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Monday, March 10, 2008

Well done, Malaysia!!!

Syabas! Well done! Congratulations! To all Malaysians who voted with intelligence and maturity to deny the Barisan Nasional a two-thirds majority in Parliament - I salute you. and I thank you. You have proven to me and all Malaysians that the power is in OUR hands. Thank you.

Like millions of other Malaysian citizens I went home from wherever I was to cast my vote and make my voice as a loyal citizen heard. As millions of fellow Malaysians I stayed up the night to follow the results of the polling as they came online, on television, by sms and phone calls. And as millions of concerned, loyal Malaysians I rejoiced when the BN lost their two thirds majority, when Selangor became an Opposition state and when other BN 'strongholds' and BN big guns fell in the onslaught of an empowered rakyat eager and demanding for TRUTH and CHANGE. And as the morning sun rose and signalled a new day for my country I fell asleep with the comforting thought that my homeland is entering a new era.

When I read the newspapers the next two days they were merely repeating what was already old news on the Internet, blogs and sms's. Catchphrases like Dawn of a New Era, BN needs to reinvent, re-brand, A Wake Up Call for ruling coalition...Ho was getting boring to read about the elections already. Our writers in the MSM appear to have mastered the art of repetition.

Then a friend of mine alerted me to a story about a BN loser in Subang Jaya.

This Lee Hwa Beng chap lost in the contest for Kelana Jaya by 5,031 votes. Okay, in any elections there are losers and winners. But this thick skinned fler has the cheek to say, "I forgive them, there's no bitterness at all. This is God's will..."

He forgives the people who didn't vote for him? Just who the hell does he think he is? And he blames it on God that he lost? You lost because you didn't do the job that your constituents voted you in the last time to do. Pure and simple. God didn't screw up. You did, Lee. Take the rap and beg forgiveness from Him for using His name in vain.

Jeeesus!!! The nerve of some people. Really!



Anonymous said...

Pat, arrogant people never learn, they only FALL!

But damn nice to see them fall right? LOL

chef said...

To the BN - We have talked, reasoned, & we have also tried a little provocation... and yet we have fallen on deaf ears. But now, 8/3/08 will forever be engraved in your memories, carved in stone... redeem yourself, take this as a reminder to rule with humility & just

To the opposition - The doors are now open for you to take the stand, & prove your worthiness... prove that you can be great... always remember that we have given but we can still take it away...

Echoes of the people's power...

Anonymous said...

Finally after so many days without any wind of news, it's really refreshing to hear something from you again Patrick!
So some people think he's God's messenger and he has the right to forgive people if they don't do what he says? People like this should look at the mirror more often or get his brain checked if it's really there.
Those who lose should just learn how to shadap and think of ways to serve people better next time, and not having people to serve them. Complain after losing, and blaming God, that's like the sour grapes story. Kurang ajar betul!

W_W_H said...

good to be true......... hope to see some changes in the near future... ;)

Anonymous said...

I seriously regretted for not registering as a new voter by the age of 23 and be a part of Malaysia's crucial turning point. May the Opposition keep their promise and deliver to the 'rakyat', showing that not only BN is able to govern a developing country.

May Malaysia be in my heart always!

Trashed said...

I would really like to see how the civil service will work under the new regimes in 4 newly opposition-led states.

For one, Khir Toyo's picture will come off the wall ! But more importantly, will they "sabo" the new leadership or will they clean up their act and really provide cemerlang service like no missing files, officers meeting at appointed times, no side income work at the office, etc.

Bottom line is - can the civil service be professional after years of a BN-leaning attitude ?

Fuzzy A! said...

I'm still asking where Pak Lah got the nerve to continue on as PM. Super thick face wtf.

I'm also wondering how Pak Lah supporters trying to blame all his inaction and corruption and whatever-tion on Mahathir. Ok, the latter was corrupted as sure as the sun shines and Pak Lah had to clean up his mess but apparently, he's not doing a good job at it, or any other job for that matter except for using our money to buy and fly on private jets wtf

Anonymous said...

hmm, i read that article in the star newspaper i think.

and perhaps you've misread it? the "them" whom he forgives are the people in church who campaigned against him and talked bad towards him to other people.

cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...

