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Sunday, November 11, 2007

November 10, 2007


November 10th 2007
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Voila! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is a vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished. However, this valorous visitation of a by-gone vexation, stands vivified and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin van-guarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition."

(V For Vendetta - Alan Moore)

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

(V For Vendetta - Alan Moore)


Anonymous said...

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step....many feet took many steps here.


anfield devotee said...

V for Vendatta - Great graphic novel, ok movie.

Perhaps only thru ANARCHY can M'sians be shaken out of their stupor.

After all, the authorities are already labelling the peaceful demonstrators as anarchists hell bent on "attacking the stability of the nation".

To quote another bunch of anarchists The Sex Pistols, "There's no future for you & me . . ."

rational thinker said...

wow..what a quote...

:) Yes, remember 10/11 we shall.

Anonymous said...

NST says "Illegal Gathering Causes Traffic Chaos In The City"

I say "Legal Goverment Causes Chaos In The Country"

Time To Make A Change.... And Stand Up Without Fear....

From what I saw yesterday, The much publicize Unity Band also can't compare to the Unity Gathering we had.... Remember 10-11-07

Sunny@Sri Damansara

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great blog Patrick.
What a great day for democracy, freedom and rights of the people 10 Nov. 2007 was.
The valiant Malaysian people defiantly expressed their disgust regarding the make believe democracy in Malaysia.
Election fraud must stop.
The BN charade has gone on much too long, enough is enough!
Voters need to turn out in full force at the next general election in order to give all BN component parties a hard slap in the face, by not voting for them.
The fantastic turn out of well over 50,000 yesterday was commendable, especially since many blogs were blocked, defaced or hacked, and government controlled tv, radio and print media, gave out false propaganda, misinformation and lied by announcing that the gathering had been cancelled.
Police set up road blocks and intimidating checks, illegally forced the diversion and detention of many buses loads of citizens, caused unnecessary massive traffic jams all around KL.
Despite all this fascist authoritarian bullying, the Malaysia people, to their great credit, demonstrated a wonderful example of peaceful people power.
People should not be afraid of their governments.
Governments should be afraid of their people.
V for Victory!!!

bayi said...


naeboo~ said...

"The French revolution was to change the political state of Europe, to terminate the strife of kings among themselves, and to commence that between kings and people. This would have taken place much later had not the kings themselves provoked it. They sought to suppress the revolution, and they extended it; for by attacking it they were to render it victorious.."
-Fran├žois Mignet on the FRench revolution

By attacking it, they were to render it victorious.


Anonymous said...

What victory?

What have we gained?

What have we learned?

Why march? Is this Malaysian?

What are u doing about your voting right?

Make a difference - go see the PM and be heard. If u cant, try again.

Anonymous said...

What victory?

What have we gained?

What have we learned?

Why march? Is this Malaysian?

What are u doing about your voting right?

Make a difference - go see the PM and be heard. If u cant, try again.

Johan Ariff said...

Great God, people calling for anarchy? Flame me all you want but I would prefer the present corrupted government rather than anarchy. What did we gain except for showing to outsiders that we're unhappy? What victory if it'd be the first stone of an avalanche that 'forces' outside intervention? Are we to be the next Iraq or Afghanistan? Puppet countries with puppet governments? I don't see the peace in this peaceful demonstration. People chanting and shouting, jeering at government vehicles. Call me hollywoodized but that's what I see in riot scenes in movies. Were we rioting?

I agree with previous poster, vote! I noticed that a lot of people only bitch and march and whatnot but when it comes to voting and other things that really matters, they give up before battling. Dude, Malaysia boleh?

Anonymous said...

anon 6:27 What rubbish comments from you.
An ardent UMNO supporter perhaps?
You, and those with similar sentiments, are pathetic unthinking followers.
You are the root cause of the decline of Malaysia.
Can you not see what is really happening?
Can you not see the selfishness of those in power and their hangers-on, the bribes, the corruption, the plundering and the make believe democracy?

