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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I read today that our policemen are finally going to get some real gear for their work instead of those silly little badges and slogans they wear which do nothing more than make them look like under-fed security guards. From today, the IGP says, our policemen (except for the poor slobs breathing in carbon monoxide directing traffic) are going to be issued standard uniforms which will include communications devices, handcuffs, baton and pepper spray. In addition to their firearms I presume.

GREAT!!! It's about bloody time our men and women in blue get some decent treatment. If not in terms of salary then better equipment is a step in the right direction I say.

The police have announced a new motto too. Firm, Fair and Courteous. Not bad.

Then they also have a new badge. Which I presume they wear in place of the old one which said, Bersih, Cekap, Amanah. Or was it Saya Anti Rasuah? Anyway, the new badge says, "Integriti Amalan Kita".

I am wondering. Did Bukit Aman do a survey to find out how many police personnel understand the meaning of the word "Integriti"?

Bersih, Cekap, Amanah - great!
Saya Anti Rasuah - wonderful!

Both very easily understood. But "Integriti Amalan Kita"??? Huh?



ycg said...

Integriti Amalan Kita - more like Integriti Idaman Minda

Anonymous said...

Even for those who know the meaning of integriti, it's still difficult to explain it in layman's term.

Anonymous said...

If new uniforms and better gear improves morale and help the police force do a better job, I am all for it. If it is just to make them look prettier, with the hidden agenda to spend money on some crony linked contracts, then the public have been taken for a ride. I will wait 12 months to see if the crime rate has gone down before deciding which scenario is more plausible.

Anonymous said...

why integriti? isn't there a malay word ' kejujuran' that means the same? or am i wrong?

or maybe one these words: keikhlasan, ketulusan, kerelaan, kebersihan, ketaatan, kesetiaan, kepatuhan.

these are words listed in dewanbahasa's thesaurus ( ) as being akin to kejujuran. integriti is not there.

i am not against the use of english loanwords but surely there is no need for it when we have a perfectly apt word in 'kejujuran'
does integiti say more than kejujuran?

i checked the dewanbahasa's thesaurus at

i am sure my folks back home in the kampung will ask, " integriti? apende tu? "

daniel said...

Badges...another opportunity for someone to reap mega ringgits to supply all these to the 100,000+ police personnel.

Noted that the uniforms are fire-resistant how often do the police encounter fire hazards or are the new uniforms supposed to keep them cooler under the blazing Malaysian sun?

Why can they just cut to the chase instead of wasting time thinking up idiotic slogans?

Anonymous said...

Uncle, they lack in integrity lah.......
Since last time, since now, btw what a confusing tag-line.

Anonymous said...

mister teoh sir...
they have to change SAYA ANTI RASUAH as people were mocking it, change it to SAYA NANTI RASUAH... hahah.. so they really really have to change lah... heheh..

about that intergriti... they might get confused with I AM GREEDY... HAHAHA...

monsterball said...

Pat...You of all the people should know what the police Dept. are good for. NOTHING!!
After more than 20 years....finally....constant public criticisms....supporting your observations. You are not alone and is simply 20 years ahead of others.
Yet ..with all these current criticisms....they still do not show any good results....but seems to say....changing for the better must be with changing the uniform....putting out new motto to inspire them to be productive. So many thousands OF thief....rapes ..robberies...burglaries..almost 100% not solved. At one time...our country..boasts of having one of the best police force in the world...until taken over by Mahathir. I for one....was so very deal with the Police Dept for so many years.....BEFORE....Mahathir took over. Some of those old soldiers are....still alive and truly honorable people.
Now back to the new uniform. I is time to feed someone with few millions RM profits this idea came out.
Next.... some street lamps needed to be show our country is one of cities of lights....all Malaysians love the idea..but never can see how much millions RM given out...for changing and changing them.....for someone to make millions.
Just keep follow the trend. No results....but spend spend they have lived lavishly..never enough...and these are powerful UMNO must feed them with few millions profit... per project....very year.
In commercial firms...when you have a bad need to prove real changes embark to so call upgrading physical image..when the internal image is rotten and smelly.

pua kang kang said...

instead of changing motto and uniform, why don't they try to change their chief. Attitude determines lattitude.

hermanc said...

How about integrating some real DISCIPLINE in our Police force huh? All these cosmetic changes boost morale, but what our Police force needs is a healthy dose of FEAR! They operate without fear of repercussions most of the time. They are only loyal to the ones in power and intimidate the powerless public. It's time for some check and balance to this corrupt power. Setup the IPCMC (Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission) and include in its scope the JPJ and local council officers.

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it, but i think someone had better audit PDRM. We must know their procurement procedure. Like Daniel, i smell a rat. Someone is making some $$$$ along the way. Come on la, the police need to change from the inside pout. All the uniform, spray etc, i dont think will make any diference. Sorry, i am sceptical. See too much, heard too much and experience one too many "malaysia boleh". We talk too fast, act like an old elephant. Stop spending too much money in experimenting. Go to our neighbour and just copy la. After all, Toyota etc all copy and then make it better if you know what i mean. I love my country eventhough it is has racist policies, practise double standard. I hope it will change in the future for my grandchildren sake. I dont think my children will get to experience a new Malaysia, one that can be called world std.

Isa Mofer said...

They should change it to "Integriti Mana Ada" or " Integriti Kadangx2 Ada"

zorro said...

Definitely cosmetics to distract away from the IPCMC.

Anonymous said...

Finally they can see that they need to promote what they are in need of ie "integriti"

Gan said...

always form, mana substance ?

Gan said...

Ref Lee Lam Thye's letter to The Star page N50 dated 27Mar2008.

As usual more ramblings of the right noise words for the right ears - not necessary the rakyats' ears.

His appointments are all just glamour-fied handouts from the gomen.

Always cakap cakap saja ... is he not aware that the rakyats have long cease to pay much heed to him.

Malu-lah ...

Ban Ban said...

I have impression that advertisements which use improper Bahasa Melayu can be taken action. Is this considered as improper Bahasa Melayu?

huey mei said...

haha...i agree with you.