I am happy that the Opposition has finally denied BN the 2/3 majority.

On the other hand I am very concern on the days ahead for the Opposition in governing the new state they wrested control especially the rich states of Selangor and Penang.

I hope that the Opposition will not be trigger happy in their actions and change for the sake of change.

We must acknowledge that :

1. NOT all existing government policies is bad, (it is bad in implementation only)

2. NOT all existing government servant are lazy or lousy (I know there many great government staff)

Therefore the New Government must engage them and shall not be making sweeping changes without first understand them. The transitional period must be carried out smoothly and tactfully.

The new Government has no experience in running a government, because all this while their role is opposing and critizing which is a very different game. People are no longer interested in what good you have done (we voted you to do the proper stuff) BUT what you failed to do, that is the reality.

And BN will be documenting all the faults done by the new Government and smear them during the next election campaign.

We voted out the old government because they are ARROGANT, and we will do the same to the New government in 5 years time.

I am sad with the hasty initial decision made Lim Guan Eng upon swearing in as the new CM of Penang by waiving all the summonses issued by locl councils before Marc 11.

What kind of message is the new Government sending to the Rakyat.??

There are many way to help and inspire the poor. They are many ways you can introduce to gain popularity but I totally disagreed with his first decsion. Furthermore was this decision made with proper consultation? Remember Lim Kit Siang always demand on transparency of decisions made, now you have to defend that.

DAP is no longer a spectator as before, now you are in driver seat. Listen to The Police's "Every Breath You Take"

It is only the first few days in governing, I know I should be patient for passing the above comment but deep in our heart, we want a better government.

I really hope the new Government can bring so change and improvement for the future generation.

Anonymous said...

hi pat,nice to see you back,has been waiting for your comment after the 'tsunami' striked BN.
Agreed that we are now entering new era of political chapter.Let see whether BN will learn from this lesson.I still remember our Na(zi)sri fler once said'if you people dont like us,vote us out in next GE'.We made it happened,but sad that this fler still around.

The Angry Medic said...

Liky you Patrick, I'd long lost faith in Bolehland elections and so was sitting in my isolated British ivory tower busy watching the US elections when my handphone buzzed so hard it nearly amputated my leg. 'Samy kalah la!' said the first SMS. Then the rest of the news came in. By the time I picked my jaw up off the floor, it began to hit me. WHOA. What will Malaysia be like when I come home in summer lah?

P.S. Just one small note about that Lee Hwa Beng fler - he came to visit us students here (on taxpayer money, no doubt) last year. He struck me as a damn 'lun si' (angkuh) type, talking about how easy it would be to get his daughter into uni here and the like. Your blog today has made me very happy Patrick. So happy I might actually manage to not kill any patients today.

There is a God!

Anonymous said...

I remember you said that "the people should not be afraid of the government and it is the government who should be afraid".Well,bearing in mind for so long till election day,I went out to cast my vote and I was damned happy to see the outcome of it,so they(BN flers) better go back and study how to behave and talk properly,threats and holding up the keris doesn't work anymore man! stupid hisapmydick!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha jeeeesus.... hahahahhaha

Dave Avran said...


i'm in total agreement with you. the rakyat, be they malay, chinese, indian or lain lain have spoken collectively. we don't want clowns who propogate race based politics.

congratulations to bloggers wee choo keong, jeff ooi and liz wong. my heart goes out to chegubard who fought a damn good fight with limited resources. the fact that he lost by a slim margin speaks volumes for him.

like you rightly pointed out, the mainstream media is still in denial and stll spinning from force of habit. read chun wai's analysis in today's star to see a perfect example of lallang spin. the strongly pro BN dato is suddenly critical of the govt. like duuuh! the tail wagging the dog, Patrick.

make no mistake that net savvy urban voters got their info from alternative blogs malaysiakini, malaysia today, and dedicated and brave bloggers like raja petra, harris, rocky, marina m, jeff, tony yew, shanghai stephen, bernard khoo and blackinkorea just to name a very select few. you know who you are. pat yourselves on the back, boys and girls.

even tun dr mahathir acknowledged the role bloggers played in the tsunami that blasted the ge12.

