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Friday, June 06, 2008

Advice, advice everywhere

It always happens. Haven't you noticed? Whenever there is a price increase. Of anything. Commodities. Fuel. School fees. Whatever. That is soon followed by a barrage of advice. Mostly from our politicians and most times echoed by our mainstream media boys who do sometimes get independantly creative too.

So, the price of petrol has gone up by more than 40%. Electricity tariffs are also up. And of course the price of EVERYTHING will be up soon enough. And so the advice brigade go to work.

Change your lifestyle is an ever-popular piece. We've been told to change our lifestyle so often by our government that to change some more would probably mean that we actually go live in trees and eat roots and grasses.

Here's a new one. At least I don't remember having heard it before...

"[People] need to be thrifty in their life. If they have some spare land near their house, they can start planting vegetables. For those staying in high-rise like apartments, they can use the pots or the hydroponics method". This great piece of advice was mouthed off by Mohd. Yusuf Abdul Rahman, the communications director of FOMCA.

Spare land near their houses to plant vegetables???!!! High-rise apartment dwellers to plant using hydrpponics method???!!! Where's this guy been the past 24 years? So in addition to having to work 8-10 hours a day and fight traffic commuting while burning fuel you can't afford you're expected to come home, change into your sarong and go be a farmer???!!! Anyway, any law-abiding Malaysian will tell you that soon's your vegetable patch is ready for harvest DBKL will pay you a visit, confiscate your vegetables for unlicensed farming and issue you a summons to appear in court!

And today's STAR carried a whole list of what you should do to save fuel while using your car. One of the "tips" given was that we should drive with our windows closed as open windows create wind drag which would require more burning of fuel to propel the vehicle. Well, thank you all over the place, Mr. Wong Chun Wai and your creative writers. Drive with closed windows? Wouldn't that mean that we would have to turn on air-conditioning and wouldn't that translate into using more fuel? Or are you suggesting that Malaysians drive with car windows closed and no air-conditioning? You can't be serious! Really? You try it first la.

A question that I would like to ask anyone of you out there who know is this. Didn't the government say earlier that the fuel subsidy issue was going to solved in a way that would tax the rich and help the poor? So what happened ah? I thought the bigger the car you drive the more you pay. So now the price of petrol is RM2.70 for everyone. So I am a poor working slob driving a Kancil and barely making ends meet and I pay the same price as the baarger who is chauffeured around in a 3,500cc petrol guzzling monster who vacations in the Bahamas twice a year? So okay, he doesn't get the RM625 annual rebate. Big fucking deal! That's RM1.71 a day. That won't buy me a kopi-O once the full impact of the price increases kicks in. So what happened there? Aiyah! Too complicated la to have 2 systems la. So everybody kena la. Of course some kena worse than others la. But don't demonstrate, okay? Thank you ah.

A commentor on the other post here said......start doing something about the whole situation instead of whining like babies! What good does it bring lahhh.... We all angry, mogok dont come to work, strike, then what? Got difference ar? The first thing to change is not govt but our attitudes.

Well, thank you for that piece of advice!!! You obviously are missing the point. Sure we should start doing something about it. What? Live with it? Say, okay what to do la? Thank you very much.

It is this type of attitude that needs changing.

Am I angry because price of fuel has increased? Am I angry that the government no longer subsidises fuel prices? No. I am angry because of how I as a Malaysian citizen has been treated in the whole scheme of this price increase thing. Instead of giving me ample warning and advising me on proper steps and precautions to take and giving me a target date to prepare for the impending crunch they say..SURPRISE! CAUGHT YA THERE! HAHAHAHAHA...

And I am supposed to find that amusing? And what's with the fucking advice?



monsterball said...

Pat...bottom UMNO still govern the they need to get the cove up the billions...they stole...than 3 years from now...give few more goodies to Malaysians....and we will be bloody fools....not to elect them back into power.
The word."we" does not apply to both stupid old fools us.
It's those half past sixes and selfish rich idiots.
No cure.
Solution is change the government.

changyang1230 said...

Agreed with you with some of the ridiculous advice given!

