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Thursday, May 22, 2008

I feel an erection coming on...

My God! There's a schoolgirl just walked past me in a white blouse! I think I feel an erection coming on. Oooooh!!! Wait, I think I will go and rape her now or at least fondle her crisp white school blouse.

What the fuck is wrong with some people in this country?

A Malaysian group has condemned the uniform worn by girls at government schools, saying it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex!!! And the person who made this shocking statement is no less than the vice-president of the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia, Munirah Bahari who said that the white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction. “It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it,” she said.

Just read that line again and realise how stupid it sounds. Becomes an attraction to men!!! This myopic yound lady also said that there should be a review of uniform policy so that it did not violate Islamic ideals.

Wow!!! Great! While most Malaysians are just settling in to feeling a little more secure in the feeling of being Malaysian irregardless of race and creed this kind of thing comes along. No religion encourages indecency. No parents allow their school-going children to dress indecently. Now we need some vice-president of some students association to tell us that? There's more to this woman's stupidity.

“Decent clothes which are not revealing can prevent and protect women from any untoward situations,” she said, suggesting that girls wear a blouse of a different colour or with an undergarment.

So, okay gals forget about all the talk about CCTV cameras in lonely car parks, pepper sprays, caution in lonely places, watchfullness etc. Just don't wear white blouses and you'll be fine. There seems to be no end to her pea brained logic. She also claims that some (girls) used the white blouse to lure men. I shall never look at a white blouse the same way ever again.

Perhaps somebody should go and check what kind of stuff is being taught at this young lady's school and what kind of creatures populate the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia.



meiyen said...

Remember the head scarfed Malay lady in her baju kurung who was raped and killed in a heavily tinted bus? How will this VP of the National ISA of Malaysia. Ugh!! Even their initials spells condemnation.

What do do? What to do? When we are dealing with minds that are still in the dark ages and just refuse to open up! What a country!

Anonymous said...

But the pinafores cover up the blouses already, so should be okay, right?

Now this is what Japanese schoolgirls wear to school everyday:

Anonymous said...

Dear Patrick,

You see as a VP she must come out with comments like that to justify her position regardless whether it's a nitwit idea. Sometimes you just wonder whether it has to do the education level or the case of trying to be religious without using the grey matter. In malaysia it seems there are getting more & more of such morons. Another bewilderment is the rearing of camels for consumption like the Arabs.

Anonymous said...

Sincerely disturbing to see stupid ppl make stupid statement. What next?? All guys must circumcision??!! Dame Niamah!!

Anonymous said...

Damn! Now I cannot drive by schools anymore; otherwise I would be deemed as a potential rapist!!!

sexy school girl - SO SUE ME said...

Well, it's about time someone spoke their perverted mind. Send chills down one's spine just to read the title.

If you YOUTUBE for videos related to all the TANGKAP BASAH cases, you will see that ALL of the them are tudung clad women!

I mean come-on, if you are just sick and horny, why not legalize brothels and leave the school girls out of it!


sembang_sembang_aje said...

gotcha didn't she, tis munirah, whoever she is...

rilek-lah brader...the sun still shining, the rain will still falls in the plain of spain.

and chelsea slipped, of all possible moment ...heh...heh...heh...

Anonymous said...

When I saw this news in The Star I nearly burst out in laughter. It's full of crap. But at least it has entertainment value. Should have been put in the jokes section.

Anonymous said...

i am a malaysian first..then a muslim..i hv no problems about encouraging people to wear decent clothes..but to say that men are sexually attracted to school girls because of their white blouses is sheer stupidity..she is a moron of the highest degree..when shallow people like her are v-ps of associations especially those connected to islam/muslims and issue such statements,they will give a wrong impression that islam teaches and encourages stupidity..shame..shame..

zorro said...

Patrick, a red herring to distract from the imminent implosion since TDM ignited the fuse....however can't confirm the length of the know how these people are so adept at wayang this and wayang that

Was a great night, Tuesday night.Great job you did.

Woman in Malaysia said...

I can only think of one reason why Munirah Bahari links the school uniform to men being turned on by it: she has sex on her mind all the time. She is such a pervert!

