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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cutting out the gangrene

Cutting tools for gangrenous parts

Undoubtedly, what Malaysians will be 'tokkok-ing' about for the next few days is Mahathir's resignation from the party that he...well he did form it didn't he after the old one was de-registered. He said it is a protest against the Badawi leadership. He said he would re-join after Badawi quits or preferably (I guess) is ousted. Come and join me he said to other UMNO flers. Ho-hum. Okay la so all that is ....just politics. Since I am no expert on that subject I read the news articles about the old man's resignation and tried looking for some funnies which I was sure would be there given that it is Malaysian news involving a Malaysian politician. I looked and there it was......on the front page of The Star.

"Dr. Mahathir also called on Umno members to join him in this radical move, which he likened to "removing gangrene" in order for the party to survive."

Actually, this mention of gangrene appears at least twice in that story.

Likened to removing gangrene? Good one Mahathir! But why would you refer to yourself as gangrene? And then some more go and call on other gangrenous flers to be removed as well. Aiyoh!!! And as we all know gangrenous parts cannot be removed by the patient or should not be. The patient needs a surgeon to cut the life-threatening parts off. Oh by the way, isn't the leader of the other side of the House a doctor ah? Maybe can ask her and her team to help?

Oh...come to think of it when all the gangrenous parts are removed from this Umno body and with those Pakatan flers not really gaining anyone's confidence fast good old Pak Lah may just be laughing all the way to Putrajaya. Again.

Sorry la. I wrote that rant at the breakfast table. At that time of the morning I thought it was funny. You?

Okay la on a slightly more serious note. Mahathir supposedly also said one of his reasons for quitting the party is "......because Umno now is no longer the Umno that was set up 62 years ago to fight for Malay rights, Islam and Malaysia" (Malaya then). So? He's probably right. It isn't anymore. Because it is 62 years later and Malaysians, ALL Malaysians have matured in thinking. Malaysians want a Malaysian Malaysia while recognising and protecting the special needs and rights of certain communities without compromising or infringing upon the rights of other citizens. Sharing what the country has to offer diligent citizens. Building and progressing as one nation one PEOPLE. What's wrong with that?



Anonymous said...

The only thing wrong is Pak Lah is not towing the Mahatir line. Mahatir still wants to be the Puppeteer from above. He miscalculated, he thought Pak Lah will be his sidekick for as long as Mahatir wants him. Pak Lah turned out to be rebellious and so Mahatir the puppeteer has no puppet to play with. Mahatir should not have retired but take on the LKY method, still be there as Minister Mentor and have power forever. Pak Lah did adopt LKY method but he uses his son in-law that is more hated than love, also he tries too hard to over shadow father in-law. Now the show has really just started, all trying to champion the Malay rights and power. Malays are now fighting malays, lets just hope Mahatir silliness does not cause any problems and create racial unrest, which is what he is trying to stir up. Pak Lah isstill a better alternative than the silly old man who refueses to fade away and keep his dignity.

Navi said...

DR. Mahathis is well known for diverting attention from real issues. Each time he faced problems within his party, the chinese and the indians became scapegoats bduring his 22 years. Remember operations lalang, the chinese education issues etc.

Now that the results of the Royal Commission into the Lingam tapes and TDM's part in it, he is quick to go on another malay campaign to charm his way into the hearts of the malays, knowing that the Malays will forget and forgive easily his part in the rot of the judiciary.

Anonymous said...

Some say Dr M is a gutter politician and a racist one at that and I can't agree more.
He's the one who caused us to be polarised. By right he should be charged for sedition not Karpal Singh.

Anonymous said...

If annuar ibrahim was a chameleon, then DrM is the Master of Chameleon. So typical of him to lash out in all ways just to get his way. Actually, he leaving the party is good for UMNO, and the fact that he's calling his supporters to resign even better. This could really test those fence-sitters, and those power-hungry to decide which ways to go is better for their personal interests.

Iskandar said...

Dr M is showing all Malaysian that if we don't agree with the others then tell (read:show) them that we can always pack our bags and leave.

Those in favour, please stand up.

amoker said...

Bah, nothing to say. Sandiwara bulan ini.

Adilah said...

I doubt Dr M is a racist. He has done so much for our country. Look how much we progressed since he became our leader.

