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Friday, March 14, 2008

What the F***!!!

"Trust me. I am better than him."
Do you?

Maybe I shouldn't believe it because it appeared in The Star. But the story today really pissed me off.

The Star's story in page N3 headlined "PKR 'no' to 8 slots for DAP".
The subtitle read, "It wants fair representation in exco".

The first headline sounds like a bunch of kids fighting over a bag of candy.

The second sounds like it was a fair enough request. Until you read the details. It appears that the PKR president, Dr. Syed Husin Ali wants the composition of the state exco to reflect the composition of Perak's population. Get it?

It's back to Malays, Chinese, Indians and lain-lain again!!!

Pardon me for my simplistic view of things. But didn't Malaysians vote Opposition because they were tired of race based politics? Didn't The Oppostition tell us to unite as ONE people? As Malaysians? Didn't we hear somewhere about the-BEST-people -will-get-the-job type of promises?

And now just days into the long struggle to prove itself The Opposition is telling us that it is all about race percentages? What the fuck!!!

And where is that Anwar Ibrahim in all this? Waiting to see what happens first issit?



kingtut said...

sadly enough, we do not seem to have competent leaders to run the country... is there no longer hope?

Anonymous said...

Really niamah! and if I am not mistaken, someone was saying "....
we will defend our chinese and indian brothers with our body"!!!

Really talking cock!!!

Anonymous said...

I've wrote before the election all over that PAS (i.e. Malaysia's Islamic Party) is double-face, no difference to UMNO (i.e. United Malay National Organization Party). It is only interested in gaining as much ruling power as it can and will say anything to gain that power. It's a party like Umno, that is based on racial, religious and ultra-nationalism (of a supreme Malay-Islamic nation-state) politics and hence will forever stands in contradiction to a mature and progressive nation-state of truly democratic Malaysia in the future that promotes true equality and liberation for all. I don't think it's too late to rectify this grave mistake of having PAS in the Opposition coalition in the first place as I believe if Anwar & Keadilan (i.e. Social Justice Party) plus DAP (i.e. Democratic Action Party) stand firm with their conviction (I applauded Anwar's and DAP brave stand against the racial based affirmative action New Economic Policy i.e NEP); there is great potential for Anwar to intensify the effort of changing the mindset of brainwashed Malays. Especially from the ordinary population; who are still brainwashing into supporting the undemocratic and unjust NEP and "Ketuanan Melayu-Islam (i.e Malay-Islamic Supremacy" ideology). For many educated Malays, NEP & such racist, sexist and fascist ideology are no more relevant since many have been exposed to liberal and progressive democracy system and human/women’s rights in the west. (I'm talking about the progressive west here in the EU such as the Scandinavian countries). And these Malay educated population are the ones who might be able to influence their parents or relatives from the rural Malay population and low income communities particularly. It is worth a try, and why not?

And to also have in mind that Umno is going to play more dirty in the next election by having "indigenous/bumiputera/Malay" identity as constructed from religion rather than race/ethnicity. This's the reason for the founder of "JUST" Malaysian NGO, Chandra Muzaffar's dirty and deceitful outburst against Anwar; in order to prepare the groundwork for enabling Indian Muslims to gain such "indigenous" identity in exchange for loyalty and support for Umno. Whilst their elite-class enrich themselves of course with all the privileges. This is also very dangerous for the opposition as this will enable Umno to buy increase voting support for them in the next election. Besides granting citizenship and possibility of such "indigenous" identity to Muslim migrant workers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia, and refugees of Burmese, Filipino and Southern Thai Muslim background including in Sarawak and Sabah, in order to also garner that increase votes and loyalty to Umno (why also the big winning in Sabah and Sarawak for the ruling Barisan National coalition i.e. BN). So I fully support the bravest and wisest opposition leader of all, Lim Kit Siang for taking such a firm stand against PAS on the issue of MB Perak's position. Besides, there you can see how greedy for power and double-face PAS is; they already gain two states of Kedah and Kelantan. Why can't they back-off and compromise from the Perak Chief Minister issue if they're genuinely co-operating with the coalition partners especially since DAP won the most seats anyway? I never trust PAS and never will; because I've grown up and realize true democracy and universal human rights that cuts across race, religion and ultra-nationalism are the greatest rewards for humanity. Particularly in a world dominated by greed, arrogance and selfishness. And as long as the capitalist system and class rules the world and humanity! And male politicians including from the opposition; please do listen and take advise from the women sometimes!

