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Friday, April 11, 2008


Come on. Hurry up we have more trees to cut and hills to level.
(image taken from

What is it that local councils, especially those in the developed state of Selangor and our "Garden City" (excuse me while I vomit), have against hills and trees?

Seems like everytime they see either they go into a fit.

"Look! That tree looks like it is more than 100 years old! Potong, potong, potong."

"What?? A hill with no condo's and bungalows? How can? Cut, cut, cut!"

Okay, people now that I might have gotten your attention here are a couple more hills and a few thousand trees and wild animals that need your help...

Bukit Gasing

Ampang Hills

Thank you.


Sharon said...

Have you seen the one @ Damansara Heights?

YOu can see the bare hill from afar.

So sad.

Anonymous said...

now we know who to blame for the rising temperature..

Save Damansara Perdana Forest said...

Whenever someone screams about tree cutting and hill clearing, it is always when they are all gone.
The beautiful green forested hills of Damansara Perdana next to IKEA and the CURVE is still there but not for long! The PJ Structure Plan have zoned the whole hill for total clearing and development despite having slopes exceeding 40%.Few people remember that this 800 acres of forest used to be an ORANG ASLI RESERVE, given away by the Selangor MB who is now ironically the Minister in charged of orang asli affairs.
Lets do something about this!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Patrick,is it any wonder then that Malaysia is facing increasing disasters, no more natural, such as flash floods, heatwaves and so on??!! Besides, preserving large part of the natural environment can impact upon our well-being holistically as have been found by many research(maybe then we'll have less crazy or extreme materialistic lover psychos in Malaysia then, especially from the Umno leadership!). What I can't understand is why these Umno/BN scumbags gazette forested areas as permanent forest reserves, such as in the Penan or orang Asli areas, and then simply bulldozed them down; all for the sake of that big fat profit for the giant corporate logging an dbiofuel/rubber plantations. Besides, trampling upon their human rights since these communities are still forest-dependent; and actually should be revered as our precious ancestral guardians of our rainforest. The rakyat don't even benefit from it, but instead burdened with all those callously human-made disasters. Hopefully, the Pakatan can start working on saving whatever left of our precious million years old natural environment especially our rainforests and hills; besides safeguarding the human rights of these still traditional rural communities.

Noor Aza Othman.