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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

And so you're happy now, Pak Lah?

Today's NST N4 page story showed our Prime Minister and his wife cutting his birthday cake. How nice. Apparently, the PM is also very happy that the results of a survey showed that the people were happy with the government. Isn't it always so convenient huh? When surveys say nice things about the government, ministers and prime ministers are quickly quoted as saying the results show what the 'majority' want and are feeling or saying. But when it is the other way round it is almost always some Opposition or worse some Zionist scheme to discredit our wonderful majority-elected kerajaan (government in Malay). Just to clarify a bit here, I think that word comes from the root word raja which means king. Maybe now we understand why the government treats it's electors the way it does. Makes for some thinking eh? Anyway, back to Pak Lah's birthday present. And so he is a happy man 'knowing' that the Malaysian people is behind him.

What I don't get is this. Where and when did Pak Lah or anybody in the Barisan Nasional get the idea that we the citizens want to get rid of them? Unless I have been reading everything wrong for the past 30 years that's not what we want. Not at all.

Okay la I am speaking for me personally.

Sure, the Alliance the predecessor of the BN won independence for then Malaya. Then later the Barisan Nasional continued the development of the country to what it is today. There are a lot of things that were good and a lot too that were bad and quite insane. And through the years we, the rakyat, have been voicing our praise for the good and criticising the bad. And through the years successive administrations have gotten so comfortable with their control over the rakyat that efforts of trying to shut down the voices of the people have increased and are treated as common practice. So now the people are merely saying to the administration, "Okay, hold on there. Enough is enough. Listen, you are OUR elected government. We have a say in how our country is being run." That also cannot ah? If cannot then say la we are a dictatorship.
No I do not want the Opposition to form the next government. Not at all. Personally I think the Opposition needs to get its act together. I don't even know what their manifesto is. How to vote for them? Vote for what ah? So that they can expose this councillor, protest the demolishing of that satay stall or temple, stand up in Parliament and provide national and international entertainment? No thank you. But I will give them the vote when I know that by doing so I will reduce the majority of those BN baargers and send them a message that I am not happy. In other words, be transparent, be accountable, be responsible, be what you were voted in for which is to be a servant to the people and the country.

So okay, corruption exists in every country (yes even Singapore is not spared) so as an ordinary member of the rakyat I am even prepared to concede that. Take la your blaardy bribes that allow you to build million Ringgit homes and send your children to schools abroad and allow your wives/husbands to shop in Paris, London, new York. Go ahead. A little bonus for you. But please make sure also la that the work you are supposed to do is done well la. Can ah? If you say can then you happy we happy everything kao tim. And we can move on without all this bickering. Like some Australian baarger told us straight in our faces already. Let's not always argue about how to cut and share the cake. Let's think about how to make the cake the biggest in the world. After all we all love records right?



Julian said...

think dewan bahasa dan pustaka needs to find a more suitable malay word to Government, certainly some of our 1/2 past 6 servants got it totally off.

maybe new better word in malay could be like (Parliament = Parlimen) so Government to be Governmen.

what do you think DBP

Raymond Woo said...

think dewan bahasa dan pustaka needs to find a more suitable malay word to Government, certainly some of our 1/2 past 6 servants got it totally off.

maybe new better word in malay could be like (Parliament = Parlimen) so Government to be Governmen.

what do you think DBP

pah nur said...

Dear Patrick, you couldn't have put it better. Binggo. You hit the bull's eye on the malaysians' sentiments dartboard.

I think the present criterion to becoming the government is, the gift of being obtuse and deluded.Or has it been like that since the Barisan won? Hmm.. If you're slightly schizophrenic like Nazry, even better.

I suggest the present government reminisce, go back to their predecessor's time of struggle towards obtaining independence. They ( the barisan national)have lost sight of the the reason why the Barisan National and its components were errected in the first place. We've freed ourselves from being occupied , by "penjajah", yet it is our own people who seem to be taking over the job. Where is the meaning of that?

Mandeep Gill said...

okay. Lol. I thought i was the only one who didn't have any clue about Opposition, having been only exposed to BN. Then again i just turned 20 and still can't vote so it doesn't make much difference. I think what you said made sense.

