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Monday, May 05, 2008

Some things just don't change. Fast enough.

Quorum for a session of the Malaysian Parliament?

And so the storm in a teacup over the televising of the the 12th Malaysian Parliament and the ruckus created by the monkeys, clowns and bigfoot's is beginning to abate. But what a bloody hoo-hah it was. Unbecoming behaviour from people who demand to be addressed as Honourable. Statements from everybody and his dog flying all over the place. Stop the televising of the circus show said the Prime Minister. Yes echoed the minister of information. No, I think we shall continue with the telecast said the minister after some thinking which mustn't be something he does very often. I guess we all know the sentiment of the rakyat over all of this nonsense. We want the televised sessions to continue. Extend them from the current 30 minutes. Broadcast the whole bloody session even. Why not? These are the people we elected to manage our country's affairs and our lives and livelihood. We want to know if they are capable of even intelligent thought. And if they continue to behave like performers in a circus ring or simians in a zoo then we shall vote them out in the next general elections if not sooner.

But the whole tragically funny episode did prove some things to me. Again.

That we still pretty much do a lot of things the "Malaysian Way".......

When something bad happens...Close the doors quick so nobody will see or hear......Sweep everything under the carpet. If there is a big enough broom around and if there is a carpet to hide stuff. Solve the problem? Hiyah! No need la.

When something bad happens......go with the first knee-jerk reaction that comes along. Cancel telecast. Ban. Cut. Hire a consultant. Spend some money. Solve the problem? Hiyah! No need la.

When something bad happens make bloody sure that the Rakyat don't get to know about it. Solve the problem? Solve the problem??? What the hell's wrong with you?

Some things just don't change that quickly or easily. I think I am going back to my self-imposed hibernation now.



monsterball said...

What a co-incident......but this time I will disagree with you Pat.
Those are real clowns. They are noble ...and kind people folks. Some visit the sick in make kids smile..away their pains.
Their main objectives is to make other happy..even that time....they may have sad personal problems. ...hidden..not shown in their faces. Jerry Lewis...have a rare him endless and night.....but he never showed them.....when performing.
Now you know.
I have books on famous clowns...and the history of clowns. I collect clowns ..puppets on the string....comedian figurines.
This is one hobby ...I love most.

peace said...

so these are the YB honorables that we have elected to represent us... after all the monkey-big foot show, i hope they do come out with some sensible issues for debate... really make me so worried about our future...
NIABAH! Ooops...sorry but no harm sometimes say your father, not always your mother lah...

nstman said...

I always thought Barisan MPs were the biggest monkeys, but DAP MPs are giving them a run for the money. Frankly I was disgusted with Kit Siang and Karpal for playing to the gallery.

amoker said...

Where have you gone missing?
Anyway, like the televised UMNO general assembly that showed UMNO as it trully is and created a huge uproar. What would have been a strategy to show the rest of the country how powerful UMNO was did not work out. In the aftermath, the proposed solution is not to tone down, apologise, consider multiculturism or any other sensible actions .... but to not telecast live the event the following year. Yep, they got to the root of the problem. I believe if they believe in transparency, show it all. If not, don't pretend.

Anonymous said...

I actually laughed when I read about that on the star!! Woohoo!! No wonder the country voted for them lah.. free entertainment mah.. they're just doing their jobs you know! Laughing is good for us! Let's see how they're going to make us laugh next..