To be fair though, regarding the windows vs. air-conditioning issue, there are different opinions regarding which one saves more energy, and having windows down is not necessarily energy efficient.

Read this for more information: Link

Taoist Dreams said...

I was feeling really upset until I read your latest blog entry. I've been laughing so hard at your indignance. It really resonates with my feelings about the fuel hike. Very good therapy. You really hit the nail on the head, man! Keep going, niamah!

Anonymous said...

tiu, the fucking rich with bigger cars more than 2000cc get a rm200 rebate on their road tax somemore those ... tax the rich??? tiu they're talking thru their arses la

niamah ham ka ling

coalminecanary said...

LOL! I was LOL literally, when i read the farmer part! Damn funny! What a stupid piece of advice!Why don't we all get a piece of TOL land and go farming after work, then we sing happy song like Geylang si paku Geylang while at it. Oh!I'm imagining it right now.
Paddy, I don't even have a lifestyle to begin with or rather luxury. Just making ends meet. Every single cent I have goes to my nuptial savings. So WTF are do they really expect me to change?

Anonymous said...

Hi! Pat, a good write up! What a F***!!! It is all about corrupt,corrupt, corrupt, cheat, cheat, cheat and rob, rob, rob the rakyat. PM adviced to change lifestyle, he is talking cock, ask him to change his cock, can he? He is a great LIAR! RAKYAT, It is time to send BN/Umno to hell!!!! Tiu Niahmah hai!!!!! A real F***!!!up gomen!!!!!!!

mob1900 said...

The advice brigade should be the ones getting served now!

Ubah Gaya Hidup BN!

Anonymous said...

As Malaysian we learn to study and work hard to build up a comfortable lifestyles . This is what we use to learn and believe as part of living need. Malaysia is a developing country and we are suppose to aim to live in an advance country . We can't go backward or else a big suffer for the coming generation. Pak Lah and the rest of our government representatives .. PLEASE WAKE UP !!! Please be more sensible and objectives on what kind of country we are aim to be. What kind of lifestyles that you want our Rakyat to live in now ? Work,work,work but barely earn anything to pay for a daily bus fare ? Are we competing backward with our less fortunate rakyat in neighbouring countries or competing with more advance neighbouring countries to bring up the rakyat living in Malaysia ? Please be more responsible on what have announce earlier. Every announcement will give an impact to the country regardless in economy,social,politic and so on. What will be government plan to overcome the major issues on this ? As rakyat, we can't live without a light nowadays. Therefore, please stop to tell us how to live backward .. This is just nonsence !!
Where will be these subsidize money go to if it is not going to subsidize the oil ? We need more of these answer and planning too. The planning task to overcome the oil problem should be the government responsibility to inform Rakyat. What will be the government plan to develop country economy ? Do we have plans in attracting foreign investment,enforcing some regulation on all the employer to provide transportation/meal allowance to all the employee(sorry for those business owner lah)and so on. Please be more objectives to solve the problem.

Thanks Patrick .. I like your blog comments.


Anonymous said...

stcin : pat, what happens to your chatbox again !?
remember rm3.00 as speculated in sinchew quite close to 2.70 man !
LOSS: my monthly 100cc of petrol = increase of rm78.oo !a year = 12x =rm936 then minus 625 = rm311 !! i'm POOR retired school teacher how to survive !? though i always 'cycle&walk' BUT wife wants free ride at my expence ! please HELP , in Ipoh still !
Read from 'thexstories' : many MANY ex&now ministers have many MANY millions&millions in s'pore isreal banks lah !!... i have billions x NIAMAHES ...@#$%^&*....!

artic turban said...

now I want to ask those assholes who voted those ass grabbing alcoholics from umno, how now?, what you going to feed you half dozen children from wife no 1, half dozen from wife no.2, half dozen from wife no3, how now feed them grass loh, hahaha bloody bodohs, they have been buggered for so long they don;t feel the pain, next will come recipes from rosmah and chef wan " HOW TO COOK GRASS AND SMILE' hahahah bloody dogs, I thought I was bad off, but when I think about this clowns who listened to mahathir and made babies like bloody rabbits, I say serve you right, grass and rats should taste nice. I don't know whether to cry or to laugh!

