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Monday, December 10, 2007

Negative- Postive

This morning I had a conversation with this acquaintance that I sometimes do some charity work with. He is a successful businessman. A dato. A card carrying member of the MCA but not an active politician. Nice guy. But what he said got me quite pissed off at first and then it set me thinking about things in my country. How they are. How they should be. How they could have been. Okay this is how it started. As always.

He sort of insisted that I was always such a negative person when it comes to things about Malaysia. He suggested that I should change my attitude because negativity never got anybody anywhere. We have to be positive he said. Because without a positive outlook we can never change anything or get anywhere. Fair words I guess. I can’t argue with that surely. So what pissed me off?

Personally I get pissed off when people assume that I am negative about things just for the sake of being negative and that I don’t do anything about it. In other words that I don’t "walk the talk" which is fast becoming the 'in' catch phrase these days. Anyway, before this becomes a personal defense blog, which I don’t mean it to be, let’s get back to this ‘discussion’ I had with the Dato.

Okay, to counter my negative attitude toward things in Malaysia he invited me to attend an event to meet other ‘concerned’ Malaysians to talk about how we can make the difference. Okay nothing wrong with that either. Then he said that he could get some Chinese business person to give talks on how they, even being Chinese, had been able to benefit from government sponsored programmes and get government loans for business and this and that. He also said that there were educationists who were going to speak who would dispel notions that I had about the quality of education that my children would receive in Malaysia’s education system. Then he went on some more about how wonderful things are and that people should not focus on the negatives. Otherwise there will be ‘trouble’. I guess my tone of voice made him stop short of pulling out that ever useful reference to … (cue ominous music here…) May 13!

When he told me about the Chinese business person being able to get government loans etc. and that our children and grandchildren can and do get quality education which will equip them for the increasingly competitive future I stopped listening and began thinking to myself.

Here is a typical Malaysian. Chinese (but he could be Malay or Indian or Lain-lain). Fairly successful. Fairly well-off by any standards. Involved with charity work. Giving back to the community. Good man. But in my opinion his thinking is flawed. Why?

What points of debate he offered to counter my negativity very obviously showcases his thinking. He is thinking like an ‘orang pendatang’. Sure, Malaysia is a wonderful country. Can make money here. Life is not too tough. There are no calamities. Natural or man made. The food is good. Keep my mouth shut. Do some charity work. Life can be good. Very good.

Listen, Dato. We know that already. Nobody is arguing with anybody about the fact that Malaysia is a paradise and that is why we are willing to fight to defend it. Against what? Against bad administrators. Bad managers who, if left un-checked will bring our little paradise to ruin.

I believe that every true Malaysian, be he Malay, Chinese, Indian or any of our dozens of ethnic diversity, knows that Malaysia belongs to all Malaysians. And that to truly succeed in becoming a credible and respected player on the global stage we must all work together. Pull together in the same direction.

And now, Dato here it is…my negativity stems from the almost laughable way the administration has been handling their duties as elected managers of Malaysia.

They are the ones who tell us to unite as one nation, one people. But they are also the ones who divide with religion, race and culture. Claiming that it needs to be done to protect the ‘sensitivities’ of one race or another. And as we have witnessed time and again over the past couple of years this administration has taken on an air of arrogance that is now manifesting itself in its strong-arm, high-handed methods in resolving any issues that it deems irritating. I need not name incidents here for fear of treading on the sensitivities of so-and-so and this-and-that la.

Its recent handling of events like walks, marches, demonstrations shows its almost total non-understanding of what is happening on the ground to the people to whom they should be responsible. The Rakyat. Or perhaps they do understand and it is their way of showing us that they are the ones who wield the REAL power. Cannon, tear gas, ISA etc. Come la. Like that Nazri clown said on the Al-Jazeera interview the rule is “if you can call 40,000 I can call 1 million…”. Remember that boast? Unclear on the concept la the fler. But then that’s stating the obvious la. Anyway, I digress. Sorry. Or perhaps they are really desperate. They see what’s coming and don’t know how to deal with it. They are scared shitless. They finally realise that the people, the rakyat DO care and CAN make a difference and ARE prepared to speak out for their rights. Something we haven’t done for a long time so perhaps the BN flers have been lulled into a false sense of security and the wake-up call had altogether been too sudden and too unexpected.