Plus, he is someone who thinks far. Remember the singapore bridge thing? If we did build the bridge, singapore will totally go down economically. Anyone can see that.

I am a supporter of Dr M and will always be. So there.

dannyChua said...

Good 1 lah, Patrick...

I look at it as a political drama & Dr M, love him or hate him, is the master of it...

He is so ruthlessly good at it that he doesn't give a shit about those around him sometimes...

I bet the gentler MM, Mukritz is pissing himself wondering wat to do.. old man never give warning... now gohead or gostan??

wish someone scripts "MM"... should be good for a series...

caravanserai said...

The UM-NO ship
Sailing into stormy weather
Gale of waves rising high
Calling them to ride

The ancient leaders
Looked up to the sky
Knew then the ship can’t take the heat
It is time to let go
Lower the small boats
Make a quick exit to land

The ship captain falling asleep
He doesn’t care the ship sink or float
He has his beautiful dream
In Alice of Wonderland

Niamah………the pirates of neighbors came!
He can’t handle even within his party
The ship sails rudderless
Chopping along the undulating waves

The body parts floating
In the dark blue sea
The UM-NO ship clashes with the waves
Only the silence greeting on the deck

In the far distance
Some make it to land
Others sadly sinking into the deep dark sea
Too greedy of wealth and positions
The dark land below claims them for free

Niahmah they deserve it
Cheating the wealth of the country
Telling lies to the people

Now the new light
We are “Anak Bangsa Malaysia”
Niahmah………UM-NO never gets it!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Patrick,

The title of your article aptly headed given the fact that we are dealing with a doctor. Based on the past 22 years of his rule I think its a mistake to elect such people for the highest office. Just imagine if Doctor House was the PM who would constantly cajole & bully his ways.

bob said...

I word to describe both current PM and exPM:


Anonymous said...

The Tunku was always right wasnt he.....Mahathir destroyed, bankrupted and divided this country......highways, traffic jams and unoccupied high rise buildings dont make us developed.....its just how Malaysia blew its money while some kids hung themselves in East Malaysia because they couldnt afford to go to school......

The age of cronyism, despots and corruption in Malaysia is closing to an end.....the Malaysian people are edging closer to victory....this countryb will soon have its government of the people.....Malaysians just need to be stoic and see through all these crooks who want to continue plunderng this country....

anfield devotee said...

One last hurrah fer the old codger la . . .

Just like Bruce Dickinson sang (screamed?), "If you're gonna die, die with yer boots on!"

Dr M closet Iron Maiden freak? Now there's an interesting scenario . . .

donplaypuks said...

Some of Firaun's biggest mistakes are:

1. He thinks he is indipensable.
2. That the majority of M'sians supported all his policies and love him, when in fact they kept quiet becoz of fear.
3. He pretends he's leaving UMNO becoz of AAB, but in reality he's worried about being convicted in court for fixing judges, and more than that, he's worried sick DSAI will become next PM.

So, he fans the flame of racism by supporting Ketuanan Melayu. I think secretly he hopes there will be anothe 1969, and that's why everyne must stop him dead in his tracks

Anonymous said...

What are these numskulls talking about?
After fifty years of independence, they are still talking about the Malay struggle.
Is it truly a Malay struggle or is it a struggle among the UMNO hierarchy for a bigger share of the gravy train, under the guise of a Malay struggle?
For better or for worse, it's time for the PR to take over, because with the BN, we are sure to be a gone case.
With the former, we still have some hope.

novice101 said...

mahathir is trying to fan the issue so that he can get all the publicity. We, who are not in UMNO should not help him to fan the flame. From now on we should be more restrain in our response and reaction to what he says and does.

Don’t help him, don’t fall into his trap. Just stand aside and watch!

Anonymous said...

well you know mahathir and his political game..never ending..but i dont think anyone could deny the tremendous development and progress that this man has brought to this country..that is a fact..if it werent for him, i honestly dont think we would be where we are today..his ideas and thinking were way beyond those around him at that time..nevertheless,no matter how great he is we mustnt forget that he is only human..and humans make mistakes and wrongs..they are not immune from worldly desires and temptations..this is also a frankly speaking i believe that tun mahathir would be a bigger man if he lowers his ego and admits his mistakes and apologize to us malaysians..especially the way he meddled with the judiciary,creating this fear of speaking the truth,excessive control of the media etc..these are absolutely undeniable facts..therefore,if he wants to be remembered as an awesome leader do the suggestions that ive stated above..(sorry r,too serious)

hey pat, do you know linggam will be immediate charged for the findings of the comission's know why..?because when reporters asked him about the findings his instant respond was,"corect,correct,correct!"

