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Monday, April 14, 2008

More dastardly deeds by sore losers!

Read Haris Ibrahim's take on the Kelantan prince's speech...

"You know the Malaysiakini report by Andrew Ong that has it that Tengku Faris had made some rather un-Bangsa Malaysia statements last week?

Well, Lil’ Hummingbird tells me that she heard from the horse’s mouth that the Crown Prince never made those statements.

Apparently, it was written in HRH’s scripted speech by some official, but he re-worked it the night before he was to deliver the keynote address.

I’m also told that whilst he delivered his re-worked speech, the media reps in attendance were given the original text.

So it would seem that the reporters merely extracted from the distributed original text and did not report on what was actually said.

I’ve suggested to Lil’ Hummingbird that she flutter away and hum in the royal ear that royal steps be taken to clear this most unfortunate confusion."

How low will those UMNO/BN losers stoop in their attempts to remain relevant?

Be on the alert. They might surprise us yet.



Anonymous said...

I think I see it now... It is an attempt to humiliate the integrity of and blogs. BN can now say that blogs like these report seditious news and should be closed down.

Hua Jern said...

yes, a dastardly deed. but what were the journalists there doing? might as well not attend if they are only going to report based on handouts.

malayamuda said...

indeed I was taken aback by the Tengku's speech.

You mean to say the Non Malays have no rights here in Malaysia? What good is citizenship if we have no rights ?

I'm sure if they have no rights the non Malays rather give up their citizenship and go some where they are given citizenship and respect and rights too

TOOLAN said...

Whoever planned this must be brought to light. Pls keep us all informed as soon as you have further info from your "connections" on this matters.....
Now I wish I have those super powers to travel thru time and find out which m&$%#^fu*!@r planned this....
This is a real cheap shot......

Anonymous said...

The writer is racist. He ought to be exposed for such irresponsible act while hiding behind HRH the crown price. What a shame. The Hindraf 5 have more guts to say what they think openly. The writer should be sent to Kamunting as prisoner exchange. One for Five exchange is still worth it. DeanK

Anonymous said...

Since the Tengku name was quoted, i think it is only good that he say something to deny it and take action against the person who printed it. The media must clarify it asap; more than 24 hours has passed and all we do is speculate!!

And as for PAS wanting or wishing to implement Islamic state sometime in the future; I will be one who is fully open to it if they also allow other states to have Christian, Buddist states. If the example he uses is...come and see us and talk to the chinese in kelantan and tell us whats wrong with Islamic state then i will use the same example when it comes to buddist or christian state. If only one religion is allowed then i am sorry la, i cant accept Islamic state. Govt may say whatever la, as far as i am concern they can keep their wise opinion to themself.

From experience, people in power have a tendency to use god's name in vain once too often. And when the err, they say they are only human. So maybe it is best to not take god's name in vain ha.

donplaypuks said...


Every time we have one of these racist reports, you can guarantee that the next day the one who opened his mouth will claim he's been misquoted or quoted out of context.

Nazi claimed he'd been misquoted about massive renovations to Parliament House. Surely you must remember that Minister who in the '70's claimed he had said 'Shoo the Vietnamese boat-people, not Shoot as reported in the newspapers!'


They will all, like Maha Firaun Jedi Darthvader 1, claim it's all a Zionist or USA plot!!

Clever way to make racist statements and stir up the Malays who will everytime break out in twitches immediately in Kg Baru.

Let's see if there is an apology from the Crown Prince and whether he sacked 'the (unnamed)official who was responsible for the conspiracy' and names him, so we can ask him to be accountable.

2 can play at this game of Spindoctoring for which M'sia will soon become the capital of the world.

Anonymous said...

If what was reported in The Sun today is true about UMNO's involvement in pig farming, this will go down as the joke of the year! After all the hue and cry UMNO made about the RM 100 Million ultra modern pig farm in Selangor, it turns out that this 'Mega' project was the brainchild of none other than KHInziR Toyol. The same UMNO jokers who were crying for the blood of Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid were actually the shareholders of the Bumi owned company involved in the project.

These jokers actually went to Germany to study how modern pig farming techniques can be done in Selangor. All these brouhaha about najis and haram was conveniently swept under the carpet all for the sake of making big bucks.

What makes me sick about all these is the sheer hypocrisy demonstrated by the racists of UMNO. They think by invoking the name Israel or Yahudi (JEW), Malays and Muslims will go berserk and brand any individual or entity that is associated with these two names as Kafir (Infidel) and Haram (Forbidden). So what's not Haram about Muslims being involved in Pig rearing business. I'm no Ulama, but don't you think if this news is true, this will make these UMNO boys as Kafir? This will also give credence to PAS's labelling of UMNO as Kafir.

Sha said...

have we been taken for a ride (again)???

zewt said...

the concern is... even malaysiakini is joining the darkside?