Anonymous said...

Greetings Pat,
I think the whole issue of removing the subsidies by the Gomen is misguided in the sense that it would cause an immediate spike in all essentials. Could have planned it by staggering the increase over a period. The other option is to increase the road tax in proportion to the cc of the vehicles to compensate for maintaining the subsidies ie more equitable pains. Your views please!

Ernest said...

I wrote something similar in my blog;
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...


Pat, brilliant!!!! I second that emotion...

Obi Wan Kentucky

Anonymous said...

DPM said no fucking price increase in late May. then come the two musketeers that price will be reviewed in August.
and when I recd sms next day that price will be raised by 40%, i told the sender he was mad and anti-BN. fuck, the joke was on me coz the next morning headlines confirmed the petrol price hike.
what this fucking government gonna do with the extras with the price hike. a few hundred million more on the NS program that produces 15 deaths todate. US$65 million on used soyuz capsule from Russia and spend anothe RM100 million for another space traveller to do some teh tarik stunts? how many more millions to bail-out Port Klang Free Trade Zone. pay a whopping 77% increase in price within a year for the 2nd link in Penang and who is the beneficiary but the fat cats. What, pay RM20 billion for the double tracking rail to carry nothing while freaking public transportation in KL is in shambles.
Freaking BN, want me to list down more on your excesses? and you are telling me to change my lifestyes now? Go eat shit!

About me said...

Oh dear! But Patrick aren't you one of those in that special class that does not need the subsidy?

About me said...

The price of crude oil today is US$139 a barrel and I am sorry to say this, but no matter how folks are may scream and shout, the only way gas prices are going is UP! The entire world is in for a bumpy ride, we'd better start bracing ourselves for the worst and make sure our savings are where they should be .... in the bank for that rainy day!

patrickteoh said...

so what are you trying to say, about me? Sure I consider myself lucky that even without the subsidy I can survive. But is that what we've worked 50 years to achieve? Just to survive??? Sure, I can drive less. Make more efficient use of water and electricity etc. But I still earn the same money I did 2 years ago when petrol was RM1.80 per liter. Now everything from kopi-O to roti canai to you name it is going to cost much more. Am I in a 'special' class? I wouldn't mind trading places. Anyone?

patrickteoh said...

about me, I don't think any one of us are complaining about the inevitable. It's the way the government chose to manage it and inform us is what is pissing me off.

meiyen said...

Sorry lah Patrick! I am as confused as you are. I don't how - Meiyen - became 'about me'?? Wow! What an ego ride in those few seconds! For a moment, I thought you were playing tricks with me! Hehehe! It almost made my day. Anyway, I feel your pain but perhaps those guys in OPEC needs a good telling off for manipulating prices. Why do they need so much money in the desert??

Anonymous said...

I was really surprised no one actually took it to the streets when the petrol prices went up so steep. according to the previous month's fhm (hence its authenticity doubtful), many african and south american nations actually go on massive riots, killing people and torching gas stations when a small hike occurs. and the wonderful thing is, it works (bringing the prices back down)! i've always agreed with you stating that we as a nation knows only of complaining but don't work to solve the problems. i really don't mind risking my life, if it means my country is one of free will and free (at least it being kept at minimum) of corruption and suppression. it isn't just about the petrol; it gets really personal (at least to myself).

Anonymous said...

You're right Pat. We don't need dumb advises. I only need advises from Service Advisor when I service my car because they checked and knew what is with my car. Advises to close/open window? that really sucks man.

The government should form a advisory commission to advise themselves as bunch of clowns and s***ers!!!!

Anonymous said...

