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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

He did...he did not...he did...Oh what the F***!

Read this from Haris Ibrahim's blogsite...

"Got this in the e-mail from Steven Gan of Malaysiakini :

I refer to your April 14 posting ‘What you read ain’t always what’s said!’ regarding Malaysiakini’s report of Tengku Faris’ speech.

In response, I’d like to make the following points:

1. Malaysiakini reporters (not one but three) were at the function

2. We have in possession the audio recording of Tengku Faris speech

3. What was delivered by Tengku Faris on that day was 99% similar to

the written text given to reporters

4. We have matched all quotes in our report to the audio recordings

In the interest of fair play, we would very much appreciate if you could make a clarification in your blog.

Thanking you in advance.


I received the amended text of Tengku Faris’s speech from Lil’ Hummingbird a little while ago.

Have gone through all 13 pages of the original text and the hand-written amendments thereon, and re-read the Malaysiakini report.

I’ve got to say that the amendments do not take much away from the original text.

And I have to agree with Steven that the Malaysiakini report does accurately reflect what was said.

I am disappointed with the Crown Prince.

And so we round the mulberry bush. But to me it doesn't make a damn ounce of difference. It still sounds like a really sick way of gaining points by a group of politicians who have the nation's wellbeing last on their list of priorities.

Don't let them get their way. Remember, we are all Malaysians. This is OUR country. No matter what some sicko's might try to tell us.



Anonymous said...

A clown by any crown is still a clown.More than 24 hours have passed and no denial.

From one joker to one clown, pls go back to the stone age.

Respect is not guranteed by birth, it is earned.

Sick enough already; dont need to hear from such people anymore. We know there are enough racist in Malaysia; you are just another albeit a royal one.

Anonymous said...

Whether I am more Malaysian than this royalty is hard to measure; very subjective. One thing for certain, I have been a Malaysian longer than him unless he is more than 50 yrs of age.So, I think as a subject to the royalty, i would like to say something very elementary:

"if you no respect me ah, i osso no respect you wor. U think chinaman is less equal ah then very susah to expect me to respect you wor. If you see me no up, i see u down wor."

Anonymous said...

wow a future king that suscribes to ketuanaan melayu. So in time to come we will have a racist king.

Niamah is the right word.

TOOLAN said...

This deserve a BIG NIAMAH and if you do not mind I would like to add this to your coined phrase.........NIAMAH HI!!!!

If the Crown Prince(ss) really think what he said is fair and hell with him.....

As far as all Malaysians is concern, he is not Prince nor fit to be a Prince or King in the future for the matter...

It is very disheartening to know that we still have such mentality in the Royal wonder Malaysia can never excel as well as it should given our capabilities....with this attitudes no wonder.

Mr.Patrick, you are right, we are all Malaysians and nothing can change that....not even a Prince, especially a kampong one!!


wits0 said...

Truly NIAMAH!!! And I'm older than anon @ 7:16 PM.

caravanserai said...

The crown prince
Where did he come from?
Talking about rights and privileges of malays
This is Malaysia……
A land of opportunities for the hard and diligent people
Lazy and spoon feed people shouldn’t be helped at all

Maybe he has nothing to do
Thinking of ways to spice up his life
Damn he chooses wrong words to say
The supremacy of the malays….
Hello…..we are Malaysians!

If he wants to play politics
He better comes to the ground
Play with his hands and see what others are suffering
Malaysians need help any race in the country

The mentality of supremacy
It shouldn’t be said again and again
It has to be earned right on one’s labor
I wonder what the crown prince agendas?

Under the Constitution
The Agong will safeguard the interests and privileges of the malays
It is not for the political party to harp on it
UMNO makes its own interpretation…….
When it is the King right to decide

So the crown prince never understands
Reading from prepared text……….
Maybe his mind is still in the kampong life
Where the locals salute and kowtow to the royalty

For what it is worth
I still enjoy my life in my country
This is the spices I hear and read every day
Niamah……….this what makes it good!

Anonymous said...


He has said what he has said. You'd be surprised to know that many people actually agree with what he has said. The silent ones. No blog ones. Even PR supporters. We have to remember that many people voted for PR parties not because they have fallen in lurrrrrrve with PR. They just want to teach BN a lesson. Next election, they will switch back, after seeing the true stripes of some PR extremists. Push too hard, things may backfire. The power is not with PR yet. The draconian laws are still not repealed. Can be used anytime. Will the British come and help us, their protectorates?

Anonymous said...

Til Niamah!!This parasite Crown Prince is another racist trying to stir the political upheaval in the country.I hope the people of all races in the country do not fall prey to this type of racial-slurred politics.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't this the clown (no typpo here) prince that some years ago drove a Lambo out of the customs without paying the duties on it? Or was it his father? Can anyone clarify this?

D_Dollah said...

What a sad day for all Malaysians! Just can't believe what I'm reading these days. I wish he did not make such speech. But what the heck - someone has to be blame! It got to be those ULtraMalay in UMNO drafting the speech. Sounds too familiar...Get it! During UMNO General Assembly.

Antares said...

Hey folks, don't forget the word "Tuan" is a contraction of "Tuhan" which means "Lord." That's the root of "ketuanan" (sounds rather rude in Hokkien, I know). Whenever anyone talks about "lording it over" anybody else it's a sure sign they're suffering from acute insecurity and are really trying to overcompensate for an inferiority complex. The truly powerful are not threatened by anyone or anything. They fear no god, no demon, no king, no queen, no dictator. As I believe everybody has a right to voice his or her views - no matter how benighted or repugnant - I shall have to grant this Kelantan Prince the freedom to air his opinions. In the long term, it's bound to backfire on him, when his own Siamese genealogy is made public.