But...if they are going to stay in power. i mean lets just say i'm a minister- the epitome of all ugliness of politics sort of minister i can say like;

"You don't know anything about opposition, i KNOW i'm going to stay in office. YOU KNOW that, so why make a fuss? You have no choice but to put up with me. Dictatorship or not up to you. Cuz i don't give a fuck"

It sounds like a dead it?

vickna said...

i wouldn't want the opposition to form the gov either.. they'll probably just piss their pants and fu*k it all up...
it's a watch dog thats needed...
these morons are supposed to be the voices of the people, but here they are trying to shut us up!

and all this bullshit abt GIVING the people everything.. i say bolloc*s!!!
what they have done, is provide the most basic of basic necessities, and they're so bloody proud of themselves..

sometimes i just want to roll over and laugh la...

p.s. sorry for the long comment and implied vulgarities chief..

Seaqueen said...

If only it were that simple. They can be simple minded people but when it comes to things like politics, they just screw things up pretty well. Hoping that they'll do their job well is like building sand castles on the beach, knowing that it'll get destroyed in the end.

Trashed said...

The current BN government is made up of a coalition of 14 parties, albeit UMNO being the dominant party.

The Opposition is splintered - PKR, DAP, PAS, PBS, etc. Alone, they cannot do much except make a lot of noise, uncover scandals, etc. They need to come up with a joint manifesto to present the direction to where they want to take this country to.

We have seen the BN manifesto 4 years ago. Sadly, they have not kept their word. As a rakyat Malaysia, I feel cheated and abused as things (in general) seem to be getting worse and the govt is oblivious and seems intent on spending taxpayers money on wasteful projects - space flight, Port Klang Free Port Zone, etc.

On top of that, there is something wrong in-house - the current judiciary scandal, selective police actions, increase in crime rate, corruption, etc.

Bottom line is that ordinary rakyat like me feel that the current govt does not care a hoot about my needs.

Perhaps it is time to vote for someone else.

Anonymous said...

dear God,

please let this phaker choke on his birthday cake and die.

please hear our prayer.


Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

I knew there was a reason why I keep checking back to read your blog. It's because what you write makes simple common sense. I was really disappointed with the present gov for not doing their job properly at the same time even more disappointed with the opposition for just being opposing all the time. Instead of complaining and doing street peaceful protest/march, you oppose bargers should show the gov how to do a good job. First, maybe set up something to help the less privilege people, NOT asking them to gather in masses and risk getting arrested also affecting the peace & harmony of this country. When you are able to achieve this Hopefully than one day maybe one day in the future, the opposition can win the elections.

zewt said...

if that is the case... then we're neither here nor there... no?

tareh said...

well said!

Gunner for Life said...

We can gripe as much as we can and want -but there is still no other place better than Malaysia. Every country will have its silver lining and stinkers - for me - its the personal gratification that I can live in peace, work as hard as I can and live to enjoy the fruits I sow with my children. The stinkers are aplenty in BN - but we put them there - we voted for them - so dont point fingers coz u will find three pointing back at u.

Opposition havent changed the landscape much over the years as they have very little ground to cover - except for bitching. But thank goodness for Karpal - he is the stalwart and hope for his speedy recovery soon. As for the rest - a big fat YAWN.

And Pak Lah had better do plenty of wake-ups himself - there are clowns aplenty out there making him look bad - starting of with our beloved Nazri. What a thug - and he dare calls others such. Khairy? I dont know - and what we dont know we should fear most.

Nothing compels me to join in demos and marches - coz there isnt much need for it - except for the judicial issues and constant corruption in the police and state councils. Otherwise, where's the beef really?

Peace and love to all and piss on those with illwill.

Anonymous said...

Disappointing Malaysian Export

Surprising its published by the Star publications.

Dream on Pak Lah

kiaq said...

it's not keRAJAan ... it's KERAjaan

Harry said...

Patrick, I enjoy reading your blog. But saying 'do the right thing or else... I'll send a letter and write on how angry I am' is not strong enough an incentive and message. It's BN supporters and people who thinks like you that is perpetuating their rule. I am also wondering if you ever made the effort to find out about other menifestos considering the millieu of our press in malaysia. and if they act as if the rakyat's money is their piggy bank, God knows what else can they disregard. our children? our jobs? our freedom? so its not ok for them to steal our money and go to paris or london. its not ok. things are so absurd, opposition seems for once, to be a viable choice.

bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

Jemputan untuk semua

shiver said...

sorry mate i dont agree with you. need to check what the opposition is about, i think we can have a change of govt as i dont even see anyone in the present govt who is capable enough to lead the country.

so do understand one thing, i maybe a minority but i maybe right in saying the opposition deserve a chance to run the country.

anything but barang naik!

d'Fish said...

well said la patrick. i think this post should be printed, posted and plastered in every govermen sector and agency...starting with the parliament building.

then we can call it democratic!

