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Friday, April 04, 2008


I will make another statement but I need a nap first....ZZZZZZZZZZZZ

First he sleeps even while standing up. Now he's learned to talk through his rectum. And we say he has no talent. We are obviously missing something that this man is offering. Sorry, Mr. Badawi.

What pissed me off about him this time was the story on page N4 of The Star yesterday. Apparently, the somnambulist was telling off the new Chief Minister of Penang. Or rather offering some advice to the new leader of the pearl that BN lost. And what did Badawi say to Lim?

"He should not be a populist. I told him that we have been observing closely what is happening in Penang."

Should not be a populist??? But that's what you, your son-in-law, your deputy, your minister of information, your....actually everybody in your party, the BN and your entire administration have been doing all these years. Some fine examples are ...... building roads just before by-elections. Screaming for release of HINDRAF ISA detainees after losing an election. Calling for non-Muslims to be punished for khalwat after PAS grabs more seats.

And now suddenly it's "....he should not be populist" issit?

And then the bugger dares to end his statement with a threat somemore. "I told him that we have been observing closely what is happening in Penang." Why? Want to withdraw some more funds and make the rakyat in Penang suffer issit? Jealous that somebody else is sitting there issit?

Think about it. If you and your administration had been really concerned about the wellbeing of the people of Penang you'd still be there. Get it? Duh!



Anonymous said...

Wah... it's so nice to read your blog! Syok!

CK Tan said...

tis stupid deserved more colourful words that niamah!!!! like &^%$#@!$%&*()))(&^$#@@$%&^**(((


Anonymous said...

hello! sorry for my wack english.

i think, why dun u just confront our PM rather than cowardly sayin' this and that?

this is only my thought.

Malaccan view said...

Hi Patrick,
Remember tomyamkong..i started my own blog.
Not only i pissed off this bugger statement i read it while i was on my flight back from hanoi.anyway,it sour grape symtom la.
Today,another idiot bustard..Nazi(ri) still tokkok about UMNO still not lossing only BN lost.What the fxxx this idiot tokkin..he shld be eliminated totally from last GE.

anfield devotee said...

Keep up the good work Pak Lah & we may actually see BN as parti pembakang in parliament real soon.

Meanwhile, the Mongolian Candidate is keeping very silent . . . me wonders why?

Chauncey Gardener said...

To anon 11.57 am, Dollah can easily read this blog and reply if he wants to. I am sure that the Special Branch flers up on Bukit Aman read this blog and several others. So they can advise the PM that he has been criticised by Niamah !!! Tapi dah lama tak dengar lah.

Much has happened in one month in Malaysia. A Muslim PAS MP actually went to a Catholic Church and addressed the congregation. Truly a New Dawn with the Pakatan Rakyat walking the talk of bridging the gap between our diverse races.

On the other hand, you have UMNO, MCA and MIC still trying to come up with why they kena sabo. Some fler said BN lost it on the internet. Hello Brudder, you bargers forget that the medium is not the message. You destroy temples, turn the water cannons and chemicals on the rakyat and say on global TV that its not true ? The message, the message, the message .....

But back to Penang.

Dollah is very upset lah 'cos he is from Penang. "nuff said"

Lastly, the new Tourism Minister is really tokkok lah with her latest salvo or limiting Federal funds for non-BN controlled states. Hello ma'am. Where do toursit land when they fly in to Malaysia ? KLIA and Penang. Where is the Sepang F1 circuit ? Selangor. Where is Intel's main plant ? Penang.

Madame Tourism Minister, please look at the BIG picture.

Anonymous said...

ya i read the paper too and got really mad....

the nerve of that sleepy head....he should said those words out while standing in front of a mirror....

ah...u guys saw the picture whereby LGE shook his hand? Bodowi facial expression was priceless...macam muka orang kalah judi hahahahah

zealot said...


you got it right. when i read the news, i was also pissed off. as if, they had done a marvellous job there in penang. Face the fact la pak lah, people hate umno-bn, wake up.


Anonymous said...

Dont understand what the first commentor is trying to say; if i read him right then i believe he must be Pak lala supporter. Aiyah, how to talk directly to the man. Not possible la thats why we chat in blogs like this la.

So many announcement by people in power after election makes me sick la; cut down on Fed expenditure in states that they have lost, cutting out some kind of arrangement or mou re tourism arrangement...aiyoh, minister, you keep making such announcement, sure you lose more seats in future la; also does not reflect well on your mentality. You as minister should be doing everything to promote tourism la, it must be for Malaysia la; or you think you minister of tourism for certain states only. Aiyoh, Pak lala, you better choose better people to be minister la. Shy case la. People read then feel sick you know. The country need people who wants to do their best for Malaysia in total. If they keep taking rubbish, you better ask them to go on very long service leave and dont return. If lousy policies are made, very susah for BN to garner support from people who do a bit of thinking.

artchan said...

