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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It was not Me!

Lee Lam Thye demonstrating some "tai chi" moves....

I went to school with Lee Lam Thye, Chairman, National Service Training Council, in Ipoh. I interviewed him once on my talk show on Radio 4 although that chat was cut short because I was close to puking all over the radio studio console from listening to the man.

I've always thought of Lee as an "I", "Me", "Mine" kind of guy. So what he came up with after the latest National Service trainee death came as no surprise. In my previous blog post I casually mentioned that we should wait and see what Lee has to say about the latest waste of a young life in that national tragedy called National Service. We didn't have to wait long.

When I opened the newspaper today there it was. Lee Lam Thye's 3-column long "explanation" headlined...

"NS is good for youth"!!!

Okay, I shall wait while you finish puking. Done? Alright....actually I am not even going to have to interpret this for you. I'll just cut and paste here for your convenience what the man had the audacity to say to Malaysians. Taken out of context you might say. Well, if you want to check out his whole letter to the press, I will save you page N50 of today's (Tuesday, May 13, 2008) Star. But I advise you not to hold your breath. Okay, ready? Here it goes....

"Every time an NS trainee dies while undergoing training, I am devastated. I put myself in the position of the parents concerned and fully understand their sense of loss, anguish and suffering."

"Since I accepted the appointment of Chairman of the National Service Training Council for a three-year term in June 2005, I have served with commitment and do my utmost best simply because it is a responsibility and a trust and I spend almost 90% of my time doing National Service duties."

"I go to the office almost daily to assist the National Service Training Programme........"

"I also spend a considerable amount of time listening to and attending to parents and needs of trainees who approach me from time to time."

"In the course of two years, I have visited some 60 National Service Camps, giving motivational talks to the trainees..........."

"I constantly emphasise the need to be caring to all trainees and treat them as if the trainees are their own children. I had also called on all camp commandants to take all the necessary steps...."

"There is only so much I can do as a non-executive chairman given the fact that I do not have executive powers. I am never directly involved in the administration and management and the camps which falls squarely on the shoulders of the National Service Training Department’s Director-General and his officers. Camp commandants take directives and instructions from the director-general and his officers."

"As chairman of the council I am compelled to state that each time a death occurs in the camps, it nullifies all the good work and efforts put in by the council............"

"I maintain that National Service training is a good programme for building discipline, character and unity as has been testified by the vast majority of former trainees and their parents but it has to be properly managed by committed and truly caring people."

(all the above highlights are mine)

Tempted as I am to comment on Lee's statements there is really no need to. You read and draw your own conclusions about this "champion" of the rakyat. I shall go and throw up now.



natives are restless said...

QUOTE "To me the caring approach, attitude and culture towards trainees needs to be further reinforced if we are to prevent any more mishap." UNQUOTE .... what the f**K does he mean ????????????

Anonymous said...

If Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye had any self-respect he would QUIT his post in the National Service Training Council. It is obvious that the National Service programme has NO respect for him as Chairperson of the Council, and has NO intention of listening to him, less so his weak attempts at trying to justify the unjustifiable. The deaths of National Service trainees are on his head too.

Anonymous said...

The man is such a fake. Doesn't he realise he is just being used and paid for by BN to say things to placate the Chinese when the real culprits are just poor plain camp management.I would not leave any child in the care of these so called camps.I packed them off overseas years ago at great cost and distress but in the end it is better to be safe than sorry.
He was nearly roped in to the Lingam
Commission of Inquiry until someone wrote about his DAP past and his feud with Wee Choo Keong.
Time to get rid of such shameless syncopants in our society.
Safe than sorry"

donplaypuks said...

Dear Patrick

LLT, once the BB hawkers' champion, is a now an UMNO apologist who lives on the crumbs they toss him. How many other Govt Quangos does he sit on as Chairman or Board Member - NIOSH, Special Royal POlice Comm etc.

You can refer to the letter in today's Malaysiakini on the blame game re the NS at:

Politicians are always easily devasted when some unknown parents' child dies. But considering that this is death no.10, the politicians' empathy has no real meaning. This is the 10th time LLT & the Minister are devasted, boo hoo, onion in handkerchief!

They have watched too many Rambo movies and so accept this as 'Collateral Damage'. To shut down the NS, which if put to a real National Referendum vote will be kicked out to Mars, would be to put a dent in the filthy system of patronage and oiling the BN has practised for the last 30 years.