The Bersih march was a glimmer of hope that at long last Malaysians are growing up.

All the bullshit about 'the Malaysian way' is just that pure unadulterated propaganda which is being used by BN to perpetuate their rape and pillage of this noble nation.

The Minister of Information is an excellent example of the calibre of the quality of the government.

The campaign for free and fair elections should continue
God willing the voters will be more discerning in the next general election

anfield devotee said...

As per expected, the very mention of the word 'anarchy' is enough to send some wankers (ie Johan, that'd be you) into a mental vortex.

As far as I am concerned, there's already a state of anarchy:
1) Local councils who do whatever the fook they like irrespective of the rakyat & sometimes even wave the finger at the Federal govt (eg King Zakaria, anyone?). When certain parties are a law onto themselves, that's ANARCHY!!!

2) Rela & other enforcement agencies literally being used as BN's strong arm. Very reminiscent of Adolf's Brown Shirts. If their recent behaviour in tearing down places of worship is anything to go by, we are already in a state of ANARCHY!!!

3) A judiciary that has lost all semblance of moral authority. When the law becomes a mockery, a nation is usually in a state of ANARCHY!!!

Vote, of course we must. But will it matter if the fooking elections are rigged anyways? Eh, Johan?

yok hoong said...


is vote we must. but this 10 eleven is for a free and fair election. if this objective is realised, then wouldnt your vote be more meaningful.
do you think 10 eleven would have gone to the street to protest if the EC and the goverment has listened. phantom voters a ghost? asked blogger rocky and he will tell you. suddenly more than 8,000 new voters in Ipoh Timur. Asked LKS and he will tell you. more than 95% voters slip given out in KT in last election and asked the PAS incumbent how did it happen. In the midst of all this, the gerrymandering continues where constituencies are delineated and redelineated at their whims and fancies with no legal redress.
think about it Johan. Do you want the current abuses of the election process to continue unabated and wait till the situation deteriorates to a Zimbabwee-like before the people can unite in protest.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:29

If u cant answer those questions logically, i think the root cause of the chaos lies with folks like YOU. All bitching and with inept action. U call marching (pointless and aimless I might add) a glimmer of hope??

What is the color of the sky in your planet??

The march is futile. VOTE. That is the key and try harder - dont bitch.

My affiliations are NOT in question here - its the basic fact that we marched and caused uneccessary anxiety and concern - that is the only result achieved.

patrickteoh said...

Anonymous, I think it is unfair to assume that people who write here are all apathetic and won't vote hoping to make changes. We do vote. We do care. Walking, marching etc. shows we care. A hell of a lot. And nobody in their right minds would do stuff like that if other avenues were available. Unless they're weirdos and perverts. Right? Our government is trying to tell us that we only have a voice or opinion about how our country is run once every 5 years! Surely you are not satisfied with that, are you? The walk caused unnecessary anxiety and concern??? That's the trouble with Malaysians I think. Like you said nobody wants to be 'disturbed' from their stupor.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pat - I do enjoy yr blogs and bloggers - but my angst was with the marching - I had a family and close friends nearby which caused much anxiety. It was really frightening when particles were being thrown - well, as a family man yrself, u get my point.

There's alot to be angry and annoyed about - esp with the state of the judicial process and review and also shocking ministers leading our government - I cant help but be utterly amazed by Nazri Aziz - what a clown. But then, we do need to exercise our voting rights - to ensure our rights and rights of our children are protected.

