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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Baaaaaa - GER!!!

Is hypocrisy really a requirement in a politician? Recent events seem to show that it is la. Some days ago there was some trouble in Terenganu. People got upset about something or other. They made their feelings known. They spoke up. Some lost their tempers. It was reported that the policeman fired his gun. Some say it was at the people gathered in the area. The Police say it was in the air. Whatever la. Then somebody got so pissed off that he burned the national flag, the Jalur Gemilang. Fast forward to the leaky building called Parliament House. Our elected YB's got really busy condemning the fler and his act of burning the flag.

"How can?"
"Mana Boleh?"
"Jail the fler"
"Excommunicate him"
"Deprive him of his citizenship"

And I am sure in the lobby of that august house, strictly off the record, some YB's might have even called for some violence to be done to the chap. And somebody might even have offered prize money for that. RM15,000 maybe.

Which brings me to my point. I mean, okay the fler burned the flag. Why? He was pissed off about something that is happening to his country. He was exercising his freedom of speech. He was showing how passionately he is about something. Which is a trait sadly lacking in most Malaysians for anything. Passion I mean.

Then all these YB's in their designer suits and air-conditioned offices mouth off about patriotism and etc. etc. etc. If all that is going to happen to one guy who torched the flag then may I suggest that public flogging be introduced for all these flers and more:-

Lorry owners who fly the flag and allow it to be blackened beyond recognition by soot and diesel exhaust.

Building owners who string up the Jalur Gemilang because Rais Yatim said to do so and then leave it to the ravages of weather and pollution until the flag becomes tattered and torn.

Idiots who endanger themselves and other road users and make us laughing stock on the global stage by plastering their vehicles with scores of flags.

DBKL flers who do not bother to go round town to take down flags after the fireworks have died and allow our sacred flag to be blown onto roads, run over by vehicles or worse pissed upon by canines in Selayang even.

And don't forget those flers who get praised by the YB's for wearing the national flag as their stage costume! How is that better than burning the thing?

Hiyah! Yang Berhormat's can we please get real here, man?

I guess not because as my friend, Veera (email: wrote in the Star today, "......For example, if people consistently fail to do what they know is right or keep doing what they know is wrong, they would experience cognitive dissonance......they cannot accept the feeling, instead of correcting the behaviour, they would repress or deny the feelings, rationalise them, justify their actions or start believing that the problem does not exist."

Really la...............

NIAMAH!!! and a half la.


nstman said...

It's the corrupt yang dihormats in parliament and corrupt politicians who should be stripped of their citizenship. By the way, the fracas in terengganu was the work of Gestapo agents from Umno. They are the agent provocateurs. They are the pits. Umno, what have you got to say. Remember the Rechstag fire in Berlin in the 1930s. Hitler's thugs burned down the Rechstag building and blamed it on communists and Jews. The result - enemies of the state were rounded up and Hilter assumed total control , signalling the death of democracy. Is Umno doing a Berlin job? The answer is a no-brainer.

team bsg said...

an entire race a little unwell for a start has now been pampered for many 50 long years to near paralysed terminal case of no return by taking the easy way out,no pysio, no cholesterol denying , no overeating abstainence , but overhanging small flags overcorruption over lemaking etc etc
koyak oredi

popu said...

wat bout our neighbour country indon fellaz burn our jalur gemilang ?? they step on our flag!! and our gov stil supply em money,contracts,help em...bring em here for various jobs...apa cerita laaa wei....indon bakar flag kita boleh..kita bakar takbuleh ka woi...YB gie mampus laaa!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute lamb. Is it violence of the lamb?

Noto said...

i wonder.... A simple song by a simple student could create such a havoc in the country and having it on the headlines... burning the flag... what's gonna be done? it's not just the race? it's about the nation, the country... which YB said tat ar?

daniel said...

I was in Shah Alam on 30th August somewhere near the floating restaurant. A huge mob of cyclists with the national flag stuck at the back of their bicycles suddenly invaded the road at a roundabout and I had to inch my way out to avoid knocking them down.

The same thing happened near the Selangor UMNO building where the mob on foot, motorbikes and bicycles also with flags in their hands and on their bikes rushed on into the road and made it impossible to drive through. I had to make a u-turn to find another route back to PJ.

Patriotic? Not a chance. Idiotic? Most definitely.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Niamah and a half expression !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really sick of listening bad mouth from our YBs...after many years away from the country, I do not see any change at all and constantly hearing little things coming out from their mouth, but not fixing the economy or national security issues for example. What the heck!

zewt said...

just publish the result... let everyone have a good laugh or a good time cursing... slowly... all will be forgotten... action taken? no one seems to be bothered really.

i have seen so many ppl making joke about the world most expensive jack... we missed the point totally. the real reason they disclose the report is working... i think.

on a separate note... pat, i started the blog almost the same time as come u can get so many hits ah? mine cant even get half of yours!

Anonymous said...

What about the motorbike barggers with the mini flag at the end of the seat? It seems the mini flag will flutter each time the fler farts. Patriotic man!

yok hoong said...

can burning of a flag worse than the massive rip-off of country's resources by the politicians and their cronies? RM4.6 billion down the drain and the top brass of Ministry of Transport responsible fro the fiasco conveniently went off for a 2 week overseas holiday (disguise as medical check-up)to escape the heat.
shouldnt these corrupt cronies be strip off their citizenship? they are more damaging to the country's integrity and well being than the flag burning fella. The "Estrada" sentence should apply to these leeches of country's resources!

asuk said...

Is there anything more effective in making those nitwits in the leaky building howling like wolves than doing a rendition of Namewee's Negaraku or burning the flag? If there is, just do it and keep the circus show going.

Kudos to Namewee and those flers in Trengganu!

zorro said...

Patrick, lucky for you you featured a lamb instead of your usual star, Adam. The goat/lamb symbolises, stupidity, dumbness. The resemblance to our nit-wit politician would have been better potrayed with a buffalo. For blank looks nothing beats our buffaloes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Patrick,

Have you seen the old Kee Huat Radio building in Penang lately? I have a pic here at

SS Quah
Penang, Malaysia

pah nur said...

Off the record, a friend of mine, a doctor, gave a talk to one the police force flers one week prior to the Terengganu incident. He understood from them that a whole bunch of police men were bound for some kursus in Terengganu the same week the incident occured. convenient indeed. Serendipity? Hardly...Coincidence? Eheh...It's like a bad jodoh if you ask me. The wrong person at the right time. You people do the math lar....