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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Thank you, NST!

Actually, there are many ways of screwing the rakyat. Straight up. Sideways also can.

Okay everybody, all stand up and give 3 cheers to The New Straits Times. Then if you haven't already, rush out and get yourself a copy of this newspaper. They have performed a great national service in today's edition.

The NST today dedicated 3 full pages to an interview with Nazri Abdul Aziz the de facto law minister. (The meaning of de facto: being such in effect though not formally recognized.)

It is a compelling read. It is hilarious. Tragic. Terrifying. All at the same time.

It also a very clear portrayal of the kind of morons that we Malaysians allow to manage our lives and our country. Especially, those of us who do not exercise our power and right of the vote.

I urge you. Read the interview in the New Straits Times today. Don't let morons like that continue to take you for fools. Or if you do...then you are a de facto moron too.


This interview published in today's New Sunday Times is...

1. A covert operation by Pak Lah's administration to get rid of this clown. I mean why else would the NST (and we know who owns it) give him so much rope to hang himself. Public hangings illegal some more.

2. A covert operation by the opposition. (this is the most unlikely)

3. The NST's way of firing some editor or other. Syabas to the one who approved this interview and to the journalist, Aniza Damis who conducted the interview. Great piece of writing, Aniza.

"I want you to get mad! I don't want you to protest. I don't want you to riot - I don't want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write. I don't know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street. All I know is that first you've got to get mad. You've got to say, "I'm a HUMAN BEING, Goddamnit! My life has VALUE!" So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, "I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" (Howard Beale in NETWORK <1976>)



Jason said...

ROFL....I was like "WTF?!!" so many times while reading through the interview.

I cannot believe how this egghead made his way into the PM's office. Then again, most (not all, mind you) Malaysian political leaders seem to be of the same 'calibre'.

"If there are any decisions to be made, it has got to be the majority."

Q: So, if you wanted to be convinced (that there is a crisis), you would need 7,000 lawyers to walk?

A: Even then, it’s still not important to us, because the lawyers are not the only people who use the courts. The ordinary people use the court in their disputes.


"To me, if there were no newspapers, if there were no blogs, then it’s just mere chit-chat in the coffeeshop. That’s all."

Yup, and he'd be living in a jungle with his beloved simian friends.

A: It will fall on deafer ears, I can tell you.

Q: But why would you want to cover your ears?

Simply priceless.

The whole thing about how he rants about the 'stupidity' of bloggers and how 'rubbish' the blogs are simply shows his ignorance.

"Our bloggers are really not up to standard. When they put up something, it’s not something that they want to discuss in a very intellectual way.

It’s more because of their anger - the language they use. Why should I read all this rubbish?"

Does that mean we should stop reading newspapers since this interview shows that he is not answering the questions in an intellectual manner and despite the poor choice of words he used? Tsk. Such hypocritical attitude.

Plenty of other gems in that interview, I salute the reporter for picking up on his gaffes and attacking them relentlessly. It's sheer comedy seeing how he covers up the 'minority' issue slip after slip.

zorro said...

Thanks for the alert. Fact is I was reading it over my sunday bak-kut-teh and it spoilt my bkt. I have been reminded many times not to say or write anything when I am angry. I still am at 5.31pm. This lapsed catholic is going to church now to simmer down. Chances are slim though. Lets see by late night. Great piece brother. When you take her (the reporter out for food) call me and we share the bill.

Anonymous said...

Since reading the NST interview earlier today, I've been monitoring all my favourite blogs to see the online reactions. I think this blog is the first to post about the article. Well done to the interviewer, Aniza Damis, and the people who approved the publication of the interview. Maybe there's hope for unbiased and critical reporting in mainstream newspapers yet.

@ zorro - make sure you guys treat her to a big makan :)

Angelia said...

It was literally a jaw dropping article, both the hubs and I read it with disbelief that anyone could really be that.. err.. (feel free to fill in the word)..

what does it say tho about those voters who let these kind of MPs in?

there are so many holes in his "arguments", its just .. aiyoooo geramnya!


Anonymous said...

First, it was erect. Then it sort of flattened down. Then I had to open my mouth.

Big Bad Wolf said...

I felt funny, confused, angry, and disgusted when I read this article.

The way a minister answers the questions show a very shallow and immature thinking. And this is all coming out from a lawyer too.

Is there still hope for malaysia with clowns such as this residing in the cabinet?

I doubt so.

Guess it's time to fill up the migration application form.

Anonymous said...

If this guy is not putting his foot into his own mouth, who is! And mind you, he represents the PM too.

