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Friday, January 04, 2008

Greetings from Singapore

Being in Singapore raises some problems for updating this Niamah blog la. No access to Malaysian newspapers except for the online versions which somehow doesn't really hit the spot in so far as getting inspiration for Niamah blogging. Okay la I know some of you will accuse me of all sorts of things. I read with interest a comment on Rocky's Bru that I am too involved with my "projects" to care anymore. And that I am typical of so many Malaysians. Make money first before anything else. A bit unfair la I thought. I am a working man and I have to cari makan right? And I do not for a moment place myself or my blog in the same league as rocky or zorro or jeff ooi. Niamah is my thoughts on things that matter to me that's all. And which I share with fellow Malaysians who visit the blog. Thank you.

Okay, just to share with you about my trip to Singapore. I really picked a bad time to come here. After getting off the bus and a shower later I turned on the TV news and was informed that taxi and bus fares here have gone up since January 1, 2008. A lot. And as you know our Ringgit doesn't buy a hell of a lot here. But it is nice to enjoy the typical Singaporean efficiency for a while. You know, busses that run on schedule, motor vehicles that don't belch black smoke, information about almost anything that is freely available on the phone, on posters or on the Internet. Stuff like that la. And yes, not having to look around and see billboards with faces of ruling politicians telling you how great they are or how grateful you should be or preaching to you like you were a 2 year old child.

I read the online Malaysian newspapers this morning and saw that the ex-Health Minister is still very defiantly 'garang' about his botched up sexcapade. It amazes me that he would say things like how he made a mistake about using the same hotel and the same room. It's like ...... FUCK! I got found out. If I didn't I would continue doing it....sorry, HER. Then he also said that his political mistake was taking his job as minister too seriously! I did my work properly so my enemies now want to crucify me. Huh? What is the logic in making a statement like that? My thinking is that if he had done his job properly and didn't screw around he would be AOK. Right?So whose cock-up is that? So don't blame other people can or not? I also saw him on TV at his press conference when he was obviously unhappy with what some of his MCA colleagues must have said during the closed door emergency that they had after the broadcast of his sexploits on DVD. To me he sounded like he was actually threatening his colleagues saying that they are not pearly white clean either and that they shouldn't throw stones...or else. Okay la I paraphrase badly there but that's the gist,of it, right? My take is....Mr. Chua you took a chance and did something you shouldn't have. As a husband, father, cabinet minister and a trusted member of parliament of your constituency. You betrayed trust. So just say sorry and go.

Before I decided to publish this post I read a newspaper story about our Deputy Prime Minister saying how un-Islamic PAS is for not building enough mosques since they took power in Kelantan. And how if the people of Kelantan voted BN back in the BN would build so many mosques to make Kelantan, I can't remember the exact words, but I think he said something or other about making Kelantan an Islamic centre or something like that. Basically, what he meant to tell the good people of Kelantan was that being Islamic is merely to have a large number of mosques you see. Meaning the more mosques you build the better Muslim you are. I think the people of Kelantan ain't that dumb. Nobody is. But our DPM doesn't know that. And that surely will add to the woes of the BN in the next general elections. Right?

I am not sure I want to read the Malaysian papers tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Niamah....You're still dreaming of Jan 1 2007 ...right ? Or I'm getting older and greyer hair this Jan 1 2008...niaaammah

Johan Ariff said...

Wtf. We kelantanese are so Islamic that we have Guan Yin standing facing the sea, one of the largest Buddha reclining and sitting and many other Buddhist statues in public. I'm not being sarcastic at all.

Islam promotes tolerance towards ALL other religions.

BN Islam, however, say no temples on road sides, no illegal non-mosque places of worship... [How can a place of worship be logically and rationally illegal, la?]

BN Islam is like Christianity during the Spanish Inquisition. It makes as much sense as a madman on crack.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, you know what??? Come election day tomorrow, Malaysians will still vote back UMNO-BN for a few new lamp posts, paved roads, donations to chinese schools etc etc. And then we will continue to bitch, rant and moan for the next 5years while UMNO-BN rape us from behind.

This is Malaysia la.

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays Pat. Some of your 'fans' seem to forget that you are just a blogger and not an activist or NGO. Maybe they are taken in by your way with words.
Anyway, just to comment that the ruling politicians are really not doing our Muslim brothers/sisters any favors by further restricting their minds on islamic dogma. Nowadays my Muslim colleagues can't patronize any restaurants without worrying whether it's halal. When they visit other countries they complained there are no 'halal' food so they brought maggi mee along. I believe our leaders should set good examples in this borderless world.