And long live DAP & Keadilan! At least, I could breath again a little bit in this sorry nation-state!

Noor Aza Othman

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you on this, as much as they whack DAP and LKS for his outburst couple days back, how come no rebuke on this? At least LKS is man enough to apologise.

Honestly, Malaysians are not ready for non-raced based politics. Its just not in their mindset. Most of us are still having 3rd world mentality. It all starts with our Education system. We have to start education on being Malaysians first and race 2nd from school. Go ask the chinese if they will scrap Chinese schools and you will see 90% of them are not willing to let go.

Race-based mentality plays such a big role in our life cos we were exposed to it since we were young. It should be one system education system with options for students to take up their mother tongue language as an extra class. I hate to say this but look down south!!

Anonymous said...

I hope people will exercise a bit of scepticism when reading newspapers. The Star (for example) is only good for wrapping and provision of amusements to the public. Also, Wong Cun Wai's face in the Star is good for vomitting out excess food. This Wong fella has been trying very hard to split the nation and has t=been telling lots of lies lately. So the problems in Perak may not be so big after all. Hope people understand how difficult it is to form a state govt and pls give DAP/KPR and PAS a chance. It's even shittier within UMNO and MCA now but you do not see Star reporting them. See if Star dares to publish Mukriz's letter to badawi and people will know waht I mean.

radical85 said...

i am sad and totally disgusted by how they fight for the state exco seats... we didnt vote them for this to happen

Anonymous said...

yup wanna "NIAMAH" at first.. but remember the local media nowaday no more trustwothty... too bias to a side and all smell provoking... But good news is the resolution is done for Perak with all 31 candidate signing an agrement as well a proper fairly distribute exco seats... for me this all mess is due to opp NEVER expecting to win at Perak at the beginning and don't plan ahead yet for a fair deal toward all... and from the acceptance of PAS as MB by DAP we can see there's really a good workmanship among these 3 group... so no more "NIAMAH" in mind currently as a genius plan been shown and execute by opp... (:

monsterball said...

When have ever Star or NST report anything that is complete and fair?
You are a good actor Pat......surely you are aware...UMNO have mastered the art advertising...thus putting out half program minds.......believing in them always.
UNNO chosed main target to speak in the election. Anwar got all the bashings...WHY??
Simple.....UMNO is afraid of one else.
Now the voters have spoken in favour of Anwar.....UMNO is more afraid than ever expect many rallies....protests.
And lets enjoy UMNO's eat their words...saying....rallies are not Malaysian culture....while they are doing it right PENANG...and Ipoh...and small areas.
Double standards is clear...and I will not read politics from the papers I need to buy...but for the general knowledge I need.....whether my empat ekor did strike me rich or not..or whether weekend horse is worth betting for......or for the many entertaining news and general knowledge. I read the politics....then compare to Malaysiakini news...and then...we have the complete news.
That's why....voters ...voted against UMNO and BN.

zewt said...

cool cool.... heard he is on a secret mission now...

Shawn Tan said...

totally agree with you.. multi-racial politics is still racial politics.. this is something that most of the political bigwigs don't get.. sigh.. regardless of what the media prints, their actions show everything.. but i'm still hoping that they can at least bring more transparency and accountability into the process..

profit said...

I am a malay bumiputra,I find the caption for DSAI'photo makes me wants to comment.I have never trusted this creature from day one(during his student days).How can I trust a character who has stepped on the Malaysian Flag to lead this beautiful nation.Given Lim Eng Guan and DSAI i would put my eggs in the former's basket.A lot of ppl ask me weather it's true all about DSAI,I always maintain my same answer,"You never know a person behind a drawn curtain".

Ghifari said...

