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Friday, August 24, 2007

Patriotic? IDIOTIC!

A visitor to this blog sent me the link to this photograph.......

Who's this guy trying to kid? The only thing he loves is HIMSELF. Not his country. But I am sure that newspapers and BN politicians and cabinet ministers will be lauding his "patriotism" if they see this.

And they tell us that Wee is unpatriotic. Well, we think Wee is patriotic. Not this IDIOT!


p/s read my friend, Zorro's take on patriotism here.


Vincent said...

Maybe he's just trying to camouflage his ugly car?? LOL.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed "stupidity personified", the owner of the car is endangering innocent citizens' life more than anything else. I am quite sure if he ever lands himself in the ditch due to the flying off of one of the flags, every passer-by will clap his hands instead of lending him a helping hand. LOL

zewt said...

i once saw a pajero who did the same thing... i was a few car behind it... that moron drove into an undergroup carpark and all this flags got stucked with the pipes at the ceiling... he has to remove his patriotism one by one.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

or perhaps the driver is a foreigner without any legal documents trying to hide his actual identity? Jalur gemilang seems to be the right tool for replacement....hihi..

thank you.

Mr Bojangles said...

Abdullah, the chunks in his jumbo sized cabinet, bolehland ministers, and BN party members must really be so happy that there are morons such as these with their misguided sense of patriotism, to ensure that votes continue to flow their way.

bilquees said...

Fine line between patriotism and jingoism.

WP said...

Definitely too much...unfortunately, judging from the Star, that's a way to get into the papers; it's surprising how many people send in those photos, and even more surprising that the paper publishes so many of them! :/

bamboo river said...

Reasons for sticking too many flags :
1)Was given to be distributed to motorist by sponsors, but prefer to keep for himself.
2)Testing the flag quality for a manufacturer.
3)Dry cleaning the flags. Save cost mah!
4)Car failed wind tunnel test. Flags to increase lift and save fuel.
5) All above.

nstman said...

There are idiots. And there are idiots. And there ar malaysian patriotic idiots. Happy Merdeka!

Anonymous said...

Waving flags does not constitute patriotism.

I refer to the dumb comment from our very own deputy about people not willing to spend money on poorly made flags and show how patriotic that person can be.

That's just plain shallow.


GobloKing said...

MY personal take on my (lack of) patriotism at this moment:

"Ask not what yr country can do for you but what you can do for yr country"

IF by:
Country we mean as in Patriotism for the Land? CHECK!

IF by:
Country we mean as in Patriotism for the PEOPLE running it?
see nameofthisblogsite - CHECK!

IF by:
Country we mean as in in Patriotism for the laws and constitution meant to protect my rights?
see nameofthisblogsite - CHECK!

Why should I fly the flag when :

I am being *(&#! in every orifice I own by my own government?

Not only should I be grateful they are servicing my orifices against my will, I am also expected to lick the boots of my abusers and thank them for sparing my life (ie go on living here) and for taking away the peace and security of the future of my family?

I will sooner fly the flag of Israel (whose policies I most certainly do NOT support)!

At least in flying Israel's flag, I know that it is a land far, far, far away from me, and not the land of my birth, close to my heart!

Tourist Without Borders said...

I have travelled to many countries and even have witnessed and participated in their nations' national days' celebrations. Surprisingly, I can only see this stupid method of flag-hanging in Malaysia! This is a real mockery of patriotism and I am unable to understand what this owner of the car is trying to protray or achieve?

The Malaysin government is keeping silence or simply just close one eye towards these "so-called" patriotic acts of Malaysian citizens. I think there must be defined protocols on the hanging and displying of a country's national flags. The burning of another country's flags and displaying the national flags on top of a car's bonnet or at the back side of a moving vehicle is considered to be offensive to certain people. Perhaps, these "so-called" patrotic morons should be allowed a rebate of 30% from the governemtn when they buy fuel or other vehicle-related items from any shops in Malaysia -- as an encouragement and appreciation of their love for the nation.

Oh my God, Malaysians really boleh ... The whole world is laughing with the ways Malaysian celebrate their national day. Hope other nationals from other countries will not behave like these Malaysian road-morons.

Hope those big men in the government will wake up and tell their fellow country men that there are better ways to display the national flgs. If they are not careful or awake, they may see some morons using the Malaysia's national flags to cover their mattresses -- as a show of their patrotism to their mother land....