Mandeep Gill said...

call me dumb but i was going up and down lookin for ANON 10.29 and 6.27 thinking 'what the devil's anon? where're the anons? WHAT are anons??'

anonymous. ANONYMOUS.

i don't think it was futile. i think lots of people are glad it happened. people want to be heard. i'll be DAMNED TO ROT IN A FUC*ING ETERNAL HELL if people didn't write letters and attempt it through the government itself to start with and i'm sure THAT went up in smoke- which led to this.

people have been talking about this everywhere before the protest.

the protest took place and materialized what we belive to be true. people are not listening. Ministers are out to prove they either didn't pass english level SPM when being interviewed by al-jazeera and making skanky comments about women and bloggers.

now we've got their attention. on a massive scale. overrated? i wouldn't know. but at least now people have spoke their minds. the 'Malaysian way' is definitely out of trend, cuz if the government was meant to be the role model of that, it sure has become an ugly scene.

if this goes up in smoke, i won't be surprised though. since so many people actually are arguing about it like this.

don't get mad yo. hurts your health. get smart. think and write.

then again, i'm still not over the anon thing. hardy har har!

anyway the point, now its in everyone's FACE how messed up things have become. so do something about it. OBVIOUSLY people have tried going through the bloody PM. we're not THAT stupid. although the protest organizers probably had their own political agenda, we call the shots in the end. Still our choice na? Call the shots. just get up and call the shots.

i'm still underaged for voting, so leaving it up to other msians to do it for me is all i can do for now.

think about the small fries. your kids, future kids, your family. even for me, this is what its all about.

anfield devotee said...

to anonymous: good to see you responded with some sense after Mr Teoh joined in the fracas.

Prior to that you were just waffling bollocks. Of course we are voters! But my vote counts fer fook all when me HUGE constituency is one seat but the village next to it with 1/70 of the population is also designated one seat. Rite? Or this acceptable to ensure your family is NOT inconvenienced in any way.

But the fact remains you are atypical of Malaysians who think a march is 1) pointless 2) disturbance of the peace 3) illegal 4)traffic jam causing

How did Indians gain independence? By marching

How did the Blacks of America rise from being fifth class citizens in the 60s?
By marching

How did our ASEAN neighbour Phillipines get rid of a corrupt regime (Marcos & his shoe hoarder wife)?
By marching

You seem to think voting alone will fix the problems like the judiciary, the local councils, Nazri, Khairy etc etc. Please engage yer fooking brain before blogging, ok?

What colour is the sky in my world?
Fooking black as shite & by the way, BITCHING is my RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Alamak, so many people talk macam macam. Ordinary folks talk "rubbish" no body cares la. But when ministers talk, wah liao, somemore talk for the world to listen,aiyah,have some standard la. Talk sensibly ma, maybe some of us malaysians stupid, can be conned by ministers, but the whole world cannot be so stupid right? Somemore they ah, first world people you know, not like us, still practising tribal politics.

But good also la, let the those who have ears hear la. If anyone jatuh our standard, it must be those who spoke blokken engrish, making senseless statement. Pity la, now people think we lousy standard, how to make it by 2020? Is that why we now talking 2057 already? Postponed till this generation is no more.

Chia Lat man

Anonymous said...

anfield devotee - pls, the only person who's still bollocking is YOU. What the fish are u giving us freaking history lessons for? Just answer - what did the march do? Hope? What hope??? My core values lies with my family and children - and no way in hell am I foresaking their safety and well being for a bloody march. And if the color the sky in your world is the same as your own values - then, its your RIGHT and your own SHITE. So continue to bitch and blog - coz that's abt the only thing ure good at.

patrickteoh said...

HI anfield and anonymous. Let's fight among ourselves here. I appreciate what you are saying anon. Of course our core values lie with our family and children. But that is also why the walk (it was just that and not a march really)was organised. To ensure that our children grow up into a country that is worth living in. No blogging isn't the only thing we do anon. We try our best in our own little way to make a difference. We vote. We speak out against injustice. We teach our children to care about their country. We are passionate about our homeland. It's the only one we have. Peace.

patrickteoh said...

I meant "let's NOT fight". Sorry.

ikanbilis said...

if the Vendetta movie would come true, i'd be so glad if any of the governmental office blown up. like seriously! we need a gargantuan extreme make-over!!

anfield devotee said...

anon: You are being presumptous here when you assume that is all we do -bitch & blog.

