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Monday, December 10, 2007

Who invented Racial Harmony for Malaysia?

I just thought about this up this afternoon. Isn't it laughable that the Barisan Nasional always tries to claim that it actually invented Racial Harmony, Cultural Diversity and Religious Tolerance in this country. They try to convince us that they are the party that has made this country the 'success' it is because of their systems set in place to promote and propogate racial harmony, cultural .... ho hum....

Hello, Barisan Nasional any schoolboy with a history book will tell you that this region wrote the book on racial harmony, cultural diversity and religious understanding. Long before you sailed into the scene with your unbalanced dacing (weighing scales, the symbol of the Barisan Nasional)
We have been this way for centuries. Right from the days of the Malacca Sultanate when Malacca was the centre of trade that brought together peoples from Arabia, China, Java, Europe. We have lived together. Worked together. Eaten each other's food. Screwed each other's women. And been happy together doing all that. And all without a single mamak teh tarik stall or HALAL sign in sight.

Actually, when you think about it isn't it the Barisan Nasional who've been trying to un-do the centuries of harmony that we have enjoyed. We are now more Malay, Chinese, Indian, Lain-lain and less Malaysian than we've ever been.

And they are trying to tell us that they wrote the book on racial harmony and tolerance. Excuse me while I go throw up.



MilleMeow said...

Pat, I agree wholeheartedly with your views and I take my hat off to you for for penning this post. Great piece of hindsight that will hit those BN dogs right between the eyes. Let's hope those fuckers pick it up.

Oh, and on another note, I think you did very well speaking out via your blog against that card carrying MCA piece of garbage (and others like him) who practices "selective" seeing and hearing.

Three cheers to you, mate.

Serenity said...

very well-written. BN is famous for enjoying hanging fruits and for making a mountain out of a molehill. it just pisses me off that they are always singing the same tune. i don't blame anyone for feeling revolted.

rational thinker said...

sadly, that s really the state of affairs that we have to live with.

zorro said...

Patrick, I always espouse this: History is not what is written - history is WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. Unless we prevent the governing illusionists from screwing our minds we must prepare to be dead-fucked-up ducks. We need to, in our insignificant endeavors, to strain at the rudder and move upstream away from the falls. Tough, unthinkable but always POSSIBLE. I am with you in this effort....straining at the rudder. A splash of scotch going your way from me. Cheers brother.lifteaw

nstman said...

In the beginning, there was harmony. We screwed each other, we loved each other, we ate together. Then came BN, and the rest, as they say, is history.

47 said...

I agree. See, you can take the baba & nyonya community as an example. In the old days people mixed around so much more easily than today.

Trashed said...

The current BN goivt is invoking what the British did to its
colonies" - Divide and Rule.

History has shown that it evenutally failed, so take heart, we can make history.

Rah rah said...

Stupid bloody roadblocks causing massive jams here and there just to arrest ppl who wants issues to be heard. Stupid Govt, point fingers on others instead own self. What's the point of sharing our views with them then. The more I think about it the more I hate the current ruling party.

will not vote for cacing i mean dacing said...


i miss the good old days when my friends and i used to visit each other house and eat whatever our friends' mothers served us. i come from a school where we mixed freely, sure we were malay, chinese indian but its skin deep only... in our hearts we were malaysians then. i love the raya, cny and diwali seasons especially because of the food and the money we collected. this was in the early 80s. then in the late 80s i went to the university, and suffered such terrible culture shock... where the malays kept to themselves, the chinese went on campfire trips on their own and makkals busy organising house parties. so much polarisation. i never got over it.

now its worse than ever. my best friend a malay is constantly being told by her monster-in-law to not associate with kelings like me.

cheh... i love my country but i hate what the gomen is doing to her.

KY said...

wah you actually updates your blog now!

Busy Bee said...

Hi Patrick,

Been reading your blog for a while now. I must say that you present a good summary of what we think in general.