DAP no matter what the Party BR manifesto acting as if there's no pragmatic or experience politicians amongst them. Who expected 5 states, yet here we are as if Santa came to our door first-we wouldn't even let him in as our eye bulge in awe of the goodies. This election had nothing to do about majority for the BR at least not the opposition supporters so why it is DAP refusing to let Santa in? Perhaps post69 absurdity's is what we need to understand reality or an absolute Malay Vs Chinies Vs Indian Vs the Rest society?
Think about reality think about future and put an end to racialism. Don't blame the Malay nor the Muslims this time.

Anonymous said...

Stick with BN, we get a bunch of corrupt racists.

Vote in the Opposition, we get a bunch of kids fighting over some lollies.

What the fuck is there for the rakyat??

daniel said...

Let those morons take to the streets and have a taste of what being opposition is like. If they turn unruly or violent, the police would then be obliged to give them a taste of their water cannons and tear gas. If they behave themselves while having their march, show them that the opposition led government (funny isn't it? Why are they still opposition when they have formed the state government?) can accept dissent without violent reactions.

Anyway, these morons' antics still serve a purpose ie. to remind the coalition that they are the common enemy, to continue to galvanize them and remain as one unit.

BTW Pat, I saw "en bloc" on 5. Not bad :) Maybe can have drinks or bak kut teh in JB just to tokkok when you are free while down south.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, you guys still believe 100% mainstream media especially The Star. You rely on The Star for info, you'll see stars, they'll spin and spin and spin and spin until your kepala pusing and see stars. Did anyone watched the Star Forum on the outcome of the election...aiyoh, Wong Chun Wai really carrying 'Chun' (b*lls) all because MCA Wanita Chief Dr Ng Yen Yen was obvious he's having a hard on because Ng Yen Yen was squeezing his 'Chun' (b*lls) tightly. Say YES....Argggg YEZZZZ, Say NO....Arggg NOOOO. What to do they are Radio MCA and not Radio Rakyat.

Aisey, comment, comment, comment, don't just comment. Do something good and constructive. Join a political party (BR or BN also nevermind) and do some public service. Offer yourself up as a candidate for election. If you win, fantastic. Then you will only know what these guys are going through. Give them a chance. Cut them some slack.

If so smart and capable, you go and do,lah. Luckily, God has spared us that option or else really we all 'ham kar chan'.

Anonymous said...

Its the process .. stupid !

Sorry for my language, but this is my stand, specifically bout race in our politics
- we're in malaysia, race STILL is in the general public's conscience.
- The ones who were voting for BN prev, didnt wake up one day and decide they didnt want racial politics today.
- but they voted in a new government for many reasons. on race, they might've seen good racial representation in opposition, even though it might've not been their manifestos.
- the opposition governments are appeasing the public's race based conscience, while at the same time paving the way for setting up policies favouring merit.
- a government that implements non-race based policies, wont turn a blind eye to ppl who need help, and their demographics are still identified by race.

clearwater said...

Don't burst a blood vessel, Patrick. People our age need to look after our health. There's going to be a lot more happenings in the coming days, weeks, months,years? in the Malaysian political scene that will upset many of us.Take your own advice, eat some nourishing food at Damansara Seafood Village. I am going there this Sunday with the family. It's more healthy than digesting current political news.

cakap mesti bikin siap siap said...

Remember Lim Keng Yaik told Lim Guan Eng about Anwar Ibrahim?

'Ee chiak lu, lu pun um chai'

Don't pray pray!!

viknesh said...

Don’t jump the gun la! It takes time for people to adjust to new environment and responsibility. Hopefully within a short span we will be able to achieve what been looking for in our new government. It’s early to make such judgement at this moment, as they need to find the expertise to fill the vacancies. I just dislike plp giving their 2-cent views now, as it is not worth at this time. Let give them some space after they have settled in. Then I shall give my views then.

mantao said...

patrick.. did you know about 'Kuih Talam' ? As a chinese i think you know it. White on top and green at the bottom very delicious 'Kuih. That is anwar actually. He got 2 face also. 1 for DAP 1 for PAS.

aiyomanaboleh said...

