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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Oh! For F**K's sake! Pt. 2

Adam, a little confused about his patriotism.

I don't know about you but I am beginning to get really pissed off as we approach our nation's 50th birthday. I am also a little confused la as I think back, reading about our country's last (that word sounds rather prophetic of late) 50 years.

First we are told that we are all one nation one people. All sayang each other and help and support each other to oust our colonial tuan's and sahib's. Ah of course, let's not forget those Commie baargers too. So we all pitched in. One nation, one people.

Then, years later we are told that we are not really so equal la. Because some of us have more than others. And so must share share la. Okay can. After all, we are citizens of the same country ma. Good. Then years later we are told that the sharing ratio must be adjusted la because still not equal wor. Errrr....okay lor. One nation, one people ma.

In more recent times the message has sort of become "Hello we don't need to ask you what. We are in power so we say so. Okay?"

It is really confusing. For everybody. Some politicians wave knives around and shout racist slogans. Then later the same flers try to preach racial and religious tolerance. Some politicians announce that some communities must get more than others because they have less and need help to catch up with the others. The same flers then tell the same audience that they must share development contracts with all the other groups. It's only fair. Huh?

And so the whole shameful show rolls on la.

And then in The Star...for me la...the most irritating 50th birthday celebration "gift". More rules on how to be patriotic. Okay la, some of you are probably saying that I am making a mountain out of a molehill la. But the story at the bottom of page N13 really pissed me off la.

How to be patriotic!!! I cringe every time some dumb ass clowns with a YB prefix tries to tell me HOW I should show my love for the country of my birth.

It was about the Do's and Don't's of displaying the National Flag. I won't even begin to go into the stupidity of some of the stuff listed there. You go and read it and get pissed off by yourself please.

Approaching our 50th birthday and our elected politicians treat us like little errant children.

Anyway, Mr. YB and YAB and whatever else you want to call yourselves, when are you going to learn that patriotism isn't shown by flying a flag. Less so if the flag is given out free at some toll booth. Patriotism isn't a once a year affair. So please la. Don't tell us to be patriotic once a year and then expect us to go back to being the clueless sheep that you want to re-elect you into office at the next elections.


p/s Actually ah...if you look around there is a reason for the detectable feeling of desperation from those flers in charge of firing up the annual show of patriotism. Nobody seems to be giving much of a shit about it. Look around KL. Not too many buildings have the flag up. Look at the cars. Not too many of them have the flags flapping. There have been veiled threats by the 'authorities'. Fly the flag or else kind of thing. But still not much happening la. Newspapers and TV give daily reports of how 'patriotic' some communities are. Doing this and that. But watching and reading these stories I get the feeling that it is a vain attempt at wagging the dog when the dog's long dead. Sad thing is that all these things mean that yours and my tax money goes down the longkang. Again!



asuk said...

Ha,ha PT! Your Niamah!!! never fails to put me in stitches. Also, it has more ummh! than Boh tea. It is good to have more of it, especially when those clowns in power keep spewing out garbage.

Asking me, no, no, TEACHING me, to be patriotic nowadays is as good as asking me to abstain from sex.

Helpless bolehlander said...

Under this administration, we are so helpless, so sad. We can only hope for the best, the most we can do is to exercise our right as a citizen to vote in the coming election. We must help to communicate to all our relatives, friends, colleague and all the kampung folks.

Sad that we see so many scandals yet not action. Those in power (the politician, the ministers, the mainstream journalists) remain oblivion of these shits and at the same time full of hypocrisy and rehetorics. Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin.

No sense of shame or remorse. If they really cannot tolerate racial and religous, so say so lah!!! Oh , cannot lah, need to say we live in harmoniously mah, cause we need to attract foregien investors for so many corridors, from South to North, East to West! Halo! You think these investors are idiot ah?

(We need many many longkang-longkang if those corridors turn white elephantS)

Can't the power in power has some common sense????

Work properly lah!!!1


yauwenchin said...

50 years, do you know what is the common topics nowadays, snacth thieves, car jack, murders, rapes, etc..

The increase in crime rates is really serious nowadays. Aunties dare not go out, the criminal behave more like big bullies now, like the politician.

Well, there is a Chinese saying about politician, the higher they climb the tree, the more fearful there are when they look down. Our politicans are hence running the countries with fear. When a leader is fearful of loosing its grip, they will do anything to retained it.