Anonymous said...

i am shock beyond words...what sort of sicko is she to utter such sick things...maybe we should close all girls' school and keep our kids at home to prevent them from being rape!...well guess that's what our screwed up education system produces nowadays...half past six and unemployable graduates.

Anonymous said...

i've been thinking about a less vulgar yet expressive way to convey my message to this munirah bahari fella but so far i've only got this: "oi idiot! go fuck yourself!!"

Anonymous said...

The vice-president of the National Islamic Students Association - is a male or female?

If male: I think he is easily aroused by white blouse - he should seek psychiatric treatment for this unsual fetish tendency.

If Female: I think she should just avoid white blouse herself and just shut-up!

Only in Bolehland!

cruzeiro said...

There's no end to these people's stupidity, when they seek their hallowed Talibanesque limelight.

They should just cover themselves in sackcloth and tie a lodestone to her neck for good before they open their traps to speak!

Yes Patrick - Niamah, indeed!

artchan said...

Perhaps someone should ask her if the girls and young women and even grandmas who got raped in kampongs and estates were wearing white blouses.

You called her pea brained logic. I think I will call her shithead.....And so if someone wears a sarong a get raped, what will be her story? Sarongs will be banned? Blardy shithead.

Anonymous said...

It seems that in Bolehland, the easiest and fastest way to get oneself notice or to see oneself's name in the papers, is to made an outrageous and pea-mind-boggling claim like this unheard of rendang lady from an equally unheard of Association. Now methinks what she is really saying is that every school girls in the world should be wearing are the thick jute-cloth material with a tiny peephole for the eyes worn by the Talibans.I really am astounded that we are now living in the 21st century and still have people in Malaysia mouthing such incoherent nonsence.I just wonder what materials her blouse is made off.

Anonymous said...

DAMN!.. If only I meet that fler face to face, I'd tell him or her to take themselves and migrate to Taliban land and stay there for good..otherwise keep your daughters under lock and key for their entire lives. Any suitors only by strict appointment. IS THAT WHAT THEY WANT?. I think they take all daughters parents for blardi FOOLS, as if parents have NO concern for their daughter's well being. God damn them for such idiocy!.

Anonymous said...

Munirah Bahairi must be half woman half man. Otherwise she would not know white attracts man.
Perhaps she once wore white panties and got she developed the sick association of white=sex

Dek Mat said...

niamah indeed! i've always thot that only wet white t-shirts were erotic... but i guess some ppl have weird ways to get a stiffy hehe

i believe that the whole education system needs to be revamped so that we dont have anymore narrow minded ppl coming out from univeristies!

Nadia said...

i suggest munirah bahari go out more often and socialize with normal men.

Thamarai said...

The schoolgirls look like they are just stepped out from the "Sound of of Music" set. Its takes one hell of depressed pedophile to think the Schoolgirls are sexy. Now I know where these god forsaken pedophile are. They are in National Islamics Student association of malaysia. Need proof?! Just ask Ms. Munirah Bahari. She is surrounded by them at National Islamics Student association of malaysia!!!

Anonymous said...

Sigh,I see yet another unemployed graduate being churned out in her soon.Wonder why we waste so much of our resoruces on such unproductive souls? Don't we have more pressing tasks to do.

donplaypuks said...

by this reckoning of transparent and sexy dressing, there should be an epidemic of rape in the Western Hemisphere, about 10 every second.

But that's not happening, is it in the satanic West?

So, what do we do next in M'sia. I know, all the men stay at home compulsorily, and only women go to work or study in schools and colleges.

That might work wonders!1

Anonymous said...

Minirah has whte semen and sperms lodged in her fucking head.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I was waiting for her to say that White color arouses SEX, and that anybody that wears white (whether male or female) turns everyone on, yummy. Maybe later she will comment that we should also ban anybody wearing white colored clothing in Malaysia, and that also includes banning white folks (caucasians) from coming to malaysia, and tantalize & arouses Malaysian to go berserk in sex over them.

Mmmmm....maybe tonite, i shall wear my white nurse uniform & stare into the mirror, yummy

tzarina said...