Negative? Sure I am. I am negative about how I am being treated in my own country. I am negative about people who tell me to be positive but send their children to schools and colleges abroad. I am negative about people who tell me that it is wonderful to live here whatever is happening and then sign a check to pay for their mortgage for that house in Perth, Australia. I am negative about people who claim that they love Malaysia but also treasure their permanent residence status in another country. Just in case you know.

I am a Malaysian. I will live and I will die here. I have a stake in this country for my children and their children’s children. Yeah. So fuck you! I will be as negative as I want to be. This is my country.



mob1900 said...

You certainly told him off and I would add personaly I would shove my foot up this Dato' ass.

He's a Dato and a MaChAi. If he's a good business man, why does he aligned himself with them?

It's because he needs the title and connections. He has shown his intentions by subverting others and asserting his influence over others. That is clearly wrong.

As for Negativity, we called it Realistic.(tell the Dato to justify for his MaChAi's elegent silence when AMNO clearly shits on everyone).

Blind optimism is just plain ignorance to the sufferings of others.

And another thing to ask the Dato', if he's so fringin' positive, then why is he so concerned on dousing our 'Negativity'? It shouldn't concern him at all since he's soooooo cherry and gay!


cakap tak serupa bikin said...

Sounds familiar of those lap dogs

These kind of people will tell you not rock the boat while building up their chest from the loot.

To these people, principles don't exist in their vocabulary. So long can make money who cares, able to build bungalows here and overseas.

Full of hyprocrisy, they will use religion or noble practice eg charity as a facade to enrich themselves. Quite often they will make some donations with big splash on media to tell the whole world how kind are there, resorting to cheap publicity.

They will use corporate language to rationalise their objective, whether the right thing to do, who cares.

They are loyal phsychophant and parrots.

They make sure siphoned/stashed enough money overseas, in case their "bosses" no longer in power. They are the major contributor of the leakages of our nation wealth and resources.

Enough said, with these kind of people, how are we as Malaysian progress.
The plebian will be left to tatse the bones left after the gang rape.

mecharojak said...

well said, good post....too bad alot of chinese are still stuck in immigrant mentality.

sad said...

you have managed to put into words my feelings towards this country which doesn't love me anymore.
I am disappointed with the way this country has been administered.
NO, i am very sad.

sunnysardine said...

They say I am a pessimist, though I think I am an optimist, especially whenever I think and rethink who am I as a Malaysian. Therefore, I walk my way. Perhaps I am same like you. So I stand here with you.

rational thinker said...

Hi Pat,

Great posting. It is sad, that sometimes people only see beyond their own skins. They are only concerned about short term gains. "enjoy" the benefits, and don't change the status quo...and everythin will be fine. why move the hornet's nest?

No wonder MCA is so strong!

ps: i got to know a dato-ranked personality myself, as I got to know his son. He is as crooked as a crook!

Anonymous said...

Fucking spot on, Patrick!

ycg said...

YEAH! FUCK U! I'm being negative as well, and for a GOOD reason too!

Anonymous said...

Tell that Dato arsehole to fuck off! Even Zakar-ria did charity but where did his money come from? Dont tell me it is good to rob the rakyat and then do charity work. To me that's bull shit + cow shit + dog shit.

So I am a negative person also becos i dont see how Msia can get out from the rot we are in in the short term. Monkeys are on the loose in putrajaya and they are not going into extinction anytime soon.

God save Msia!

Anonymous said...

Well said Pat. Come to think of it, why isn't there any NEW political parties catering to True Malaysians irrespective of race and religion. I would vote for them

A Realist said...

Which hole did all these "well meaning and positive" people crawl out from? The all say the same things. Always the same talking points. Like it's pre programmed into their brain from the same source. And it's almost always people who are quite well off. Happily living in an insulated bubble and darn proud of it. Unable and unwilling to see that the gomen wants you to live in a bubble. Stay inside the bubble with your nice job, car, decent home, decent roads, shopping centers, movies, good food etc... Stay in there and don't ask any questions or demand anything. Let us be as corrupted as we like. Let us steal your inheritence right from under your nose. BUT... DON"T QUESTION anything! Or one day you might find that your bubble has burst and then what will you have.... (insert that dreaded date here...)

This kinda thinking is not positive. It's delusional and reeks of severe denial.

I'm staying negative.

patrickteoh said...

there are no non-racial political parties because they all know, including the Opposition, that the best way to get into power is to play the race card. And they do. We as the voting citizens just have to make sure that the parties we vote in are managed properly by US. And not allow them to get to a level where we become subservient to THEM which appears to be the case now and for the past 40 years.

anitakrishlee said...