So, I suppose the best way to deal with all these is via our vote. One vote, one voice.

Anonymous said...

The thing that created so much uneasiness is that, while the govt trying so show extra care to a certain community that need more care,the govt must also need to show at least "some care" to the rest larhh..! Do show also must do wann..!Then no one will suspect anything marh !Life will be much peaceful! This is begining to look like a big conglomerate corporation running a business..Rural schools are still the same as they were 10-20 years before...That damn floods in the kampung areas during moonsoon still come back years after years to destroy kampungs' properties... Our kids in the kampung still don't speak English and know wat's going on in the world...Cotton-buds are still left in the patient's body after surgery..Wat did our kids learn to improve themselfs after uni? ..Still need to train after graduation in places like TESCO! How the futures generation going to compete with the progressing emerging economies larhh!Don't improve on English, leave KLIA, the kid/s is/are vertually usless outside!!Does the local TV/media make any attempt to show our citizens how far the world is progressing outside? Instead, they dwell so..much on the FEAR stuffs..!e.g.- terrorism, Iran, Iraq, Palestinians and Isreal...We all need care IN THE COUNTRY! Think that FIRST! Kids need to learn advance stuffs to compete in the future..The nation NEEDS TO SURVIVE in the future! The Indons workers are hardworking and adapting the local culture and learning to speak cantonese, hakka, hokkian, tamil etc..They are not thread to us all meh?? We have a life time to deal with each other...The rulers have 5 years!then we r left alone ..How larhh???

obiwan said...

thank you wee meng chee for your unique show of patriotism....i must say his negarakuku is quite a piece of genius - coming from a fellow muarian. pat, we should petition him to be our chief patriotic officer (CPO) and shower malaysia with more of his patriotic creation menjelang hari merdeka ke 50! mca on the other hand thinks he needs guidance and counselling on how to be patriotic, ha ha ho ho he he (with tears in my eyes)!!!!! he succeeded in highlighting racial discrimination and other abuses in malaysia to the world with just one rap piece when the opposition failed for decades. he suffered the same heart-break as i and many chinese did when we packed our bags and left m'sia to further our studies bcos we were rejected by our 'negara ku'. niamah, muar por kia hoh lioa ah!!!

Christine said...

yar mannn,.... how to celebrate merdeka day when we're all feeling shitty lah??

Trashed said...

Ya lor, patriotism is a feeling when all rakyat feel that they are included in the Malaysian vision.

If this seems lacking, the question that these "leaders" must ask is why do people feel that they are being excluded.

Therein lies the answer. And you can bet that many promises will be made before the next general election. Just remember that the current administration has yet to fulfill its promises made the last time around.

Perhaps it is time for someone else to run the show.

kleptocrats said...

At 50, we are at ketuanan stage (The tuan and his "servants").

At 100, we will be at master and his slaves stage?

One must strive to continue to progress mah.

Cheeky_me said...

You are not alone, Pat. Even Sultan of Selangor also pissed off with those politician, read this

halim said...

Hey Patrick. Been wondering when's the followup to Oh! For F**K's sake! Glad to note that its just as funny. Also glad to know that the ol' Kee Huat man's still going strong. Take care.

The Cat in a hat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
terence lee said...

What have I done to deserve being called a Malaysian, and more importantly, what will I have to do to continue being a Malaysian?...

What have I done?
a) I’m not shy to tell anyone when I’m abroad, in another country, that I’m a Malaysian;
b) I paid my taxes diligently so I can have a country that is as diligently managed;
c) I’m still here in this country rendering my knowledge and skills as one of this country’s human capital;
d) I’ve exercised my rights in electing my choice of a capable people’s representative;
e) I do not condemn Malaysian made product or produce;
f) I invested my earning in this country;
g) I have friends of not only my ethnic kind;
h) I have started a blog to contribute towards Malaysia as a knowledge society, and to share the Malaysian identity to my readers and hopefully to all citizens of this world!

What will I have to do to continue being a Malaysian?
a) I shall have my NRIC with me at all times - at home, just outside my home, and away from home;
b) I shall (try) not to write on any disturbing content that my government doesn’t like;
c) I shall try my best in believing everything what my government says;
d) I shall fly or display the national flag at my home when I’m told to;
e) I shall not show disrespect to the Rulers, national flag, national anthem, national emblem, national language, national flower, national car, national schools, and anything that is classified as national identity or pride of this country;
f) I shall abide the laws of this country even though certain laws are out-dated and out-numbered;
g) I shall sacrifice anything I may posses, even myself, in the name of peace and harmony, for this country.