Pak Lah is history..and the SIL was buried in the same hole with him. UMNO will take care of that

Lo said...

Agree. Lately these BN reps are behaving like sore losers!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why this Pak lah still wants to cling to the post after humilating defeat of 4 states to the opposition.Other people would be shamefully resigned but this fellow does not know the word "malu".

Anonymous said...

Well said, Patrick, and don't mind about the first commentor as he could be one of the bloggers engaged by someone in BN or UMNO. We will continue to blog globally to express our displeasure or happiness. It's freedom of opinion and speech after all. Right?

I am amazed with the ways our sleeping PM behaved and talked sour about YB Lim Guan Eng after Penang state government fell to the hands of DAP+PKR+PAS coalition. I wonder if he will be happy if we were to say that the rakyat are observing closely what is happening in Putrajaya or in his private residence??

I wonder how or where you could get those sleepy photos of the sleeping PM?? Can you allow me to download, save in my PC and adopt it for use for blogging or graphic designing?? Thank you.

donplaypuks said...

Rip Van winkle also yellow-carded LGE not to say NEP led to corruption.

It's ok for Rip, MP for Mongolia & MSM to say things like 'if you don't vote carefully....' and raise the spectre of 1969 happening again, issit??

So, let's say it the proper:

'the manner in which the NEP was implemented by Maha Firaun, Rip and their administrations, led to the country emerging as the corruption capital of the world.'

Howzzat? Bettter, Rip?

Anonymous said...

aaiyaah, many of them also talk thro rectum one ,lost already what, cannot talk thro lips so where else ? ah, 'kemaluan' !!

Anonymous said...

correct..!correct..!correct..!couldn't agree more with u patrick..these politics of intimidation,threats and suppressions are no longer acceptable in our somnambulist should wake up and realise that his no longer in the 40s or 50s to be threatening people like they used,the people are in power and in control of their future..makkal sakti..!!!!

mythsn_legends said...

It's simple, he and his cronies are being sour puss-ies now that they lost pretty badly in the elections ;)

Antares said...

This is what happens when you continue to read The Star. Makes you splutter with outrage and spleen! Of all the BN-owned media The Star has been the most despicable, reflecting the kiasuness and spitefulness, I guess, of a now defunct MCA. Anyway,
Badawi is understandably pissed off that DAP now rules Penang. Bye bye PGCC. And see what happened in Terengganu when the Agong spoke up and put his royal foot down? Be glad you're a Teoh not a Lim, Patrick! :-)

lord musan said...

,,,today after so many bullShits i heard from the PM I actually threw up in front of the telly (TWICE!) during Buletin Utama...the reason?simple..PM said the cause for defeat and BN's lost of five states were because of...hear this!SABOTAGE!What the hell is he thinking...did he mean the people who voted for the opposition actually sabotage BN?What is there to sabotage if the actual cause is right there standing(..or sleeping)as the PM??When is he going to really learn and realize that there are no other causes for the defeat but ALL BECAUSE OF HIMSELF?When is it ever going to get through his thick skull...what the hell does the meeting between him and the BN leaders actually transpired?Was it not supposed to actually meet the grassroots leaders and find out the actual cause?If sabotage is the conclusion given by all PM and the ball lickers..we as rakyat should be scared...really,really scared!I really am confused to this old man's character and stands?I rest my case....

Gua said...

first commentor (anonymous 11:57am),

We are not talking cowardly here. You ask us to confront him face to face. Then tell me how to do show? Didn't all these recently statement from himself already shown us that talking to him is just like chinese term "Playing music to the cow"!!!

He said he get the message from voter, but then, how can he:

1. allowed MMT to be the rural development minister....
2. allowed his miniter (tourism) to keep on threatening the ppl from the 5 losing states.
3. Said that bcoz of BN not campaign in Cyber world that coz their big losses.
4. still performing his best action - "flipflop". Remember what he said on the bersih rally? Then did he said anything or do anything to stop the UMNO penang rally? Pls take note that bersih didn't take about race, but the UMNO penang rally after GE12 is all about race.

So, we all know that talking to him is like "playing music to the cow". Also, he is like a stone.... "how you point out to him he will not ever understand". Then why waste our time to confront to him?

Also, 1 ppl confront to him, he will only said your are "MINORITY". He want "MAJORITY" so we gave him what he want here in blog. We gave him what he want in GE12.

TOOLAN said...

Totally agree with you Lord Musan, was having my breakfast(trying too lah) when saw the same remark on the paper(Star). Totally lost my appetite.....became TOOLAN...
Where in the world did he get his facts and informations? Goodness gracious! He is indenial after so many weeks......can somebody go and wake him up......SABOTAGE ohh!