The only way to stop Resemajib & LLT is to vote them out at the next GE. Hopefully, by then the NS collateral damage will be nil!

Brother said...

So your advice is to scrap NS? Or do you have any suggestion to make NS better instead only puking?

Anonymous said...

When I read LLT's response, I had this strange feeling that I had come across it before; in fact, for a second or two, I was wondering why the Star reprinted his response. He gave a similar response once - I remember the line about his putting himself in the position of the parents blah blah blah.
I hope someone can double check if it's the same mail he sent to the Star some time ago following the death of an NS participant.

puking too said...

how many must die before it becomes not such a good programme. if the man has a conscience he will quit the council. if he is powerless, what's the point of doing the job - do something where he can affect some change lah. how far the great and good has fallen.

artchan said...


Lee Lam Par should just resign if he really feels he can't do anything.

Or is he trying to tell us he needs a promotion?

Apek...time to go..go sold your soul

Anonymous said...

Hey Niamah

You niamah this guy not enough. You must thui.... ka hai! as well.

Anonymous said...

All your effort you so championed when you were with DAP for the hawkers and squatters cannot be mitigate for your involvement in this scandal where so many young teenagers had died.

You asshole say you are Non-Executive Chairman, has restricted power to act. Hi, Idiot, doesn't the title "Non-Execitive" Chairman is ferking clear to you that you are paid as a PUPPET! Why do you want to prostitute yourself so cheaply!!

Please resign and take time to feel remorseful. You have made enough. Do something noble!!

Anonymous said...

Hey ! Ring Rum Die, pls be a bit humane. You were once a hero, wat had happened to you now ! ?
Actually , I ' m concerning
as a whole.Since you said it is a good programme to train the young.
1 )Why selected some to be trained?
How about the others
Are they(un-selected
youngsters )not important ???
2 )Who are the supplier(s) for the
programme especially :-

a)Food and equipments
b)Firstaid products
and so on.....

Are all these supplied with a QC before they reached to our valued young ones ?
Are the supplier(s) a qualified one ?

Justice for the young.

Hamzah said...

Puke on Brother to LLT's face!

Chicken Ball said...

NS is BIG business!! Huge!!

Food and lodging!! Transportation!!!! Rental of God Forsakken land!! and the list goes on.........

The till clings every day!!

Muhibbah!! My Foot!

Anonymous said...

How many roads must a man walk down
before they call him a man ?
How many seas must a white dove sail, before she sleeps in the sand ?
How many times must the cannon balls fly, b4 they're forever banned ?
How many years can a mountain exist, b4 it is washed to the sea ?
How many years can some people exist, b4 they're allowed to be free ?
How many times can a man turn his head & pretend that he just doesn't see ?
How many times must a man look up, b4 he can see the sky ?
How many ears must one man have,b4 he can hear people cry ?
How many DEATHS will it take till he knows. that too many people have DIED ?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind !!

Anonymous said...

I actually didn't want to dignify his letter in the Star today by reading it. Because I know from past bitter experiences, it will all be bullshit from LLT; and the past commentaries by him gave me such a big yawn, such spinning and goobledegud. He is a discarded politician plying his trade in another sphere where he has absolutely no expertise. Isn't he ashame to spin the same thing over and over again? Oh, but a man just has to earn his keeps in whatever way he knows best, which in this case is knowing next to nothing but trying to stay relevant to his UMNO master. LLT, do the honorable thing if you are powerless to act, just say "Thank you, I resign because my conscience is gnawing me" But methink he has no conscience, this man.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is is speaking about?How many more deaths should occur before they realise their folly.There are more deaths in the NS then in the Malaysian army!!.Those buggers who are running the NS are busy making money that they have neglected the NS trainees. They should have a full time doctor in the NS camp at all time to attend to the sick trainess.The NS camp should be abolished .We should not tolerate this any longer.Can the government assured the public that no more deaths will occur?.

Anonymous said...

what a freaking excuse.if you cant do anything to stop the kids from being dying early, you can stop supporting such murderous program. you freaking support makes you an accesorry.
shit lee, you dont cry anymore for these deaths? oops, those were previous crocodile tears?
chairman lee, look at your hands. twenty young malaysians died early because of YOU. Sleep well, lee. i await the day the same sorrow befalls you and i will cry for his death.

Marduk said...