Well said Patrick!

Alex said...

About 10 years ago a friend of mine told me when we're in this private university in Kajang(we're there because we couldn't get into any local university, eventhough most of us have got really good results in SPM, 10A1s, 11A1s... nothing strange there). So he said to me "I love my country, but my country doesn't love me" I didn't understand that at first, until I started working in Germany more than a year ago. That enabled me to see Malaysia from the 3rd point of view, and it helped me to gather thoughts from other people from other countries and their views about Malaysia, and how the Rakyat's being treated. I understood that now, after 10 years, that the people who are empowered by the Rakyat themselves, are not really using it to benefits the Rakyat, and a lot of times, they're exploiting it, and then make jokes about it at the Parliament. I don't think the Rakyat voted for people who wants to drive us out of the country, but we want people who are able to lead us better and make the country a better place, a better home for us, a country so good that other nations would want to learn and copy from us.
I believe that a lot of people want to love the country, but the country doesn't love them. So what can the people do, those who are luckier, got a job elsewhere and start a new live somewhere else. But for most of us, we want to leave, but we can't leave because the systems was designed so well that it's making sure that we'll stay. It's not hard to see it really, to have a set of meal at McDonald's in Europe, it'd cost you 5Euros(RM25), and in the USA, 6USD(RM20). But who wants to go to poorer counties? So in the end, just swallow the big rock and feel the pain later when you go to the bathroom. Sad... really sad!

chee said...

Hi Pat,like you,i'm always negative about our country ruler,the ultra magnificient BN way of governing us as true Malaysian.True to say,the BN flers want us to keep our mouth shut by threatening all sort of draconian rules to make all of us to obey.I really hope that we Malaysian MUST exercise our right to make the change in next election.No point we always complaints but when opportunity comes to change,they always ticked the unbalance dacing.So long as BN is till in power,i'll always NEGATIVE...

The Chink said...

In every country there is good and bad, +ve & -ve. Malaysia will never be an exception. However, recent events are evidence of our intolerance for horsecrap being shoved down the citizens' throat and we have to say thank you summore... and that means Mr Dato, that we don't want the country to become worse and worse.

I've been logging on to BBC but somehow can't seem to find ANY reports about the latest BERSIH rally which is VERY ODD indeed...

Gomen has done well to keep this as covered as possible. No freedom of speech here. If we let this continue, let's see how positive your Dato friend can stay when his children's children are robbed of our basic rights.

GobloKing said... always sceptical abt these bizmen latuk ppl.

This type of latuk should be honest themselves; did they buy their title or did they really EARNED it?

yeah..PT..u r right..

if msia is so wonnerful how come got ppl (EDUCATION MINISTER on top of this) send kids abroad to study ??

So is it to say Msian education system good enuff for us but not for the priviledged class ??

I BETCHA all of our esteemed leaders have bank accts galore OUTSIDE Msia..not to mention the PR in other Austr will give u one for a mere A$2million

I sure PRAY to all the Gods there may be that Msia do not become...


Once a proud and very very prosperous country but now??

Everyone who used to live in Zim used to call it paradise

No hunger
poverty - sure..SOME but NO hunger
economy, weather, soil, food, entertainment - fanbloodytastic

NOW?? inflation rate so high, u need a luggage full of money to buy a loaf of bread

U know who the REAL Malaysian is?

The ones who stick it out here despite being pissed on and nose rubbed in sh** !!

The ones who can easily escape elsewhere BUT who still hang around here because THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!

Am with u Pat...mati mati also OUR COUNTRY!!

crazyant said...

That Dato' reminds me of the fucker who wrote the book, "The Chinese Dilemma". All chinese businessman are the same lah. Don't kacau my rice bowl. I'm doing well. Fuck lah. Bloody fucking hypocrites.

ketua krani said...

You may not agree with him but what he says is true, positivism is more infectious than negativism
If you want to change the world you ahve to be positive, learn fromt eh great men in our past, Prophets Abraham, Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha, all positive people even int he most dire of situation
you can keep your negativism because no once can force you to change your attitude but peopel are like water, they move through the path of least reisstance and then they erode whatever rock, stone or obstacles in their path, ti is human nature
those who want to make change should first understand this

patrickteoh said...

