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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dog catching drowning tomorrow?

Adam: YB's, don't be so stupid can or not? Pleeeeeeze!

My friend alerted me to this a day ahead of the Star picking up the story. I guess by today most of you would have read about this 'innovative' idea by the flers in the MAJLIS PERBANDARAN SELAYANG to solve what they perceive to be a big problem in the area. Stray dogs.

As expected this rather knee jerk decision by the town council has drawn a lot of flack from the Malaysians.

To read more and support action against this insane proposal by the Selayang Town Council go here. And here.

Do not support inhumane, un-thought through actions by your local councils.







Anonymous said...

I though the Selayang Council dogs would have some sympathy for their canine brothers. But not in BNland, it appears.

Anonymous said...

I hope this trend will catch up soon with ACA when they will start to nab all the monkeys in Parlaiment or cull them like they cull pigs in Melaka.

Anonymous said...

Cull The Pigs

Catch The Dogs


Screw those Idiots??? With a pole and a loop

Dog Lover

mob1900 said...

Role-reversal, we should have a Contest to 'Cull/Nab/Net' these errant councilmen who despite wasting millions of taxpayer's money on 'toilet-inspection' trips overseas and refusing to meet disgrunted disability NGOs by insisting they should 'come up & see him' at his pomp office at the 8 floor and yet here they are, healthy and wealthy, organising more 'brainless' and uncompassionate Hunts. It's bad they practise discrimination and marginalisation but against animals too?

This is Barisan Najis.

ShawnSharif said...

Why ah go catch dogs?

What about all those pencuri, perompak, rapists, penyangak, thugs, ah longs? they all are safer than dogs ah?


Anonymous said...

You must excuse the low mentality of the councillors.

These are the people who spent alot of the public's money on a holiday trip (main purpose, 7 full days) to Mauritius and South Africa to "learn" how to clean toilets (minor purpose, about 3 hours total).

However, they said the main purpose of the trip was to learn how they keep their toilets clean. The holiday was secondary, they say. Oh, sure.

Now you know why this Municipal Council is is so low class.

Watch out for more nonsense.


team bsg said...

but is this competition legal , or otherwise ? Can thses people do as they please ? Is there no safeguards aginst this kind of nonsense anymore ? Are we a lawless country ?

zu said...

How come there's no competition to catch rapist then.
I reckon people who wanted to participate are provided with tali and parang - tools. Picture of rapist can be taken to proof their 'catch', regardless whether they're dead or alive. Contestent are subjected to a minimum catch of 150 rapist. Cash prize of RM15k for first prize, RM12K for second and RM10K for third.

nstman aka pukimah said...

I have had enough of idiots, sods, morons in this blessed counry of ours. Fuck these bastards, cull them, hang them high.

Anonymous said...

I have been given a licence to go round hunting dogs. Please tell me where I can find the labradors, the poodles, etc. who are stupid enough to be found by me outside the compound. Prize from the Municipal!! Who cares!! Just tell me who is the owner of my catch. Believe me, I shall personally deliver the dogs back to the owners, better still, those with crying children.

pjboy said...

What if the stray dogs bite a boy and cause him serious harm, would you blame the local council?
MAybe this will help reduce stray dogs not as a result of teh catching but as a result of dog lovers takign them in as pets, it may also prevent owners from allowign their dogs to run loose.
Its not all bad. I dont hear you ranting about them shooting crows.... are crows nto worthy of your rants

Natasha Fernz said...

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~Mahatma Gandhi.

Malaysia is obviously not on track towards greatness with the number of ridiculous policies that it has towards animals. Some examples:

** lifiting of the ban on the trade of exotic monkeys, **shooting of 13 dogs cared by a citizen,
**and the latest this barbaric dog catching competition.

To PJ Boy,

I would like to point out, that alot of people did "rant" about the shooting of crows for that too was a barbaric move by the local councils.

I am a self proclaimed animal lover, and have a particular fondness for dogs, for "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself" - Josh Billings

Most people fail to realise that dogs never bite unless they are provoked or threatened.

It is also VERY IMPORTANT to note that most stray dogs run away from humans when you approach them, because they are constantly abused by the general public.

Aggressive dogs therefore are usually a result of how their owners have treated them in the past, or how they have been treated by the general public.

