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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Wa lun!!! This is the NST?

I spend RM1.20 and bought a copy of The New Straits Times. Something that I normally don't do. Buy the NST I mean. Not spend RM1.20 which these days buys me a small glass of teh tarik that tastes like it's been siphoned off the sewage of the nearby Coffeebean or Starbucks. But I digress. It was the best RM1.20 I've spent in a long time la. What caught my eye as I passed by the newstand was the NST's front page editorial.

"NST says: Get on with the job"

At first I thought it was the Jalan Riong cronies admonishing the Pakatan Rakyat state governments or something like that la. But when I read the story I was dumbfounded. The NST was actually scolding Barisan Nasional, UMNO and all the hot air YB's in that group. Wah Lun!!! Damn good man. And the NST didn't mince words either...

"what has Umno, the leading partner of the coalition and largest party in parliament, been doing since March 8? Bickering, pointing fingers, baying for vengeance and doing everything imaginable except rolling up its sleeves and getting down to the work of governing."

"Enough is enough".

"People are getting fed up with Umno’s moaning and groaning"

For the first time since it happened Keris Hishammudin has been told off for his theatrics with the keris.

Khir Toyo too wasn't spared by the NST who told him in no uncertain terms that he screwed up big time with the demolition of the Hindu temple in Selangor and his audacious presentation of the broom to members of his administration when he should have gotten the biggest broom.

I can't remember the last time I had so much pleasure reading The New Straits Times. I might even walk by the news stand tomorrow and see if I want to spend another RM1.20 and buy another issue.



suanie said...

i dono la . khir toyo is now seen berkawaning with org bkn umno. i still think got something disebalik batu, but the batu is very big for now

daniel said...

Pat, you are losing your sharpness. If you read the small print carefully, you'll realize that it's just another spin by the PM's spin cowboys. Firstly, it apportions blame squarely on Kerishamudin and Mohd Khir "zero opposition" Toyo in the first half and the retired and expired "worms" close to the end.

It then says the PM's shortcoming was an act of omission and he is not to be blamed solely. It seems that he is trying to get on with the job but he is not getting the support he deserves.

So, Pat, I think they just conned you of your RM1.20 with an eye-catching brilliantly thought-out headline.

Anonymous said...

Patrick; your fiery sense of humor always make my day and night! Keep it up please!

Anyway, don't trust the NST too soon Patrick. They're actually more concerned about Umno/BN breaking up more than genuinely criticizing all these goons' injustices and barbarity to the rakyat! If they do start doing that right thing instead, I might just have my ears flopped open a little bit!

Noor Aza Othman.

donplaypuks said...

yYou can't be that naive as to think the mullah has seen the light.

This is all sandiwara. By taking a strident tone now, and not when it happened, the mullah is hoping to dupe people like you into parting with $1.20 every day.

Save it. Read it for free on-line and let the NST sink!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely another one of those great (maybe KJ's) spin...Not likely both BH and NST dare to pull off such telling-off especially directly into the face of UMNO's heavyweights such as Krismuddin and Toyo fella without backing from someone higher. I really doubt NST/BH has the balls to do it themselves. I am convince...Great spin. DeanK

Anonymous said...

I'm a Malaysian in Dubai. When you compare how the Middle East countries manage their countries, you really respect them man. I mean Malaysia is long establish but is having the most basic problems. Here people talk about growth, icons, business, investments, etc. Sometimes I am shameful to call myself MALAYSIAN, as our country do not seem to treat me as one. Given a chance, I also do not want to work overseas as I really love Msian lifestyle, eg teh tarik, chow kuay teow, mamak, nasi lemak, etc. All these politicians are clowns man! I hope things will turn out for the better.
Kg Bombalai

Tiew Niah Meh said...

Seiously, Patrick, you are spot on.

I think it is damn good this they did ran that frontpage. I am willing to buy NST for several weeks to come and see what develops.

Giving it another chance, I shall see if the powers within it that came up with the editorial has got the guts to follow up its stance. If they did, then we will have a better read. Seriously, political behemoths should not have any say in a newspaper. or any media for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Dont be so naive to believe it all. I certainly agree. Leopard does not lose it spots, never will.

All a show to bullshit us that they are changing.

Just watch how long it will last.

Anonymous said...


Surely you have read the Q&A with Samy Velu. I look forward to your thoughts on this. Cheers


kiddokit said...

Niamah, Patrick Teoh! You still go buy NST, ah?

Better save your 1.20 and earn compounded interest on it.


Julz said...

as much as I'm happy that some newspaper decided to "speak up", somehow I have a feeling there's something in it for them. When was the last time Malaysians were given the absolute freedom to write what they think? o_O

anfield devotee said...

NST to follow in the footsteps of Makal Ossai?

artchan said...


only reason they wrote that way is to get you to buy the papers,,you see..before and after elections..sales of NST plummeted like hell. So they had to do a rescue job. Don't wait too long..after you buy your next copy...the same shit and spin will come fron NST.

Keep the RM1.20....don't buy NST. Close it for good

Anonymous said...

Aiyuhhh...kena bluff la lu!
The reasons they write like that now are:
- trying to look impartial
- told to 'blacken' Toyo & Hishamuddin so that KJ has a better chance for UMNO Youth job
- tell everybody to "Back Off" from sking AAB to resign - so get to work!!

Niamah - kelentong u out of your RM1.20!

pah nur said...

there is ongoing "rearrangement" process going on within NST right after the elections.

Soon, it may be worth reading the NST after so long....

nal3sa said...

yay! good to know that now NST has the guts to criticize UMNO. And Suanie, I agree with you. I also believe Khir Toyo has some fishy agenda. Even his blog doesn't sound genuine with all his crap about it as a platform to listen to the people's view. Isn't it a little too late now, to make a U-turn only after BN lost...