Patrick and friends,

If you wana see how one such pervert supports Munirah Bahari's twisted view of kids in school uniform, pls visit the comments in my blog.

White Blouse Sexy: BODOH!BODOH!BODOH!

Nadia here can testify - thank God that there are level-headed Muslims like her! We need more like her to speak up.

Jun said...

absolute rubbish. wearing white blouse doesn't help in discouraging rape.

Coming from an co-ed Chinese Independent, our uniforms are all WHITE, where the idea behind white is to show purity (in an Non-Sexual way of course) and openess in mind when learning(NOT in a sick MANNER). Since when it becomes the walking sign of "RAPE ME"? It's absolute rubbish.

Justin Choo said...

Aiyoh Uncle Teoh,

I only dare just to think about what you wrote, but not have the guts to put in writing in my blog.

Thanks for helping me solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Only a person with a sick mind would even think and imagine or even make such associations. What more to comment in public! That at least proves there is seriously a big problem with the education and upbringing of these individuals not to even mention qualify to be a VP of a students' association? It's a viscous cycle too. Perverts breed and bring up perverts!

andy lim said...

Let me give you a "report" of my reaction when I was reading the article..

1) “The white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction,” yea right.. (a brief laugh)

2) “It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it,” huh... I don't think my art teacher taught me that back in my school days (on symbolic meaning of white colour). Her art teacher will be very disappointed.

3) “This is the source of the problem, where we can see that schoolgirls themselves are capable of using this to attract men to them,” I guess "This" refers to the white blouse, so ladies pls do not wear white, otherwise it means you're looking for trouble... muahahaha..

Quotes extracted from The Star

There's an old saying "If you can't think of anything good to say then don't say anything at all".

meiyen said...

Wah! what a load of typing errors! Sorry man! Must make a point to reread my comments before posting.

Edited me!

Remember the head scarfed Malay lady in her baju kurung who was raped and murdered in a heavily tinted bus? She was not wearing any see through clothing! So how does this VP of the National ISA of Malaysia feel about that? Ugh!! Even their initials spell condemnation.

What to do? What to do? When we are dealing with minds that are still in the dark ages and just refuse to open up and change with the times! Malaysia! What a backward country!

Anonymous said...

Makes me think that her next suggestion would be that all women should wear chastity belts... u know like the one that is needs a key to open up!

She should be first to wear that... also get rid of the key!!!

Anonymous said...

what the fuck patrick!, latest news in taiwan quoted a malaysian Deputy Director of tourism of (Malay)sia caught molesting and rubbing the private parts of a taiwanese woman. Got so much money and later pay off the woman.Woi! tak boleh tahan amoi taiwan puteh melepak. Fucking sex maniacs in civil service, no wonderlah, suggest women in civil service must wear metal chasity belt. Tudung is just not enough, too much corruption money no where to spend, so spend on amoilah.

Anonymous said...

Munirah, try not to think with ass. Ass is to shit. Do try to use your brain sometimes. Like what ppl said use it or lose it.. or maybe you have lost it..

Anonymous said...

its all in their mind and becoz they paid too much attention to it. i thought at this age,people are more educated and enlightened..

Anonymous said...

What a cow brain to tell us rape and molest are caused by dressing. I have yet to come across news reporting a woman was raped for wearing a bikini ... Anyone?

I remembered a Malay lady was raped inside a bus with tinted windows in Klang or one part of Selangor few years ago. Can anyone tell me if that lady was wearing a white blouse or sexy dress?

I don't know if Munirah is aware that some men will get turn-on by just looking at the eyes or lips of a girl or woman??

Can't understand why only people of Islamic faith have this kind of perception or idea? No wonder women in the Arab world are wearing black from head to toes!! They don't want the men to have wild imagination? No lah! I find them sexy too even in black!! I will have an erection when I look at their faces and eyes when they are not fully covered!!

Erection is caused by the brain or eyes of a man? Can anyone comment on this? I guess all young school girls are interested to know.

Tirawud said...