Unfortunately most people do not realise that most of these dogs are aggresive out of fear. These dogs feel that they need to defend themselves from harm. And the only way they can do that, is by BITING!

So with this ridiculous campaign, what is a dog to do when it is cornered? Once again the only thing they can do is BITE.

So not only is this silly competition cruel to the dogs, it also poses a serious threat to untrained "dog catchers". It is important to note that dog catching is a highly skilled profession.

I live in a street with a number of houses which have dogs.Every evening, when the kids come out to the playground, they spend a good amount of time taunting (sometimes throwing stones or poking the dogs with long sticks through the gates) all the dogs that are confined in the compounds of their owners' houses.

And every evening I would tell them off for doing so, but they ignore me. Why? Because they think it is fun and because their parents have not educated and/or disciplined them properly.

So in the event that one of these owned dogs escape from the confines of their homes and bites a child. Who is to be blamed? The dog? I think not.

On another note, the number of dogs that are stolen from their homes is high enough as it is.

The council's dog catching competition with such lucrative prize money would only encourage these criminals to steal even more dogs.

If the council is so intent on reducing the stray population, the prize money offered, a total of RM78,000 a year, could be used in collaboration with animal rights groups to setup Spay & Neuter Clinics, which is by far a more effective method of curbing the population of stray dogs.

So I am urging everyone to help put a stop to this madness, and preserve our integrity as a great nation, by treating all creatures of the earth with respect and dignity.

Natasha Fernz

Anonymous said...

Natasha Fernz said...
"Most people fail to realise that dogs never bite unless they are provoked or threatened."

I disagree. I drive past a stretch every day to go home, and everyday at least one of the 3 dog 'lepaking' outside one of the house would chase after my car, without fail. I purposely drive on the other side of the road when I pass these dogs, but at least one of them would still get up and chase after my car. Sometimes two, or all three would chase after my car. How were they 'provoked or threatened' by my car passing on the other side of the road?

I can only imagine the terror these dogs cause to people riding bicucles or motorbikes.

Some dogs are just aggressive by nature, and when their owner do not keep them confined, is when the problem starts.

hawaiichee said...

Do you know that in Tokyo no dogs ever bite anybody? You will be shocked at how well dogs behave outside Malaysia. We have unfortunately inculcated a hate dog culture here by maybe 60% of the population for a long time and now the dogs are being conditioned to be like that. Please check the dog loving culture outside Malaysia. You never ever see dogs biting or even barking anyone.

Please bloggers petition for the prize money of Selayang government RM15,000 dog hunting campaign to be donated to SPCA and not have a scenario where dogs whether stray or owned are hunted.

Oh dogs are haram animals and should be culled like pigs. If they are stray then let them be. If they are stolen to be strays then the more the merrier to rid all of them from the face of Malaysia - these haram creatures!!! … probably in the minds of some??!!

It was a conspiracy to cull pigs in the Year of the Pig for a long long time. It has been on every blog chat forums that hate pigs. I can give you all the links to show how eager that all these haram creatures should be rid.

Let us pray for sanity to come to Malaysia. How can we hope for an investor friendly environment - foreigners who like dogs and humanity live in Malaysia if we have such mentality???!!!

Can you even imagine 2000 strongmen comprising police, FRU and even police helicopters coming to cull pigs - the enemy of the state. And what is MOST SHOCKING - there were using the AKTA KESELAMATAN NEGARA ready to detain these people.

What a joke - this budget to want to be foreigner investment friendly???!!!

We as Malaysians should champion that the prize moneys be donated to SPCA. Let us stand up for WHAT IS RIGHT while we can. Before we have 2000 strongmen comprising helicopters, police and FRU come with the Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negara act to cull Men’s Best Friend.

I am crying for the dogs in Malaysia. Let us do the same before it is too late. PUT UP ALL BLOGS TO DEMAND THE PRIZE MONEY TO PROMOTE DOGS AND SPCA IN MALAYSIA.


YAB Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi,
Perdana Menteri Malaysia,
Jabatan Perdana Menteri Malaysia,
Blok Utama, Bangunan Perdana Putra,
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan,
62502 Putrajaya. MALAYSIA.