Bloggers no standard? Aiyah, please read what you have spoken to see if you got standard or not la.

Chiat Lat

jasonwcm said...

A: There isn’t a crisis. (what?) It’s a false allegation.(what???!!)

When people do not go to the courts to settle their disputes, that’s when there’s a crisis. (what kind of analogy is this? there isn't even the slightest element of rationale in this?)

Q: So, what you are suggesting is, if people are unhappy with the judiciary, they should vote BN out?

A: Ya. (good. understood)

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for the alert i can feel a bit pround with my spm grade3 least i am not so dummy like mr nazri ..good lord !! apa pasal raykat malaysia boleh choose this moron anyway make me wonder? i am just a janitor malaysian are you still gonna vote for him ..wake up please ..

Anonymous said...

Q: So, what you are suggesting is, if people are unhappy with the judiciary, they should vote BN out?

A: Ya. (good. understood)

The man has given his advice to all voters. So dont say he didnt tell you what to do lo.

This type of advice wont get him far. Foot in mouth disease la.

Chia Lat

Skodeng said...

Terberak si Beruk menjawab soalan magic.

Anonymous said...

Come on, guys. Give that Nazri chap some credit. At least he was honest when he said:

"I don't know. I don't know anything".

For once, a politician acknowledges that he knows absolutely nothing.

mob1900 said...

I felt dumber after reading the interview or inter-abuse, Nazi Nazree never stood a chance. He does not prepare himself or knew anything about the topic he's talking about. I almost felt sorry this dud. He made a mockery out of our constitution and everyone in-between that should be compel to vote this fool out.

The judiciary should be working for the Rakyat, NOT the ruling party or Gov, hence this crisis we're in. It can't be Voted Out like he suggested. Hence the reason for our judiciary to be independent. It doesn't come with the party you voted in. He's a total Buffoon in all his glory.

Anonymous said...

No Standard... Tell the lawyer to sit and chit chat at the kopi shop la, go walk for EEHHH.. ah?

Anonymous said...

NAA not only looks like the
Crazy Frog' he talks like him too!
He is a complete waste of space and needs to be excised from his post otherwise he will continue to bring nothing but shame and disrepute upon Malaysia.
Thank NST for exposing him in the 'officially approved' media.

Anonymous said...

He should apply the same principle of how many of those people who are actually born and live in this country and voted for UMNO.

jasonwcm said...

I can't find anything else to say than to quote this quote.

"It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt." - Mark Twain

artchan said...

really ugly close up.....but the straight up and sideways caption would be more apt if we replace the words "the rakyat" with "the taxi driver"

Anonymous said...

What can I say? Oh Lord. Have some mercy on Malaysia.

Dizzer said...

Yep, that interview leapt out of the pages of the NST on Sunday. My immediate reaction was Point One of your analysis.

Clearly, the NST or a group at the NST has decided to stitch him up because a professional paper (despite its pro-government agenda) would never reprint verbatim answers, especially when the subject is made to sound like a fool. It's standard journalistic practice to smooth out dodgy English, remove pauses and repetitions, and correct broken syntax -none of us really speaks grammatically. Couldn't believe that they kept the 'M.... F...ers' quote!

This article must have got the go-ahead from the top brass. No way would a high profile interview with a Minister currently in the spotlight be left to the discretion of a solitary reporter.

The real question is why? And what does it mean?

anfield devotee said...

Tis the curse of Mat Bulat syndrome (remember him?). When faced with the legal or press fraternities who have sharply tuned bullshit detectors, what can the govt do?
Fooking swamp the lot in the brown stuff until nobody can hear their muffled screams !!!

And in Nazri, they have the ultimate weapon to bamboozle us all with his neverending stream of fooking shite.

Never thought I'd see the day when someone could be a bigger moron than Mohd Rahmat, but here in M'sia, anything is fooking possible . . .

Anonymous said...

This is a true tuna sing if ever there's one. Like I've said at Lulu's his gesture is similarly interpreted by Patrick here.


megaman said...

well ...

at least educated people reading the NST would realize that we have morons in the government.

Unfortunately, the more backward poor rural folk would still vote these morons back in simply just because they are less informed.

Remember Nazri's own word, only the majority counts and the rural folk are definitely the majority.

Maybe, he's not such a dungu that everyone else thinks he is.

Anonymous said...

This confims my suspicion that this moron is indeed the "de fective" law minister

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

uncle wong,

that stupid jerai fella should also be grilled with some no-holds-barred questions from aniza. he sure will stutter with his answer and poops his pants right off.

mentally-deranged MPs shouldnt be in the parliament in the first place anyway.