This fler once was my Dad's, mine and even some of my Malay friends' hero. The day he cried infront of the TV on his 11 hours resignation from DAP broke my heart as we finally realised that all the while he is a FAKE! He is a disgrace to the LEEs and the Chinese. He has brought shame to his family and folks. I just wonder how he could face his ancestors on the DAY! For the sake of his children, I hope he is prepared! Could someone please prove me wrong about him? NIAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

Lau Cheow said...


I cant imagine you being in the same class with this man. He doesnt listen too well, could it be age catching up? I wonder.

In any case, he has made a bloody fool of himself. That statement in the Star Online did him no good. The excuses were lame and you and I know it, but does he?

He doesnt get any sympathy from me. People - kids, mind you - are dying and he shrugs it off by saying there is a limit to his capacity. What the phuck?

Thanks for highlighting this in your blog. Just goes to show that these people never learn. Sigh...

Scott said...

Did you know that although our NS has no combat components...

It is only 46 times less lethal to its participants than the Iraq War?

No guns, no suicide bombs, no car bombs... 21 or so deaths.

With 2 mockery posters at the link.

Anonymous said...

Niamah! What's the use of having that fancy Tan Sri title when young kids are dying and you do nothing!!!

Tan Sri? My ass! Phooooi!

Lee Lam Thye is nothing but a sell out. He is another eunuch in the UMNO-BN stable. Spineless dog.

Anonymous said...

Don't be so hard on him, he's only stating the truth that he's a non-executive director, with no executive power on the management of NS whatsoever, looking at the positive side of NS, it may instill discipline, whatever, whatever albeit has its own flaws Why blame him?, should go after the 'brainchild' behind this NS thingy.

pah nur said...

I, me , myself,mine, yadaaa yadaaa, blah blah blah....

What we want to hear is not "I" but "why".
1. Why should there be even ONE death in a program?
2. Why should there be any death in the first place. The National Mortality for Obstetrics races hell in the death of 1 child during delivery, why is it okay for any child to die after surviving delivery in a program inflicted upon them.

3. Why should there be a situation where you are damned if you do and damned if you don't, in a program made compulsory.

4. Why should Malaysian tolerate even one death from a program created by morons who had failed to be responsible for these deaths?

5. Why should we wait for the next death to happen?

EMPATHY..exercise this virtue, and one will not become a self centered insensitive arshloch.It's lacking in our society.

NO PROGRAM SHOULD RESULT IN EVEN A SINGLE DEATH, IF IT IS GOOD. Otherwise, it is simply not good enough..,.They should investigate extensively the cause of death and bring forward the people responsible for it. Everyone dies eventually, but that does not give any reason for NEGLIGENCE to happen. The people (the many parties involved) in this programme should be made accountable...

Anonymous said...

Somebody just shoot him!

Navi said...

LLT since leaving DAP years ago, has been BNs mouth piece. This man has no sincerity and his writings and comments are all for his inflated ego. Its not only here that he goes IIIII. Each time he opens his f.....g mouth, its I and my. He is a profound bootlicker and is rewarded by positions in commitees and commissions; amd there is always a price.

peng said...

I asked my son's friend (who went last year) what he has learned from NS.
This is his reply; "To court girls and play cards (as in the gambling card games)".
NS is just another way to siphon money out to enrich them further.

anfield devotee said...

Another fooking sell out like that other blokey who used to write fer a half decent publication known as Aliran . . .

Anonymous said...

All this make me so strong. My daughter is in FORM FIVE this year. I have decided if she is selected whatever happen she is not going for this NS. If we have to be jailed so be it.......... better in jail then dead man.

True Mom

Old Fart said...

His 3 year term expires on 30th June. Lee Lam thy would redeem himself if together with the expiration of his 3 year term the National Service is also given its expiration!!

Anonymous said...

I never swear in my life.......F*ck LLT.


Anonymous said...


You forget to address the master tai ci as .....Tan SI

Sorry typo ....I forget the R in the SRI...

Anonymous said...

all these projects are excuses to create 'jalan'for selected MEMBERS. Just check the budget involved and the job to be done. They don't jive! In fact all projects undertaken over the last quarter of a century were meant to achieve only one objective: to enrich connected CRonies!!! If someone dies, sorry, fated! Just if their children were to die! Oh! they won't because they never took part!! Just wait when there is nothing to exploit, when the female population has to line-up to wait for foreign tourists!!

