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Monday, January 07, 2008

Wow!!! What a revelation!!!

Photo from online version of The Star

There is a story in The Star today that really makes me want to puke.

"Malaysian Institute for Road Safety Research (Miros) director-general Prof Dr Radin Umar Radin Sohadi said the overhangs were not only at the same height as a car's windshield but also had a lot of space underneath, which means a car keeps moving after impact. “When a car collides with the rear of such a lorry or truck, there is no bumper-to-bumper impact. Instead, the overhang slams straight into where the drivers and passengers are sitting."

Duh! Any damn fool could have told you that.

How many years had it been since the then minister of transport in his infinite wisdom decided to approve these over hangs for lorries so that they can carry loads which they were not designed for? Only now does Miros realise that it is unsafe??? Oh I see, maybe Miros was just waiting for the quota of deaths resulting from these extensions before taking any actions or making announcements about their danger. According to the story this is the 5th fatality involving these 'overhangs'.

From the first time I laid eyes on these lorries fitted with these extensions I could see that there were accidents waiting to happen. Mostly made from flimsy looking these extensions hang with a limp nonchalance from the back from these little lorries. And the authorities who thought them up and approved them think that AWAS painted in red on the panel is a super duper way of extending the payloads of these vehicles safely. Standards? Hiyah! Never mind la.

So okay. Now 5 people have been killed by these things so it's time to do something else. I am wondering what the director-general of Miros has in mind. I am sure it will be another masterpiece of creative thinking.

And then the Star story ended with this example of great journalistic writing I thought...

"Prof Radin Umar said the results of investigations showed that the problem had to be dealt with, especially in improving crash compatibility."

"...the problem had to be dealt with???" What else would you do with a problem?



jasonwcm said...

Indeed, you do not need a PhD to identify that. This fella can join our YBs.. Yang Bodohs that is.

Beck said...

The problem is not that there are problems. The problem is expecting otherwise and thinking that having problems is a problem!

Srikanth Siva said...

niamah for sure!!

(I wonder what adam would say)

patrickteoh said...

thanks for visiting, srikanth. Adam is down with a stomach flu and refuses to comment.

yes, jason. yang bodoh's is a good monicker for those flers.

beck, i am not sure I understand what you are trying to say. Can say again ah?

royce said...

hi patrick,

as the writer of that article i'd just like to say a couple of things.. and let me make it clear that im not defending miros or the govt but just to put things into context.

you and i, and the rest of malaysia, know that the govt is usually slow to react or to put things right, especially if it involves commonsense.

obviously overhangs are damn bloody dangerous things to have been allowed in the 1st place. tun ling allowed it and from something temporary it became permanent.

if you read the follow-ups to this particular story, the lorry operators association blamed the road users for driving into their overhangs and killing themselves.

now who should u scold?

the point is, miros is new (just 1 yr) and only after it was set up could such data or types of accidents be researched and gathered. and only with these facts can policy decisions be made. before, no such department existed and decisions were made as and when without thinking (explains the birth of overhangs.)

perhaps its sad that this extra layer of bureaucracy is needed in the first place to get rid of obvious issues, but the way i see it, at least now there are people working to let common sense prevail, especially with regards to road safety.

I can be reached at royce[at]


Anonymous said...

All the so-called transport experts are paid to avoid the real issues facing the logistics industry of the country. There are so many policy issues which should be addressed but these could cause embarrassment to the Minister of Transport whose interests are at the Free Zone!! These 'experts' do not write any original research papers, they just repeat known problems like the parrots! Just look at the 'studies' and 'reports' submitted to all the Ministries, they are all thrown into the rubbish box for sales to the old paper collectors after a while!!This is how we keep such experts occupied abd get paid.