Anonymous said...

can i fly other flags like this ah? I mean if i put up MU flag. Liverpool flag, chealse flag, Arsenal flag, etc will I be summoned?

OR does it mean when u r patriotic u hv GET OUT OF JAIL card like those patriotic corrupted ministers and assemblymen who ever so often caught with their pants down but yet can away alway stark naked without even getting a "jentik" at their pen is?

Anonymous said...

Nazri said cannot use the flag as underwear. UMNO wants to charge Wee for remixing negaraku. Under what act again ah?

Must find out so we can also report this joker. he insulted our dearly beloved jalur gemilang by putting so many on his ugly-ass, iron coffin!! Such a disgrace to our country! Oh the shame! Imej Malaysia sudah jatuh!

I think it's the influence of the west, the internet and all the unemployed, lying, goblok bloggers! Report them also!!

Russ said...

hmm.. i think this bloke might actually be a smart guy. He probably has no valid drivers license, in-date roadtax or car insurance, and is using the flags as a distraction to avoid being pulled-over by the patriotic police!

SK said...

I think this is what ZAM means by goblok.

Anonymous said...

I say, you blocked out his car number. Wuz going to buy his number 'cos I think his number's up.

Shish. Tell me his number lah. Next week maybe strike and I will go and have nice seafood at your place.

Aiyah, tell lah. It's not ASS 4O73 is it?

team 2 said...

never forget style mesti ada ok

artchan said...

The only reason I can think of is, he got the flags free.

ShawnSharif said...

Plz uncle Patrick, post this @$@$^$%#& quote I got from a friend of mine by a Sabah politician, Hj Roselan "If you cannot fight RAPE, lay down and enjoy it!"

try beating that!

team bsg said...

malaysia bolih ! do anything that means nothing ! Style mseti ada

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Mr Teoh,

I saw an exact car like this last night while having dinner. Light brown, but looks like the same type of car (not good with car models and all lar =)) It looked like a joke, to say the least. Seemed like a mockery of the entire Merdeka spirit. The flags were haphazardly placed and all seem to get in each other's way...

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Teoh,

Another one to add to the bag.

GobloKing said...

if the owner of this car is tryng to make mockery of the merdeka spirit and our flag - as it stands today - he is NOT wrong.

In this I support this fella.

This guy can NOT possibly make a mockery of something which is beyond mockery; ie our buffoon government, the buffoon-er ministers and his supreme buffoonest.

One need not fly a flag to show one's patriotism nor pray 10x/day to show piousness...Actions speak louder than words!

PurpLe~MuShRooM said...

This guy has nothing better to do!!

ehchang said...

I used to have a neighbor who has 3 flag poles in front of his house, he will always have the Jalur Gemilang, Selangor state flag and you know which party flag flying. He does not seem to need to work, spending a lot of time paying with his big motorbike, annoying the whole neighborhood with the noise when he test ride his bike around the neighborhood. He event built a car park for his 3 luxury cars at a piece of public land beside his big corner house. Strange that the Majlis allowed his to do that. Now, is he more patriotic than an average law-abiding joe like me who never fly a national flag even on the Merdeka day?

Hafizan Hafiz said...

Wee patriotic? Insuling other religion is patriotic? Whoa, thats twisted, mr has-been (or is it never-been?).
Trust me, I'm not a BN supporter and some of the things that U jot about are true.

Anonymous said...

as i see it, this idiot is trying to be patriotic, the &%%^$ Wee is trying to be unpatriotic and everybody else just a mere observer

uen said...

how many people have actually listened to and understood Wee's recording? i haven't.

one thing that's clear from the newspapers is that if wee is guilty of endangering anything, it's the precious sensibilities of those who should know better.

are our beliefs so fragile? have we become so shallow and insecure that we can persuade ourselves to lose sleep over a song? or do a few cheap plastic flags express adequately what we should, ideally, hold dear in our souls?

if we are as weak as this, then we deserve what we get. if we fear being re-colonised, fear again, because we've already done half the work ourselves.

what is the point of independence if, having had 50 years of it, we demonstrate time again that we lack it in our heads? the british might be gone, but we clearly remain slaves to our own uncontrolable passions.

i believe that if the fellow with the flags on his car (i'm guessing it's a he) wishes to make an absolute ass of himself and the flag by turning it into an transportational freak show, then let him.