NiamahEhh said...

Patrick, guess it's time to recycle your goodself with some clean SQ fresh air and enviromental changes.
It pissed me off too when some can even suggest that it's Mr. Chua privacy and right to go bang in the same room and hotel over and over again, and some even suggest he should stay on!
Goodness are this people A OK or not ? So guess MAS re employ the Melampau Screws ooops Crews. How about bringing back DP Vijendran and Rahim TC, maybe even promote them too!
GOODNESS NIAmAHehh Bey Tahan oredi!

bobmarLEE said...

WELCOME TO SINGAPORE! Actually to be fair to the cabbies in Singapore, they also wanna cari makan. But the thing is I for one thinks that Singporeans pay relatively less than my fellow Malaysians if you compare the fares dollar to dollar without any conversion. Just to list a few things :

a) All S'pore taxis use meters and print you a receipt if you require one.

In contrast, almost all M'sian taxis' meter always "rosak", or the distance too short "tak boleh guna meter" or "pi sana standard punya harga RM20 saja". I think they don't even know how to print a receipt. Some even bargain the fare with you like you are in some sort of flee market shopping for a ride home or to work.

b) All S'pore taxis are clean and comfortable to travel in.

In contrast, almost all M'sian taxis look like they have been around for ages, air condition not working, dirty on the outside as well as the inside and their rear "as black as the kuali's ass" (Sorry Pat, I pinjam your words)

c) Almost all S'pore taxi drivers are friendly, pleasent and helpful.

In contrast, almost all M'sian taxi drivers are unpleasent to speak or to even look at, won't help you with your luggage and the classic one is the driver with one hand hanging out the driver seat window with a ciggy asking you "mana mau pigi?" and uttering remarks at you if you decide not to be "taken for a ride by them."

d) If you happen to meet an unfriendly, unpleasent and unhelpful taxi driver, you can always make a complaint by dialling their customer service hotline and believe it or not they actually answer your call, record it down in the system and call the cabbie up for explanation.

In contrast, If you lodge a complain against taxi drivers in M'sia, you must go straight out to buy 4D if someone actually picks up your call because believe or not they will not pick up your call (are their phones set on silent mode?)and if they do you will be transferred from this department to that and finally you hang up because your sick of waiting or "talian terputus" or the officer you're looking for "sudah keluar minum". In addition to that, you should go Genting and bet all your fortune if they acted on your complain! (I'm not promoting anything here, just wanna impress on how lucky you are if your grievance is attended to.)

With all the goodies listed above for S'pore taxis and the "baddies" of their M'sian counterpart, I think we pay value for money services for the former. To say the least the fare is reasonable la. Have you been in a taxi in KL on a hot day and the roads jammed up and the air cond not working!! WALAO EH!! And we haven't even talk about the fares for the looooooong and uncomfortable ride yet!

Nb : All the above apply mutatis mutandis to buses and their drivers in M'sia and S'pore.

Anonymous said...

In an information age like this, "dubbing a sex DVD" to post as sex great is anytime possible. Ex-Health Minister Chua is stupid enough to admit.If he denies, only his wife can bring an action against him and that is to divorce him.

Is there anyone else can sues him for anything/ and damages if his wife didn't bring an action against him ?

When the dust is settled, or any how very soon everyone will forget about him, he becomes the history, only his wife and his children would be HURT, what a stupid politician he is........

Anonymous said...

Luckily is the Minister only that is involves in the cd! What happens If Dato'K and Siti Nurhaliza were in that cd instead of the Minister himself? Sure the cd's sells hot like pisang gorenglah!

Anyway Patrick, have fun in Singapore ya! And season greetings to you!

patrickteoh said...

Hey anon, much as you anticipate seeing Siti and K on DVD I think we are talking about different issues, right?
Anon, some people have indeed said it was noble and honorable of him to admit to it. But for me that doesn't wipe away the wrong.

Azman said...

I recall your remark on how 'we' solve our problems with hardware. More mosques? No suprise there. :)

mojojojo said...

And check out the statements he made after he resigned: "My mistake was I kept using the same room in the same hotel?". WTF?? How about: "Many people have girlfriends… It is alright as long as they have not been caught." Man, he's one pissed guy!!