Hi ketua kerani. Thanks for your comments. I am not really sure whether your term negativism means the same as my negativity about many things in Malaysia. Yes I agree to change the world one must be positive about what we believe and can achieve. I believe that too. I just would like to think of my negativity as a catalyst for me to make change and get on the road to being positive. You get my meaning? Please explain that last bit about people being like water. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Its like this. This Dato gets screwed all the time. But he is positive about it. He actually ENJOYS getting the screws 'cos after that he gets his goodies. So he says just enjoy it lah. In the end everyone benefits from the "friendly relationships and co-habitation".

So in your mind, just convert the "rape" into "mutual consent". And live happily ever after.

MCA = Must Consent Always (No Rape)

thquah said...

All of us can make the changes by Voting for a change!!!

Screw-in & Screw-out said...

What a great post. You are 100% right, Patrick. I was once a positive thinker when I was well treated as a true Malaysian during TAR's regine. Now, I have became a negative thinker after witnessing so many BN MPs behaving like monkeys in our Dewan Rakyat. Can you please tell me when the next general election is due? I have a family members of 30 to 40 awaiting for the chance to vote for the opposition parties irrespective of the quality of the candidates. Why should I be bother with the quality of the candidates when I am now a negative thinker?


Anonymous said...

Woot, you've got it spot on! Love your blog btw, I agree on almost all your views.

Ketua Krani said...

What I mean about people being like water is this: As a collective we tend to take the path of least resistance but just as water the path of least reistance is eroded in time just like a river cuts through the soil, whatever rock in its path will gradually be either moved along by the water or not slowly eroded through time.
Right now that datuk is just taking the path of least resistance, it is human nature, that is not to say he is right or wrong but most people think like him.
Obviously as human beings, if we believe oruselves to be the best of creation then we need to do better than that and that is what leaders are for, to inspire and motivate the rest of us to not take the path of least resistance.
I gues what I am saying is that in order for you to inspire people to do the right thing you have to be a positive person.
If you are a negative person, you will attract attention int he short run but in a few months or years people will tire of you

My own personal example is Lim Kit Siang, he is forever finding faults with the Government without offering options or solutions so now I dont even want to listen to him. Two decades ago, when i was in school i thought he was a fighter for the cause but after a while i tire of his whining.
compare that to Nik Aziz who hardly complains about the wrongs of BN (though he did make his feeligns felt when Pak Lah launched the ECER in Kota Bharu), instead he goes about doign what he thinks is right and ask aroudn and it is hard to find someone who find him distasteful, harder even to find someone who hates him, even among Umno ranks.

The other one was Lee Lam Thye, when he was MP for Bukti Bintang, he just did his work and everyone loved him, even the evil Umno can't help but to love him and even in the heat of campaigning it was hard to find them saying bad things about him because he was such a positive chap

I do realise the crossroads that we are at but those who want to lead the change must stop finding faults and start giving alternatives
The main weakness of the Malaysian Opposition is that they love finding faults and hopeless at giving alternatives
negativism points people to obstacles
positivism points them to solutions
since we tend to take the path of least resistance we will gravitate towards solutions rather than obstacles.

Trashed said...

Ketua Krani,

The comparison of Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz is a bit lop sided. Nik Aziz has got Kelantan to lead. Lim Kit Siang doesn't have any state to lead. That's the difference why one rants and rave while the othe doesn't. Believe me, if Nik Aziz did not have Kelantan, he would probably be ranting as well. Either that or he might have a deal with the BN, too !

Having said that, do you notice that even if the Opposition comes up with good points or ideas, the BN backbenchers will shout them down ? Has the Opposition been given the opportunity to present Bills for approval ?

One of the issues that the Malaysian public should be aware of is that our elected BN representatives are all whipped into towing the BN line and can never vote in Parliament with their conscience. How many of these MPs will follow Chong Kah Kiat (Sabah) who stepped down to take on the issue of the banned statue in Sabah ? At least he did the decent thing.

But I also share your trepidation on whether the Opposition can do a better job. The only problem is that they never had the job before because the rakyat has not put them there yet.

The path of least resistance leads to where the obstacles take you, not where you want to go.

SirKnight said...

Patrick, people (even "good guys" too) like your friend, I'm sorry to say, truly belong to the MCA.

They close an eye to injustice so long as the boat stays still enough for them to 'play the System' and catch fish for their own benefit. And then afterwards, he gives to "charity" for the sake of his conscience over things he did (or didn't do!) while playing the System.