Anonymous said...

Dun b fooled by his move, we shud continue to focus on Lingam case !

Anonymous said...

Niamah hits the jackpot. We are Malaysians in 2008, and we recognise the special needs (rights) of certain communities, and we don't want to be polarised by Racist remarks coming from politicians...We're Mature Niahmansans !!!

Anonymous said...

Another defamation sue in the making. This will be the first Malaysian taken to court for libel charges just because he made a Genuine Consumer Complaint on the Internet. Should we keep quite from being bullied by the rich and powerful? Is it right to use the law to muzzle a consumer in grievance? Read more here and original complaint at

HSH EmperorX said...

Someone tipped me off that ..

Raja Petra Kamarudin is a Commoner ..

Q1: How come Raja Kamarudin has TWO GRANDFATHERS ie. Raja Uda and Sultan Musa?
Q2: Why he refused to answer such questions posted in his own site (

A: Sultan Musa is NOT his grandfather! More Here [ ]

ezrazlin said...

Hey there Patrick..
Give me your thoughts on the sadness that happens around us at..

Anonymous said...


All those talks about UMNO history and what it stands for the Malay rights (Ketuanan, Kedaulatan etc) after all these years.

The world has changed and has 'flattened' by globalization.

Deng XiaPing started reformed China 30 years ago and now they have a generation of people who can speak better English than us, more capitalist-thinking than us, more creative than us, hungrier (for knowledge and progress, beside eating up more rice and pork) than us. Vietnam is doing likewise to attract all the investments from MNCs at the expense of Malaysia ...

We are still harping on an old agenda. Still debating on the relevance of a 60+ year-old jurrasic dino, still clinging on the the never-ending policy (NEP) etc...

The Titanic is hitting the iceberg!

Please stop syiok sendiri and wagging the dog. Wake up or the Rakyat will tell you again their feelings.

Anonymous said...

Patrick Teoh you really amuse me with your picture of 4 cutting tools for surgery.

Imagine these tools are used for circumcision! Better use Dettol to sterilize first.

I think our Bolehland hospitals has a more canggih tools to remove any tumour.

I forgot to mention the Keris from our dear Education Minister - that is a perfect tool to remove the 'thorn in the flesh'. I think he is very visionary in this aspect!

Surind said...

People, you want justice? Ask your elected reps & PR what they are doing & are they serious about taking over the federal government asap, with urgency! It’s clear nothing will come from race based BN. PAS, be careful… better get in shape before we throw you out!

Anonymous said...

UMNO is NOT 62 years old. It is dead, killed by Mahathir the Indian (see his University fo Singapore application form). The UMNO Baru, formed by Mahathir the Malay (see his UMNO Baru application form), is only 20 years old. Please get this right so that we don't fall for this UMNOputera bullshit about celebrating 62nd anniversary, etc.

Anonymous said...


Could you provide a glossary of Niamah terminology like:
1) Ketuanan Melayu
2) UMNOputera
3) Kerishamudin


This is important as we are creating 'Sejarah Baru Malaysia'.

Anonymous said...

The gangrene part made me laugh till I cried..Man!


theRev said...

"Malaysians want a Malaysian Malaysia while recognising and protecting the special needs and rights of certain communities without compromising or infringing upon the rights of other citizens. Sharing what the country has to offer diligent citizens. Building and progressing as one nation one PEOPLE. What's wrong with that?"

Hey Patrick,

Been a long time "silent reader" on your blog. Just wanted you to know that I loved the last paragraph of this post, and I've quoted it as "Words of Wisdom" in my blog.

Keep doing what you do best!

flyer168 said...

Dear Patrick,

Nice Hilarious Blogsite you have here, congratulations.

I personally respect Tun Mahathir's decision & congratulate him on his Wisdom.

He is doing us a favour...a Big one for us !