I found the 'advices' disasterously sad for our country. 1st: that chap who suggested doing some farming in the apartment....he is like the ex-MB of Kedah (also the Agricultural Minister of the country)who suggested the planting of paddy on roof-top!! Mind you, we did have, still have and will continue to have this kind of tiga-suku brain-cell talents in our government!! Looks like the chief who picked them into office might be just a half-past 6 otak-udang!

artic turban said...

hahahhaha vote for umno and bn, they will make your stomachs bloat with grass and rat diet, what about the greenhouse effect with all the farts from the methane produced? now what has mca, malaysian cchinese assholes going to say, change lifestyle, I will take a rock and throw at their head. bloody ham kah chan, arsehole buddies of umno, hiding their faces under the wifes' skirt, has anyone seen any mca dogs on the roads, should be shot like the mongrels they are.

Anonymous said...

Regarding that chap from STAR suggesting driving our car with windows closed ... I also ended up trying this out this morning, haha! I was driving to Kota Bahru this morning and after making a short stop-over at Banding Island, I found my power-windows and air-conditioning both dead when continue my journey. Still early in the morning hence cooling, I tried driving without air-cond and having the windows shut but just allowing fresh-air intake from the vent. After 5 minutes, I decided to give up because the windscreen and windows have become 'misty' because of our respiration. I had to pull over my car, did some trouble-shooting and finally fixed a blown fuse. Believe me, it is no fun driving without air-cond and window closed!! So, Mr. Wong .... you can try to prove me wrong!!

Anonymous said...

Pak Lah is digging his own grave by doing this sin to all the rakyat who have to use their hard-earned money to pay for petrol, electricity and other necessities. What pain would Pak Lah and his cronies feel? None at all because they use government vehicles which use petrol paid by the rakyat (Pak Lah and cronies ... shame on you!!)!! Trust me, Pak Lah's dynasty is coming to an end. He will be gone very soon in bad name! The only cure for him is to retrieve the price-hike order, apologize to all Malaysians and step down!! If he does not do so, we hope the DYMM Agung will intercept this decision of price-hike as The Majesty's response to the rakyat's birthday wishes today! Daulat Tuanku ... save us poor citizens of this great country with 3rd-world-mentality government!!

Ernest said...

Patrick, at least those in KL, JB, and perhaps the other bigger cities have the option of using NPG and/or public transportation. In Kuching, this choice is unavailable/limited.
The advice given is to make the financial blow seem less, that others care for our situation (ya right) and are suffering the same, which helps us tp psychologically gear up for it, in an attempt to deal with the added stress. Yet I somewhat believe that after all the hoo haa, we will cope, adjust and adapt with it, as life has to go on. And then the government will hit us with the next price hike.
Its ineviatable, as world prices are up and yet we are living in our Malaysian cocoon (or is it "katak dibawah tempurong" wrld), with prices of all major items being subsidized and telling the world that we dont have inflation. Of course prices will go up, sooner or later. And go up much higher.
I dont think you considered the fact that the government wants to survive, and to do it (price increase) slowly with ample warning, normally doesnt make them any more popular. How would you like a plaster removed from your hand, slowly and painfully or in one swift move? Which one would you remember, the slow painful ordeal or the fast seemingly painless removal? I guess things will die down soon as we adjust and forget the pain, then the next wave of pain will come.

natives are restless said...

How to end this fuel price hike ???? .... simple .... reverse the exchange of our ringgit to RM1.00 = US$3.80 .

But then again what do I know ??? I'm just like all the layman being laid all the time .

Anonymous said...

to save fuel,dont spend too much on your car accessories just to save 1-2 km per gallon,all not practical. best common sense way is to drive one gallon less a day, saves alot more,common sense

AmSo said...

To the ppl who have anything to do with incresed oil price, this is what i have to say to you ppl: KNNBCCB!!!

kk said...

What pisses me off more is that our govt is not setting any examples or help to save Rakyat hard earned money. They love to organise some fuck use seminars (which I attended once) and functions just to benefit the cronies who organise them. For a start, they should change their official cars to Proton or Perodua instead of a huge tristar or fat ass beemer. And hello pak tidur, you should get rid of that brand new airbus!

GobloKing said...

No way we need to farm Patrick!

Coming from a land where the kerbaus & hogs grow fat causing the ruins of many poor farmers' smallholdings, I am sure - we don't need to support any more animals than necessary?

