaurants? And if it is happening, is it merely to conform with some law I don't know about, or is Pizza Hut taking some, ahem, "initiative" for their own reasons?

Thanks for reading. Your son is so unbearably cute -- the perfect model for your posts!

Trashed said...

To cheesewithaspoon,

Regarding the pizza hut item, please go to and scroll to the 25 Aug 2006 comment. It provides a letter dated 12 June 2006 signed by Rosniza Baharum (Dep GM of PR of Pizza Hut) to refute the malicious statement.

All I did was to Google "pizza Hut race bill" and a little patience and research will get you the answer.

Firstly, this pizza hut email is a hoax.

Secondly, it is over a year old.

Lastly, please do some research first before expounding these kinds of hoaxes thru the internet. It magnifies and this is probably the fifth time I have come across this in the past 2 days.

Sorry ah Patrick, just lamenting that people ought to do some research especially when "wild" stories are propagated.

MK said...


Many thanks, I canonize you St. Patrick. No no no not NIIIAAAA...
That explains why the Vatican is still looking into your case. Word must mean the same in Latin.


cheesewithaspoon said...

Dear trashed,

Kindly reread my comment before responding so harshly -- it's a bit ironic that you're writing to recommend doing research before talking and you haven't even read my comment properly.

If you'll notice, my comment was a QUESTION. I was asking the question precisely to DO the research. Please see below, since you didn't get it the first time:

Can you or any of your readers confirm this for me? Is this really going on in Pizza Hut? What about other chain restaurants?

So thanks very much for answering my question. Just what I was hoping someone would do, though I was hoping for a more polite answer.

Anonymous said...

Watch out PT! Blabber-mouth minister LKY was dead serious on TV yesterday about putting 'errant' bloggers behind bars. People like Mat Taib are scared shit, have sleepless nights because of you bloggers. Niamah!!!I would be in the same boat if I have many cans of worms to hide.

Lau Cheow said...

Taukeh, I din know you have a blog until I blogged.. aiyah, it wa ssuuch a long time duirng your hosting of Kee Huat Fantastic facts and Fancies hah... Niamah, those days we used to hate u when them girls we wanna get out on Sundays would rather stay home and listen to you... wow, twas so long ago. How are u doing now, Patrick?

patrickteoh said...

lau cheow, yes it goes to reason that you wouldn't know until you blogged. Hiya hate me for what? The show was only 30 minutes and then after that you go out with the girls and have something to talk about ma, right? I am fine, thanks.
Thanks for the warning, anonymous. I'll start to worry when they finally decide on what they mean by 'errant'. Well, bloggers should be aware that there are laws in this country. Whether we like them or not is not the issue. So there are laws and we need to abide by them until they are changed if they are deemed unfair. If we take the risks we also must be prepared to take the punishment no matter how unfair because that is what we are fighting to change isn't it?.

kerp, you don't have to worry about being arrested yet la. Anyway, they don't have handicapped-friendly jail cells yet so you would be a pain in their backsides if they take you in.

Cheesewithaspoon, I'm afraid that Trashed is right. I know what you mean. You wanted to ask a question of other readers and so posted the story which turns out to be a hoax. But there are some readers who would be taken in by that story. Rumours will spread etc etc. But thanks for bringing it up anyway. Thanks Trashed, I was going to post that warning but you beat me to it.

Oi! MK don't they canonise dead people?

Hey anonymous, you want to kena just because you quoted Orwell? Not a chance la. LOL. Some more you post as anonymous. Hiya! What la you!

aronil said...

Did u see the papers, yet again today, there was another statement out thre saying that bloggers should beware, cause despite the net being free, bloggers are also subjected to the laws of the country and bla bla bla. Honestly, I don't think the gov knows much on how to track the bloggers, let alone stop them from speaking their mind.

If anything they should look at the comments made and see who to take the criticism constructively. But then again, that's malaysia for ya. Ka-Ching!

Hanafi said...

Hi Patrick, years ago u did a radio show on local ghost stories, I like it offence, u r doing great job but I think u should stick to that kind of topic.

hitman said...

You have to give credit to Patrick at least he has the balls to start this site off and allowing us to "say niamah everyday".

You see to me he is still chasing the hantu's ,50% of supernatural hantu has cabut from malaysia, because the physical hantu are too much of a pain in the ass pretending to be political parties helping people but instead scaring the living daylights out of the rakyat with their new stunts.The crime is also another issue and its so bad the other 50% of the hantu's has decided to run off.they may get mugged and raped too!

La Cucaracha said...

Just because one horse is black doesn't mean all horses are black.

zu said...

i'd say i'm a ignorant kid by choice. Newspaper bore me. Only after I start reading your blog, only i took interest to visit NST and Star site to read out the actual happenings that caused so much 'niamah'.

Thanks Patrick.
(i duno about radio, but i definately remember you on Clorets advertisement *chuckle*

monsterball said...

Well old friend.

Anonymous said...

"What An AD By Petronas"- This is lifted from
...share it with u guys!

We all love the festivity ads and commercials by Petronas - they are always hearfelt, nostalgic and meaningful ... remembering better times and sees the goodness in Malaysians ... that the more different we are, the more things we have in common. Well, when you have Yasmin Ahmad's sensitivity and creative brilliance, its a potent mix.

But have you seen the new Merdeka ad??? OMG, what a daring one! It shows a guy being asked to build a sampan to pay off his debt ... in the end the creditor friend gave the boat to him as a gift which will allow him to be independent and make a decent living. The new boat sank, and the tag lin at the end was in Malay but its resounding, loosely translated: Are what we putting in now able to carry us to the future, what our future will be depends on what we put in now.

Now, I don't know about you but its amazing that this was passed by the Ministry of Information. Yes, the ad was meant for all Malaysians, but one could not help but think of our government. Its very daring, its very timely ... just for that I will try to pump at Petronas as much as I can.

The nuances within the commercial is what makes it special and daring. The guy who owes money said he didn't have money to buy resources to build the sampan. The creditor friend said its OK, he can use the resources and wood available at his house to build the sampan. The symbolism, the symbolism.

Catch the ad if you can cause I believe it could be pulled off the air soon. Some bigwigs are bound to be sitting in their living room thnking, "Hey, its about .... ".

Anonymous said...

Check this out. You are being mentioned here. Not something enjoyable though as it sounds threathening -

monsterball said...

Nice piece Pat.
Take care.

monsterball said...

Pat...The only race that is sensitive...never wrong and dictate terms to others is none other than UMNO politicians. It is not the Malay race in general...but the UMNO Malays. Lee Kuan Yew said they are weird.
We must not allow these people to dictate terms to the if they own the country.