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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

And the winner issssssssssss......................

RPK in jail

When I first heard that Raja Petra was going to be charged for sedition I actually laughed and almost refused to believe that the 'authorities' could be so stupid. But I was wrong. They are. Raja Petra (RPK) was charged in the PJ Sessions Court and is now in jail pending an October trial.

I went back to Malaysia Today and re-read that article that must have pissed off some 'powerful' people enough to commit gross stupidity. It was an informative article although a tad sensationalistic in its title, "Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell". It made good reading and it did raise some interesting questions. But sedition??? I read the article again. Nope. But of course, I too am not a lawyer.

Sedition: "incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority"....Merriam-Webster Dictionary

That's what my dictionary says sedition is. RPK's article in my opinion did not incite anyone to riot and break the law. Unless of course resistance to or insurrection against lawful "authority" meant that it just angered some people who are in some sort of authority and they wanted to show their 'authority'.

Tuan: What the f**k!!! Did you read this fler's article?
His wife: I told you already how long? Put the fler in jail. You never listen. Ha! See la now what has happened.
Tuan: What should I do now Sayang?
Wife: Don't you sayang me you playboy! (dials mobile phone)...Eh hello, Moose here's what's happened (relates the story) I want you to do something about it. Now!
I don't know! You're the lacky you think of something. What? I don't know. Just do something. Anything!

Cut to Moose's office

Moose: Shit! I knew it was a bad day to come to work. Eh, abang what shall I do?
Abang: Lodge a police report la.
Moose: About what?
Abang: Anything la. We are the lawful authority ma.
Moose: Eh tolong la.
Abang: I know. Something we have not used in some time. Sedition. Sounds serious and we can also bring in those scary phrases like national security, racial harmony, berhati-hati...whatever la. Sure work one.
Moose: Ya man. Ya we'll charge the bugger with sedition. Teach all these flers a lesson.

Whoever advised the course of action to be taken against RPK obviously has been asleep for the past few months and is still trying to use the heavy-handed modus operandi of an era now dead. Civil society cannot be cowed by strong-arm tactics anymore. Bersih proved it. Hindraf proved it. Rocky and the other fler proved it in their on-going fight with the NST. The 12th General Elections proved it once and for all. But obviously some people are still in denial.

Don't hold your breath but anytime now I expect some 'authority' is going to come out with statements warning us to be careful not to compromise national security/racial harmony or else there will be another May 13...oh wait I think they learned their lesson about that last bit so they probably won't dare to use it anymore.

As Malaysians we must not let this farce go on. We have proved that peaceful civil disobedience demonstrations work and can bring about positive change. The bullies are running scared. They are disoriented. They are scared. Show them we care. Show them that we love our country.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.
Do anything you can to support him. Donate money, time, effort. Whatever you feel is needed.

Do not let RPK stand alone.


KY said...

I seriously don't see anything wrong with that title.. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Pete (RPK) will never walk alone. In a short time of few hours, the donation went up to RM30000++. That shows the people's power.

Anonymous said...


Yes, I think 'they' may have pushed the button a little too far this time.

Fellow citizens, it's time to show our true colours (again)!

D_Dollah said...

I hate this government! So f***cking wrong with this BN government. God, if you hear me, please curse those who puts RPK to jail. May you reserve a place in hell for them and let them rot there for eternity. That is for shrewing a man’s life, for his only mistake was to do your work.

tarings said...

Reckon them government dudes are running scared and are very afraid of the people right now. Hence them guns blazing. Just hope people are not doing anything foolish for now. People power is one thing. People stupidity will only give those goons reasons.

And yes. NIAMAH!!

donplaypuks said...

We all know RPK would not have walked into this, buta!

By writing the article, it presented Rosemajib with two choices - Sue RPK personally or get the AG to go for Sedition.

They plunked for Sedition (cheaper for them), without understanding that RPK had given them Hobson's choice.

If RPK puts up a defence of 'Statement based on true events and facts' and starts presenting evidence and witnesses, this will sink Rosemajib either way.

I think this is the ace that RPK has up his sleeves. I can't imagine him doing a Ghandi and going to prison just for the heck of it or to become a martyr, can you?

Antares said...

Remember that scene in 'Superman III' when Richard Pryor, having figured out a way to hack the company computer and redirect all the unwanted change in staff paychecks into his bank account, turns up at work in a shiny new sportscar? Stupid move, right? Almost as stupid as going on a military shopping spree in Europe with a golddigger babe, cashing in on 114 million euros worth of kickbacks - then refusing to pay her what was promised. And then when she starts getting a bit pushy, reacting like Mafia dons and ordering her abrupt disappearance - instead of sweet-talking her into settling for a lower fee and leaving the Big Boys in peace. Umno arrogance again lor. It kills... but this time the one that will get blown to smithereens will be Umno itself. Heh heh. Like blinking ijjiots da buggers catch hold of an RPK clone who's a ticking timebomb and put him in prison.... if you keep very quiet you can hear RPK go tick-tick-tick-tick-tick....


Faisal Admar said...

Hmm they just never change. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Niamah Ehhhhh ... this Beruk Nasional never learn ! High time to kick them out from we MALAYSIANS sight ! Out of sight , out of mind ! UNITE MALAYSIANS behind RPK !

Khun Pana said...