"where the mainstrean media put on a show, the bloggers worked"

...and before tony yew gets all over my ass for plagiarism, that was a parody of the mca's election poster propaganda.


TOOLAN said...

3 cheers to all Malaysians, power to the people!

Great feeling that there is light at the end of the tunnel......

You are right, the MSM is damn bloody boring these days, repeating and repeating the same thing but I guess that's all they can report now as they can't be printing all the "dirt" that will be coming out very soon.....
Some of the speakers invited and BN VIPs also TOKKOK....they were saying BN lost because the 2 weeks prior to elections, they read all the wrong signals, gosh they are still living indenial!!

Anyway, Malaysia has gotten to a good start in 2008, let's hope it will get better for Malaysians.

Lastly, great to see that you are back.....will be back for more....

Anonymous said...

Arrogant mentri besar even said he wanted zero oppositions in Selangor! Niamah P*ki

Taufeq AR said...

Well not just hhim actualy. I think most of BN casualties blame the same people...THE PEOPLE!!

Just plain stupid or maybe arogant or ahhh just forget it. NIAMAHHH

Anonymous said...

I prefer Pak Lah to continue as PM only because his successor is much worse. But problem is Pak Lah has a very heavy baggage, his son in law. I never liked that fella and his racist ways. If MT is to be believed he's also a farking thug and wouldn't hesitate to use his goons to achieve his agendas.
I hope PKR would challenge his election win to the very end and stop this rascal from coming into parliament.

sheon said...

one of the many many sore bn losers this hwa beng is.

until today, they (bn) still doesnt want to acknowledge the fact that they lost was because of rampant corruption, blatantly lying to the rakyat, monumental mismanagement of tax money, and in-you-face arrogance.

they blame of trivial things like MP not reaching out lah, new faces lah, ...niamah..... are they serious?....they think this is kindergarten politics ah? they still havent learned their lessons......


lecram said...

Certainly is turning out to be the year of redefinition in more ways than one.

jude said...

i hope the opposition live up to their promises prior to me casting a vote for them

Anonymous said...

we'll wait and see whether opposition parties can rule the state government or not..

a lot of agendas and of course the DAP's agenda to bring an equality to Penang is bullshit..we'll see..

we never learn..

j or ji said...

N I A M A H ! !...

i yell with a smiley face la nowadays..not like before.

Eva Natasha said...

I am still MAD as hell at the Rembau win ! Something's NOT RIGHT !

Chegu....pliz do smthg! Don't let the MONKEY win !

pah nur said...

Felt like beeeeeg constipation relieved and beeeeeeg shit released. Phew...
Should anyone wants to listen to song for Samy Veloo,(sang by comedy court by the way) I posted it on my blog,'s funny...have fun listening..


Parrot said...

You really have to end this post on a bad note just so you can finish with "Niamah!!!"? lol

Anonymous said...

hey by the way, i read the news about the "castle owner" has died of heart attack. Is it true? I mean is it true its because of heart attack and not something else?

Anonymous said...


Thats how gangstas talk. Not surprising, as Hwa Beng is a local thug.

yok hoong said...

he thinks that is his divine right. bullocks, come back 5 years later and the rakyat will decide. not you, for sure, beng.

Dean Arif said...

We, the younger generation of Malaysia have voted for the Barisan Rakyat, totally blind of their race and religion. Day by day, we see that a Malaysian Malaysia is totally possible. If the Barisan Rakyat bugger this up, we’ll kick their arses even harder in the next GE!

Sean E said...

If you want to have a better future for our children in Malaysia, do your part by signing the on-line petition at

This is one of the way (non-violence) to bring our message to the Government. Don’t just sit there, stand up and be counted!

Why do we need to reform the Election Commission?

1) Gerrymandering. The discrepancy between number of voters in voting areas is too great. The smallest parliamentary seat (Federal Territory, Putrajaya) has only 6,608 voters while the parliamentary seat for Kapar in Selangor has 112,224 voters. What this means is that one vote in the Putrajaya parliamentary constituency is equivalent to 17 votes in the Kapar constituency.

2) Phantom voters. A common tactic is to ‘buy’ the identity card of the voters. Party members from the ruling parties will then vote on the voters’ behalf. Random checking of a person’s identity must be conducted using those finger print checking device (like the bank use). Any voting done on another person’s identity must be made a serious offence under the election law.