Bet yer family has never been threathened by govt agents fer being enemies of the country fer no good reason.
ISA? Do you know what it feels like to be threathened with a legislation victims have no legal recourse to? I do.
Bet you've never had calls in the middle of the nite shouting obscenities at yer Mum.

Of course, ONLY YOU care bout yer family whereas the rest of us are wankers without kin or moral inclination of any kind.

And a man who ignores the lessons that history teaches us is quite simply a damn fool.

What did the march achieve?
Fer fooking starters, it mobilised M'sians into action. Given our years of apathy, it was some sight. It also showed a lot of people are NOT happy.

Were you aware that people of all age, race etc took part peacefully? Elderly makciks taking a bus from Melaka just so she can say she is NOT happy with the way things are.

Here's a question fer you - what else besides voting can we change a system rotten to the core?

PS: Please do NOT use words like "bollocking" if you are unsure on how to correctly use em. Yer mimicking is quite pathetic.

PSS: Mr Teoh, apologies fer turning yer blog into a battle ground.

pah nur said...

Frankly, what we need is a new party that really represents malaysians. A party that does not take care of interest of only one race, or one religion, or one person. UMNO takes care of the malays (huh..didn’t they took care of tone is more like the one used in reference to the Godfathers actually), the MCA the chinese, MIC, or should i just call it Samy's Party, and so forth. It is time we malaysian realise that wether we like it or not, we are stuck with each other, like some kind of a marriage. It is for us to decide wether we want it to be a good, or a baad marriage. Sincerity would be abolishing sekolah kebangsaan, sekolah tamil, sekolah cina, and come up with a good standard of integrated school with English as a medium. This arrogance about Bahasa Malaysia to which half of it came from Arabic/Persian/English language, isn’t going to get us anywhere. If we can spend millions to send one person into space, why not take care of the earthlings here and come up with a solid world class education system?? SINCERITY is totally the core of this new party and politician. If only such person exist. One who understands racism is so yesterday. One who could finally make Malaysia a land of hope for every race and religion. Isn’t that what all religion is all about? To unite all races? Let’s go back to the basics. I have a dreaaaaaammmmmmm……….

As for NEP, the idea is brilliant, but we need to implement it SINCERELY. You can’t expect taxpayers' money to be spent only on the poor malays, not on poor indians or chinese or the dan lain lains....a race that is poor and left behind, uneducated, have got nothing to loose and they will come back to haunt the society. And we wonder today, how come the crime rates are so high. The politicians prefers to stay obtuse because they need to stay in politics for self gain. They have lost sight as to what leadership really means.
We need that new fresh face who is strong enough to take up the challenge. We need more sincerity, and zero hypocracy. Until then, we are going down the mexico way.

Johan Ariff said...

Hoho, I just realized that my nick is my name. People do jump to conclusion that since I'm malay, I'm in full support of ketuanan Melayu. You can't be more wrong.

Pah nur, I agree totally with you but call me a pessimist, truthfully, it can't be done. I mean, racism is always there in Malaysia, often in the subtlest ways. Like it or not, a race or more will be treated lesser than another. Religion is worse, especially the Abrahamic ones, which condemn all other faiths. I got excommunicated by the Malays of my area for trying to learn about Christianity for about 2 years and I'm a Muslim. Furthermore, people always want to unite the races by destroying the differences. Where'd our culture go? I see, firsthand, what that caused in Russia. Here, the people are proud to say, I'm Russian, I'm Tartar, I'm Kavkaz but except for their hair and skin color, they're the same in every way. I say unite our differences. Again, your view is an ideal, like Communism and BN on paper. In my honest opinion, they can only be achieved in Utopia.

Anfield, yok hoong, I agree with the idea of taking it out to the street, putting demonstrations. But what happened was a riot short of looting and burning, not a demonstration. I agree that the voting system is effed up. I agree BN has been sitting comfortably for too long. I agree. But I have an Afghan friend who told me how he was pressing his back against a ruined wall while bullets were flying in front and behind him. I'm a coward; I do not want myself to be in that situation, let alone my children. If our demonstrations and riots and rebellions can go smoothly without outside interventions, that'd be nice but we're in a world with other nosy countries with a big arsenal of firearms. We're feeding reasons for them to step in. If we can demonstrate really peacefully, that'd be awesome. Again, utopia.