It's good to see you are back.

Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

DAP, PKR n PAS can have defacto relationship; marriage very difficult la.Idealogy also cannot agree so how to kawin. Even if they get married, aiyah, some party can have more than one wife la so it will always be ..."watch our own backs" for you never know what gets stab behind. For now, they have no choice but to stick together or at least pretend to do so. Anyway, since when we become so naive, where got honest politicians one, oxymoron la. They always tell white lies; if a person cannot tell white lie or call a spade something else then he cannot be a successful politician. I mean even in the good US of A, they tell the world stories that may not necessary be true....end of the day alot of talk can be driven by $, RM or religious belief. Truth...well this is a hard word for many let alone politicians. Bottom line, we got a change and we can hope for improvement. If they opposition cannot do a better job then aiyah, next election, just vote someone who can la. But we must also be careful that the opposition job is not sabotaged by Fed govt la. Fed govt must take care of all states for Malaysia good, if they sabo then the world will know and next election day sure no more erection for them la.

Yun said...

All my beloved M'sian:

Pls give them more time to adapt to their present suddent found positons.

The coalition is definitely raw and unseasoned in their cooperation.

Be patience and give them a bit more time.

Aren't we want them to be there to give us changes?

I like the ways you guys expressing yourselves. With you guys around, those politician out there would have to move more carefully.


lim said...

Though Guan Eng has good intention to be more efficient in helping the poor and buster corruption, but I felt he has make a too drastic change in the policy. This has cause some of the nation can't accept after so many decades defining their mentality as if the are being protectedby NEP. Same to the ethnic politic, though heading to the direction but it takes time.

mythsn_legends said...

It is always false's a shame false promises and hope in exchange for the peoples' vote only to screw them in the back....

Rimisac said...

Forming a Coalition government is no easy task - even among political parties in established democracies - example Germany and Italy and other european countries. Seeing that the Malaysian opposition parties have never been in this position before it is all uncharted territory for these parties, so they will take sometime to divide and settle their portfolios. Seeing that Penang has done that very quickly - faster than BN held states of Perils and Trengganu, everything should be done and dusted by end of March and they should start being the government - Malaysians deserve and expect no less.
PAS has a chance win the hearts and minds of non-muslims and they should not squander this by trying to impose islamic law in anyway or manner. They should by now understand Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Buddhists who are already committed to their faith and religion need not need rules, regulations or threats to keep to their tennets of their faith. They do not need the government's help to get them into heaven. What they want their elected government to do is to keep them healthy, safe and reasonably wealthy in this country..
All Malaysians want to be free to choose their way of life, their way of dress and behaviour.
So let the government, BN or the DAP, PKR and PAS coalition concentrate on providing good government and let the people themselves worry on how they want to get themselves into heaven.

Good luck to us all.


Anonymous said...

I sokong Nazri Aziz.

Mydeen Aboo Backer said...

Aisey Patrick, just only realised that ? None of the coalition, DAP-PKR-PAS, can rise above that, election promises notwithstanding. Mydeen will be watching Penang where he predicts that blowhard blogger will be another tollgate to challenge KJ.

Anonymous said...

equality? fuck! this is MALAYsia, not CHINESEsia or INDIsia, deal with it!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps ONE race ONE country tagline will never work in our country. We're always divided here and there, and our skin colors define which division we're in, and how much voice we have in the country. This is no doubt racist, and it's just so much shame that it shows in people we vote for to lead us. I think people like that don't deserve vote. Next round I'm going to vote for Donald Duck to run the country, even I'm ever going to vote again.

Jason said...

"equality? fuck! this is MALAYsia, not CHINESEsia or INDIsia, deal with it!"

I hope you are being sarcastic.

TOOLAN said...


You know during our school days(primary, secondary and even uni) I always call myself Malaysians and not Malaysian Chinese because that is who we are. Then after schools, into the real world, I begin to realize that there are actually racial differences and it gets more and more evident as we grew older.....
Then there was hope(the recent election) but unfortunately before the smoke could clear, we seem to have started another "BN"......sigh.....but I am still hoping.....for our children sake and I hope we didn't jump from the pot into the fire....