RPK dares to make a difference and dares to speak up against anyone and just about everybody if there is something wrong .RPK is not even a politician ! That is the best part , RPK is not a politician but a normal everyday Malaysian . Just like the rest of us here.
But he dares to highlight the "wrongs" in bold and in black and white.
What is wrong with highlighting bad things?
Lets take another look at the Altantuya case , even if RPK is not around or RPK did not highlight it . We also be able to say that theres blatant injustices going on with Altantuya's case. We are not retards lah .
We also will ask the same queries which RPK wrote.
Of course RPK is a better writer and readers will stayed glued to his writings. But RPK asked the same thing we have in mind.Maybe a bit more or less.
The mastermind is still at large.
Yes folks , the real mastermind to her murder is still at large.
the 2 polis who killed her were just pawns who acted on instructions.
As for the sedition charges against RPK , it does not holds any water at all. We all will be the judges and juries here and see what type of verdict the court will be.
As for the polis?..they are just low grade animals who happily wags their tails for their master.
I do hope that HRH the Agong reads MT and Patrick Teohs Niamah as well.
Hope Agong will say something in RPK favor.
Thank you.

***at last , i am able to write something without profanities ***

Qamal Azlan said...

Uncle Pat,
I read one fler hypothesis (credit to Mr Tai Koh Casey from "Support RPK" facebook page) regarding RPK's detention. This whole thing maybe a conspiracy to bring taiko no 2 down. By prosecuting RPK, he then can disclose all the facts regarding taiko & aunty no 2 in court prior to UMNO election in Dec, which in turns might benefit RPK himself. Tricky ah?

Anonymous said...

A turning poing for yangmulia RPK: creat a by-election for him & be the PR opposition leader & work his way UP UP UP ..... as the next PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA !!!!

u-en said...

my old cousin did some reading and found that "questioning the administration of justice" in this country is also seditious. i suppose that definition extends from a royal commission all the way to some chap in a car saying the traffic policeman is causing a bigger jam than the faulty lights.

well then, if that's the case then EVERYONE including the PM, his cabinet, and most of the other two branches of government have been seditious for some time.

p/s have a look at yesterday's (May 6) hansard when they get round to posting it up.

mob1900 said...

BN's Empire Strikes Back, as quoted by YB Lim KS at Parliament yesterday. Imagine the similarity between Emperor Palpatine & D. Vader to our ~ehem~(tak boleh cakap, nanti kena sedated not sedition)

"Khai-See-Fart, I yam your Father-In-Law!"

ycg said...

RPK will never stand alone. Tell us when and where, and we will be there. Tell us what you need and you will have. This is how much RPK means to the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

You are right. When I first read Rocky Bru's blog, I quickly referred to WiKipedia for better understanding on sedition. Like you said, I could not see any relevance in RPK' article .
I'm puzzled, maybe our AG office made amendments to sedition act to facilitate this trump-up charges?
As we know Malaysia is quite special, AG first, parliament 2nd?

Malay Fler said...

RPK's article definetely hit a raw nerve in the Tuan's mouth. He's probably pooping and shaking in his pants now. What with His Wife squeezing his you know whats as well. Pressure, pressure. What an increadibly ill adviced move. Instead of deflecting attention from Himself, the spotlight has suddenly become even stronger.

Little said...

NIAMAH!!! These BN goons are still in a state of denial after the 12th GE. I'm pain f***ingly fed-up with the on-goings. Can't say or do anything freely nowadays. Libel, seditions, racial disharmony and etc. etc..etc...!!! I would say go to HELL to these conspirators and may GOD ALMIGHTY shows you the way to....(you know where)

Anonymous said...

I think the Keris incident would deserve the Sedition Act award more than the RPK's article.

Anonymous said...

written by Sribayu, May 07, 2008 | 00:34:22

When you speak – Sedition Acts

When you write – Printing & Publication Acts

When you assemble peacefully – Illegal Assembly Act

When you raise a sensitive issue – Internal & Security Act

When students speak – College & University Act

When you try to reveal the truth – Official Secret Act

When you eat – you have to pay for Halal Certification Act

In Malaysia your hands, mouths, foots and even your heads (thinking) all under act except your hearts

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I miss Malaysia. But after this I am glad I migrated.

GobloKing said...

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So tell me where she shop so I can get same bargain huh?

Is this seditious?
Because nowadays everything pun seditious; dunno what is not seditious anymore

If got seditious, you all no need to tell me where to go shopping ok?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

When it's a choice of jail over bail
The blogger's brave guts we must hail
Though the path to full justice is no plain sail
We know ultimately truth and God's justice will never fail

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 070508
Wed. 7th May 2008.

Scott said...

RPK - The biggest threat to the survival of humanity ever.

cancan said...

United We Will Fight


Anonymous said...

patrick, if u hav read RPK last few articles, there is anger in his words for injustices done to Altantuya by the so called "muslim malays". I think the message he is sending to the world and to the mongolian people is that Malaysians are caring people, care enough to fight for injustices done to foreigners and others even though the government mechanism and the people controlling it is corrupt.

Raja said...

Hi Patrick. Remember me. Raja Idris Kamarudin. Guess why RPK and my name as so similar.

ndru said...

the govt was lame,still lame, and now its has gone another level lamer

clearwater said...

In truth, most Bolehlanders would have been seditious at some point in their lives given the very loose language contained in the Sedition Act. Any criticism of the ruling government can be construed as seditious. This piece of legislation is as Jurassic as the politicians who wield its power selectively. However, it will not be repealed until a change to democratic government as it is another tool in the hands of incumbent politicians to stifle dissent and free speech. Remember, know what to do come election time.

LC_Teh said...

But alas, there's been so many thousands of ways to skin this cat called 'opposition' since the day Henry VIII trumped up some charges against Sir Thomas More in order to fit the latter's head into the noose so that Henry could carry on with his syphilistic so-called life with his wife and new wife and new wife...