Hmm... In retrospect, what I write sounds really hypocritical. Oh well.

I did expect to be flamed and ridiculed for my views, but being called a wanker? Heh. Oh and teaching grammar to strengthen one's argument is just kindergatenny. Yes, there's no such word.

Oh, I'm sorry if I've caused any unpleasantness

galadriel said...

To commenters who said it isn't Malaysian to march, bollocks!

Malaysians are generally easy-going, live and let live kinda people.

But then too many of our rights have been eroded for a long time because we were easygoing.

Bersih march of Nov 10 serves to remind those wise enough to pay attention, that there is enough people who are fed up about the state of the country to want to say something about it.

At least that is why my friends and me took part. Regardless of Opposition presence, we marched for our own reasons.

Yes, we did achieve something. We got their attention....and a lot of others besides.

To anon 6.27

What victory?

The victory is that so many people of different walks of life overcame their apathy to brave the rains, tear gas and potential arrest to march.

What have we gained?


What have we learned?

That Malaysians care enough when push comes to shove.

Why march? Is this Malaysian?
Why not? What other ways have they given us in this country where everything is increasingly controlled and voices of reason is often shouted down and disparaged?

What are u doing about your voting right?

I voted, three times already, but money politics and gerrymandering has always tilted the favour towards people who are addicted to staying in power.

Anonymous said...

Anfield devotee.

Stop the bollocking. Yr stories are just as pathethic as the person u r. U lead a life of misery, chaos and paranoia - its no wonder u havent even started a family - so live with it. Until and unless u have yr own kin - u will never understand - and dont pass yr animosities to yr children when u do - god forbid.

Btw - were u there at all? What peaceful march r u talking abt? Please la get yr facts right. I was there - not for the freaking so called march - but like Johan said it was short of a riot etc. Bloody bricks were being thrown!!

So pls, my bane is with this stupid march - little did it achieved - only fear for my children and family.

And pls stop attacking bloggers who are disputing the march - it is my right to express dismay and my right to call it a waste of time. Every blogger their own values. Respect it.

anfield devotee said...

anon: well done on your well thought out comments. Such a hero who attacks others behind the cloak of anonymity. But condemn others who dare have differing opinions.

Of course my stories are pathetic compared to yours. My family has never been threatened . . .

Still no answer to the query regarding unequal election practices which negates the power of the vote? Or any other of the issues raised for that matter?

Typical. . .

cyh said...

Hey anon...give anfield the benefit of doubt rather than to call him paranoid. who says he doesn't have any kin? doesn't his mom count? How do you know he's not doing this to bring about positive change for his present/future family?

ront said...

I am proud that there were so many turned up at the rally.... weren't at the rally ah? I'd expect you to be there in the front line wor....

Sha said...

It seems to me (and my 20 years of being alive and Malaysian) that the only thing that makes people work in this country is the threat of movement. 10/11 was a good thing in my eyes, it'll certainly show everyone what's up in good old Malaysia. I don't see the point in advertising a free and happy community for the travel industry when in reality we're quite the contrary.

That's just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Anfield devotee - this will be my final comment - coz u are either blur or so immersed in your own paranoia - that you have failed to realize who attacked who - and who condemn who with oppposing views. Read the trail and get yr facts straignt my blurred paranoid bollocking blogger.

I must admit however, I do not have answers for the issue of inequal election practices. But as I have mentioned earlier, I do know in voting. And meeting with govt agencies and NGOs for matters which require attention.

What I do know is that this blogspace is great for people to express angst and frustrations - I see plentiful of people are courageously doing so - and all the materials and thoughts are insightful. To this, Niamah has become a personal favourite - kudos to Pat.