Anonymous said...

by the way, is this fella paid for being the chairman? freebies?
can someone enlighten me on this?
well, we all know the fat cats need to be fed and groomed well. just wondering whether he is one of those fat cats!

CK said...

just scrap the prog. dun spend more on uniform etc. national integrity just by weeks of camping together?
sorry. not gonna happen.

September Sui said...

To be fair, people in general ARE encouraged to use emphatic "I" language, not the accusatory "you". ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello Niamah.
LLT is just a puppet in a window of a major undercover "cari makan" scheme for some smart ali to the GOV. LLT just take tis as an excuse to resign la. U hav better work to contribute. Are u short of cash or wat? Money problem that u need to put a collar around your neck. Resign and tell us the truth in that stupid corrupted organisation. Put a stop to it. If you are still human and before you have to answer to God.

nstman said...

Government will never stop the NS for the simple reason they want the gravy train to chug on. We must know many contractors will lose their jobs. I believe the contractors are cronies of Barisan. As for Lam Thye, go easy on him because he just wants to cari makan, in this case with Umno. I believe he earns about 60,000 a month from directorships and pensions. TIUNIAMAH FA HAI!

Anonymous said...

who really get the benifit from NS?

bijan with supply the arms etc

stop ke NS = stop bijan = stop youngsters/future of malaysia from dying

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the counting the 'I' exercise.

What is LLT's role in Khidmat Negara? If you are not responsible then why is he taking so much accountability with the 'I' statements? Is he the scapegoat?

I think he has been Niamahed Big Time!

mamasan said...

"As chairman of the council I am compelled to state that each time a death occurs in the camps, it nullifies all the good work and efforts put in by the council............"

This sounds like blame to me! Like he thinks those pesky students are dying and nullifying the good work.


Anonymous said...

put him in front of me now and I swear to god I'll snap his neck.

Anonymous said...

Funny how he is a Tan Sri that is supposed to be well educated and people minded can say all those things and yet didn't realised that his words actually make it sounds like he is slapping himself all over....

NS is a good idea judging from the way our youngsters are turning into. But SOMEONE need to take over the management of the NS and go back to the drawboard and brainstorm and work everything again~! Should be consider hiring an proper NON-CORRUPTED consultant to help...

Anonymous said...

Wonder if any of the Ministers'children are also required to attend this NS program? If death happens to their children, they will bloody wake up then! Niamah... fu lat, DPM better STOP this irrelevant NS program

amoker said...

IF there is a plus side to this, it is definately encouraging our young ones to pursue tertiary education - at least just to avoid NS or be released early.

me no likey said...

scrap NS. i never saw the point of it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, let him earn another 2 months lah till 30june, how much ? 2x 60k =120k ONLY, nothing lah as compared to so many billionairs ! dun be jealous lah, if you are asked to take over his place, you sure JUMP for it one, right !!niamah ....!!

H J Angus said...

hi Patrick
Harold from SMI - fancy meeting you and LLT in CSpace.

R U still filming in S'pore? If can lah maybe we could meet to catch up on school days?

JB or S'pore can do. Just send me a note at haroldangus(at)

Anonymous said...

National Service programme is a way to distribute the cash around Malaysia.It's a good idea initially but who benefit the most from the programme?How the tenders were awarded?
If those who were awarded the contracts perform their tasks with great responsibilities and sincerity,I don't think these problems will arise.Just look at Singapore 's NS,nobody dies!Sadly,Rakyat has been fooled again into believing N.S is good for their children and it's OK to have some casulties and collateral damages is unavoidable.I wonder what will happen if one of the ministers' children die during NS.Wait a minute.Are they require to join NS or they have special rights again?

sEnGz said...

and recently, this taichi master got some award for tokoh perpaduan or something like that.

putting other ppl's lifea as risk just to save his own job?? or fatten their pockets??

scrap NS by all means!!!

Justin Liew Boon Teck said...

Guys, NS is good. And people die even when sleeping. Now if die during NS, it's going to be a big deal and some more all expense paid. If u die at home in ur own bed, who gives a shxx except ur loved ones.

So please support the NS. Give a chance to those who want learn and become something useful.

To those parent who do not want their children to explore life in the NS will forever condemn their young ones to life less simpler, not no less innocent.

Oh ya...shoot those baskets that abuse and torment NS boys and girls till death. Those do not deserve our mercy!.