Anyway I should know. I have some kerbaus & hogs..ok..they are like pets..with names...& I have kept them nigh on many years.

As long as they eat their share and not run amok through my neighbours' crop fields, I keep them.

Unfortuntately I find myself having a few shitstirrers I sure would like to get rid of.

My 4 truly fat hogs are:
tan sillee, latuk, latuksillee (father of latuk), rottinsillee (wife of latuksillee)

So anyone who wants these 4, gimme a shout. It's time I showed them who's boss!

pamina said...

the govt should change its lifestyle. not us.

Anonymous said...

The `protest` rallies should in fact be demanding for Petronas to report to parliament.

Anonymous said...

Adjustting lifestlye is the stupiest thing i ever heard! Some of my friends that stuck with 'average meal'..., so what now for them? bread and water?

Instead of solving problems, they just stuff a bunch of morons and make dumb suggestions. Making a fool out of themself seems to be a hobby. We are really going backwards Pat., may God save Malaysia!

artchan said...

Anybody who listens to advice from the govt must be bloody stupid. What advice has the govt given us for the last 50 years that has proved useful. With this hindsight..can anyone heed the shiity advice of the govt and worse...advise from the mother-of-all screwups. our sleepy headed PM.

Heard this joke...the Cabinet was deliberating fuel price increase and the PM nodded into slumberland. They are so used to PM sleeping that they let him be..and as usual it was put to vote...and when the looked at PM for the vote..he was nodding away. They took his nodding as approval.

Anonymous said...

I too had a good laugh when I read this. There are a few camps here regarding this matter. Those who are angry about the price hike of petrol, those who are angry at the manner it was done and those who are just shell shocked about the whole shabang.

I am pissed off about the manner the whole thing was done because they lied to us and then have the gall to tell us plant kankung and okra at our condo balcony and they forgot the common areas like the corridoor.

The fact that so many people are pissed off is also due to the fact that they cannot understand how they have to bear such a huge hike in the price of petrol when we are a net exporter of oil. Instead of telling us to be organic farmers, maybe they should make Petronas' financials open for public viewing. Explain this and everyone will shut the fuck up, .. not unless we find out that theres hanky panky. Will they? Of cos not. The public knows this. Guess what, with the montly reviews, and the price of oil going up to USD200 per barrel, expect to pay more for oil.
Thats the reality of things.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck patrick! A corrupted government deserves to subsudise the rakyat the price of fuel.

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Hello hello,

Let Abdullah be there as UMNO's presiden, and the party will
go thru his natural death.

Let them go against them. They'r the real group of bustard.

Mereka telah memakan sumpah rakyat. Mereka akan mati dalam kehinaan.

sheon said...

as a professional that earns a salary in the rm3k range. i surely cant be expecting an annual salary increment of anything more than 10%. 10%=rm300. every year i only get an increment of rm300....its not even enough to offset the inflation leh...NIAMAH!!!! so, can i safely say that the more i work, the poorer i get?....


*mr teoh, requesting permission to post this well written article on my blog (

Anonymous said...

about me

wish you have tons of money to put in the bank earning 3.5% a year while inflation is running at 15%.sure, great way to multiply your money. whatever losses in your value of money, dont cry coz there are many people out there who is trying to get by daily with not a single cent of savings.

Anonymous said...

Patrick thanks for voicing out the anger for us. Actually, I'm not angry with lifting the fuel subsidy but I'm frustrated with our nincompoop politicians unable to build a more efficient public transportation system at KL, Penang and JB. Niamah! For so many years, Petronas have been making billions of dollars and where is all the money now! That's what anger me!

Anonymous said...

I am contemplating to remove the rear seats from my car to make it lighter, hence savings on fuel.

Even the front seat is preferably make portable. My passenger, carry his/her own car seat, thereby lessen the weight of the car....

NIAMAH, change the way everyone live.... Those guys in Sabah already taking tapioca and salt as their food....To change further, I guess it will be easier for God to remove that bunch of idiot by displacing them then to have a tsunami or earthquake for Malaysia.

Appeal to Sabahan and Sarawakian MPs; do your part to save Malaysian in Peninsular, get out of BN immediately........