3) Postal votes. The rules on postal voting must be reviewed, tightened and amended. The current rule favours the ruling party as the armed forces personnel and policemen who vote by ‘postal voting’ would obviously not jeopardize their career or promotion prospect by voting for the opposition. Voting under postal voting is not secret as it is under the watchful eyes of the senior officers.

4) Spoiled votes. How do we define spoiled votes. It is very easy to turn good votes into spoiled votes (by adding one more x to the ballot paper). Are spoiled votes being verified and watched over by the party representatives? In marginal areas in which the winning margin is razor thin, the so-called spoiled votes need to be scrutinized.

monsterball said...

I never thought i could live to see the day...Malaysia was heading this way....stopped in 1969...and now revived...peacefully.
Lets give all one year chance to prove themselves.
Lim Kit Siang has just exposed himself to be a hypocrite..but fast enough to apologize to the sultan of Perak.
Supporting Royalties ..means the Sultan's choice is final. Glad DAP members all disagree with LKS...showing DP is democratic party.
Lets wait patiently for at least one year to see results.

Anonymous said...

Patrick, I too am extremely pleased with the election results and for the first time in my life, I have some confidence in the future of Malaysia!
I dont know how many of you out there have close friends/ relatives who have migrated to seek 'a better future' out there. I have lost so many close friends, many brilliant ones, who have since migrated to USA, Canada, Australia, Spore etc. Mostly were non Bumi but all were very good talents Malaysia lost forever. I work in Human Resources for one of the major MNCs in Malaysia and guess what? Whenever we compare notes with other MNCs and Headhunters, they all speak about how much harder it keeps getting to FIND GREAT TALENT! Some articles and journals have spoken about a progressive 'Braind Drain' with many prominent & high potential Malaysian talents going overseas. Recently we lost a very good, promising, young Manager whos a qualified engineer whos also migrating.

THE ISSUE IS GOVERNANCE. BN has failed to live up to the basic principles of Transparency, Democracy and Good governance. People are not ensured of a good future. And Malaysia has spoken through the ballot box to tell those corrupted people to Leave and make way for politicians who are cleaner and more committed to the future of our own country and not just their own pockets.

Funny you mentioned LEE HWA BENG. I live in Subang and the beloved 'old man of Subang' has this time publicly spoken about this ambitions to seek Ministership and has brought along another 'Grand old lady' Ong Chong Swen as his running mate. I met Lee Hwa Beng once. ARROGANT! Speaks as though he owns the constituency and behaves as tho he's unshakable. And what right does he have to 'FORGIVE SUBANG JAYANS FOR VOTING AGAINST HIM?!!' UTTER NONSENSE, I say.
Enough is Enough. We have had enough of You, Lee and we dont want Ong CS who crawls out here from the same hole as you did years ago.

Lee HB carries an air of arrogance and does not care about us. Today I have a nice car to drive but once upon a time, I was a student who depended on public transportation. And Lee Hwa Beng has this to say about public transportation failure in Subang Jaya : "Aiya, why worry about busses or Taxis...Everyone in Subang has a car what..." This was 10 years ago. Clearly, what anyone from BN would say to defend the then dearest Transport Minister Ling 'Fatty' Liong Sik.
And Mahathir + BN would LOVE US to buy more Protons wouldnt they?

Lee hwa Beng and Ong CS - I will tell u what EVERYONE IN SUBANG HAS...It is not a Car but the Power in their hands to VOTE YOU OUT. and we have done that. So we dont want any FORGIVENESS from you. Keep the Arrogant mouth Shut and RETIRE!

Foong said...

Hi Patrick,

It is a good thing that BN is taught a good lesson to be more humble and not act as if the whole country and its citizens belonged to them.

However, I'd like to say that there are many sore losers out there especially the Umno fellas. They are even out to take 'revenge' against the voters!

The few Umno fellas who retained their seats in Penang have said they will beg the federal government to withdraw all federal funding for planned mega-projects such as the Penang second bridge, Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR), NCER and MRT. If that is not bad enough, they even want to propose to the federal government to stop the RapidPenang bus services and take all the buses to another 'more deserving state'.