Anonymous said...

You just need to be a mong to be a minister in the BN government. Malu lah.

Anonymous said...

He looks lecherous like actor Telly Savalas used to...with all that puffiness and crudely oversized facial features with kinda pointed head.

Niamah! Like a humsup defrocked Buddhist monk and he's apparently that proud of his 'unique looks'.


Mandeep Gill said... should put this up for the profile's random question.

Your government is corrupted. people from tribal villages even agree with intellectual reasons. the ministers in cabinet are morons and they bitch about bloggers who probably have far higher intellect and transparent lives than they have ever seen. where are you from?

What goes around comes around. Hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

And of higher ethical and moral outlook too as well. Only scums would become unabashed whatcamacallit, "niamah, tuna sing kwai lan...just because they can!

Anonymous said...

"I am the Ass and this here is the Hole".

Anonymous said...

WTF...Malaysian have to do something and stop these people from running our lives. Moron is too kind of a word for this nuthead!

I am not in the country, but if there's anything I can do, please let me know. It's time we get rid of these useless fool to take advantage of the country's resources! They are a waste of space.

Great job, Aniza!

Anonymous said...

Put your vote where your mouth is, guys.

Anonymous said...

Q: Is there a crisis in the judiciary? Why is there a perception of there being one?

Nazri: What crisis. No crisis. You guys are crazy. When everybody boycott the judiciary, then that is crisis. Now, only a few idiots who are unhappy with the judiciary, you tell me it is crisis. If I take my keris out and poke your ass, then maybe that is crisis. Otherwise no crisis.

The crisis is in the minds of those who created it.

Anonymous said...

Q: Some 1,000-2,000 lawyers were involved in the Bar Council walk. Are you saying that that many lawyers have been misled?

Nazri : Only 1,000 went to the ground. That is nothing lah. We have handle 40,000 people walking the street during the peak of the reformasi movement. 1000 people is nothing. We will blacklist those lawyers who participate in this kind of walk. That will teach them a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Q: You don’t think 1,000 is enough?

Nazri: 1,000 of 13,000 — is that a majority? What’s the big deal?

In a democracy, the minority cannot control the majority. The minority does not speak for the majority. Minorities like the non-muslims can shut the fuck up. You want to voice out, you join the majority. Sunat lanciau and masuk melayu. Then, only then we will listen to you.

Q: Aren’t the views of the minority also important?

Nazri: UMNO’s view is the most important. The rest of you just follow. We, UMNO warlords has sacrifice so much for the country. We deserve to be the most important people. For the rest of the non-UMNOs, especially non-malays, you just follow. You don’t question so much. You are glad we give you citizenship. Otherwise, we will ship you back to India and China.

Q: So, if you wanted to be convinced (that there is a crisis), you would need 7,000 lawyers to walk?

Nazri: Fuck the lawyers. Lawyers are not important to us. They can walk anywhere they want. Malaysian courts can go on without lawyers. Lawyers are a bunch of blood sucking people.

Q: Do you really want that many people marching in the streets?

Nazri: Why they want to march on the streets? They should go home and sleep. If they are not happy with us. Last time, when I was young, when I am not happy with my parents, I just lock myself in the room and sleep. After sleeping, I wake up and realize I was wrong and my parents are right.

Anonymous said...

Pat, I read it and distributed it to my colleagues much to everyones utter dismay, disbelief and disgust.

Nazri is a joke in the Cabinet - and his fellow MPs knows it.

The question is - why is God's name is he still an MP?

Anonymous said...

Sebab itu orang tua-tua kata pikir dulu sebelum buka mulut.

Recently AlJazeera interviewed him and Khairy, he can't even answer simple questions, semua tak tau...tak sure... and continously being defensive..... why does he agree to the interview in the first place?????

Anonymous said...

I think the moron is still in the cabinet because he is the smartest Malay in Malaysia. Don't you think so? He must have a say in every issue and must appear in the news everyday. Hate the lan jiau face.

bobmarLEE said...

All the hoo haa aside, I'm just wondering why the Bra Council oops I mean Bar Council is not doing anything or make any statement in reply to the "frivolous claims and allegations of Nazri" when he openly and expressly labelled the concerned lawyers who took to the streets with derogatory terms and equating them to oppositions. Well as they say, the Bar Council is just a toothless tiger and their "silence" is indeed prima facie of this. And what is the young lawyers stand on this?

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