Anonymous said...

i totally agree, Patrick! get the fella to start farming in his own backyard and see how long can he harvest all those plants, or even if it's edible! these people are just so full of baloneys and know nuts about the rakyat! freaking full of shitty advices!
i wonder if all those petronas senior level bosses are still getting the free petrol for their cars???

Anonymous said...

errr... does the senior level bosses of petronas still get free petrol for their cars, even after the price hike??

and maybe dat smart arse fella who talked about growing crops behind our backyards and balcony, shud try doing it himself first. Then start talking about it. else, he shud just shut the fuck up instead of giving baloney advises, since no one is interested in advises. we need execution plan to make life better, u dumb arse!

and driving with windows closed and no air-cond? do u want us to actually DIE of suffocation while driving?! have u lost yr freakin' mind? another numbnuts, eh!

u-en said...

did you guys read what shahrir said yesterday (star, june 8)?

"On calls by certain quarters that Cabinet ministers' allowances be reduced and savings passed on to consumers, Shahrir said that it was 'irrational'."

well we didn't ask for savings to be passed to consumers. we asked that ministers and everyone else in govt suffer the same fate as the rest of us.

also, he said fuel prices are unlikely to rise again until march next year because: "if we raise fuel prices before giving out the new subsidies promised, people will complain.

"... but I cannot give you a 'yes' or 'no' answer answer as to whether there will be any more price increases in the coming months."

so, same thing again: no there will be no more fuel price increases until march--unless there is a fuel price increase sooner.

sigh. in cases like this it is better to keep one's ministerial mouth nailed shut.

Anonymous said...

Later they will also advice all the blogger not to comments on goverment policies....IT's bad for Malaysia International IMage........ I really have to say..goverment only know how to give a big load of really shitty of advice.

Anonymous said...

we vote every single one of them out comes next election. period.

Anonymous said...

the way they manage the announcement showed how balless they are.

Anonymous said...

The RM625 rebate is just one-time deal only and not annually ! Really niamah !!

CalvinSKJ said...

In all that you say, in all that you do.......i support you all the way brother.....


lol said...

PAT,I miss your show as a radio DJ.
Nowadays, most of the stupid/inmature DJ is talking crap n no brainer stuff on the radio.
Any plan to join radio station again?i really cannot stand those DJs.

our PM is an idiot. He made decision not even consulting the Parliment member. He didnt even studies the case or hired some economist how to manage the current situation. He only study the situation after implement the 40% so tulan such a PM. to all the umno lover, there u go.this is wat u get supporting umno/bn.i leader that dont even have a good education qualification back ground. even my japanese counterpart is saying why our gov act is such stupid manner.
the best one is, the foreign car ban from buying day, changed again. do they really plan everything in deep before even make a policy change?

Anonymous said...

now its a hike of rm0.78...
later on, it'll be more and more hike and higher and higher hikes!!! believe me, it's how it works to feed our "beloved" BNs... so try electing BN next time! you'll prove me right!

paddy, your blog really help me stress-out all my anger by just reading and commenting! thx alot!


crazyant said...

Got this from a forwarded mail and really wanted to share with everyone here... Whoever wrote this, we all feel you man!