Anonymous said...

saw this in the comments section of Haris Ibrahim's bog - dunno if it's the actual speech but it sure sounds different from what was reported: it

If this copy is true, then I think Tengku Faris has been vastly misquoted. Mischief purposely created by the function organizers?
My only remaining gripe with this copy is Tengku's statement that Malasia is a “negara Islam bukan secular” - Islam surely is the official religion of Malaysia, but Malaysia is a secular country - re Constitution. Anyone can clarify on copy authenticity??

Anonymous said...

Maybe lil' humming bird is trying to save HRH's arse, by telling a lil' white lie.

CK Tan said...

malaysiakini or watever media it is should go and get a proper statement from the crown prince. if it's just the handout given and not his spoken words, then reveal the man behind it. if not, the crown prince should apologize and enlighten me abt tis, shouldn't this be under the seditious act? with all due respect pat, WTF is not enuff..... i hav more in-store for tat, both in cantonese and hakka

donplaypuks said...

I suspect anonymous is right.

This 'Stop Press' is probably an invention of lil hb's feverish imagination.

These apologist (and closet extremisrs/ultras) for 'Ketuanan Melayu' and 'Ship the Pendatangs Out' agenda secretly harboured by PAS & Kelantan Govt for many years, can't contain themselves.

Their ultimate aim is to establish an Islamic State no matter what the Constitution says.

Only problem is not so long ago, the Kelantanese were Siamese and before that Indons. So, they would have to be shipped out as well if the 'new policy' becomes a reality!!

The Crown Prince has not called for a Press Conference to explain the racist remarks, nor has any MSM come out with the so called 'mix up' story.

So, the racist tag must remain until proven otherwise!!

Dean Arif said...

See... I told you so in PT's previous post... It was all a ploy to bang our heads and to further divide us. Stay united people!

vox said...

Apparently, what was reported is indeed the truth. All the MSM/TV including Chinese press, Malaysiakini reported the same.

If the report was not true, there would be hell to pay by all these media but till now, there is only silence from the T Faris, the organiser and no correction from the news media.

T Faris should know better when he delivered the speech and not went ahead with like someone ignorant.

donplaypuks said...

if you check harisbrahim blog, you will now find that everything as reported by malaysiakini was 99.99%TRUE, and HB has confirmed this. The Crown Prince did deliberately make an extremely racist speech

heck, what's the next step?

should we just ignore it? nik aziz has also come out and said that an Islamic State is inevitable.

so, we know clearly what PAS's agenda is. at the moment they are just pretending to be democratic, but all are not equal even if you are 3rd generation m'sian with full citizenship (anyway ther's no such thing as 1/2 or partial citizenship).

let's see if enlightened BN & PR Malays come out and condemn outright Tengku's racism and ask him to abdicate or will it be all wayang kulit?

anything short of this means that the silent support for 'Ketuanan Melayu' (the most racist stance ever in any democratic govt in the world) is more than 'a small minority'. and that's worrying and frightening, not for the so-called 'pendatangs', but for FDI's and the economic future of m'sia.

so, ISA for Hindraf, but Gaji Buta for racists?

Shameful to the extreme!!

novice101 said...

It is most disturbing while most Malaysians are calling themselves first as Malaysians, there are still those in UMNO and PAS who prefer to call themselves first as Malays. The Perkatan Rakyat politicians must use their power judiciously. They must show the UMNO politicians that power is to be used as a tool for the better of the rakyat and not for accumulating personal wealth!

It is discomforting to note that Nik Aziz and Abdul Hadi Awang are alleged to be opened to discussion with UMNO on this issue. Anwar Ibrahim seems to be pretty confident of being able to contain the excesses of the people from DAP and PAS, he should now come out and confront this affront committed against the Malaysian Race!

It is detrimental for the Malaysian nation, that UMNO, the UMNO-controlled newspapers and the UMNO-affiliated NGOs are working in concert to create fears in the Malays. They are exploiting this to perpetuate their own power base. MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP, what are they doing. Aren't they aware of this going on? What are they waiting for? Or do they want to continue to push for communal politics - can't they see the irrelevance of this, anymore? Don't they want to be equal partners in the PR, why do they still want to play 'second fiddles' to a racist party!

MCA, MIC, why are they not using the papers in their stable and those NGOs affiliated to them to resist this unhealthy trend? There is not even a squeak from any of them. Don't they want equality for all the races?

Even a vice president of UMNO (Muhyiddin Yassin) is alleged to come out to urge the Malays to reunited for Malay supremacy. What are the other BN component parties doing? Don't they care for Malaysian Supremacy? They should come out and be counted! Tell, yes, they should tell the rakyat, supremacy of Malaysians is of utmost importance and they are prepared to stand together to make it a reality!

Anonymous said...

NO apology = NO,NO,NO allowances!

who pays MOST taxes for ur enjoyments !? u *** clown !!