Anonymous said...

let's just hope that after this silly thigny those chosen to work will do their job efficiently and cleanly. Not to say after curi makan wipe mouth clean clean la ok.

Anonymous said...

helo patrick,
its just the STAR...anwar is the man all people wants..pas and dap listens to him...nep will be dismantled and the marginalised chinese,indians and malay will be
his priority.
umno has only one thing going..DEB.Take this out and you
only have osu sukam the gambler,najib altantuya,kj,rafidah ap,paklah kj and t adnan correct correct correct...
it's all about the people from
now onwards...
we will not handicapped the malays either but get them to be
the malays will always control the tanks,jet fighters,submarines and ships.


Anonymous said...

Uncle, sorry to say...YOU HAVE FELL INTO THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA TRICKS, stop reading newspaper!

Anonymous said...

Uncle, sorry to say...YOU HAVE FELL INTO THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA TRICKS, stop reading newspaper!

Anonymous said...

Actually not necessary one race, it is not possible. Just one name will do and that is Malaysian. It can be done, not overnight but over time. After all Malaysia talk like we have done a great job uniting few races. Aiyah, Malays, Chinese, Indians and Serani only ma. Come on la, look at our neighbour like Australia. So many more races and nationalities as well lei. Irish, English, Americans, Italians,Indians, Fijians,Greeks malaysians, Moronians, ningkamputians etc. Come on la, Malaysia can do it but unfortunately to do so the following nedd to be addressed: from kindy;

2. Policy change:no special treatment for any particular race; want to help, then help the poor and needy

3. constitution: this one itself is racist la; I have been living under the tempurung la; Now I know 9 states in Malaysia only allows Malay Muslim to be MB. Muslim alone also cannot la just in case one chinaman or indian become muslim. If the rulers, parlimentarians have no guts to change this....I think no need to talk kok for so long la. Just stick to what it was before. I can live with BN, PKR, DAP, PAS rule. If opposition dare to do it, the next thing to do is to get rid of ALL racist constitution la. Rulers we must respect no doubt but if Rulers become racist then how ah? Continue to respect ah? So maybe they also must not resist change la. After all, no one is born more equal right? If we still cannot change this then just deal with it la; fall behind the rest of the world so be it la. No need to get so work up for nothing. Just enjoy it and take necessary actions to prevent children to undergo the same lo.

My conclusion: opposition will try to change the implementation of certain policies, thats about all. Dont hold your breadth if you expect state or any constitution to be amended to allow any race to be MB so soon. Meanwhile, it all makes for good tokok la for us retirees.......

Anonymous said...

reading news from Star, NST, Utusan, Berita Harian is like reading craps. They manipulate the stories and makes opposition suckswhich in actual fact they didnt say that. Look at what happen to Bernama on LGE. That is just a tip on the iceberg, not even carlsberg yet.

Uncle Pat, dont get mad with all those papers, they are just political party puppet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Patrick,
Why spoilt your mood on this bunch of Sek See Or Fan a waste of their family hard earn money sent them to obtain a degree and start Balls L*g to get them where now being C.Editors. Seriously don't blame them cos they have no self esteem,in thier profession, believe me they are LALLANG my friend, rule of the thumb will suceed, one day they will be writing the reverse belive me.
Have a nice dinner at your D'sara Village Rest and All the best to you and family. God Bless

Kamal said...

this is typical Malaysian liberal.they promoted cross racial preservation, without respect the distinctive feature of particular race here, especially Malay. u try to melt the feature actually.Please respect the Malay as we respect all of U

Anonymous said...


Do you really believe The Star? Do you really believe Dato Wong Chun Wai, the virulent journo of post-Operation Lallang who is now trying to portray himself as a gentleman who believes in justice, human rights and democracy?

Some of us have not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Here is the latest blog created by my conscience, the real reflection of me: Raja Petra bin Raja Kamaruddin …


Hear me confess at ie. Raja Mongrel dot Blogspot dot com

Yours truly
Raja Petra bin Raja Kamaruddin (Now & Official)
King Sultan Raja Prophet Nabi Petra Kamaruddin (In Progress … Note no more ‘Bin’ in my name)

CK Tan said...

hey, you are back. y took you so long???