Any school girls wearing white blouse will attract potential rapist?Wow!Now I wonder how many times will the rapist will hv his orgasm in 5 days a week whenever he pass any school!Pls munirah...U are a VP but your brain shows stupidity. I wonder how u get ur VP post?White blouse perhaps...


Anonymous said...

Oversized cloths, bandaged heads and headscarfs..hmmm a CLOSED and SHITHOLE TIGHT NARROW MIND.

Anything against their believe is UNxxxxMIC. How convenient! Shifting blames on others for their communities misconduct and crimes.

They love to blame external factors instead of looking inward and exercise self-restrain.


natives are restless said...

Hellooooooooo guys ............ it's school girl season now .

Geeeez ! i must take a better look at school girls in uniform these days .... you'll never know what you have been missing all these while !!!

Thanks sooo much Ms Mudhead ooophs typo .....MUNIRAH .

Anonymous said...

remember britney spears and hit me one more time?

dun knock the speaker without debunking the idea!

Anonymous said...

Dear Pat Here we go another empty vessel making some sound trying to attract attention..want to look relevant..sexist idoit. Maybe she should suggest women for safety precaution must wear chastity belt..problem solve this way??? TIUNIAMAH GACHOWHAI

Anonymous said...

Brilliant article Patrick; as usual! As usual, the Taliban/Al-Qaeda way of thinking which seems to have spread among the once liberal and rational Malay civilization (remember the great P. Ramlee movies, or the liberal Indonesian movies?) blame the women for their perverted bastardly lust! Whilst they want the women to cover up publicly, they might have an orgasm over some pornographic cheapshots! But if “their women” who are treated like chattels dare to oppose their sadist fantasy of how their chattels/cows more like it, should behave, walk, talk and think, the women might just get bashed, raped and murdered like in the widespread legitimized “honor killings”! These bastard beastly men can’t control their lust; so hey presto, let’s control the women instead! What saddens me is that the women take all this crap and even defend it like those unthinking critically Malay students. Thus is why, i was shocked to discover that many Malay women, including in veil, defending the bastards who murdered and probably raped unfortunate Altantuya so viciously, just because the criminal police bastards are Malay/Muslim and Altantuya is foreign and non malay/Muslim; doesn’t matter that she’s a woman! And I remember cringing with so much anger and pain of seeing the above Noor Suzaily’s Malay rapist and murderer laughing as if he couldn’t give a damn at all about such evil act, and yet he was supported so loyally and lovingly by his few veiled wives at court! Besides, such Taliban/Al-Qaeda way of thinking only make the men have increasing less respect for women; and suppressed sexually and hence, also contribute towards the increase sexual crime rate by Malay/Muslim boys and men. Do we hear of such vicious crime and increase crime rate during P. Ramlee times when Malay/Muslim women wear the most sexy clothes including in sexy kebayas? Instead of seeing themselves as the problem; for this Taliban/Al-Qaeda kind of men and women, it’s the women who are seen as the “evil seducer”!

Noor Aza Othman.

Anonymous said...

As I was reading this, an idea just crossed my mind: why not round up all the young school boys to pulau langkawi and the young school girls to pulau tioman? Like that the problem this murniama worried about wouldn't be a problem anymore! ha ha ha! (ough! somebody knocked my head and shouted "Ngong kah lu? Niamah!")

ezrazlin said...

there's a new party in town called 'Keadilan 2'..come cek it out ekeke..! klau nak tahu..mai blog sy!

Anonymous said...

Dear Munirah Bahari

I get 'turn-on' when I see women clad in tudung. I need no white blouse.

Please help me to cure my fetish and obsession. How are you going to help me to release my tension?
I have tried syiok sendiri but in vain as I keeping thinking of tudung.

Tolonglah saya!

ps: White Blouse , however transparent it may be, has not turn on effect on me.

Anonymous said...

Hi ! Morning.

This natang Munirah Bahari must have been a bit " tidak siuman " .I am really against the present and future change of the "un-uniform" in school nowadays.Those "self pro claimed suci and religious" egos have had make our school children divided even their uniform in school as well.
Don't they remember in those days our real and pure school uniform for all schools in the nation

Short sleeve white shirt and blue short pant for boy / Short sleeve white shirt and sleeveless blue knee lenght skirt for girl.