NIAMAH!(did not seem to have the calming effect this time loh)

Anonymous said...

Please don't be so hard on him. If he wakes up we all can "observe" him closely. But at the moment he is asleep or something. That's why BN lost big time. He did not sack Naz(r)i for his racist remarks nor did he sack that "bocor" couple, not to mention "Kerisamuddin the Clown". People hate his SIL. These idiots "sabotaged" BN. But BN's antics in robbing the rakyat are there for all to see but the blind in BN. The BN are all in denial, next step is to blame each other and then stab each other in back. It is called SNAFU - "situation normal all f**ked up".

Anonymous said...

I just cannot understand this bunch of shysters whose only policy is linked to:corruptions, corruptions and more corruptions all these years and they wanted to find out why they lost the GE12!! Well the ppl are getting smarter,ZZZZZ abd they had given up hope on you, after giving you the mandate in 2004! understand? or are you still sleeping and dreaming of the next election??

Anonymous said...

Ha, now you all realise the benefit of reading The Star la. Without it the world be so quiet, nothing to blog about la. So keep reading it, get upset, and start blogging. If govt want to listen then good la, if they dont want to listen, aiyah, we talk also la. Dont care la, old oredi ma, so tokok in retirement but this tokok must also makes sense la otherwise people think we osso become silly politician la or worse still, really becoming senile.

pah nur said...

What I hear is Pak Lah going blah blah blah and blah and by the way, blah...

What I understand from his statement is that "Democracy is only democracy when BN rules".

Some people think that we should come up with "Save Sofea Program",in attempt to save the child mathematic genius from prostitution. Actually, we should come up with "Save the BN Program". After all, the definition of prostitution is "fuck people for money"....

Anonymous said...


please take note...when the tsunami come and sweep the samy away (sorry folks...still addicted to The song Goodbye Sam) They still don't know what hit them in March 8

look at them...1st claim lost to all ah ting, ah fah, ah Khir rush to internet to setup a blog site.

Then they blame their component party.

Now they blame all 4 states they lost got sabotages by people.

Then what else? now Dr M also a problem?

what need? God? Allah? Buddha? vOters? or even their parent for letting them born in this country?

I think it will took forever for them to officially tell you what is the problem.

btw they know what's the problem but they just don't know how to tell you while sametime safe guard their own interest.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Patrick. Dennis again. I say Down With (Death To) A & M and all the shit head of UMNO including those who preach human rights and democracy in UMNO. Let DAP rule Malaysia and ask those good people in UMNO, MCA and MIC to start a new Alliance Party dedicated to the real vision of Bapa Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman. Nothing short of the death of the current BN can save Malaysia. My colleague said even a cockroach is better than BN.

Anonymous said...

tak apa... while they try and keep trying to be popular, lim is actually POPULAR!

HS & SC said...

this fella got not class. I feel like i'm living in a zoo!

justicescales said...

Wow Patrick this is some hard-hitting blog here! I see you are even more passionate now.. last I rememebr you was the bukit aman cops controversy over the comments you made over the radio on their rasuah-taking. Yay way to come back..

monsterball said...

Well Pat...For 50 years.....they have been having arrogant and hypocritical attitudes. Real braggarts they are. What do you expect from a low IQ PM?
Right now......his 20 Johore elected guys are calling for his resignation.
And the biggest idiot of them all....will have chance to be PM.
It is good........for all Malaysians to observe and see how much time we wasted for 50 years under this type of politicians.
Dollah treats Lim Eng Guan like a small boy....and talk cock and bull stuffs.
What Dollah is saying...all his UMNO and BN guys are saints...non corruptable ...and they will watch out on policemen catching crooks.
Just laugh over this idiot...and treat him exactly like one.

st said...

But the PM was only giving his advises to Lim Eng Guan cos he's the Prime Minister of all the people.......oooophs except for those in the five states.

But hey then again .... he needs to say something right? to maintain his sense of "self-impotent" or "self-importance" as he might think ?

San said...

New Cabinet:

Prime Minister - Anwar

Deputy Prime Minister - Lim Kit Siang

Culture Minister - Farish Noor

Defence Minister -

Education Minister - Nga Kor Ming

Environment Minister - Teresa Kok

Finance Minister - Tony Pua

Foreign Minister - Ramasamy

Health Minister -

Home Minister - Ronnie Liu

Information Minister - Jeff Ooi

Law Minister - Teng Chang Khim

Manpower Minister -

Sports Minister -

Technology Minister -

Trade Minister - Khalid

Transport Minister - Liew Chin Tong

(Penang Chief Minister - Lim Guan Eng)

TM1-GB said...

Haiya Pat Teoh,
fancy reading and include this in your blog? Over to ya brader!
Tengkiu ah...