Dearest Prime Minister...,

Since the disastrous March 8 elections, I haven't bothered attacking you much. Well, why should I when the Pakatan Rakyat, Raja Petra and your own Ministers are already doing such a thorough job. And oh, not forgetting all the salivating vultures waiting to push you down the UMNO ladder. There's also the issue of this bloody old mamak who used to be your boss... but that's a different story.
I may scorn at your intelligence (or lack thereof), amaze at the voodoo spell your Son In Law has you under, laugh at the blind arrogance of your Government and shake my head at your cluelessness in private, but as far as this blog is concerned, I took a break from whacking you and all that you stand for.
Well it ends today.
Coz I'm fuckin' pissed.
Like REALLY motherfuckin 'FUCK YOU BASTARD' sort of pissed, you backwater retard..!
Today I spent 2 hours caught in a fuckin' traffic jam coming back from work. As I sat in the fuckin'snarl watching' the faces of other drivers who looked like they were ready to break stuff, I realised that how every single fuckin' thing that went wrong today all points at you.
Like a fuckin' Night Shymalan movie or finale of LOST, everything is related and all dots connect to spell a FUCK YOU BN. Realisation hits me that the fuckin' 2 hours of my life that I could NEVER get back boils down to one simple fuckin' fact: The country got it SOOOO fuckin' wrong in 2004 when they put you as the gaffer of this country.
How, you ask..? Shut the fuckup and listen.
It rained today. REALLY heavy. As a result, all roads in Kuala Lumpur came to a stand still. Why? Is it because all cars in the capital of Malaysia is made out of paper and will disintegrate in the rain? Fuck, no.
Everything came to a halt because any downpour more than 15 minutes causes "flash floods" in the most traffic-heavy parts of the city. As fast as money disappears under Khir Toyo's administration, water levels will rise whenever it pours in KL. Causing many parts of the big city to become inaccessible. And jammed. Filled with angry motorists and stranded commuters.
We have a SMART Tunnel. Which "supposedly" helps to drain water out during floods. We have public transportation. Which "supposedly" means less vehicles on the road. We have mega criss-crossing highways littered with toll booths. Which "supposedly" provides easy access to different parts of Klang Valley.
But that's all our country is good for. Launching something and letting monkeys run it. NONE OF THOSE FUCKING THINGS WORK PROPERLY. Or at all. Is it so surprising? No. When they fuckup the basics like having a proper drainage system so that water does not accumulate during heavy rainfall, what more can you expect?
Simply put, heavy rains are beyond our control. How we deal with it is not. Or shouldn't be.
Fuck all the talk about "winning the 5 States back" when you can't even address the problems blowing up in your own backyard one by fucking one.
So with the fucking rain causing enough havoc as it is ... then came the fuckin' announcement that effective from12am midnight, petrol prices will increase to RM2.70 a litre from RM1.92.
WHAT A FUCKING JOKE. They couldn't have timed it better. Only days ago one of the lackeys from the PM's office gave a press statement saying the prices will increase by August. PM himself said before earlier this year that there won't be a price hike.
But I guess we all know this is the same guy who CONVINCINGLY DECLARED on Tuesday that Parliament won't be dissolved on Wednesday when it actually did came the day.
If he was Pinocchio he could represent Malaysia in pole vaulting in Beijing using his blower only.
So right after the Govt assured us that petrol prices won't go up, it did. And the timing of it. Announcing it will go up tomorrow. It's like a man coming into a building shouting, "HEY GUYS RUN. I HAVE A BOMB AND ITS BLOWING IN A FEW SECONDS".
The announcement, as predicted, sparked a fuckin frenzy on the roads. Every bloody motor owner drove out all their vehicles to quickly fill up their tanks while it's still pre-hike`price. This caused the laws of the jungle to quickly emerge as lines after fuckin' lines zig-zagged into jam-packed petrol stations amidst the blaring of horns and cursing of profanities in a multitude of languages.
Snarling, bustling and frenzied traffic from every petrol station overflowed onto highways and unflooded roads already under massive burden of having to carry extra vehicles as a result of other flooded roads which become the link between a tired worker's office to his home.
The result ?
A FUCKING ROYAL RUMBLE OFROAD MADNESS which lasted 2 hours for me when it usually takes me 20-30mins to reach home from office.
FUCK THE PETROL HIKE.! Unfuckin believable jam is but the beginning. Inflation is bound to hit hard at everyone's pockets.
Granted the price of oil is escalating globally. Granted the American economy crisis is having some spillover effect to world economics.
But we're a FUCKING PETROL PRODUCING NATION!!! Like Saudi. It's 40cents a litre over there. We're a fuckin nation that produces motherfuckin' oil. OIL!! And yet we're saying we can't do anything. Simple economics dictates that if you PRODUCE OIL, and OIL prices go up, you GET BIGGER PROFITS DON'T YOU?!?!
Petronas rakes in billions EVERY fuckin' year. Yet the government says it can't subsidise us without major cutbacks in other areas like healthcare and shit. FUCK YOU ALL. Just cutback on the kickbacks and under counter money and we'll have enough to subsidise petrol to be under RM1 per litre.
This is what happens when you take village-like, count-up-to-10-with-fingers fuckers to fill in top posts in the Government and Cabinet. This is what happens when you have a despotic party overstaying its fat stay at the top of the foodchain.
This is a fuckin' joke I tell ya. First the price of flour. Then cooking oil. Then price of pork. Now petrol.