Trashed said...

d'fish said
"i think this post should be printed, posted and plastered in every govermen sector and agency...starting with the parliament building.

then we can call it democratic!"

Here's some reality - the media is controlled, so Patrick's blog piece is unlikely to be published anywhere soon. It might be but I won't hold my breath waiting for that to happen. (Besides, he might want to get royalties !)

Another reality - the ruling party commands a large majority because of its control over information. Given this blog's visitor counter of over 340,000 in about 12 months, this adds up to about 30,000 per month. Assuming that all are unique visitors and about 70% are in Malaysia, this blog reaches only 20,000 Malaysians in all locations including Sabah and Sarawak.

Information needs to reach a much wider audience. This is where people with Internet access can help. So, instead of walking in the streets, as some folks do not see the need to, then one way is to impart the information/articles that you read on the Internet to those who do not have access. Let them make a more informed decision - whether to vote BN or not.

As it stands, those who read or view the mainstream media, especially the Malay papers probably think that it is too dangerous for the Opposition to be allowed to run the country. The Fear Factor is sublimely instilled.

Put another way - you are reading this because you have Internet access. What if you didn't have it?

Marsha M said...

you're going to vote them in....AGAIN???? alamak, damn, I am disappointed, man! :-) i want someone to shoot our dear beloved PM for being such an ignorant baaaaasssterd who thinks that we all don't count for nothing.

you all all chinese, indian, at least got something lah. sooner or later, people like me, classified under LAIN LAIN can go to tell lor they got biggest percentage mah.

actually, am I still considered a Malaysian I also dunno, you know.


zorro said...

Patrick, time is running out. The Opposition are communal parties and I have little hope in them. At this stage the BN will, with the full machinery including the Election Commission behind them, be hard to bungkus. But we need to reduce their majority drastically. Just vote opposition or any independent candidates instead of the incumbent. We need to show them that we have the power to make our votes count. To me, that is the only alternative...a kick in the face, more effective that a kick in the butt. No time lah to dissect manifesto or visions. Slap them out of their complacency and arrogance.
I am getting angry....and when I am angry I drink too much...but then again when I drink too much, I become happy and then dont get angry until some of the vomit in BN makes me angry again. Going for a drink now....ta Patrick.

patrickteoh said...

I know exactly where you are coming from, Zorro. That's what I have been doing for the last 2 general elections. I vote for the non-BN party wherever I am. To try and reduce their majority and therefore their arrogance in bulldozing everything that stands in their way. I agree 100% with your description of Opposition parties.

patrickteoh said...

I know exactly where you are coming from, Zorro. That's what I have been doing for the last 2 general elections. I vote for the non-BN party wherever I am. To try and reduce their majority and therefore their arrogance in bulldozing everything that stands in their way. I agree 100% with your description of Opposition parties.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat,

Have been enjoyin' your days at Radio 4, having callin' u ND yASMIN yUSOFF
in the a.m. and manufacturing tantalizing stories during the Friday midnight segment hosted by Constance.
I really made up a lot of storeis...hehehehehehehe.

Antares said...

kiaq said...

"it's not keRAJAan ... it's KERAjaan"

That's brilliant, kiaq. Another suggestion: since we've imported so many English words simply by Malayizing their spelling, why not just use the word GARMENT instead of kera-jaan? After all, that's how most Malaysians pronounce "government" - and, besides, "garment" describes exactly what these jabbering nincompoops do best, i.e., cover up their own crimes and incompetencies.

Patrick, I strongly disagree with your view that only the BN can play the role of Garment. The Opposition flers have been Opposition for as long as I remember mainly because they have NEVER been given a chance to prove their mettle. Remember, in 1969, the Opposition won almost half the parliamentary seats? Which is really what prompted May 13 - even then BN didn't believe in fair play and integrity, only dirty tricks! Why be so chickenshit about trying something NEW? I personally know a lot of people in the DAP, PKR - even PAS - who I believe will do very well if given the chance. Getting good at anything calls for experience - just like acting, right? So if we don't allow the newbies to go on stage, how will we know their true worth? In the end it really doesn't matter which or which party is in charge - so long as the CHECKS AND BALANCES are inplace and in working order. In other words, it is IMPERATIVE that all repressive laws be abolished. Only then will we be able to ensure
good governance. Imagine: no ISA, OSA, Police Act against "illegal assembly," Universities & Colleges Act - and all that authoritarian bullshit. When freedom of information is enshrined by law and freedom of expression guaranteed, genuine feedback will become possible. If the media aren't allowed to expose corruption and unethical behavior, the judges are mere political lackeys, and elections are rigged... how on earth can any garment do the job it's paid to do?