8th floor Wisma E&C
jalan Dungun Dsara Heights 50490


Dear Karpal Singh,

Which port has this Karpal sailed into?

Why are you doing the ' I can do no wrong, no pressure' PM and his retarded team a huge favor by attacking my Tun? This Tun does not need your party ( nor any of the PAKATAN RAKYAT's)to be vocal. He is Mahathir and he has all the rights to say what he thinks he wanna say. He was defending people like me, a Malay, an UMNO member and a Malaysian like himself who are so fed up of the arrogance, high handedness, corruption, nepotism of 4 years of non- management of this beautiful country. While doing so he's doing your party(ies) a small favor because he was pointing out the weaknesses of the current leadership and his " I stand by you' followers.
It's just so happen we're barking at the same rotten tree, so what's the fuss?

Pakatan Rakyat alone won't be able to wrest the 5 states from BN if it's not for the campaign of Tun.

I know you were a victim of the past ( right or wrong as an ordinary rakyat I do 'feel' for you sir), but the current political situation got me poking my big nose in. Like it or not, this PM ( and his cabinet) has been sleeping for way too long that given another 4 years term won't make much a difference no matter how pretty or big his promises are. I JUST DON'T BELIEVE HIM ANYMORE! He's just don't have the class to be a real statesman! Like it or not Tun was the one who put this country on the global map,give and take a little, at least he passed some back to us people, making us Malaysians more visible. But now? See what's happening of late? Where are we versus our neighbors? Our economic and investment ratings? huh? Can you now Mr. Karpal work with your fellow friends and try to gain back what 'little' Abdullah and his friend have thrown off, let go and sold away? Like the Democrats of old uncle Sam says, "It's time to win back our country".


By the way Mr. Karpal why did you allow yourself ( and your party) to be conned by the smooth talking, back biting, hypocrate you know who, that the alliance is now called PR. Don't you realize that his party is PKR?! This person is already acting as if he's the Prime Minister, and when he's one,you think you'd be his Minister of Law? No fishing way!!


Anonymous said...

Pat, this is how people with NO MIRROR in their house speaks! He should take a good look at himself first, no shame X5!

mob1900 said...

anfield devotee said...

"Meanwhile, the Mongolian Candidate is keeping very silent . . . me wonders why?"

Wonder no more, for The Mongolian Candidate is 'dancing' his way into PMship:

A Married Man said...

A Married Man finds your anger funny.


monsterball said...

Pat...Before and after election..only one man keeps he is the holiest of all politicians in Malaysia.
Like Malaysia and all Malaysians owes him so much gratitudes...that he is so sad...we are ungrateful.....and therefore.....he needs to talk and wake us up.
That person is Mahathir.
Since he retired....more than 5 years ago.....he has ...never stop.. criticizing Dollah...tell lies....twist facts of his accused others...saying Anwar is Isreal agent...and few more other politicians.....making a fool of himself. He is a dangerous he was ex-PM.
Any other person....Dollah would have put that man.. under ISA for long long time. Why is Mahathir so untouchable?
Why does UMNO allow this man to talk like that....and indirectly did contribute to UMNO losing votes in the election?
Everyone knows Mahathir has no influences in present government......that made him stoop so pay few bloggers o support him...and write open letters to Malaysians....appealing for our supports.....yet..he openly said...he fights for his race...his religion and his party....thus confirming...he plays race and religion dirty politics.....all his 22 years.
Yes...Malaysians..including majority Malays see Dollah is weak and talk with no actions.......making him...useless PM.
I recalled .....when Samy Vellu was investigated for corruptions...he did say.....that if he goes to jail......he will bring few UMNO guys in too. UMNO people dare not defy him.....but instead...his case was proven...not a kangaroo court we all now...under Mahathir.
What type of people are UMNO ministers.....that protect crooks...even made one obvious crook as qualify to be a minister now...for Dollah's personal benefits....and not for the clear...yet not one minister....object to that appointment.
Forget about police and judicial corrections. Those people are no fools too. If they can see Dollah is even worst than Mahathir....just a gas bag...then if next election....UMNO is not voted out..then all Malaysians may need to accept ..being slaves to UMNO....with thousands patriots....willing to go to jail or die for the country...and for some Malaysians still let UMNO govern the country.
My fear is....there are so many selfish Malaysians..who are willing to play with fire...and only regret......when it burns their futures.
I write this...reading and watching so many you bravely expose...UMNO nonsense ...without fear nor favor.
But the bottom line is..why are there so many Malaysians still favors them? Are they their cronies....that will sell the country's futures.. for their own personal benefits only?
Does it mean..Malaysia have so many selfish citizens??

Scott said...

16th and 17th posters at Malaysian Politics Motivational Posters. Enjoy!