And Pat - i remember distinctly u quoted in FHM once that Malaysians are good for 2 things - eating and talking kok. I can directly relate to that.

In my humble opinion - the march was just an itch for the authorities to scratch - and they did and now its forgotten - but I will support a march which is peaceful and for the lack of a better word - professional. But u know what a panicky bunch we are - and thats exactly what happened that day. We panicked. And I cant blame anyone for that becoz we as Malaysians are not brought up to endeavour such challenges - do not for once compare us to India, USA and Manila - Malaysians do not know what real hardship is like. Anfield - have u seen what a Filipino eats daily - almost nothing and at times rotten vegtables every other day. I have seen real hardship. And dont pick up the romantism of marching experienced by other nations becoz in comparison to what we have gone through - there is NONE. With the exception of May 13. And that itself has taught us never to take things for granted - and it did bring fanmilies and friends closer. (Not born yet but that was what was shared by my belated mum.)

There is a lot to be mad about. I fully support change within the existing establishment becoz there is a need for one. As to how and what is the right approach - I'm all ears.

Snakie said...

ZAM on Al Jazeera:

"You think that we Pakistan, we are Burma, we are Myanmar. Everything you-you are thinking! WE ARE DIFFERENT! We are totally different!"


"Hey tuan, mana u belajar nih? myanmar and burma are the same country la pandai..."


"Correct correct correct correct correct correct...."

The.Thinker said...

"Remember remember the 10th of November,

The March Against Electoral Rot,

I don't see a reason that the voice of our nation,

Should ever be forgot."

- For Malaysia, Forever

eekamouse said...

More Nazri. Hahahahaha!!

megaman said...

well ...

total anarchy is definitely undesirable ...

Marching and street protest ?

Well, whoever that say it is not our "Msian ways" of doing things, then whoever it is, is either a hypocrite or a coward.

There has been numerous street protests and marches organized by the ruling BN for thousands of different reasons; for the Palestinians, against Condolezza Rice, for the Iraqis etc etc ...
So you are a hypocrite if you criticize the 10 Nov march but not these others.

As for worries about your own family members and friends. Well, you are right to worry about their safety but wrong to blame the 10 Nov march for such anxieties. Come on, nobody would want to go marching and protesting if nothing is wrong. Why blame the marchers and not the government for being ignorant of the plight of the common folk ?

We should take lessons from history about political apathy and doing nothing just to protect our own skins.

..So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannize will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.
- Voltaire

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. - Edmund Burke

When They First Came - poem by Pastor Martin Niemoeller in Nazi Germany

It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men. - Plato

Please, does anyone learn from history anymore or our memory so short that we only live in the present and take no notes from failures and wisdom of our forefathers.

I am worried about the safety of my family when we marched but I am more worried about their future if nothing changes.

I am worried that if I don't do anything now, my off-springs would be helpless in the future.

I am worried that all the sacrifices I made would be in vain, and I would live to see my future generations struggle harder and yet going nowhere while I become powerless to help them and becoming bitter as to why I didn't do anything when I had the chance.

If not now, when is it the right time for change ?

anfield devotee said...


Romanticsm? Better than outrite codemnation surely. Mr Teoh here has also given his stamp of approval on the "walk" as the right & just thing to do. You gonna condemn him as well?

Real hardships? Yes, I have seen real poverty & hardship. You assume we are all BLIND/STUPID/PRARANOID - THAT WE HAVE SEEN NOTHING & FEEL NOTHING FOR THIS NATION.
And must we wait till the rot is irreversible before acting?

Paranoid? Anon, you are just full of assumptions. Yes, I did read the trail. And to quote u:

"If u cant answer those questions logically, i think the root cause of the chaos lies with folks like YOU. All bitching and with inept action. U call marching (pointless and aimless I might add) a glimmer of hope??
What is the color of the sky in your planet??"

If that isn't condemning/attacking those with different views, I don't know what is. . .

Your last word? Thank God for small mercies.

PS: The Thinker , Sha, Snakie, whoever you are, well said, people.