Since the Dr M era, BN has been so arrogant and misguided that it MUST be sent to the corner with a dunce cap while others are given the chance to come in and clear the cobwebs. The new arrivals in the next Garment must swear by all that they hold sacred to IMMEDIATELY repeal the ISA, OSA, etc - indeed, any antiquated law designed to infantilize the public forever! You accuse the Opposition of being "communal" - well, what are UMNO, MCA, and MIC all about??? Fact is, ethnic chauvinism can only be outgrown when enough people attain a certain level of affluence and start traveling the world; they invariably return with more open minds and hearts. Race politics serves to keep the elite in power, that's why they keep fanning the flames of racial tension with their absurd policies. Divide and rule, oldest trick in the Book of Macchiavelli.

One last point to ponder: Robert Anton Wilson once said that an honest politician would be a national calamity. How so? This is his answer: "While a dishonest politician is interested only in bettering his own lot through abusing the public trust, an honest politician is far more dangerous since he is honestly interested in bettering society through political action, and that means writing and implementing more and more laws. Creating more laws simply creates more criminals. Laws inherently restrict individual freedom, and the explosive rate at which laws are being created means that every citizen in the course of his daily life does not have the research capacity to not violate at least one of the plethora of laws. It is only through honest politicians trying to change the world through laws that true tyranny can come into being through excessive legislation."

Now... in view of that, perhaps you're quite right. Maybe we ought to let BN rule forever! :-)

Trashed said...

Thanks, Antares, for that commentary by RA Wilson. Certainly food for thought.

As for the rest of your comments, thanks for the revisiting of history of May 13. We may never be told of the true story behind it all due to the suppression of information but the facts were that in 1969, the Opposition was getting more seats than thought possible and some action was taken by agent provacateurs, identities as yet unlknown to the general public.

History has shown that political behemoths such as Congress Party (India) and LDP (Japan) which were once thought to be unbeatable, have been taken off their high horses. They have since returned to power in their respective countries albeit more compliant to their electorate.

Recent political events such as the change in govt in Australia and even the defeat of Hugo Chavez's referendum in Venezuela reinforces what Patrick is espousing in this blog - the people rule.

End of the day, do not let fear rule your choice.

dee said...

exactly my sentiment Patrick. I dont want the opposition in power, i just want to reduce the BN stronghold and put more oppositions in the parliament as watchdogs. It's just a pity not everyone understand this concept.

c guevara said...

Many friends of mind told me that how nice their ADUN or MP that help them to unclog the drain, to clean the sampah everywhere,to build new paved roads or even donated to schools. But what we all really want here is not the physical and most of the time, false promises,.

of course i'm not saying that i dont need a clean drain, or i dont need a nice big roads infront of my house , but then i feel that a really GOOD MP or ADUN are those who can debate for us in the Parliament. Not to stay silent like dead shits whenever problems are being raised in the dewan.

we want the MPs that can help us to protect our rights, unlike those who always claimed that they did alot, like helping malaysians to study the whole like(lifelong study) or to become a bersih leader. I dont want all that kinds of bullshits. I want my rights and a leader that really speaks the truth for the sake of the rakyat.

wake up malaysians. wake up.

one or two new paved roads or new bus stops for every five years is not what we want from our government.

one or two corrupted government officials being INVESTIGATED only for every five years is not what I want .

One or two broke politicians to own million dollars palace is a really shameful thing for me as a malaysian, and by which he is still a legal free man.

anfield devotee said...

Well said, Antares, except fer the part where you say people will outgrow their old habits with more affluence & bigger world view. Sorry, know of a lot of fookers who studied overseas & came back even bigger bigots.

Mr Teoh, how cann lar? We will never know how opposition works if we keep sticking to this formula. And BN always use it as an excuse - only they have the experience to govern. Chicken & egg thing rite?

Fook that. All that fooking experience & look at what the current administration has done. They can fook off!

But am realists enough to know they will still get 2/3 majority simply because too many m'sians are afraid of change.

BarryNg 黄国团 said...

what a blog to share our concerns over the alleged misrepresentations within OUR beloved country - Malaysia!

I had linked NIAMAH! ( What a word ) to mine at

We voice because we care !

c53k said...

Pat & Zorro,

I'm in tune with Antares 100%!