And he 'blames political opponents for his downfall'. Aiyo...Next time, don't give your political opponents fodder to plot your downfall, lah Datuk. Hidup senang, isteri pun sayang. Anak pun tak payah sorok muka. Anyone who wants to screw around should try to imagine how their kids would feel if they found out.

Anonymous said...

Rocky's Bru has never even voted before, so apa la mau comment about politics when one is not even a registered voter in the first place.

Edchin said...


As I have posted in another blog, controversial as it may be, Dr. Chua can now retire and in years to come he can reminisce to the song with the catchy tune and sung by Eddie Rabbit

“Well I know a place
where love comes easy
and I know a woman
who meets me there

she takes my hand
and gently leads me
when we go up to the
at the top of the stairs

I close the door
and she pulls the curtain
when we make love
it’s a private affair”

(But, alas, I didn’t check
if a camera was there)

“I’ve been around
and I know for certain
there ain’t no room
like the
at the top of the stairs

when we climb up
the stairway to heaven
we find love waiting there
right at home
just me and my baby
the loving is good
at the room at the top of the stairs”

Kel said...

Pat, people will always give excuses to mistakes they do ma. This is called dead chicken kicking the rice cover(sei gai chang fan goi) Wanna see how much my brother is going to pay for the FREE EDUCATION?
add me to your links also.

patrickteoh said...

anon, maybe rocky belongs to the group of Malaysians who have not voted before but see now that the elected government needs some management before the whole country goes down the drain. And so they have now registered to vote and help to make the difference. Nothing wrong with that.

mojojo, that's precisely what I am thinking. How can we condone such reasoning from a man elected on trust? It's like......sorry ah? what sorry? I should have used a different hotel la. "Shit! Now look at the trouble I am in." Scant regard for the feelings of his wife, his children and his electorate. And there are those who would still say that this is an honorable man? I don't get it.

thanks for reminding me, azman. Ya that's how we always like to 'solve' our problems. Buy more equipment.

fireangel said...

What's up with that lady who said something akin to "it's okay to cheat on your spouse if you have permission".

It's obvious what's going on in her household. But seriously, just because they ALL do it doesn't mean that it IS right and that we should ALL be okay with it. One just don't freaking condone things like that in public.

Cheating is just WRONG. No two-way about it. Period.

Just apologise and get on with it omg.

warchild said...

and so u're not using chatbox anymore huh?

gotta leave comment here if we 1 2 talk 2 u..

Anonymous said...

i agree with you pat, this chua sleazebag tak tau malu lah, trying to justify his sleaze somemore. His apology is a non-apology. Somemore have the audacity to ask his kids to financially support the household now that he is jobless. I wonder how his wife & kids feel? Why are they still staying in the same house as him??? I would have kicked him out or moved out and let him rot on his own. What a pariah.

suaramalaysia said...

It seems there is a subtle attempt in certain goverment controlled media to portray the recent sexual escapade of the Health Minister as a "private and personal activity".

And the mainstream winds in these newspapers of which the political party owns have gone to great lengths to castigate those who may seem to have dissenting views over the matter.

Was it not Wanita MCA who expressed moral outrage at the suggestion of having china doll maids? Do you recall the smouldering spitting anger and consensus that such maids would "entice" Chinese husbands to become unfaithful and subsequently lead to family break-ups in Chinese homes?

What is utterly suprising is that not a peek squeak was heard from these concerned Wanita MCA of the home when the story of their Health leader's adulterous escapade with a woman surfaced.

Why such selective outrage and moralising? Are we to assume that Wanita MCA or the party as a whole practises "selective" situational ethics of the convenient kind? Are they implying to the youth of our nation that its ok to fool around as long as you don't get caught and make the "party" lose face?

It appears to me that the Health minister in his "confession" is sorry that his escapade was made public rather than sorry for his act in betraying the trust of his wife, family and citizens that elected him to this high office.

He castigates the Malaysian community to being "holier than thou" because they apparently according to his observation, cannot accept his behaviour.

I wonder if the Health minister is aware of the oath he took before he became a member of the MCA and the Parliment. Does integrity and trustworthyness have a bearing in his so called confession?

What are we to conclude concerning his worldview and outlook in this act and in his responsibilty towards his family and country?

Why the media's obession of shifting the attention and blame on those who recorded this act of infidelity? Are their actions more immoral and deplorable than the act that was recorded on dvd?