Could not agree more with you on this about all this racial harmony crap.

Keep up the good work in enlightening us!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah how many times I have to say this?

Biaselah tu...migrate lah...

If enough of us migrate and bring our money with us, not only will the gomen not be able to waste our money, they won't even have enough money to sustain the economy.

THEN see they scared or not...

Anonymous said...

Niahmah kia ham, we are the ones who gave these UMNO-BN thugs that 91% in the first place!

So, apa mau bising?

Well, the next GE is around the corner. Are we going to again line up nicely like sheeps and vote that broken dacing again??

Anonymous said...

Actually, average Malays are still very ok.

Dacing knows the only formula to win election is :"to get undivided support from majority kaum which is Malay". That's why they created slogan "BN protects Malay's right" and this formula works every election, isn't it?

They have to remind all Malays that their rights will not be protected if others win the election by taking them backwards instead of forward so that they will forever be loyal... membabi buta..

In the 60s and 70s, malays can speak international language but now, try to talk to them in English in any government office or in the bank. You will be answered back in Bahasa Melayu... or Bahasa Malaysia .. (whichever depending on your mood)

During the Merdeka era from 50s to 70s, there were so few of them who wore tudung but now 21st century, majority malay girls are wearing tudung.....

Friend, they are going backwardslah without realising and thanks to their cacing.. ops dacing.....

W_W_H said...

lidat mah kita lari kuat kuat loh!!! tok this one also heart sick correct or not.
hmm...... The Never Ending Stories!!!

GobloKing said...

anony who says we should just migrate..

wat lah? Got the old, got the pensioned, got the terrace house - sell ALL also no got the $$$$ or age or skills or quali to meet requirements of many many countries except maybe Serbia

think wanna migrate can just migrate meh??

u mean go anyhow anyplace? bad also go, war zone also go, desert also go..?? ppl tend to migrate to better places not worst..

except if we are like palestinians .. own home also kena sapu out....ommigosh...does that sound familiar???

or u advocating we all balik cina, balik india, balik bangla etc??

wanna balik can just balik meh??

can NOT - right?

somemore, I not surprised if the able-bodied semua just jumped ship, then only those frail, sick, poor, ill, no education, no skills left behind in Msia ya?

what then? do these ppl become worker drones issit?

die die must defend what is ours..and MALAYSIA is as much our land than any other jeanie-come-latelys..soooo....

Live to defend (or is it die?) another day!

Anonymous said...

What I'm saying is, those who have the ability to migrate, should ALL migrate, and take their money and immediate family (parents, children, brothers, sisters etc) with them. THAT will be enough to strike a severe blow to the economy, and force the ruling party to think long and hard about if they want to go down with the ship, or change their ways.

Like everything else, money talks.

And GobloKing, you've sort of hit the nail on the head...they way things are going we'll be not much better then Palentine very soon...for the non-Malays at least.

If you wait till then it'll be too late to do anything, or to leave...

Wars are often won when battles are fought AWAY from the proxy.

Anonymous said...

They copying the British: DIVIDE TO RULE...Create suspision and fear to rule the unsuspecting majority...So that the rulers can...

Turn on you TV1,2 or 3...nothing but fear and terror in news prgms.Keeping the public in fear and feeling unsecured. Sheilding the public from the progressive news from the outside world.

An uninformed, unsuspecting majority can be emotional, mindless and useful when u needed them to stand on your side.Sad to see my brothers of the nation be led this way! Wish one day they could wake up and see the light!

Anonymous said...

You are spot on Patrick, fully agree with you.

Denster said...

Pat, I hope you don't mind me linking your blog (and particularly this post) in mine. Keep up the good work spreading awareness mate.

BarryNg 黄国团 said...