There is nothing wrong with Malaysia, UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PR, etc.

It is their leaders & supporters that create systems not for the Nation's & rayaat's interest that destroy the parties & the Nation !

For as long as PM & his “Ketetuanan Melayu” UMNOputras are in self denial , still on their BLIND self destruct trajectory… then it is definitely the Final Curtain & check-mate for BN !

The reduced strength of the remnant UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc including the good BN members, cannot champion their party’s cause to the rayaat. They are intimidated to sing the same BN tune which is all rhetorics ! Talk is Cheap, anyone can do it !

The Honest & Dedicated will need to break away & Resign from BN (UMNO,MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc) to allow an Honest & Dedicated representative to be re-elected to convince the rayaat & sincerely “Walk their Talk”.

One by one….steadily…they will jump ship with a choice to live another day in the PR lifeboats or DROWN forever !

What more is there to say or advise !

Just sit back & watch more action with the great BN Domino Tsunami.

The monster that the rayaat chose/elected/created becomes uncontrollable & refuses to listen to the peoples’ sentiment, pleas, etc, to accept criticism, to apologise & correct the situation - in self denial !

“Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” - The Greed for Status, Power, Croonies, Supporters, Money & that Euphoric Lifestyle at the rayaat's expense!

To step down gracefully would be POSSIBLE (like the late Tun Tan Siew Sin , one of our admirable Finance Minister & many others during his time ), if they have Honour, Integrity, Transparency, etc without any Skeletons in their closet…..but with our present Politicians and their “Gravy Train” which they encouraged, WILL NOT ALLOW them an “Honourable Exit”.

Anytime anyone points their finger at somebody, three fingers are pointed at themselves - we are the cause of our problems or rather…WE allowed it to happen !

History has shown us over and over again…but Man never wants to LISTEN & LEARN - as in the Phillipines with Marcos, Indonesia with Suharto, Singapore with LKY, etc & now it is at our doorsteps.

Each & everyone of the Politicians, Govt servants including us… have a choice to decide.

Recycled politicians have past histories which might not be acceptable to Head of States, parties , constituencies , our investigative bloggers & the rayaat.

I personally believe that ultimately God will anoint the True Leaders of this great nation not necessary from any party.

Who knows…a Phoenix could arise from the ashes of BN as a True Leader for Malaysia & Malaysians!

Just look at YB LGE, the new CM of Penang. God blessed him (which even he did not expect) for his sufferings & abuse by Man in trying to help the Innocent.

Someone posted a question in one Blog :

“What Happen to our once harmonious and proud society?
I still remembered the times when my late father can kamching very much with the malays, the indians and we all used to be so united.”

The answer is ....

Our Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, “Bapa Malaysia” & his 1st cabinet were all established Noble & Humble people (professionally, financially & socially with good family backgrounds), had NOBLE intentions for this nation & its people to achieve Independence from the Colonials.

Everyone in general was of ONE mind - multi-cultural with no racial, cultural & religious barriers - it was a beautiful Malaya, then Malaysia where everyone were friendly & buddies - males, females, young & old !

Since then…..WHERE DID WE GO WRONG ????

Our Bapa Malaysia was “too friendly with with all his children, adopted children, etc & his rayaat” so he was betrayed, back-stabbed & the rest is HISTORY ! Was it individuals....who then blamed it on the party ??????

Until we can have someone Noble & Humble as Bapa Malaysia… restore equality in Bolehland… can only dream about it !

Let us hope the BN Domino Tsunami, with its economic/financial impact to this nation & its rayaat will not bring about CHAOS (it will really HURT all of us !) - exactly what any PM in waiting is looking for maybe planned ??? ....By Default !

Well, it happened to Bapa Malaysia, so what's new in this Bolehland.

Let us all stay cool, walk our talk & not fall into that Chaos TRAP !!!!

Anonymous said...

Even mrina is beginning to get embarassed by her father.

I am told.

Anonymous said...

what ! still still talking want this & that for the malays...malays...malays only so get rid of the non-malays lah including HIMSELF cos he is not a pure malay what !

Anonymous said...

" why waste 3 billion to buy the submarines...!?" complained tdm.

how & where do your wife & children dapat million&millions of us$ !? ( read thexstories )