FUCK YOU, you and you. All of you.
YES BARISAN NASIONAL, UMNO and the ENTIRE Badawi Administration. This is your encore.

Anonymous said...

actually there isn't a subsidy to speak of. Our crude is exported at market prices (being better quality it fetches a better market price) and we import lower quality crude / lower price (higher sulphur content which is why we cannot get Euro 4 diesel) for local refining and use. The so called subsidies are at the importation of crude but remember we already sold our crude at market prices earlier. The gomen takes circa 70% pf Petronas profits into the Min. of Finance.

So it's actually the sale of our higher priced crude is used to buy back lower priced crude.

On top of that we produce less than we consume to the tune of 250,000 barrels per day extra. Production costs have not increased all that much from the time when crude was at USD40 per barrel to the present USD130. So the profit from oil money in general has in fact increased another USD90 per barrel.

And so called subsidy has not changed because it is a differential between the price of high quality crude and low quality crude.

So there is a whole shitload of extra money they have to start with from the increase in crude prices and now another shitload extra from drastic reduction in "subsidies" which we now have to fork from our pockets. The big question is where is it all going??? One last party before the inevitable exit? or to buy Sabah and Sarawak so that they can continue partying?

monsterball said...

Tahan few months!'16th September...Anwar promised to take over the government and reduce oil prices as promised.

lol said...


u better hope he will take over.
but I also very worry bout annuar.
esp the IMF thing.

mahatir claim annuar is the puppet of the USA. if he does, and if we submit our economic to the west, we will totally become slave to them.see what happend to south america n indonesia. I worry about what is annuar stand on the issue of globlalisation.

Anonymous said...

According to Pak Lah, the ministers are doing the nonourable thing by cutting 10% of their allowance. Then suddenly we can save billions of rinngit. Does that mean that they have been too well paid? Niamah!

Pak Lah said they can now only travel within Asean. I suggest they visit the following places:

Singapore: to learn how efficient their public transport

Vietnam: To see for themselves how the people there is priming to take over our job as the MNCs are relocating there.

Indonesia: To work with their counterpart to bring the illegal Indons back to where they should be.

Thailand: For Asslina to learn what tourism is all about!

Mymmar: To do some form of charity work there themselves.

Niamah to the ministers who are paid well and do nothing!

Simon Seow said...

Sigh. Everything goes up except my salary.

Anonymous said...

...@#$%^&*..niamahes... where & how do they have/get SO...SO...MUCH.....MONEY in isreali s'pore banks ( read )

...@#$%^&*...niamah smelly ....!

Anonymous said...

crude oil = MORE than us$140.00 !!

is RICH...RICH...VERY RICH......
with RM..RM..RM...RM...RMMM..RM.

Bean Laden said...

Sure or not Anwar can be better? During 1998 crisis Anwar push Gov to take IMF which requires Malaysia to give up Fuel subsidies. That time Dr M says No to it. Now Anwar wants to drop fuel price? Can or Not? All same lah. if every thing increases then it is up to us to find ways to keep up and earn more lah. If cannot work hard and smart then be prepared to bungkus lah.

Anonymous said...


RM625/= subsidy only ONCE a car's life time & not ANNUALLY !!

...@#$%^&*&^%$#@.. SMELLY xxx !!

derrick said...

Pat, when they say change then change lo....i oledi started picking up those empty soft drink cans...nite time sell mapiau results....hmmm...will tell u all wat to collect and sell sum more next time....oh yeah..for those working in the office, start to seludup all those recycled papers back home, can sell oso....