Yang Amat Berhormat Datuk Seri,

Rayuan mengekalkan penternakan Khinzir yang sihat, bersih dan akur kepada kawalan alam sekitar dan menafikan fitnah TV3 dan Harian Metro bahawa bom petrol dilontarkan terhadap pasukan polis Simpanan Persekutuan (FRU)

Dengan hormatnya, rayuan dibuat bagi pihak sebahagian daripada penternak khinzir di Paya Mengkuang, Bukit Beruang dan Kampung Baru Man Lok yang menghadapi pemusnahan mata pencarian berikutan keputusan kerajaan negeri Melaka menghapuskan 100,000 ekor khinzir dan amat kesal dengan tindakan keras oleh pihak penguatkuasa dan polis pada 4 September 2007 yang mengganggap penduduk sebagai musuh negara dengan penggunaan Akat Keselamatan Dalam Negeri.

Mengikut kerajaan Melaka, ada 148,000 ekor khinzir di 64 ladang khinzir membabitkan ternakan lebih 100,000 ekor di Paya Mengkuang, manakala 13 ladang yang menternak 37,000 ekor khinzir di Bukit Beruang dan 11 ladang di Man Lok dengan 11,000 ekor khinzir..Semalam terdapat 2,000 anggota polis dan kerajaan mengepung ketiga-tiga kawasan ini mulai 7 pagi dengan tujuan menghapuskan 100,000 ekor khinzir. Tindakan keras ini dibantah kerana:-

1. Tindakan adalah haram di sisi undang-undang kerana tidak ada sebarang notis yang sah diberikan untuk penternak khinzir di Bukit Bruang dan Man Lok. Malah untuk mereka yang menerima notis, ia dikeluarkan adalah pada 21 Ogos 2007 yang memberikan tempoh masa 30 hari dan tindakan pada 4hb September sungguhpun belum genap 30 hari lagi.

2. Paya Mengkuang telah dikenalpasti sebagai Kawasan Penternakan Khinzir oleh kerajaan negeri Melaka dan diulangi berkali-kali bahawa penternakan khinzir tidak diharamkan dan akan diteruskan di kawasan khusus di Paya Mengkuang. Bayangkan betapa besar kejutan penduduk tempatan bila ditemui pula anggota polis dan kerajaan menghapuskan ternakan khinzir mereka.

3. Adalah satu pembohongan dan fitnah TV3 dan Harian Metro bahawa para penduduk yang membantah tindakan keras secara aman telah melontar bom petrol terhadap Pasukan Polis Simpanan Persekutuan (FRU). TV3 telah menyemarakkan sentimen perkauman sehingga kehilangan profesionalisma sebagai wartawan dan pemberita bila menjadi “partisan” dan bukan “neutral” dengan mendesak polis mengambil tindakan keras.

4. Sikap keras dan ganas pihak kerajaan negeri dengan menggunakan FRU, kereta pancut air FRU dan helicopter seakan-akan penduduk adalah penjenayah besar atau pengganas. Penduduk tahu semalam macam mana rasa rakyat Palestin ditindas oleh Israel sekarang.

5. Sikap keras dan tidak berdemokrasi pihak kerajaan negeri yang enggan berbincang. Banyak ladang ternakan khinzir dicerobohi tanpa kebenaran tuan tanah untuk digali lubang besar untuk menanamkan mayat khinzir tersebut. Kezaliman setengah anggota ditunjuk bila seekor anjing liar dipaksa secara hidup ke dalam lubang tersebut dan akan mati tanpa air dan makanan secara perlahan.

Ketiga-tiga tempat ini telah menternak khinzir sejak 50 tahun, jauh sebelum Kolej Islam Melaka dibina di situ. Sekiranya penternakan khinzir diharamkan maka ketiga-tiga tempat yang bergantung kepadanya akan lenyap sama sekali. Ini tidak lain tidak beza dengan membunuh ketiga-tiga tempat tersebut.

Sebarang tindakan keras kerajaan terhadap ladang khinzir yang kotor dan tidak akur kepada kawalan alam sekitar tidak akan dibantah. Tetapi mengapa mengambil tindakan ke atas ladang khinzir yang bersih yang mempunyai bacaan kurang daripad 50 BOD yang ditetapkan. Oleh itu, rayuan dibuat oleh penternak khinzir agar mengekalkan penternakan khinzir yang sihat, bersih dan akur kepada kawalan alam sekitar.