The Chitty community in Gajah Berang Melaka was the results of mix marriages between Indian Traders and local Malays and Jawa, Sumatra women; while our Eurasians of Portuguese & Dutch Descend was the results of inter cultural marriages between local & the "Mak Salleh" and of course Baba Nyonya too who were mostly the offspring of intermarriages between Hang Li Poh's seamen/servants and locals during her voyage to Melaka in the 15th Century.

Parameswara had himself met with Emperor Yong-le several times in the 1400s to foster bilateral ties long b4 BN were even born!

## Do not over claimed! said the "adjuster"! ##

Diveman69 said...

Hey Pat,
I still remember back in the day when you used to host the Kee Huat Radio Show every Sunday morning. The great selection of tunes you used to play and the jokes you used to tell. Those were also the good old days when we had 'TRUE' friends irrespective of race. Friends were friends nothing more nothing less. These BN clowns have destroyed every fabric of racial and social tolerance which we have taken so long and painstakingly to build. Fortunately I still have 'my friends' albeit a smaller number nontheless true friends who happen to be malay and indian (me China man la but 'potong oledi hehehehe!!!)Get them out come next election, they can sing and try to drum the same old tune of 'malay protectionism' but I sincerely beleive and trust that my generation at the very least are not easily fooled. TO THE POLLS!!!! VOTE THEM THE HELL OUT!!!!!

adam and eve said...

i sincerely can't wait for the GE.................this will be a change for the betterment of malaysia

SK said...

Chill Patrick, I thought you've known for the fact that majority of Malaysian Chinese are KIASU, KIASI and what else, SELFISH!

Sometimes, we just need to do our best to inspire people (especially the Chinese group falls in the group above to take action), otherwise we try to convince them into their OWN rights. However, having said that, if both options fail, you must start to intimidate those fuckers, for they need to be educated properly on what's being part of this Malaysian society all about.

So, you're right man, fuck the guy!

SK said...

Aiyo Patrick, very sorry lah, pls put my previous comment to the entry prior to this.

Too dulan already, that's why I posted here, sorry sorry.

nstman said...

Breaking news. Umno claims it invented racial harmony. Umno claims it is god's gift to racial harmony. Korek, korek, korek.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia will be doomed under DAP or PAS. Marked my word. BN are scumbags but it works.

anfield devotee said...

Dear Mr Teoh,

BN have been playing the race/fear card since time began. Same tired old tactics year in, year out.

When are M'sians gonna have the balls to vote em out or at least deny em a 2/3 majority?

Regarding racist policy (or policing), a good friend of mine was detained at Dang Wangi station on Wed nite on suspicion of being involved with Hindraf. On what basis? He was an Indian guy driving in KL!

And he was subject to all sorts of racial slurs whilst in custody. It would appear being Indian is now an offence in this country.

Long live civil liberties in M'sia . . .

Anonymous said...

So agree with you pat!
Bloody BN can go Niamah!

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,

This entry of yours really hit the bulls eye. I also puke each time BN leaders talk about how they are trying to preserve racial unity started with the Alliance!!

And now they are using sedition act to prosecute Hindraf leaders, I won't dwell into that but if there is any reason to prosecute these leaders under the Sedition Act, I seriously believe Kerismuddin and Son In Law should also be charged, these two fellas have done more damage to racial unity than the Hindraf leaders!


Tzarina said...

Msian gomen is getting more dictatorial as time passes. Malays are getting more fanatical about race and religion. Chinese are increasingly losing their loyalty to Malaysia. Indians are increasingly getting stepped upon. Both able Chinese and Indians are migrating like mad to Down Under and everywhere else. Orang asli are losing more and more of their land and culture. Lain-lain are plain forgotten.

All these, while Bodohwi is getting more and more sleepy, while his SIL Kera Jantan is jumping higher and higher, Naz(r)i's ego is getting fatter and fatter, Jenne Danker is seemingly getting smarter and smarter (new Chancellor of Open Uni??), Zam is getting "foamier" in his mouth and Krismuddin's mouth is getting bigger and wider. Ahhh...dun forget the statuary rapist Ramli Chik is trying to get famous by being infamous (wanting the Malays to take up parangs now, instead of keris).