PSS: Johan - sorry I called you a wanker & was nothing personal, just verbal jousting (plus it is nowhere near as offensive as our parliamentary debates).

Anonymous said...

Anfield devotee and still blur..

This is what started it - so please get yr facts straight (if u still dont get it..u never will).

Anonymous said...
anon 6:27 What rubbish comments from you.
An ardent UMNO supporter perhaps?
You, and those with similar sentiments, are pathetic unthinking followers.

As with Pat on marching - I will agree to disagree - until and unless there is a better way.

Again, my end to this topic.

taxpayer said...

hi patrick
I refer to the statement made by Controller of the Royal Household Datuk Wan Safian Wan Hasan yesterday about what Sultan Mizan think and said about the 10/11/07 gath? (today's The Star online)

hve u read it?

I can't believe 'our' Tuanku made such statement. NGO's and oppositions are not Rakyat?

The stink is becoming unbearable.
It's just pity for us, the taxpayers...

Gunner for Life said...

Taxpayer - there is no such comment made by the Tuanku.

Excerpt from the Star (Nov 17)
[In the statement issued yesterday via Comptroller of the Royal Household Datuk Wan Mohd Safiain Wan Hasan, Tuanku Mizan said that as the head of state, he was responsible in ensuring that the country’s administration based on the constitutional monarchy system as enshrined in the Federal Constitution was respected and adhered to by all.

He hoped the people would act in accordance with the law and not be involved in any illegal activity.

“Every Malaysian citizen is responsible for maintaining public order for continued peace and stability,” Tuanku Mizan decreed.]

Joelyn said...

i love the last quote
'people should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people'

-how that statement is so 'terbalik' when comes to malaysians. the majority of Malaysians still stands by this statement instead
'People SHOULD be afraid of the governments. Governments should NOT be afraid of their people' correct me if i just made a mistake by making a wrong statement in regards to the majorities Malaysians' mindset...but please don't send me to Kamunting...i still need to work
to get my brand new PSP slim n lite...

Gunner for Life said...

Reading today's papers got me riled. Pak Lah is more concerned abt dignity than getting results. I thought the broom award was an excellent unconventional way to wake up these sluggish bureaucrats.

Can there introduce the same award for MPs misbehaving in Parliament?

Use more dignified ways, says Pak Lah


KUALA TERENGGANU: The Prime Minister has given the boot to the “broom award”, which he deems to be demeaning.

“It should not have happened at all. Use more effective methods to enhance the performance of these agencies,” Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

obefiend said...

hey pat i do believe the first quote was not from the graphic novel. its an add on from the movie adaptation


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...


All those who keep harping on the fact that you should vote to make a difference and not march are no different from Nazri and Khairy.

You dumb idiots, the FACT remains, as cool Imtiaz malik put it, the opposition and others who differ from the government get no place in National papers. The only access is the net and that's very small in number.

And mind you, idiots, if the march had not been staged and the memo hand over by a dozen people, it would have been three paragraphs in the Star and NST, none in Utusan and Berita, 8 paragraphs in Chinese newspapers, no mention in RTM, NTV 7, TV3. And also, Aljazeera would have ignored it!!! Thank God those who care for the country marched.

Anonymous said...

I would like to leave a comment after observing all the comments in this post. The bitching and grousing here are a representative of the alternative voices of the silent majority; some took to the streets, many just observe or read the newspapers and hoping that something can be done on the state of the nation. The opinion is, the country is going to the dogs, or is it?
Personally I think the march is a start to a change in our docile Malaysian character and it can be a good thing. We need to think as one and not as seperate races, we are Malaysians. However,I have a disturbing thought. Are the marchers fighting for the same thing other than the election issue? Are they fighting for Bangsa Malaysia or a Islamized Malaysia?


Anonymous said...

dei, sudah satu bulan tak da blog, u ingat kita orang boleh tunggu itu maciam lama ka??

apa tak da isu mahu blog ka?

c'mon la

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