Short sleeve white shirt and white short pant for boy ( Remove till form three) Short sleeve white shirt and white long pant for boy ( form 4 till form six) / Short sleeve white shirt and sleeveless blue knee lenght skirt for girl )

bosucho said...

This is really "bo-noun" (no brain) in hokkien. Poor lady just want to be like other brothers in this bolehland, talking something immaterial....

novice101 said...

Wonder whether we should expend so much space and attention on such pea-brained remarks.

These individuals are seeking for publicity, wonder if we are lured into their trap, thus helping them to achieve their aim. Don't be surprised some of the pea-brains end up with UMNO ass its leaders.

techiesavvie said...

First thing that crosses my mind is the scene where a bunch of chinese girls wearing baju kurung running for their school bus in the rain at bus stop off wangsa maju putra terminal. how their baju clad to their wet body, subtly revealing their black 2d cup black bra thru their ocean white baju. what a beautiful sight...

Anonymous said...

i have no idea la what's happening to men nowadays. Perversive lot there are. Don't believe me? ask any women using the LRT. why la the mentality? Everything also want to rub, touch, poke, grab, gropple, fondle. if the stapler at the office got vagina, that one also they wanna sapu! and the govt wonder why women are not married nowadays, because men are such hampeh. Talking about gaovt, c'mon la, i know you aremaking money from the illegal pirated DVD sellers/peddlers...but curb the porn CDs la. Even the primary school watfch pron nowadays. yea yea yea..some men claim it's their right yada yada to watch pron, lemme rape you with batang penyapu, then you know your right la.

ada rasa pedas tak? dia lah makan cili.

Anonymous said...

I think Munirah refering to species eyes like Rahim Thambi Chik, who like to fuck around school girls

Rastaman Klang

Gua said...

So then for bank case, the bank should not put so much money in. Having a lot of money, they are attracting those ppl to become robbers. BANK should be blamed for caused robbery cases?!!


TOOLAN said...

I think she is talking about those "things" you bump in the dark, you know those that we always relate to "floating at night in white"....he,he,he...
She totally missed the point lah....bodoh...bodoh....
Calling her a pea brain is a compliment already Pat bro, I think an amoeba's size fits her better......
You feel TOOLAN too......

Anonymous said...


I suggest you create the Annual Niamah Awards to give the 'recognition' to those 'Niamah Individuals' in the Bolehland. This is something like the Rasberry Award.

You could shorlist the candidates monthly based on the stories you featured. Then conduct a poll for your readers to vote their choices.

Believe me, this will turn up to be a great event.

You can create the follwoing categories:
1) Niamah - Male Award
2) Niamah - Female Award
3) Niamah - Best New Comer Award
(In time to come, you can give 'Lifetime' Bolehland Award)
4) Niamah - Syiok Sendiri Award
5) Niamah - Tok Kok Award


If you are in favour of my suggestion, please respond to give the support to make this a reality.

Anonymous said...

She's stupid & pervert too. Anyone who shares her view should be shipped to outter space, far far away from the rest of us.
And not forgetting to include the psychotic leaturer who told us that its logical for a grandpa to rape his own granddaughter after seeing a girl in mini skirt!! And worse, according to him the one should be blamed for this is the girl in the mini skirt!
Man, these people have no respect for woman! They only see women/ female as sex symbol and nothing else. They just don't deserve a place here on earth.

Patricia said...

What a low opinion of the men in this country she has. I have a husband and son, and I wouldn't insult them by thinking stinky school blouses turn them on! But rape isn't about the girl, or her baju. It is a crime against a woman by a cruel man - because he can. When will women ever learn? We are not to blame for rape. Tell your children that. And tell them to stay safe.

Anonymous said...

this sexist pea brain female must have got her position by wearing a white blouse. if not, how could a pea brain like her be in such position.

anfield devotee said...

This incident was reported in The Sun some timeback & me wrote about it on me blog.