In conclusion, Malaysia is digging a deeper hole for itself day after day, until one day, it will simply disappear into oblivion.


Anonymous said...

This sums it up regarding the true UMNO.

Undemocratic Moronic Nepotistic Oligarchy (UMNO)

Anonymous said...

What you said was very true... I think that Malaysians in general aren't actually racist, but because of BN and its policies (so that it can stay in power), everyone has become so hateful of one another. Some more wana keep trumpeting bout racial harmony, stand for all races lah. Bullcrap. BN = Hypocrites

Anonymous said...

Aitaa Pat, race identification has always be there, only that the minority now wants more, right?

mtrader98 said...


The sad thing is that we all like sheep waiting to be slaughtered! And like Dr.M says, the people deserve the government they empower... I'm running for council in Oz where I am welcomed with open arms.

Siau Boh Siau!

Elween said...

ha----well, we are still striving for that goal though it sounds a little ridiculous...

Anonymous said...

Patrick, didn't you use to read the news for our Gahmen? Did you have to vomit and scream niamah everytime you went off air?

Anonymous said...


patrickteoh said...

yes anon. i did use to read the news for TV3 as well as Radio 4. No I didn't throw up but i did laugh a great deal at the kind of silly stuff they considered news.
mtrader, you're running for local government office in Australia? Pray tell us the story. I am assuming you're Malaysian once upon a time.
thanks for visiting denster. please link if you wish.

Harrison Bin Hansome said...

dear Pat,

I was a graet fan of yours during the old days when u r DJ-ing at Radio 4. Remember the time when you seek the opinion on traffic police corruption from listeners and was mired, having being questioned by the cops? Nothing has improve since that isn't it?

BloggerKaki said...

People like tzarina is the one spewing racist remarks on one race which only reflects their hatred feeling against another human. They should instead understand and engage their fellow humans for a solution. Otherwise their are no better or even worse than their enemies because they claim to know better but is not

Anonymous said...

Well said...check out The Merdeka Centre survey carried out between Dec 17 - 21 (mind you, 2007) ...and STAR managed to publish results on Dec 17 itself .... with survey results exceeding 100% (Q3 - 102%)Now thats .....Niamah!!!!

Two-face said...

Anon 3.33

Malaysians not racists? Malay schools, Chinese schools, Tamil schools, UMNO, MCA, MIC, civil servants, private sector, army.....I just realised that DAP, PKR, PPP, Gerakan are multi-racial parties. And Uncle Lim is not racist, Anwar Ibrahim is for everybody, Tsu Koon is a champion for Malay rights and Kayveas is not working for Indians only. Get real, please!

Redbabe said...

well said...!

somboon cheanswaths said...

This has nothing to do with racial harmony in Malaysia, but to prove that Thailand doesn't want to be outdone by Malaysia in the area of corruption.

Washington - The US Justice Department has charged a Los Angeles businessman and his wife with paying a bribe of $1.7 million to the governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand for the rights to manage the Bangkok International Film Festival.

Gerald Green, 75, and his wife Patricia, 52, were arrested after a criminal complaint was filed in Los Angeles on December 7.

The charges allege that the couple conspired to pay more than $1.7 million dollars in bribes -- about 60 million bahts at the time.

They claim the money was paid to a woman identified as the governor of the TAT in order to win the film festival contract and other deals worth more than $10 million.

The complaint did not directly name the allegedly involved Thai official. But it said "she" was president of the Bangkok International Film Festival and governor of the TAT.

The only person apparently meeting that description is Juthamas Siriwan.