Now, I'm not saying he's a bad guy at a personal level. But he DOES sound like a typical Chinese guy who's "pragmatic" to the point of being blind to the Big Picture, or for that matter, to any kind of vision for the future.

A typical case of the Chinese Maliase.

To the MCA, Gerakan and MIC (and their ilk), we're all supposed to "think positive", believe only what the government and the mainstream media choose to tell us, and shut up about what they don't want us to talk about.

But while we're on the mainstream media, please allow me to digress...

I apologize again, but I really must say this... MALAYSIANS ARE SOOOO STUPID!

Why the duck are we wasting good grocery money subscribing to mainstream papers like The Star, NSTP, Malay Mail, Utusan and Berita Harian to read their lies?

Aren't we a bit psychotic, paying government mouthpieces to feed us bullshXt? And then, based on their MISinformation, we'll again vote in (or sit at home and let in) a government that will soon send our living standards and EPF savings down the drain?

The only paper I bother to read nowadays is The Sun (not nearly as bad as the others) and online news sites (e.g., that dare to tell us the other side of the story.


You'll save quite a bit to help cover your next year's rising fuel costs too!

casper c said...

Dear Patrick,

Never let anyone say you are not a man of patience. Imagine, you sat through and took it all in what the Chinaman Dato' had to say.

As for me, I once chased off Gan Boon Leong while having lunch in M'cca. Mind you, he was happily eating with an aide, got there long before I did but his solice was not to last the moment I looked around and saw his presence.

I let fly and he took off without paying.

Another time early evening at the Lake Club - I ran into Fishhead Ling no less, made eye contact with Fishhead, approaching him with hand extended but he make don't know and got in the car and off he went.

Lucky for him, if he extended his hand in return, I would have bombarded him with my best Hokkien.

Before I potray myself or come across as some foul mouth spirit, let it be said I've been hospitable to Alex Lee(late) and Tee Kiat given the occasion.

Anyways, it's always a good read visiting your post dear sir.

Keep well and season greets.

Anonymous said...

I am actually quite sad... here is this Dato', giving his take, and you guys bludgeon and label him like shit. Come on. All you 'fair' Malaysians, is there no room for others who do not share your views?
Can we not love each other even if we share different views, ( and religion, race etc)? Do we have to resort to name-calling?

iamyuanwu said...

Anonymous (4.17pm)...

Actually, most of those that commented and 'niamah-this-niamah-that' Dato' are more sad/disappointed rather than angry/intolerant.
Both you and I know that the Dato's take is heavily skewed and utterly mis-informed.

Think of it...
the country is really in deep shit, and Dato' tells you to remain positive while he joins the ranks of MCA and benefited through sneaky connections (& probably corrupting the nation at the same time).

I myself would find it hard to love a hypocrite (who doesn't just have a different view, but multiple conflicting views) like the Dato' mentioned.

kimster said...

The funny thing is, it is always "negative" when we don't subscribe to widely accepted (although not necessarily correct) wisdom/view/thinking. As Uncle Shaw once said, "the power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it."

So negative ka, positive ka, apa ka, we do what we think is best for our country.

Anonymous said...


U have help a lot of us to speak our mind.Its so sad that just b'coz we r not bumiputra even though we r born here and we are all called immigrants/ pendatang.

How r we not going to feel negative? dato dont feel it probably b'coz he have all he wanted with his connection and at any onetime, if things dont turn out well, he can just blah from here. But, what abt us? Not everyone is a businessman like him and got a lot of $$$$$$

We need to work hard and struggle for a living and yet being treated like a pile of dog shit with NEP craps. where to have self belonging?where????

Love countries? Love my arse ...

Not niamah, that is not the right word to use, it's suppose to be tiu niamah to all those clowns .....

dude said...

Nik aziz is a great example of positivity, but lack of action does not constitute change or a positive future for others. Passive resistance stem from fear and negativity, fear of the fear, fear of the negativity that arises. Not to give up hope and to continue the good fight is postivity. Ghandhi was negative about the BE, and so he reacted positively.

Alamak-mamak said...

all down to one word


same like the arabs

Ravi said...

Hi Pat...

well written about state of ppl in our country


Kingtut said...

Pat, you keep track of the people who visit your blog everyday? With the number of browsers from overseas on your blog (who probably are Malaysians) are the proof of how some of us have chosen to leave the country because the administration sucks, instead of staying and fight, who LOVES our country nonetheless.