Anonymous said...

its been only a week. sabar my fren. a new malaysia cannot be bulit in 7 days

neutral said...

love your blog
love your daring comment
but you're bit low intel izit bro
to believe wat the star says means to believe in a BN control media
oh by the way i have been reading many article tat says "Govrement Control Media" plz do do correction is "BN Control Media".....and if the media freedom cease to exist malaysian will always be misinform till the day they die

Anonymous said...

Hi, Patrick.

This is Dennis, remember.

Frankly, I'm no supporter of Family A and Family M (the 2 prime ministerial families).

Both families have let me down, though I like Nori and Marina.

I'm dead against the ISA and I stopped being "patriotic" since Ops Lalang 1987 and the sacking of the judiciary in the same period.

Today, some people are singing a different tune now that they are out of power.

I reject both those people and the ones in power.

Malaysia must move on.

teh o ais tak mau limau said...

malaysian revolution? i think it is very very hard to achieve single nation. what you need to do? you need to mix(marriage) with other race, that does well with the thais, a lot of chinese mixing with local thais, and even in america the whites mixing with the negros. the problem why m'sia tak 'boleh' is because sensitive punya issue 'religion'. the rest i no need to elaborate also you all paham why 'susu' sama 'nescafe' jarang mix with 'milo' la. if not we awal awal become 'neslo ais' or 'cham ping', nescafe o' already le. we are going backwards compare to openness in the earlier days of malaya where a lot of them mix. race is not the issue!

anfield devotee said...

have you ever thought of standing, or been asked to stand, fer public office, mr teoh?

would be quite interesting, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Religious Malays who hate UMNO go to PAS. Not religious Malays who hate UMNO go to Keadilan. Chineses who are bored with MCA go to DAP. Indians who are fed up with MIC go to...they have to have their own opposition party. And if PAS, Keadilan, DAP and whichever opposition party join together, they have to have one common name. May be we should be like the U.S. One democrats. The other republicans. Or like in U.K. one labour. The other one conservative.

I think Anwar though you guys do not like him, should be back in Parliament. I am waiting for a face to face show down between him and his former comrades who are guilty of his present situation. There are politicians who committed all sorts of funny things but are not treated the same way as he did. So I want to know why he should be given this sort of treatment.

As for Barisan Nasional, I wonder how they feel now being the opposition in Penang.

Anonymous said...

From UMNO to PKR hegemony?

I’m made it clear from the start that I have more distrust for Keadilan than I do for PAS.

Recent events vindicate me to a certain extent.When Lim Kit Siang first made a statement announcing a boycott for the swearing-in of the Perak Menteri Besar, bloggers and commentators sounded the battle cry and bashed him with no mercy. The comments on Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s Malaysia-today are proof of it all. Lim Kit Siang apologized publicly soon after, in the most humble and sincere manner from a Malaysian politician to date.

Not too subtly, similar announcements were coming from the PKR’s camp. Syed Husin Ali threatened abandonment of the coalition government if PKR’s demands for representation in the Perak exco were not met. Over in Selangor, the finalization of the state government’s exco list has apparently hit an impasse as a result of PKR’s refusal to grant DAP their fair share of excos, citing racial imbalance and insufficient Malay representation. Surprisingly, there have been little murmurs, if at all over PKR’s growing arrogance and refusal to compromise the way DAP did in the Perak state government.

At parliamentary level, PKR is set to assume the position of opposition leader via Dr. Wan Azizah. Fair enough, in view that they hold the most number of seats among the opposition parties. The lingering question is, do they believe in democracy more than meritocracy? Wan Azizah has been in Parliament since 1999, a total of 9 years – which is a long time. She has had enough time to prove her salt but does anyone actually remember any moments where she created waves in parliamentary debates?