Happy Merdeka, my Malaysia! May there be more Malaysian like me.

Anonymous said...

On a serious note, you get rid of all the MPs in Parliament who cannot distinguish right from wrong (no more close one eye, or close 2 eyes, but only have open both eyes type)then there is some hope. Have the political will and drop them from standing for elections irrespective of which party they are from. After that enforce on wrong doers whatever laws that have been passed, - the good YBs will not interfere - see the point? When enforcement is strictly adhered to, you will see a sharp drop in corruption, crime, etc, etc. The development programmes are there but they're not benefiting the ra'akyat. Why? Because the cronnies are getting the cake (corruption?) Enforcement should be allowed to

Anonymous said...

This from YOUTUBE...It also has a metaphorical and/or allegorical quality..Reflect on that,after watching the video...

Oh..those privilaged river crocs!

TarMahDe said...

High time for change my fellow country men and women... Don't be fooled again and again by sweet-talking and racist politicians. Vote wisely la come next general election. When can we call ourselves as Bangsa Malaysia? Wait lo, Just wait for another 50 years to see lo! Enough is enough!

Sad Malaysian said...

I have been born in this country, and I think it is God's will or you may say it is my fate. Had my parents not made that perilous journey here over rough seas in rickety junks, I would have had a different fate.

I have witnessed how our early nationalist leaders (all the major component races of our nation represented) struggled in one accord to achieve our beloved country's Merdeka. I have had childhood friends with no racial barriers.

I have been very proud to be called a Malaysian in my earlier years but am now very confused whether I am even recognised as one by my own government. I feel I am being treated as second-class citizen despite my tremendous contribution to nation-building as a nurturer of children in the schools to prepare them to be good citizens.

And in recent times, events in the country have rendered me feeling a great sense of hopelessness as I see our beloved Malaysia going to the dogs.

Approaching 50 years of our country's independence, yet I can't find myself celebrating like I used to in the first 10 years. I am not being unpatriotic but I just don't have that spirit. Whose fault is it? I look to the future of our country with a very heavy heart.

This is indeed sad, very very sad.

Anonymous said...

The Kris-Waving man had seriously damaged the image and value of the Malay Sword.

I was told a huge departmental store had placed an order of 50,000 gold color plastic Kris toys which looks like fat potato shape. When waved, the fat and short plastic kris will give out merdeka melody.

If this is true, please let me know where to buy it! I wanna wave the fat potato at the ministers during the merdeka parade!

Anonymous said...

The politicians are not looking properly la I think. If they open their eyes (don't tutup one eye, k?) they will see almost all the cars with a KERIS flying on it. Very patriotic mah.

I got one that spins in the wind and makes sounds like, "bloooooooooooooooooooooood"

Heh heh heh

Satohara Miki said...

bodo la them.

hihihi... i took this picture one fine day when i was going for lunch.

Im sure he is really patriotic ^_^

Bacardi said...

Today merdeka meh??....oOoo..sorry la...bcoz I slept until 11am...I am writing these bcoz there no abit of mood of the celebration from me...why?? I was working until 3am last nite.....just like Mr Wee sang...we cina very kiasu and hardworking marh...trying to paid off my hse(5% more than those "prince of the earth"!!)my PTPTN 30% saja(envied those still can get promoted and be a politician(slurppss!!=sucking up "water")and to settle my kitchen renovation samam bcoz no inform the dewan bandar marh!! 1 of these days...must yum char with Zakaria to get some kungfoo from him!!...hehehe....Merdeka!

Alan said...

So long as our politics is based on race, we shall never be a Nation. I am sure the powers to be, giving them some ioata of intelligence, know it very well. The heads of the three main political parties, UMNO, MCA and MIC are the biggest racists in the country. Why dont they just dissolve their respective parties and form Parti Barisan National and accept all races in the country as members. I will definitely be one of the first to join. We can then elect the head of UMNO as Prime Minister. But then by doing this some people will have to lose their existing perks and prestige. Politicians will not do this but only STATESMEN will. We only have hypocritical politicians but sadly cannot find one STATESMAN lah. We can only hope and pray that Barisan National matures quick enough before the next elections.