Penduduk telah membantah secara aman tanpa menggunakan keganansan sungguhpun mereka berhak untuk menggunakan apa cara demi membela diri sendiri dan kawasan perkampungan mereka. Sekiranya kerajaan negeri ingin meneruskan cadangan mengharamkan dan menghapuskan ternakan khinzir, maka mereka harus bertanggungjawab penuh ke atas segala-galanya.

Adalah diharapkan YAB akan menunjukkan kewibawaan sebagai Perdana Menteri untuk semua rakyat Malaysia, termasuk penternak khinzir. Pertimbangan YAB amatlah dihargai. Sekian terima kasih.

Yang benar,

Natasha Fernz said...

To Anonymus...

"Aggressive dogs therefore are usually a result of how their owners have treated them in the past, or how they have been treated by the general public"

Would appreciate it if you read my comment carefully. Puppies are NOT born aggresive. They develop the nature due to the environment that they are exposed to.

I have personally witnessed motorcyclists in my area who corner dogs and torture them by throwing stones or riding really close to them just for the heck of it. So it's no wonder that dogs will chase any motorcyclists... same goes for cars.

I have rescued several and rehabilitated them... And have been successful although it takes me months. Frankly I am surprised that these dogs can even learn to trust humans again after all the abuse that they have been subjected to.

And at the end of the day... let me tell you that a dog will be more loyal to you than any human will be...

zorro said...

Is this part of our 50th Merdeka celebration? Pigs, dogs, then humans you asked. Agree, but with another inclusion. Pigs, dogs, CATS, then stray Malaysians of dubious origins and status.

BOGUS said...

Hi Pat,
I've been reading ur blog for sometime now....Most of ur posts ain't very forgiving but sorry to say very true indeed. I was wondering, did u face any problem in writting in such way? I did a post to commend on the main page of TheStar on the 9th of September and at the blink of an eye my mum called and asked me to remove it. I am trying to get the definition of the rights to speak from veteran alike urself as I used to listen u on radio4 years ago and now seen your articles....thanks inadvance for the advice.

humaneater said...

What an outrage. The only rule stated was for dogs to be brought in alive. Nyawa-nyawa ikan also alive right? Kena clobber to near-death considered STILL alive right? On its last legs already after kena chased and whacked also very alive right???

BS! Pure, total, BS!

How come got no competition to tangkap those alongs? Call the ad stickers and lure them out and then catch them with stun guns! Nab snatch thieves and gag them and then round them up at the balai!

Sorry for my outburst but it seems our leaders got a knack for opening cans and cans of worms. Nothing better to do ah. So many things can do with the prize money yet they find this kinda way to "encourage the capture of dangerous nuisance to society." Wahlau, so dogs very the dangerous lah? Robbers, rapists, alongs and thugs very the tame is it?


Natasha Fernz said...

Human eater,

You are absolutely right in that the only stipulation is that the dogs be brought in alive. There were no stipulations as to what state of "aliveness" the dogs should be brought in. Which means they can be beaten up badl, and be as good as dead...

Also there is confirmation that the dogs will be shot if not claimed or adopted within 2 weeks... How brutal is that?

hawaiichee said...

Oh gosh, SHOT IF NOT CLAIMED? Now, we need to teach them reincarnation to make them better people maybe.

On another note, I have not seen many blogs publishing this cruel news. How come? Put up in your blogs and shame Selayang Municipal. Force them to undo their evil intentions and apologise to the dogs (not humans). Force them to increase allocation to make Selayang a more dog friendly place instead - a full turnaround approach instead of just cancelling the competition.

Can you imagine if you make threats against someone that you will shoot them, then just say Ok I will not shoot. Instead, they have a duty to undo their negative energy inside their minds and hearts towards the dogs.


This is no kidding. We can make a difference. Let us put our will to it to make Malaysia a better place.

veronica said...

Ok. Great! I see a lot of dog lovers here. Anyone of you would do. please contact me at veronica.mcchulay(at)

There are about 8 stray dogs on my street. They came from nowhere. been here for about 2 weeks now. they walk, chase, bark and even fornicate in group.

all the school going children within 3 blocks of my street had beeen chased by this notorious gang at least once in this past week.