Home Ministry enforcement arm in Penang staked out a T-shirt shop fer THREE days. Why? Fer selling tees with the 'pakalolo' emblem & obscene messages.

Three days? And the rationale?

"Enforcement chief Tengku Rosinah said the pictures and the obscenity were detrimental to the public because youths wearing apparel bearing such obscenities could be involved in immoral activities."

What excellent rationale . . .

ps: They arrested TWO salesgirls & claimed they had busted a MAJOR SYNDICATE.

Anonymous said...

Some people are born with stupidity.

Just look at the "Faizal Tahir Bears His Chest" issue. Just becoz of that, the poor fella got slammed for nothing. Now, just pick any local entertainment magazines (you know what I mean, those sleazy no good for nothing magazines) which will show pictures ofour female artists in sexy outfits and poses. I don't see or hear any Islamic Groups condemning these magazines.

The point is, open your minds and you can think much clearer !!


Marsha M said...

I just posted something about it today. Previously, wanna bo-chai (dont care) wan but I think this is crazy lah. EVERY SINGLE TIME, IT'S THE VICTIM's FAULT!!! Damn kow tulan sometimes. Damn moronic man, really cannot tahan you know.

Angelia said...

speechless... very the speechless indeed.

I for one hated the school uniform. it's hot, uncomfortable, impractical. Never felt sexy wei. I know I aint the only one HAHHAHAHA

Zeus said...

Yep.something is wrong with the people which got elected to the position or department they got.Possible thinking with their a*** or trying to get Cheap Publicity!

Anonymous said...

Pat, you think tht Munirah Bahari got a batik factory somewhere in the country, maybe she want to brand make the redesigning of uniforms in the whole country under her shop. mana tahu kan Pat. can make some money there and build a mansion like the late-Klang guy, apa nama dia Deros ehh..?

Yellow Rose of Texas

Jamie said...

the stoooopid bitch who made the stooopid remark needs some good bitchslappin...niamah!!!

Anonymous said...

What do we have here?

A self-righteous dingbat thinks school girls dressed in perfectly decent school uniform are propagators of rape, pre-marital sex and prostitution.

My god! Could a mind be more primitive in its thinking!

It seems, verbal diarrhoea is a highly contagious disease nowadays.

Dear Munirah,
Suck butter from my ass and I hope that cures your verbal diarrhoea.

Randy Khoo said...

Well, assuming that the papers DIDN'T twisted her comment, then this Munirah got screwed in a white blouse before..

Well, if she can think it, maybe she did it!

Anonymous said...

We want back the secular school uniform for our young.

Well, I strongly suggested to the Pakatan Rakyat that they should help to bring back our "secular type" of school uniform to all the primary and secondary in the nation.

1.Primary Level

Short sleeve white shirt and blue short pant for boy / Short sleeve white shirt and sleeveless blue knee lenght skirt for girl.

2.Secondary and upper secondary level

Short sleeve white shirt and white short pant for the boy (Remove till form three) Short sleeve white shirt and white long pant for the boy (form 4 till form six) / Short sleeve white shirt and sleeveless light blue knee lenght skirt for the girl (remove till form six).

All these these type of uniform mentioned representing "secular/pureness/togetherness" of our young in all our school through the nation.Other than that it suitable the Malaysian weather too....rather than those racist wearing and also not suitable for the local weather.

Ketuanan Rakyat

Lao' Cha said...

Kowsai!!! We have been clamouring and pleading for 'transparency' in this nation of ours for ages and here comes dear Munirah flapping her ninja apparels in condemnation of a little 'skin thru white'.

If I could get into her head, I'll enlighten her to the fact that a boner is invoke more through curiosity and wild imagination of not knowing what is behind the blouse than knowing what is.

If curiosity could kill the cat, I have no compunction tempting fate with a close encounter with Munirah's Persian.

P/s: Persian's are cats that originate in Ancient Persia. Cats are also call pussy.

flyer168 said...

In this Bolehland, they use idiots like this one to make that proposal lah...then they can make more money making ALL school uniforms using more cloth like the Arab women's robe in +35 degrees heat in Malaysia ! No ?