Their excuse? "Since Penangites do not want what BN promised for them by voting for the DAP and PKR, then they won't have it. Let them ask their new state government for these projects."

As a Penangite, I am more than happy if they do scrap the PORR project! Other than that, don't you think that is a load of rubbish? Who do these Umno think they are? Do they honestly believe that all those funds for those projects belonged to Umno? Don't they know it is the taxpayers' money? And talk about stupidity, aren't they just cutting their noses to spite their face?

It just serves them right that they are now the Opposition party in Penang and I just hope DAP and PKR governed the state really well for the next five years so that voters will continue to vote for them to stay on as the state government!


Anonymous said...

FYI that Lee Hwa Beng fler got a free ride in 2004 . . . got his state seat unopposed! On top of that, he failed to solve many issues, one being the 13 year old problem in SS14/4B where Sime UEP had sold the playground land right in front of the houses which encircle it, to a developer who wanted to build a 20 storey condo there!!! The residents staged a protest & Lee promised to help. The MB at that time, that Mohd2 fler, said he would see to getting alternative land for the developer. Alas, the residents continue to be deprived of their now overgrown playground with no solution in sight. We hope that our new DUN Hannah Yeoh will be able to help us sort this out.

As for that Toyol fler, he wanted zero opposition in Selangor and he almost got his wish coz he IS the opposition in Selangor now . . . hahaha . . . and now he tries to destroy evidence and has the cheek to warn the new state govt not to destroy our beautiful Selangor!

Anonymous said...

a sms joke fr someone :
AAB,SAM & OKT sigh that beef, mutton and pork all go up in prices
then comes Kapal : if mine can naik lu tiga olang lagi susah !!

Dave Avran said...


It’s disgusting to read spinning gasing chun wai’s article in the star today. I refuse to dignify it with a link here. Not only does he downplay the bloggers’ role and efforts in the outcome of the elections, but he also demeans jeff ooi.

The only positive thing in the article is that he admitted the mainstream media has to relook at its editorial policy given the maturity of malaysian readers.

err..i hate to wake you up from dreamland to break this to you, but you kinda missed the bus there, my delusional datuk.

spinning gasing chun wai, spin it any way you want. Our jeff won. And you had better address him as yang berhormat, geddit?

The People's Roar said...

This election showed the real Malaysia Boleh from the people even SPR can't intervene with the people's decision.

Anonymous said...

Pat,kindly pls make some comment on khairy jamaluddin...i hate this moron so much.....tq and congrats to all malaysian.....

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Its my first time blogging here and am totally amused by the comments. I couldn't agree more with you flers. In my opinion BN is no longer representing Malaysians. Over the past 50 years they have managed to become such a tight knit group that serve only those who 'kow tao' to them. They helped the rich to become richer with glorified terms like NEP and so on. Only ppl with 'contacts', not knowledge or expertise, can get projects. niamah! I'm so glad that people now are looking beyond all the wayang kulit shows by umno, mca and mic. Malays no more trust umno, Chinese not voting for mca and Indians are staying away from mic. There was a time back then where we only vote for the people representing our race. Not this time. Fear mongering tactics by BN fell flat on its face. They still thought that if they can scare people enough of the '69 incident that people will stay away from the opposition. Aiyo. Who do they think we are? Toads living under a coconut shell? The more they want to surpress the news in the MSM, the more people want to find out from the internet. Looks like our leaders are not so smart after all. Just look at how AAB is shouting at LGE for the things he himself failed to deliver. hah. niamah!!! At first when he stepped up to the position, ppl really thought he could clear all the mess left behind by his predecesor. Not only did he failed to clean up, he made up more mess with the economy. niamah!
If half of what was written in Malaysiakini and Malaysiatoday is true about the corruptions, biasedness, Lingams, Altanthuyas, then, goodluck to all Malaysians, God help us.

Afiqme said...

yah.. well done malaysia! we're tired of all the BN propaganda...

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Hwa Beng has to use the name of God for his own political ends.

Being a hyprocrite is worst sin.

The name of God is holy. Do not misuse it!

Anonymous said...

I spoke to his best friend his name is James Tan fella

He told me before the election this phrase please read carefully.