This poor children had to run for their life shouldering their two-tonne school pack and water bottles and what not. Can you imagine.

Boys do not come out and play in the field accross my street anymore, because of the fear of this gang.

So, could anybody be kind enough to take them as pet. because nobody wants them around here. Not even the dog lovers. Contact me and i'll give more detail

BTW i do not hate these dogs. I am just inddiferent towards them.

Dog lovers, please.

Anonymous said...

The municipal is crossing the line AGAIN!

It actually made me think.
Instead of rewarding those who hunt the dogs down, why not we reward who hunt the handbag snatchers and rapist? Well, but gain no. I think it'll all turn out they'll be catching themselves in the end!!

Sick land here..

Just because you can't see and touch dogs don't mean you have to get rid of them from your sight, you moronic low leveled brain, yet very possessive and thought-you-are -so-smart species. Wonder you actually EVER moved in the line of evolution. Man, you're worse than a chimp!


Anonymous said...

Hunting dogs or even crows is taking away life. It is rather unpleasant. When these stray dogs become a nuisance they should be taken off the streets. Let's not kid ourselves by saying that the dogs will be brought in alive. Some of them will be suffering and half dead as a result of the hunt. The clobbering, the kicking, etc. Finally where will they end?? Death in the lockup compound in quick time.

Have you seen the dogcatchers in action before? It is a scene of animals hunting an animal. Now we have bounty hunters in action.

Natasha Fernz said...

Hi guys...
Just an update on the situation. We have just submitted the Memorandum and 2160 petition signatures collected to MPS this morning. They were to scared to come down and meet us though...

See my blog for pictures and full story...

Thanks a MILLION for helping me out on this... Must buy you a drink soon... :)

Natasha Fernz said...

On another note, I hope that people understand why there are so many of us out there that are against this dog catching competition.

We are not against it just because we love dogs. Frankly strays are a nuisance to us dog lovers too. I have a few dogs with me, 2 are my own and the rest are rescued.

There are strays in my area that are also wild and they pose a nuisance to both me and my dogs...

They rummage through our garbage bins and cause our dogs alot of stress. There is also the risk that they may pass diseases to our own dogs as well as ourselves.

These dogs are also a threat to me whenever I walk my own dogs as there's always a risk that a fight may ensue.

So what i'm trying to say is that I AGREE witH the Selayang Council that the stray population - be it dogs or cats - must be reduced and if possible eradicated.

I however do NOT agree with the METHOD in which the council is trying to address this problem.

There are many issues at stake here. Most of them have been highlighted earlier.

There is also a very REAL risk that this competition will also spark savage fights between the dog catchers and dog lovers. For example, if a dog lover tries to prevent a dog catcher from nabbing a dog, serious injuries may result to the dog, the dog catcher and the dog lover.

I hope that everyone understands that this dog catching competition actively promotes cruelty towards these animals. I believe that all living creatures should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of religion.

When we mistreat our animals, I sincerely believe that we are degrading ourselves as humans. By condoning such barbaric acts towards animals who are unable to defend themselves is unacceptable.

Once we allow ourselves to think that such acts are acceptable for they are just animals, it will be a matter of time before we will allow ourselves to be as barbaric towards our own kind...

So I am hoping that everyone will support our efforts in putting a stop to this competition, not just to save the dogs, but to save our humanity...

d'Fish said...

catch the dogs!
catch the dogs!


kill the cats!
kill the cats!


fry the birds!
fry the birds!


screw the pigs
screw the pigs


Natasha Fernz said...

Just as we thought we could breathe a small sigh of relief with MPS announcing that it had called off the Dog Catching Competition, another local council is now under fire for intolerable cruelty towards the strays that are caught by it's contractors. This time it is the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ).

Last week, a witness reported that 5 dogs were brutally tortured before being beaten to death by dog catchers that were contracted by the MPAJ. The dogs were tortured in the Indian Cemetery in Ampang Jaya, very near the famed Naan Corner. But by the time the SPCA was contacted and the relevant authorities arrived, it was too late, and all that was left were blood stains.

See for details

firefly said...

adam is adorable