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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Commenting on calls from the people urging the Government to invoke the ISA to tackle street demonstrations, the Prime Minister said: "I am very surprised that the people want the ISA. I thought they never wanted the ISA".- Govt will impose ISA when situation warrants, says Pak Lah, Bernama 27 Nov 2007.

This is so good la. So good. I am holding my breath for another statement from the resident cabinet moron, Nazri to say something like..."there you are I told you what. The majority wants us. All you Berrsih la, HINDRAF la. All you all are monkeys la. You are the minority only. We are the majority. The rakyat elected us and they want us here"...or something equally laughable. Now even our somnambulistic Prime Minister is voicing his own inane fantasies.

The people want the ISA??? How many voices translate to the "people"? The majority that you and your inadequate cabinet constantly trumpet about? So when it suits you 2 voices, in the parliament house toilet probably, means "the people". And 60,000 in front of the Agung's palace and 4,000 at the British High Commission translates to just some trouble makers out to create racial hatred issit? How convenient.

Pak Lah, it's time to realise and wake up to the fact that the ISA and May13 have lost a lot of their threats. People now realise more than ever that to have a hand in managing their country they have to get their voices heard. They realise too that in order to progress, prosper it means they have to stop being Malay, Chinese, Indian, lain-lain and become truly a Bangsa Malaysia.



abdullahBoleh said...

patrick,they will never wake up and still sleeping soundly

Anonymous said...

Patrick, we may see ourselves as bangsa, unfortunately our government only sees us based on race and religion and even uses that against us. How many generations of Malaysian born non-Malays will it take for us to be recognised as one and the same, Malaysian?
Disappointed young Malaysian

M Fitri M Shukri said...

From the book best selling book, "The World Is Flat" written by renowned authour Thomas Friedman, the right leaders for the global flat world are those who can inspire people to work hard and wok smart, and take advantage of the new emerging opportunity in the global world.

Sleeping on the job ain't inspiring people
Saying 'saya tak tahu' ain't inspirational either
And now, threats of ISA!

Malaysia going down the drain with PakLah and his UMNO/BN government

bob said...

eh! He must be sleep walking! Unbelievable, these people never think before speaking in front of general public. Malaysia is going no where with this bunch of people.

God bless Malaysia!

bloody24252425 said...

yo patrick..whens ur next comedy show?damn blardy good the executive spa..faster come out ur new show la..cant wait too long..hahahaha

NIAMAH!i luv dis word after readin...

adam and eve said...

dear Patric,
i guess the country has got to go into the deepest chasm before it can resurrect itself.this is just midway there is more shit to come.


@dam said...



pah nur said...

Wait a minute. Who are causing the racial hatred again? The 60,000 plus 4000 people voicing out against being oppressed , or the system that had failed to to make sure oppression did not occur in the first place? Hmmm...

So what are the rakyat suppose to do when being fed with shit on a silver platter? Say "oh thank you, please hand me over some more of those delicious shit"?

My fav saying is, a society oppressed, poor, uneducated, have got nothing to loose. So what is ISA and 13th May to these people when they face similar situations everyday in their daily lives,being oppressed anyway? The difference is, ISA/13th may is painful physically and the other one is mentally. Ever heard of temporary insanity? Might as well give fighting for a better life a shot....

Anonymous said...

Very well put!
This UMNO led government is nothing but a scam. And those mutes in MCA & MIC are nothing but dust mites.

Time to show this Badawi and his entourage the door.

I am voting for change.

u-en said...

see how quickly the hindraf rally got obscured in the very same discriminatory stereotyping the protestors were trying so hard to highlight.

to the exclusion of everything else the mainstream media fixed on the RM14tril issue (which has since been quietly dropped), the "criminal element" that would inevitably endanger peace-loving sunday shoppers (ditto), and the exploitation of emotions by unscrupulous fringe loonies. this all leads to the conclusion that indians are a) emotional b) money-grubbers and c) habitual trouble-makers.

likewise the police acted with considerably more restraint at the bersih rally. you have to draw your own conclusions on that.

in any case, it is now seditious to download and circulate the memorandum hindraf intended to deliver. i wonder why. if, as was reported, it contained nothing more than what an NST leader-writer justly called a "quixotic" demand for money from the British Government, then how is our national security endangered? 14 trillion is i think the net monetary equivalent of several decades of +8 per cent GDP growth. assisting hindraf in this claim should therefore be pursued as a matter of national policy.

in one fell swoop RM14tril would eradicate the problem of indian community underdevelopment, and the cash would be equivalent to the same in FDI terms--with the added attraction of not having to fly a chap to the moon.

my former colleagues are not all idiots and the Star at least ran a hindraf statement today, as well as a couple of letters either in favour of political action, or at least not hostile to the idea of street protests as a democratic instrument.

this is all well and good.

however, it is all pointless when our elected representatives (on both sides of the House) lack the wit to understand what is happening.

Tinesh said...

Hey Uncle Pat..Nazri already said some funny stuff..He called the HINDRAF flers 'penyagak" which means crook..That's okay..But he said that the 1 million Indians who didn't join the rally were fully behind the gomen..Haiya..You think we still behind the gomen after how you treat my fellow Indians ar?? Damn funny la this fler..

PS: I cant put this in my blog because I have strict and explicit orders from my parents..Im more afraid of them than the gomen :P

Anonymous said...

If I have no credible opposition at my constituency, I will just spoil the vote to write "Constitution FIRST!". People forget that we have another choice. We are also sending a clear message to the jokers that they should not think that rakyat is stupid if not given a choice. IF the percentage is big enough, the analsyst will know which group spoils it. Aiyah, they know who voted for who in election one le.

patrickteoh said...

No anon. don't spoil your vote la. u vote the opposition in your constituency because you want to deny the BN their comfort zone. To let them know that you are watching and not happy. Like I've said before I don't think anybody, except the Opposition themselves, want the Opposition to win and form the next government.

Hiya, tinesh, that fler says some really moronic things all the time one la. Really ah, Tinesh? what are your parents afraid that you will do? Become aware and start to become involved issit?

Well said, U-En. Both sides of the House lack the wit, Yes! How true. How sad. For us I mean.

Tinesh said...

LOL Nola!! I accidentally let it slip that I wrote some stuff about the fler la..And I got some pretty good sounding..As for being involved, I'm not political la..Just like following their idiocy

EnniE said...

its either deny BN's majority or 'divorce' the BN for the next 5 years. but then again the divorce part doesnt go well for terengganu state after 2004...

Anonymous said...

The people deserves the leaders they get. You people are espousing the bangsa malaysia concept but each one is clinging to its exclusive identity of a separate school for instance,and alien names instead of adopting a malaysian name whatever that is. So you are all bigger idiots.
P.s I say 'you' here because in my case I dont believe in this bangsa malaysia idea under existing condition

Kuku_Bird_Guy said...

Damn Patrick, you are a good writer... I didn't come here to read your rants, I come here to read how you write those English sentences. Where did you learn that? Any good books?

patrickteoh said...

thank you for your compliment, kuku bird guy. Personally, I know my Engrand isn't that hot la. If you want to read good English writing on blogs then go to my good old friend, zorro's blog at

he is witty, funny and his English has proper grammar.

Thanks for visiting KKB.

Kuku_Bird_Guy said...

Patrick, thanks a lot for the tip. Zorro's link is in my bookmark already.

By the way, your avatar (thumbnail icon) looks so brutal it gives an impression that you are a nasty guy. :)

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