Qamal said...

if any country to ban its current school uniforms, it has to be Japan, not Malaysia. we don't see Maria Ozawa wore malaysian pinafore in any of her videos. :D


Anonymous said...

Women and men do not ask to be raped or abused, regardless of how they are attired. (Rape also occurs in countries where women are garbed from head to to toe!)

If Munirah believes we have to change our dressing in a certain way to "fend of social ills", then sadly, we are not mature as a civil society.

There are deeper issues such as equal rights, responsibility and respect for all peoples, upholding the dignity of all beings, which we were supposed to have learnt in 'Ugama' and ethics classes.

Munirah's SUPERFICIAL social analysis belittles men in a sanctimonious way, and neglects the deeper issues of personal choice, individual rights, respecting the dignity of humankind and quality education.

pamina said...

i know, i know

it cant get anymore moronic than this. women accusing women for initiating sex crimes.

Birds Talking said...

Hi Pat,

Alamak! I keep saying. If Pak Lah keep all these kinda assh*les as top officials especially the brainless wans, BN is dying!
Why cannot use the otak before opening the mouth!
Da whole world IS watching lah! Tak malu ka? Who is this Munirah? Sounds like she's a hot stuff too!

OK, let us go to Birds Talking to sing along with Bill Halley and his Comets for "Rock Around the Clock" since we lost Pulau Batu Puteh to Sinkapore!

Cheers and Regards
Birds Talking

Anonymous said...

Fucking niamah! Why don't these idiots realize that the most repressed people are going to be the ones most sex-obsessed?

Stupid Malaysia is going to hell because of stupid, intolerant people like her that keep breeding and perpetuating stupid thoughts. Main factor, yo!

Sooner or later like a silent cancer infecting all the rakyat, nobody is going to be even aware of how close-minded our society has become until its too late.

Anonymous said...

this woman has a blog at

Anonymous said...

Aiyoyo.........what have had happened to u Munirah ? Why your blog ( ) do not open freely for us to comment u ? Don't play the education issue anymore.....Do u know that the way u wear , it makes me feel fed up and dislike too...Hey !!! make yourself more secular look and modern a bit .........don't and never bring your own cultural's dressing only to the school. We all have our own tradition and wearing be secular u want or like to follow other races' wearing in school? If not, don't propose something that favor u indeed. School needs only secular dressing cos we have a lot of races in school.And moreover the secular school uniform is the perfect and pureness type .......please do not divert it anymore.

Well ,no one have the right to question other's right in dressing up even in whatever degree and also no one will cos trouble in dressing up too..only those seems educated or graduate but never really learnt type of persons only make all these un-wanted wrong doing.

Be modern a bit lah

Anonymous said...

let's be FAIR : have you been a school teacher teaching in 'secondary girls schools' !?
F4-5 girls are quite 'grown-up', have you seen them wearing the 'baju kurung' !?
Do you know what 'white baju kurung (not kurang)' is all about !?
Please be FAIR, ok !!

Anonymous said...

why should we blame,we should solve problem

Anonymous said...

What else do you expect from them?? Their mental is only restricted to the narrow bandwidth of dressing otherwise, it is just too taxing on the brain. Look at the flip flop and you will get about 99.99% correct. But the strange thing is what the shit are we giving this moron so much visibility....this is just chicken shit.

Sashi said...

God revealed the name of 'STUPID' to us on that fateful day, and it was MUNIRAH BAHARI.

radha said...

a woman can @$%&ing well walk naked in public.. no one.. i repeat.. NO ONE has the RIGHT to touch her.. period!!

ZM SERIES said...

fuck all of you....esp u patokkok...she means prevention idiot...atleast an opinion...kesian bebudak kalau kena rogol...fuck all of u moron..

monsterball said...

hahahahaha...Like "FOCUP Food"....our clowns never ceased to amassed dum dum they can be..trying to be too smart.
But kris lover..Hussien has learn to say..what we like to hear.I don't trust this cunning fox.
it has been sometime...since he kept saying.
"sensitive issue"....whenever...he wants to show his true pariah colours..shaming his legendary..forefathers.
Raping is by one...doing one...even if that female is dressed like a dead mummy.
Rapists has nothing to do with religion...yet it is everything with a religion....that wants to control the minds and create fear. So the poor guy..listen...fight against God's prove he is
better than God. After all....God never help him at why fear him?
All these have something to do with the very poor religious teachings.
So....which Malaysian race...rape the most??
Get the percentage...and get real!!