A lot of us often forget these simple facts;

1) A TRUE democratic government has 3 INDEPENDENT branches, namely administrative, legislative & executive

2) Majority-elected political party form government of the day. Their functions are mainly in the EXECUTIVE side


4) Both the ADMINISTRATIVE & LEGISLATIVE are run by professionals of high integrity.

5) All 3 act as CHECKS AND BALANCES to prevent EACH OTHERS' excesses!

This is the true essence of - People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

VERY UNFORTUNATELY - & mainly the legacy of TDM - these scenarios have been TOTALLY DISTORTED in Bolehland!!

Right now the BN executives are calling the shots over the other two government branches through years of manipulations within the administrative & legislative.

Truly - are the BN executives any where better than the OPPOSITIONS members?

So Zorro's - "The Opposition are communal parties and I have little hope in them." - applies equally to BN

A lot of US has somehow mistaken that THE OPPOSITIONS have NO experiences to run a government! THIS IS WRONG!!!

If the ADMINISTRATIVE & LEGISLATIVE of the day are effective & conducted by people of high calibres THEN the GOVERNMENT will FUNCTION properly, thought through a course of rough passages rather than smooth sailing if the current EXECUTIVE is NOT of the same calibres.

Look at Japan, India, Taiwan or most of the European countries. The executives come & go AND yet the governments function as normal.


AND we’re back to the questions of the independent & high calibers of the ADMINISTRATIVE & LEGISLATIVE!!!

SO Bolehland can have an alternative government to the present BN NOW. The IN-EXPERIENCES of the OPPOSITIONS is NOT a hindrance!

This often quoted argument is FRAUD!!!!

However, the current works to reform the Bolehland government is THAT much difficult due to the fact that we need to CLEAN OUT the ADMINISTRATIVE & LEGISLATIVE also & Fast too!!! The rots in all 3 are getting deeper & difficult to amend due to 20+years of shit-stirring.


So give OPPOSITIONS the chance NOW for the sake of the future Bolehlanders!

I’m not interested in reducing the 2/3 of BN AND I’ve BIG DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Endlesswinter said...

yes! let's make the biggest cake in the world. it's sort of like sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit. in anyway, we are still able to taste the wonderful cake. don't just keep thinking about sharing the cake. the taste be not be so nice anymore then.

Anonymous said...

I have been voting for BN like forever. This time I am voting for the opposition. I dont care if its PAS, DAP, PKR or independent. The person could have 3 eyes, 4 ears and 5 mouths.... i so dont care. He could be eating kittens for breakfast... I dont really care about that also. I will still vote for him (or her) as long as they are not dacing!!! I will talk to everyone I know as to why we MUST deny BN 2/3 majority in Parliament until i cannot talk or lose my voice or simply drop and die.
I hate BN...

Lone said...

We all think we know who Bodohwe is. Those of you who are eligible to vote and have not registered to vote and those of you who fell over for someone's sweet words the last time around; go look at the mirror and you will truly discover who Bodohwe really is!
Stop being Bodohwes and Mushrooms, you do not deserve the shit you are being fed by the BN and the MSM (mainstream media), wake up and one day we may all smell the roses. Go register as a voter and when the 12th election comes, vote wisely.
Click on this
So go out there and get your neighbours, friends, workmates etc etc who are eligible to vote to get registered as voters. There may still make it for the 12th election!

somboon cheanswaths said...

Actually the word kerajaan does not come from the root word RAJA. That would be an insult to the institution of kingship. It actually comes from the root word KERA. Presumably it dates back to when we came down from trees and started walking on two feet. The monkey world then need a sort of ruling system for the stronger apes to lord it over the weaker apes. Thus KERAjaan came about.

Aronil said...

If you do not vote for BN who do u side with don't mind me asking. Or is it random.. one year it could be DAP another time it can be.. PAS?

Coming from my POV, I think u've voiced it very clearly what the community is making a 'riot' about. No country or anything can run without some form of governance, but at the same time, it'll be nice to know if your governing body is at least doing their job well. Overseeing the possibilities to make the country better.

For my case, I'm rather upset that the government does not seem to put in as much effort as they do in other things such as the arts scene here in Malaysia. Sure they can say that they do give their put here and there, but have they really bothered to help nurture young talents who want to get into the industry? This is on my part anyway. What they rather enhance are more engineers, more technicians, more accountants... woo hoo... and do the children who grow up even know how to think in the end with all education that is not even focus in one language? My gosh my sister and brother are having headache just to keep up to switch between english science and bm, science.

Sorry long long rant. But I suppose that is why, even though I am of age... i don't really bother voting. :P Cause I doubt they will change much or improve much... they'll say they will but far can we trust that promise..