As far as I can remember, it was always the 12 DAP parliamentarians that received the worst from the rude and arrogant UMNO Mps when the DAP bench raised issues that were pertinent to the people of Malaysia. I have not read much of Wan Azizah raising any eyebrow or waking any sleepy eyes in all her years in parliament. If verbal abuses and insulting taunts were a measure of how active an MP was in parliament, Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Kulasegaran and Fong Po Kuan are way ahead at the forefront. They have been outnumber 10:1 in Parliament and insulted beyond belief – all because they tried to stand up for stupid Malaysian voters. On the contrary, Wan Azizah has not ruffled any UMNO/BN feathers, at least none that ever made it to the press. If PKR truly believed in meritocracy, then there are many DAP parliamentarians that are more suited and qualified to lead the opposition bench compared to Wan Azizah. At the same time, if they truly believed in the principles of democracy, then they would have lobbied for DAP to lead the Perak state government in view that DAP held the most number of seats. Either way, there is the element of cakap tak serupa bikin coming from the PKR camp.

Would you as an employer hire someone who tells you he/she is not interested in the job? Surely not, I say. However, that is exactly what we’ve done. Wan Azizah was never interested the job of being an MP. She was thrust into it after the downfall of her husband. She held it for eight years and has recently announced that she just might step aside after being elected to allow Anwar Ibrahim to contest in a Penampang Pauh by-election. Do you really think a person who is not interested to be an MP is the best person for the task of being opposition leader? Or maybe you think that Wan Azizah will eventually pass the baton of being opposition leader to Anwar Ibrahim later?

Well, Anwar Ibrahim will indeed make a great opposition leader. Just one problem though, like his wife, he too is not interested to be opposition leader. He wants to be Prime Minister, which is why he is currently obsessed luring disgruntled BN MPs to cross over to Keadilan, at no cost apparently. This brings me to my next provoking thought. Isn’t vote-buying and party-hopping more of an UMNO/BN culture? When one is unable to form a government by legitimate means, one has to resort to back door techniques. That, my friend, is exactly what Anwar Ibrahim is trying to accomplish now. Vehemently, he declares that Keadilan would have formed the next government if not for election frauds and rampant vote-buying, but here he is, trying something similar by luring discontented BN warlords and position-obsessed MPs to join his camp. Take a look at Richard Riot, the Serian MP who reportedly resigned from BN out of frustration of not being accorded a cabinet post. Is this the kind of character PKR wants to be associated with?

It’s really ironic that Anwar Ibrahim is canvassing for defectors over in East Malaysia. His party was very much the spoiler to begin with, or at least very much to be blamed for the opposition’s trashing in Sabah/Sarawak. PKR refused to make way for DAP in so many seats that were DAP’s traditional battlezone, resulting in vote-splitting three-way fights that proved so profitable to the BN candidates. In a number of seats, the total votes received by the two opposition candidates actually exceeded the BN candidate’s. If Keadilan were sensible and reasonable enough, it would have conceded that the party does not have much to show in Sarawak especially, as proven by its dismal performance in the 2005 Sarawak state elections. As a late-comer in Malaysian politics, it should have given way to DAP to fight in its traditional seats but it didn’t and now has to resort to backdoor entry into Borneo.

More and more every day, PKR is resembling UMNO in more aspects than one.

I still believe in the possibility of a stable and progressive DAP/PKR/PAS coalition government. If Keadilan continues its unjustified arrogance and unreasonable reasoning however, Malaysia will finally witness real change – a shift from UMNO political hegemony to PKR hegemony.

Some might ask, what can be worse than UMNO? My answer: two UMNOs.

Anonymous said...


He was in east Malaysia lah - trying to recruit kataks.


Raymond Burp said...

Hey, hey hey.

Even in Selangor they want quota. You know, there must be majority Malays in Exco, no muslim Deputy MB etc etc.

So non-Malays and Muslims, please stand aside.

Anonymous said...