A press release by the US Justice Department released early Wednesday (Thailand time) said the indictment:

"... alleges that from 2003 and continuing into 2007, the Greens conspired with others to bribe a senior Thai government official who was, at the time, the President of the BKKIFF and the Governor of the TAT. As a result of her position at the TAT, the Governor was able to influence the awarding of the BKKIFF contracts as well as other TAT contracts. More than $1.7 million in payments were allegedly made for the benefit of the Governor."

The statement by the Justice Department said the Greens set up a company - Film Festival Management - in 2003 to bid for the rights to stage the Bangkok International Film Festival.

Between 2003 and 2007, the Greens allegedly funneled cash to the Thai tourism official, who used the money to influence the awarding of the contracts for the film festival, which is run by the TAT.

The recipient of the alleged bribes was not identified in the Justice Department statement.

The Greens face up to 10 years in prison if convicted on all charges, the statement said.

The Bangkok International Film Festival has been held annually since 2002. (, from Agency reports)

* said...

Bloody niamah good question!

Anonymous said...

Malaysians are the ones who decided to stick together through thick and thin since you asked. Well what to do when one is in power. Never show your weaknesses. Only show your strengths. If there is a problem, settle it quietly. The majority is never at fault. Only the minority. With all the newspapers supporting BN, of course, there is a landslide victory all the time because Malaysians have been knowing nothing but the goodness of Barisan Nasional.

Author said...

I agree with you pat.Niamahhhhh!!!

kimster said...

The other day I thought I saw a papan tanda which says something like "Racial Harmony - Satu Lagi Projek Barisan Nasional."

Or maybe I was dreaming. Can't be sure.

Practical Mind said...

You seem to have a lot to say but somehow I don't detect any solution being offered to solve the racial problems. Perhaps you might also like to post some concrete and practical ideas that all of us may carry out in our daily lives. Otherwise you will be no better than a NATO, No Action Talk Only!

patrickteoh said...

Hello practical mind. thanks for the comment. I hear what you are saying. maybe it is my naivete but there is really nothing to solve. i have always maintained that left to our own ways we Malaysians know that we ALL need to be together as ONE people to make this country realise its full potential and then for all of us to reap the benefits of that success. it is the politicians who continually politicise all issues, raise racial disharmony, fan cultural differences. If they would stop doing that and focus on making on efforts to return us to the days when we were all ONE nation ONE people we would be much better off.
Tough call I know. The BN has done its dividing job so efficiently over the last few decades that it will take an even longer time to correct it. That is assuming that they are even thinking of going down that path. Right?

I would also appreciate hearing your ideas of what we can do as ordinary members of the rakyat to suggest workable solutions to what you call racial problems. Please write back and let's talk.

Anonymous said...

First step is to eradicate mention of race and religion on our mykads. Then malaysians will have a choice on what and who they want to be.The govt will then be released of this responsibility and concentrate on managing the country.

Anak Bapa said...

Dear Patrick,

I concur with your views except maybe the screwing part. Ok we do it but after getting married.

BTW BN is really good poser and opportunist roll into one. Whatever unity we enjoy all this while is not of their doing but rather the culture we inherited from our great grandparents long before BN exists. In fact, as you correctly said, BN with their rhetoric undertones are causing some racial discomfort among us today. Lets get rid of this BN pest in order for us to build better Malaysia. BN is on the verge of irrelevance......

Anonymous said...

Face it.. ! "WE/KITA"- ie, the Malays, Indians, Ibans,Chinese and other races..DON'T OWN THIS COUNTRY ANYMORE !

and SOMEONE ELSE does!- Like it ernot, it's like run by a big corporation. Whose sole existence is to profit from anything possible, and..nothing else.

Wat can you do about it....???

Anonymous said...

It has been pointed out that "humble" is not a word being thought for all their lives in Malaysia. The older generation might learn from other races, other cultures and at least talk sense. But the younger generation might not learn even until they die.

erm said...

i'm sorry uncle,semua yang u cakap tu ada betulnya.i dont see anyone being malaysia unless they speak BM.

boyboy said...

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Anonymous said...

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