Anonymous said...

hey, there's nothing wrong with the blouse... or pinafore.... or whatever. the main issue is those 'sick bastard' and child molester.

i'd been in school 'baju kurung' or pinafore back in 90's. we never intent to seduce or lure men... nakal ada kot?? but not to the extend of pre-marital sex.

so, is this means that women in malaysia not allowed to wear white blouse anymore?? ahahahha... ridiculous...LOL

as far as i know, examples, adik nurin diculik not in school uniforms, adik nurul huda from jb also been raped not in school uniform... a lady been raped in tinted bus not wearing white baju kurung... so where she got these facts goin' on???


Anonymous said...

I almost felt off from my chair when I read the news on The Star.Why the Editor release such news?What is the Editor doing-wasting shareholders' money and oxygen?Putting up no-brainer news without supporting statistics/study.The Malay woman must be overly conservative thinking that we are living in a closed world.If school uniform is sexy,then office working attire for women can be considered wearing nothing.Didn't she read the statistics?Almost 70% of the victims were actually raped by someone they knew.All rape cases had no correlation to the clothes they wore.
I really pity her daughter.

BernardC said...

"The Most Conservative Group Of Moron People Ever Live In This Planet That Goes And Think Of Every Possible Way To Justify What And To Show Their Undisputed Low In Intelligence And Eventually Been Laugh Out Loud And Laugh My Ass Out For Nothing But A Piece Of No Brain To Mouth Filteration Kinds Of Words" Award for this yound lady who make this brainless dtatement.

Oh no, Patrick. I'm erecting right now. Got pretty gal sitting next to me in CC. How erecting it is? Hahaha....

Anonymous said...

election = erection !!??
election = 5 years once.
ERECTION = once each morning. ( NO more now ...sad...pat, pls HELP !)

Born2Reign said...

Many well-covered Arab men goes to Paris for their prostitutes. Question: Did these Arab men get an erection upon meeting some French pros or
did they get an erection, THINK of sex with pros, THEN buy airticket to Paris and ask for sex with a pro?

It's the thought first then you go for the hunt, then the act.

And Muslim women believe that their husbands were tempted? So easily? Those men with circumcised genitals and pray 5x a day? Then they need to pray 10x a day, so they have no time to get out of their mosques.

This is the Muslim answer to wipe out incests, robbery (it's the victim's fault for carrying so much cash-asking for it), rape, sodomy, bribery, etc.

There is a difference between animals and humans. Humans can make decision and have own will, animals act by instinct.

It's obvious which kingdom vice-president of the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia, Munirah Bahari, studies in and grew up in.

Anonymous said...

One man contracted xxxvd so consulted a lady doctor who sighed," ... sorry, no cure, it has to be amputated ...!"
Then went to see a Chinese sinseh who smiled,"... dun wori need to operate one.. 2 weeks can kautim lah !!"
Happily handed the sinseh 100rm,
" what medicine to take !?"
Quickly took the money, sinseh," need lah.. after 2 weeks it just DROP OFF by itself ..!!"

Anonymous said...

saw a malay stall selling jamu from indo, i looked at one box... jamin 44 hari lepas bersalin..ketatkan...suami puashati
... i wanted to ask but my isteri said " NO, NO !!"

remember : roti canai got shit b'cos the maker wearing ring , last nite my laksa , i think, got shit also lah...smelly like shit ..
... @#$%^&*.....

Square said...

Come on, it is just a white blouse, then wat she suggest students to wear? black uniform issit? Just because while blouse could be transparence that make girls victim of rape cases? Tui la....why not tell those man to lock their c**k then? So if a lady wearing a bikini on a beach does that make her a more prominent victim than others? wake up la stupid woman, women can wear whatever they like and man is the one should hv control over their urge...