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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Global Embarassment

Some weeks ago somebody sent me the link to a video of our Prime Minister being interviewed "live" on CNN. It was during the Davos World Economic Conference or whatever. What got my attention wasn't Davos. It was the way the prime minister of my country presented himself on live global television.

First. He was dressed like an out of work French peasant from one of those bad cliched Hollywood war movies of the 1950's.

Second. His command of the English language was that of a pre-school retard.

Third. His reasoning in replying to the interviewer's questions was akin to that of a ..... (I spent 30 minutes trying to think of a comparison but couldn't because there was nothing that I wanted to insult that bad)

But to be fair there was one thing he did do well. He managed to stump the CNN interviewer. It was very obvious that the CNN fler was totally at a loss of how to handle our YAB. Malaysia Boleh!

You just have to watch and make your own mind up. Do you want this man to be prime minister of your country?


And so here we go again!

Abdullah Badawi (I really don't want to call him Pak Lah anymore) has announced the dissolution of Parliament and the elections must be held within 60 days of that action. And once again Malaysians are given the chance to have their say in the way they want their country to be run and by whom. Call me a cynic or whatever other name you want la but I am not really holding my breath for any earth shattering results that will make life in Bolehland any different from the way it's been the last 3 decades. Why you ask? Maybe you've been living in Lalaland or somewhere as far away but if you need to ask that question you really need to stay where you are. In Denial. Why? Just take a look around. Take a look at what's been happening the last few weeks leading up to this announcement of the dissolution of Parliament.

We Malaysians, or at least the way the ruling YB's treat us, seem to be like a bunch of spoilt, bratty children. We whine and cry and stamp our feet. Then like bad parents the YB's throw us a few candies and we stop whining and become good, obedient children for a while. Meaning we keep our mouths shut and out of the parent's way as they go about doing whatever they want. We don't care what. Got sweet already enough la.

So elections are coming. So the YB's travel the country distributing their candy pacifiers and come election day they will get their two thirds majority and then they will screw things around for another 5 years and then we start whining again and then they throw us some candy and then...........

And the thing is they do it in such a blatantly middle finger-in-your-face way. As if to say Nah! Niamah!!! Take this and keep quiet la, dei! Farmers who've waited decades for land suddenly get what they have legally applied for from the same fuckers who didn't want to hear or process those same applications. Until the farmers votes were needed. Schools that needed funds for maintenance or development and never got them suddenly get some grant or other. Which I guess will have to last them at least 5 years because they ain't going to get shit else until the next general elections roll around.

We know what we want for our country. We know the YB's who've been screwing us time and again. We know that we have the power for change in our hands. We know we must take an active stance and participate in how our country is managed and how to maintain a future for our children and grandchildren. But will we do anything about it? Somehow I doubt it. Already some of my friends who had been whining and griping are saying, "Hiyah! Never mind la. Better the devil we know than the devil we don't la. Just keep quiet and try and make some money lor."

And I am sure that you've read the results of the latest "survey" that claims that the majority of Malaysians (all 3 major races of course!) are against demonstrations. Oh really? That's the YB's telling us in our faces that we are dumb schmucks who only can manage a squeak every 5 years or so and love being screwed. And we all go, "Really ah? Ya la demonstrations affect business la. Make bad traffic jam la. We sokong you, YB!"

And then before you know it the YB's will win their two thirds majority and then we will start griping again.

But of course to celebrate "the people's victory" there will be some good fireworks and festival events with lots of loud beating drums and candy. You know....Just to show us and tourists that Hey! Malaysia is just doing fine man. Look...everybody is so happy.


I know I am going to.