Last night I was at the Sultan Sulaiman Club listening to 20,000 Malaysians cheer the concept of "Ketuanan Rakyat" - it was a great feeling. And somehow the word "ketuanan" doesn't sound so obscene when associated with the people - rather than a specific individual or community.

Trashed said...

What is most important really, is what the tone and message will be at the UMNO General Assembly. Will it be more Ketuanan Melayu OR a more Malaysian-centric direction ?

Will Dollah be voted out or remain uncontested ?

Those two issues will determine whether UMNO is ready to make changes.

As for the Crown Prince, it is unfortunate that royals are not elected .... but then again, that is why they are royals. And unfortunately, it may be a lack of worldly exposure that is making him utter such "bawah tempurung" type of remarks.

I would suggest that commentators refrain from making malicious statements about the Crown Prince since the owner of this blog might get into hot soup (and I don't mean at Damansara Village Steamboat Restaurant) if the SB boyz want to be picky.

Anonymous said...

Love to hear from RPK himself - defender of all things royal, 1st cousins, cousins twice removed, prince and princes' - clowns included.

Anonymous said...

Got rid of that pea brain KJ. Already silenced that "Krismuddin" and now the emergence of a new insensitive crown prince...what's wrong with this country's leaders? Do they really know or think about what they say before they say it or are they really that arrogant and could not give a damn? Or are they actually St*&^d? Really a big problem for Pak Lah..."Chia lat"

seow said...

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Anonymous said...

Some leaders are not using their head when they make speeches like that. It will come back to haunt them years later.
A good example is Najib, he VOWED to soak his keris in Chinese blood during a rally in 1987. Many of his detractors are now using this phrase to discredit him.
The Kelantan prince too will be discredited when he becomes king. Honestly how can a crown prince say things like that, it reflects on his poor upbringing.

Anonymous said...


50 yrs old and still talking about racist matters. No wonder we are still learning to tolerate one another. The rest of the world is learning to live with one another and we are still only trying to tolerate.

Cave age mentality. Maybe the sultan should advise his son, or maybe the king can do that. Failing all that, the people should advise him.

Forget developed status la, our mentality and attitude is still struggling to stay in the 3rd world.

C Beh 2Lan

Anonymous said...

Another kj in the making. malaysia definitely boleh.

GobloKing said...

"I may not agree with what you say..but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

If the "Prince" has said this, he has the right to say what he believes

Besides which , All speeches are written with the audience in mind so..??

The fact still remains that for me, amno meetings are remininscent of Fascists gatherings (short of charlie chaplin with a raised arm)

Without rabble rousing there is no solidarity in amno

Without saying "either we shit on them or they will shit on us", there is no amno

Do they live in the 16th century?

We've all seen such scenes from our distant childhood, no?

"this kohyiok (medicated plaster) will cure you of headahces, backaches, stomach aches, knive wounds and give you superhuman strength"


"if you don't buy this kohyiok you will feel sick, you will not make your woman happy, you will NOT make money!"


And if he didn't say it, why no press statements to say he didn't?

Silence is...????

anfield devotee said...

what did you really expect from spoilt, rotten royals who depend on govt stipends fer their lavish lifestyles?

Furthermore, in what way are they in touch with the common man?

Anak Malaysia said...

Wondering how the mor-na-ki system in Napalgoing now ? Will that be the mirror for the rakyat of Malaysia ?

Anonymous said...

FLINTSTONE movie in the making. They both have something in common. Both from the stone age.

asuk said...

When PAS triumphs and UMNO fares badly in an election, the Malay rights are under threats. When it is the other way round, the Malay rights are enhanced. Is PAS a less Malay-based party than UMNO? Those who clamour for Malay unity after GE12 are champion of thier own selfish interests and NOT the Malay rights. They are the UMNO demagogues and their cronies who cannot afford to lose the gravy UMNO gravy train which has fed them so well all these years. The kelantan price is just a pawn in the their shamful game. Thanks goodness the majority Malays are sensible and wise enough not to be used by them.

Anonymous said...

The picture has always been painted like this. When the chinaman and indian came over to Malaya, it is already a well developed and properous place, populated entirely by the malays. So they asked for permission to be 'part' of this wonderland. permission granted with the condition that they are always second class citizen. Therefore be grateful lah.

Anonymous said...


Punca segala masalah sekarang hanyalah satu. PENDIDIKAN.

Untuk apa kita humbatkan 99% kaum Melayu ke universiti? Mereka yang tak layak untuk memasuki universiti selepas di masukkan ke universiti akan keluar sebagai doktor (yang mencacatkan bayi2 yang baru lahir) hakim (yang menwujudkan superlingam), guru2 tak berkualiti yang akan mendidik anak2 kami.

Apa salahnya memberikan tempat di universiti kepada kaum2 lain seperti bangsa cina, india, iban, khadazan yang bijak pandai? Bukankah golongan yang bijak pandai ini yang akan mengembalikan khidmat mereka yang betul2 berkualiti kepada rakyat majoriti kaum melayu miskin macam saya?

Saya tidak mampu ke hospital swasta. Saya tidak mampu menghantar anak2 saya keluar negeri. Terpaksalah saya terima khidmat dari profesional2 yang tidak berkualiti ini. Ini semua salah pemerintah melayu kini yang bodoh.

Kerana kebodohan pemerintah melayu yang kononnya menjaga hak Melayu inilah rakyat miskin melayu macam saya ini terpaksa merana......

Isa Mofer said...

In this instance, Niamah is an understatement...I would say..


Srikanth Siva said...

Can i call someone a dumb royal fuck and not get sued?

Anonymous said...

I think you have to go back deeper into history, how the fuck someone became the Sultan in the first niamah place! They gotta be the biggest fierciest baddest fucker in the land, kill all competition, then only can proclaim himself Sultan. Nobody will admit this, but that's life..