Political fix up? I doubt it. Seems more like a politician making the best of being exposed with his pants down, down South of the penninsula. Lust, Caution of the Malaysian kind.

What suprises me is this wave of smypathy votes for CSL and it is one Chinese Opera-like sandiwara where those who try so hard to paint this romp of the unfaithful kind with a soft hue that it in turn indirectly reveals their own state of conscience and worldview.

One of your blog visitors asked a very relevant question: "What if it was a women member of Parliment? Would we be still be seeing this sympathetic flood of stand by your man, and he was such a great man chorus? Again, I doubt it.

Among the first to stone her would be these very sympathetic individuals justifying CLS's actions. Among the first women to throw the stone would be YAB Datuk Sharizat. Remember her pathetic silence and support of the Barisan politicians when the sexist remarks and the "bocor" issue was heating up. Well, that's the establishment culture of "hamba" untuk negara dan Barisan policy.

"Tolerance" is a convenient word and political-correctness is not necessarily a Western political phenomena. In Malaysia we have conveniently embraced a communal, racial or should i say race-obessed worldview - a "rice-bowl" system of situational ethics.

Thats why stickers of "anti-rasuah" on police-cars and badges of police-offices have as much value as used chewing gum stuck at the bottom of a town council garbage truck. People and relationships matter. Badges and slogans can not and will not substitute for the integrity and testimony the nation hungers for.

It is one thing to script eloquent excuses for a politician's sexual escapades because he belongs to a particular race, it is another thing altogether to have the courage to call a leader violating the trust of his wife and the community to be a person who has betrayed such trust.

Some can only see through racial-centered lenses and attempt to "soften" the violation when it was their cousin who got caught with their pants down. Then again, there are those who indirectly sanction doing the same and empathize with such politicians because they are convinced that no one trully desires to walk righteously, and that such standards are not worth practising.

In other words, if its one of your kind, just paint a softer hue over the filth. After all, nobody's perfect right? Lets carry that thought further... why not paint it all the way.

Lets lower the standards for our elected representatives, lets not "criminalise" them when they are caught with other crime, lets go all the way down to illegal earnings, down to illegal properties,rapes,racial profiling, demeaning of women, to deals,to electoral rigging.... do you get my drift?

Why discriminate between one crime against another? Why have one standard for elected parlimentarians and another for the common citizen?

Do you subscribe to the notion that an individual could be privately corrupt and publically clean and "productive". That it matters little if a politician is humping women in hotels, as long as he gives us the appropriate licences and does not effect our buisness in any deterimental way?

This is not an issue of a politician's "private" life. It is about integrity. It is about looking at our children as well as our youth straight in their eyes and being truthful when we say that truthfulness and faithfulness is not a matter of convenience.

Being faithful to one's spouse or being whole or trustworthy to the trust citizens have placed on leaders is not an issue of situational ethics. It is about walking the talk even when no one else think it's worth walking anymore.

Fresh water and salt water cannot both come out from the same source. You can't drink from the cup of corruption and at the same time condemn it.

Beck said...

It's good to shut up sometimes

patrickteoh said...

beck! you're here too. still don't understand. What you trying to say?

thank you suaramalaysia. your comment should be a blog post. I am sure it is, right?

yes anon, i found his comment to his children about having to fend for themselves now since he is jobless very funny. in a tragic sort of way. what kind of a man is this? how many more are there in the malaysian cabinet?

warrchild, i decided to delete the chatbox because there were a lot of nonsense posts which none of us want to read or waste space on. thanks for visiting.

thanks, fireangel. i think you said what is in all our minds. But i really like the line in your blog...shut the fuck up and go the fuck away. did i get that right?

pah nur said...

Well, basically, what Mr Chua is saying, is that,"you aint a criminal until you get caught", which sadly, is the general practice in most countries, but especially malaysia. But you have to give him a little credit for owing up to his mistake (notice the word "mistake" instead of "mistakes"? He only got caught once...). He could have just denied that the man in the scene probably called "Forest Hump" was not him. Then blow everyone responsible for the video taping up or do whatever it is some politicians do to get out of the hot soup. We malaysia meh...Malaysia kan boleh...boleh kira oneeee....

As for Kelantan, why stop at building masjids. Go tell everyone that next year's Haj would be on the (BN) house.

footiam said...

Maybe people are just jealous of the minister in the video. If you are sixty and are able to perform, you ought to be proud. Read the paper for God's sake and laugh.