Yaakob Sapari (Kota Angerik) PKR
Rodziah Ismail (Batu Tiga) PKR
Dr Hassan Ali (Gombak Setia) PAS
Dr Halimah Ali (SelatKelang) PAS
Iskandar Abdul Samad (Cempaka) PAS

Dr Xavier Jayakumar (Seri Andalas - right) PKR
Elizabeth Wong (Bukit Lanjan) PKR
Ronnie Liu (Pandamaran) DAP
TeresaKok (Kinrara) DAP
Ean Yong Hian Hua (Seri Kembangan) DAP

Niamah, what's wrong?

katak said...

What's that word again ? Change it. Just change it. The word change does not mean a situation that remains similar or just the same. Just change it, for God's sake !

lord musan said...

Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the online petition:

"We Need Tun Dr.Mahathir To Be Involved In Government Again"

hosted on the web by, the free online petition
service, at:

I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might
agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider
signing yourself.

Best wishes,

Roslan Mohamed Shapri

lord musan said... the Berita Harian today the new Information Minister, the father of Dafi said he wanted to meet all the bloggers and he said that not all bloggers are against the government because in blogs bloggers also condemned each other.he also said that bloggers represent the middle class people and bloggers are an important lot too.This is what pissed me of..he simply fucks all bloggers before this but when he is mad a minister now all bloggers are important pulak..full of crap!What i think is that he is afraid that all bloggers will condemn him and he is just trying to be popular with all bloggers.This is an example of a double faced minister under the Pak Lah administration..baru 2-3 days jadi minister dah pandai cakap yang bukan-bukan...he should be focusing on other matters such as the quality of RTM shows(Did you notice that all RTM shows even the news punya picture quality still same as 20 years back?).He should make full use of the position as the Information Minister and inform Pak Lah that the rakyat except all the ball lickers doesn't want him to be the PM anymore.He should make full use of his position as Information Minister to tell and inform Pak Lah that Pak Lah did not get a mandate from the rakyat and he should inform Pak Lah that what Pak Lah thought of still having support from the rakyat is mere hallucination.As an Information Minister he is responsible for the information to be conveyed to his Boss.

kaki buli said...

it has been in some of our mind for donkey might takes generations to see the change.

one step at a time,
man-man lorr!!

Anonymous said...

Despite all success by DAP in many states,I'm very disappointed to see racism in the selection of Chief Minister.DAP should be given the post in Perak and Selangor.'Lembu punya susu,sapi punya name' is still being practised.I just cannot believe it.Why vote according to parties then?We should have voted according to race instead.

megahyper said...

"Some might ask, what can be worse than UMNO? My answer: two UMNOs."

I think that's where you are wrong. And its really a fatal mistake.

Malaysia is a much better place if we have 2 UMNO in opposing side instead of 1.

In 50 years, we only have 1, that being, it almost feels like a police state (mahathir said it). Even if being played from behind, you have to smile and say thank you.

Knowing AMNO, they only tolerate 1 party, their own. But say, if we have 2 AMNO trying to outdo each other, we the rakyat have nothing to lose and everything to gain. They will have to worry about the next election.

But Imagine, if we only have 1 UMNO for eternity. It's time to be afraid or migrate.

Parrot said...

Cut Syed Husin Ali some slack. The way I see it, the arrangement in the exco accommodates a section of the Malay community that is not ready to accept increased non-Malay influence in politics, while keeping non-Malays (somewhat) happy. Upheavals in the political structure are sure to cause instability, dude. Think of how BN will capitalise on this.

I would let them go ahead with this setup this term. But if PKR continues to carry on this form of arrangement for the next few terms or so, then there is reason to be suspicious.

stirittup said...

ive always officially been labeled as a lain-lain in all my school life. which party do i join?

second generation boy looked down by malay muslims because i'm non-malay muslim;

rejected by malaysian indians coz i'm not black enough! malay speaking mamaks never liked orang asing who can't speak malay or tamil speaking mamaks don't like coz i can't speak tamil! eurasians, we get along but i can't be family coz not catholic! chinese find me hard to understand, and cari pasal coz i'm always after their girls! Niamah!!

please hurry up and form a truly BANGSA MALAYSIA political party so i can not be judged for my personal beliefs, colour, sexual preference or creed.

Anonymous said...

"boh chukong boh pangsai...niamahh!"